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tv   News Channel 3 News at 6  CBS  February 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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[telephone rings] hi, honey. i just got home. and when can we expect you? no. hello? the line just went dead. mrs. alana, something is wrong with-- the stoplight's out at the corner. karen and jody said the power's out at their houses too. westside and brooklyn? great, another blackout. isabel, can you get out the flashlights? and we have extra water-- [cell phone rings] hi, honey, the power went--you too? okay, we'lbe here. bye. mom, maybe we should let isabel go home early. right, you should be with your children. go ahead, iz. oh, thank you. mom, the subways won'be working. right. i'll get you cab fare. i put away the groceries first. i'll help you. it'll go faster.
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somebody hit the panic button at 3:22 about a half-hour into the blackout. system has an eight-hour battery. what time did you get here? 4:17. as soon the blackout hit, our board went nuts. lot of old ladies can't find their flashlights. tried calling the police. they were busy. all the traffic lights out-- yeah, i got it. how'd you get in? garage, somebody hadn't closed it all the way. place was like this when we came in. throat's cut. looks like she was on her way out. that's her purse on the table. isabel paez. she's the housekeeper. been with the family eight years. (man) what's going on? this is my house. john conlan? yes. i got a call to come home. traffic was jammed up. would you step over here, mr. conlon? oh, my god, is that isabel? where's my wif and my daughter katie? they're not here. what? no, they were here when the power went out. well, maybe they went to see a friend. listen, would you go outside with this officer while we figure this out, please? call van buren, tell her we're looking at a possible kidnap?
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i want trap-and-traces up on all phones registered to mr. conlan. and believe me, i know there's a blackout. sergeant simmons, where's my generator? same place it was a half-hour ago, l.t.--traffic. well, there's a hardware store two blocks north on lex. if they have any portable generators,
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i got him making a list of all the people that have been in the house the last six months. good, keep him busy. he runs a $200 million hedge fund. he's not a patient man by nature. security company's got video of the kidnapping. this was streamed from our office in jersey city. it's a graphic reconstruction based on data from the motion and heat sensors in the home. that dot moving there toward the front door is the housekeeper. those are intruders. they killed the housekeeper, and now they're going for the mom and daughter. that's somebody hitting the panic button inhe hallway. my battery died. i'm sorry. that door they went through, where does it lead? this looks fresh. that's an electric motor. somehow they got this door open. they backed the car in and loaded up their victims.
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so we're probably talking about a van or an suv. a blue van or suv. start knocking on doors. no, sorry, i was running around looking for batteries. so what's going on at the conlans? burglary. of course. no alarm. i hope they're sending the bill to con-ed. [women laughing] i got home around 5:00. right. yeah. okay, so that was after. you look thirsty. do you want one? no, no thank you. and you know, you're not actually supposed to be drinking that outside. oh. maybe you should walk me home. my husband's out of town. so, you know, what happens in a blackout doesn't really count. later. let's go. the ransom call just came in. (man on telephone) $15 million by midnight or they both die.
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i need proof before i agree to anything. (katie) dad? i'm right here, sweetie. mom's here. we're okay. we're just scared. katie? katie? (man) okay now? $15 million by midnight. i can't the money that fast. the banks aren't open. have one opened. a guy like you? just call one of your friends. look, it's not that easy. the safes won't open when the power's out. but i have cash in the house and maybe $2 million in jewelry. the price is $15 million. i know, and you'll get it all when the power's back on. it's--look, consider it a show of good faith. you know i'm willing to pay. we'll call you back. it's okay, mr. conlon. you did fine. you got us a chance to catch these guys. soon as they take the bag, we can track them. (van buren) just make the drop. do not confront them. are we clear about that?
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[all cheering] [all groaning] well, at least the power was almost back on. don't get your hopes up. that generator is as old as me. look, i need a release warrant for mr. conlan, but with all this-- no problem. there is an antique typewriter in mccoy's office. i'll go pry it out of his hands. excellent. loo, forensics tied the paint chips from the garage to a...'98 chevy cargo van. we put the description out on the air, but communication says we're lucky if 15% of the force gets it. oh, this just gets better. l.t., the radios are almost out of juice and we can't recharge them. you know, i heard a rumor these was a time when police officers didn't have radios. you know, all were issued whistles as a part of your standard uipment. now would be the time to use them. if you've misplaced yours, you can get a new one from the supply room. and if you forgot the whistle codes,
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three short-- officer needs assistance. lieutenant, we got a text. they want me at barrow and commerce. [truck backing up] (van buren) all units, stand by. get ready to roll, people. yeah, i'm here. (man) start walking towards hudson. look for cab. there he goes. let's go. man on a bicycle grabbed the swag.
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[tires squealing] [whistling "suspect sighted"] [tires squealing] [blowing whistle] [crashing sound] hey, mister, so sorry. mister! i run cable to generator for my store. i--he didn't see. i'm sorry, i-- i'm sorry.
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we'll get them involved. we'll do everything we can to get your family back safe. just give us time. [knock on door] excuse me. [exhales] anything on our lance armstrong? (lupo) no wallet, no i.d., and his prints aren't in the system. he had a no name prepaid phone. and the only calls were to conlan and to another prepaid phone. probably an accomplice. who's probably wondering what happened to his partner. we don't have much time before he decides to make a move. well, we've got one more piece of evidence to check out. csu wasn't gonna show up for a couple hours, so we just took it. a mountain bike. look at the seat. it's a woman's model. it's probably stolen. there's a sticker from the mta to take the bike the lirr. it's current. wake someone up at the mta. sure you got the right address?
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excuse me. where's the rest of the cavalry? cavalry for what? to help us move these people. to a facility with a working generator. i'm sorry, ma'am. it's just us. we're looking for tina shen. my bike? i lent it to a friend. your boyfriend? just somebody i met here. nick. nick costas. he said he needed my bike to get to a part-time job lastight. is he okay? (lupo) is that nick? yes. oh, my god, was he in an accident? a fatal accident. were you close? he's mixed up in a kidnapping. a woman and her daughter. they're still missing. so i think you should answer the question, tina. we were just, you know, casual. did you ever meet any of his friends? no. our ing was very casual. why is that? you didn't click? his idea of a life plan was to go live
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that's just not practical. what did he do here? nothing, he just visited. his dad lives here. [chuckling] my boy nick. best southpaw the dodgers ever had. alzheimer's. nick would come once a week and bring him greek pastries. where did nick live? somewhere in the city. and he came by yesterday just to borrow your bike? he said he'd been cleaning out his dad's store. before he came here, nick's dad had some kind of store in astoria. (green) where in astoria? you have to ask him. mr. costas, hi. hello. where's your store, mr. costas? crescent and 31st. crescent and 31st. cloverfield. cloverfield and 31st.
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cloverfield, crescent. cloverfield? crescent? [breathing heavily] what kind of store do you have? [chuckling] my kid's a hell of a southpaw. is he coming today? no, i don't think so. [chuckling] i know what he's doing. he's feeding the snake. that--that kid. he's n gonna give me a warrant for each store, and i need to me to make an argument for exigent circumstances.
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but we got, like, a half a dozen stores here and they're all closed up. i don't want to go in and have somebody walk on a bad search. hey, ed! the snake the old man was talking about. hey, man, i think we just found the place. hold on. your honor! your honor! easy, wait your turn. i have an emergency search warrant application. excuse my handwriting. it's not your handwriting, mr. cutter. the fact that your informant, mr. costas, doesn't seem tknow the location of his own store. the warrant pertains to a kidnapping in progress. we have officers on the scene. we're racing the clock. you think i can't smell b.s. in the dark, counselor? you have the officers on the line? this is judge bradley. who is this? uh, this is detective green, your honor. your honor, mr. costas has alzheimer's. what about the local precinct, detective? don't they keep a list of contacts for these stores?
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any other day, your honor-- just because the power is out doesn't mean we unplug the constitution. that goes for you as well. judge, people's lives are at stake. this is an emergency. i am not signing this, mr. cutter. detective green, go in. you get a warrant? just go. i'll cover you. all righ he said go. police! ed. "galaxy o' petssss.
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(green) there's the mother. now where's the daughter? [rustling]
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stay down! stay down, police! i just saw somebody running out of thagarage. i think it was a burglar or something. shut up! on the ground now! i'm not the guy you want. i'm telling you there was a burglar or someone coming out of there. yeah, what's that on your shoes? looks like blood to me. where is she? i don't know what you're talking about. well, you better hope you didn't do what i think you did--ed! katie? [katie muttering] it's the police. you're gonna be all right. [muffled] help me! mom? where's myom? i'm telling you, man-- shut up--ed! i got her! she's okay!
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[siren burst] officer donovan's gonna take you to your father, okay? take care of her. the driver's license for roy barkin. roy, you're under arrest. [sports announcer on radio]
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