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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  March 7, 2016 11:35pm-12:37am EST

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"why are you checking your credit score?" "you don't want to live with mom and dad forever, do you?" "boo!" (laughs) "how do i check my credit score?" "credit karma. don't worry, it's free." "credit karma. give yourself some credit." try to remember, mom. no, i can't. you were there. you watched dad burn the bloody clothes. you had a dream. mom, this was not a dream. this was a mory. it was a memory and i saw you. your mind, ah, such a treasure. even as a baby you knew about things you weren't supposed to know. this is not about me. this is about riley jenkins. it was always about you. please, mom. please. please, just try to remember. remember riley.
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riley... riley was real. oh, poor riley. yes, poor riley. poor riley. did dad do something to him? dad? no. think. think. thin no, no. that's--no, no. now you're confusing me, spencer. you knew. you knew about dad, and you didn't anything. no! you don't know. nono! you don't know! you don'! t-- nono! no! no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! no, no, no, no! i'm just going to give you something to relax. no. it could have been you. what? what did you say? it could have been you.
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you can't put stock in what she says. i don't need to tell you that. and i don't need to tell you this is textbook. faer reroutes compulsion to molest away from his own son to a surrogate. the woman thought riley jenkins was an imaginary friend until you told her otherwise. the mind's way of suppressing memories she doesn't want to face. you're losing objectivity here, kid. i'm not trying to say i know what happened. or how my dad's involved, morgan. but my dad's involved. what's he doing here? you got no evidence. a suspect can be detained for questioning for 48 hours, regardless of evidence. i'm not in the habit of ruining people's reputations on a whim. where's your captain? i want to talk to your captain. talk all you want. this is a local murder, and your authority ends at the state line.
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why don't you just head back over to the fountaiview and have a couple of drinks by the pool and think about this. i have thought about this. the guy's your father. what's your point, detective? maybe you're here to work out some other issues? ok, listen, detective. look, we would consider it a personal favor if you helped us out with this. we just want him on his heels. you've got 24 hours. i appreciate that. reid. you gotta keep your head, man. he just agreed to it. it happens all the time. you know how these guys are. they just want to feel like they're the ones in control. [cell phone rings] talk to megarcia. so, this gary michaels you asked me to track down seems to have peeled himself right off the id. what did he do? skip town? feels it. maybe he took a new name, too. everything in his name laps from non-use
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maybe he didn't want to stick around for the investigation. in addition to the indecent exposure wrap, he also had some sealed juvenile stuff. lewd behavior, trespassing. trespassing? at a nursery school. hard to believe the cops never pegged this guy as a suspect. any other avenues to find him? you betcha. they swabbed him in '85 for the exposure beef, so i'm sending up balloons through vicap and codis. if he's offended again over the past 20 years under a different name... which, considering his type, he probably has... he will pop up somewre. all right. keep me in the loop. later. what's with the wincing? you ok? fine. are you sure? i noticed this earlier. earlier? how often? um, in the last hour. i'd say every 10 minutes. j.j. why didn't you tell anyone? because i am not due for another 3 weeks. newsflash! you're in labor. no, no, no. because reid needs us right now. uh-uh. you need you, right now.
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ladies and gentlemen, i'm not a doctor. i don't even play one on tv, but i believe young j.j.'s going into labor. are you ok? i'll get the car. i need to call will. from the car, honey. breathe and walk. breathe and walk. agent todd, i hope you're ready because your job starts right now. [cell phones ringing] you still think he did it, don't you? why shouldn't i? well, for one thing, gary michaels fits the profile. for another, he fled town after riley'murder. he's a better suspect than your dad, reid. he's a convenient one. someone slipped the file under my door, morgan. what am i supposed to think? maybe they' trying to help. maybe they're trying to protect him. you're talking about someone helping to cover up themurder of a child. who would do that? do you remember how resistant detective hyde was when i asked him to bring in my father?
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it was a police file. it was a very old police file. anybody could have accessed it. he told me to go back to the fountain view, have a drink by the pool, and think about things. you can't possibly still be mad about that. i'm not mad. i'm confused. i never told him we were staying at the fountain view. [beep] [beeping] it's a simple question. how did the blood get on the clothes? i told you, i'm not going to talk without council. if you don't have anything to hide, u don't need a lawyer. spencer, please. i'm not stupid. i'm proud of you, you know that? i'm not stupid either.
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i mean, other people with your talents, they might have sought different opportunities. the private sector. my god, you could have made a fortune. but you chose to help people i chose to study murderers. why do you think that is? i didn't do this, spencer. why can't you believe me? like you said, i do have special talents. one of them is being able to tell when somebody is hiding something. you're angry that i left. and you're right to be. you want to make i up to me? tell me the truth. i didn't kill that boy. but i know who did. gary michaels? how'd you know that? that was the whole idea, wasn't it? so, where is gary michaels now, dad? spencer, please. forget it. you don't want to go down this road.
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and i got a thing back from california on your codis query. did they find gary michaels? some of him. he's dead? they dug him up 7 years ago when some new construction broke ground in the desert. whoever killed him was smart enough to bury him across state lines. vegas p.d. never made the connect. how was he killed? judging from the fractures, they think he was beaten with something. a pipe, maybe. or a bat. bat? maybe it wasn't riley's blood
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you'll know exactly when we'll be there. giving you more time for what matters most. (team sing) safelite repair, safelite replace. been rumors a body was buried up at the barker ranch for years. on account of that's where chuck manson had his hideout. when we dug this one up, we went ahead and had him typed. thought maybe it could be related. it's a good thing you did. might never have i.d.'d him otherwise.
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we think he may have killed a boy in vegas over 20 years ago. is that how he ended up in the ground? revenge? possibly. it says here you have a fingerprint in evidence, lifted from the victim's broken glasses. we ran it up the flagpole a couple of times. nothing ever came up. that was then. now we have someone to compare it to. a suspect? well, we're going to want to run it through afis, too. thats a lot of taxpayer dollars being spent to solve a public service murder. if you ask me, the guy got just what he deserved. he's right, you know. we don't have to run this print. of course we do. whatever michaels did, he deserved a fair trial. reid, you wanted to know if your father killed riley. all signs point to "no." you got what you need. what i need is the truth. if this print belongs to your dad, he could go away foa long time. you're just determined to nail him, aren't you? doesn't even matter what for.
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i'm told you're refusing medication. i'm just holding off for a little while, if you don't mind. you know what will happen. tremors, panic, then the voices. but before that, when the fog lifts, a window of clarity. i really need that right now. i can give you some latitude here. just tell me why. i want to remember. [cell phone ringing] yeah, agent morgan. you did?
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ok. thank you. we're going to have to get an arrest warrant. it was a match? yeah. but it wasn't your dad. we got company. what's he doing here? we notified your captain about this, detective. it's all legit. i'm not trying to stop you. i just want to be the one to bring him in. it'll go easier. he's my friend. yeah, we figured that much. you, lou, my father. you slipped us the michaels file, didn't you?
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but you knew who the right guy was all along? and what lou did to him. there wasn't any evidence. did you even look? you want to link him up, go ahead. but he rides in with us. appreciate that. who else was with you? no one. you're saying you killed gary michaels by yourself, all alone. that's right. and william reid wasn't a party to this? no. you're lying. i'm not lying. he was burning bloodylothes. i saw him. what makes you think gary michaels killed your boy? he admitted it. you beat a guy with a baseball bat, he's going to admit to a lot of things. how do you know he was the right guy? i know. he approached another kid in the neighboood. hey, you're pretty good. and how do yoknow that?
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who? another parent? mind if i play? that's all i'm going to say on the subject. who was it? i told you that's all i'm going to say on the sub-- who was it? agent reid? do not interfere with this interrogation, detective. this is not your case anymore. spencer, it was me. i'd seen him around at your ball games, at the park. you used to ay chess there, do you remember? you played with him once. with gary michaels? i didn't know that was his name back then, but it wasn't unusual for you to play with adults. and you'd win, too. did he do something to me? oh, no. god, no. it never got to that point. but when i saw the way he looked at you, i ew what he was. i could just tell. a mother knows.
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so, you told riley's dad. 2 nights later, lou call the house. he was agitated. he said he needed me to meet him. is that him? yes. his name is gary michaels. he has a history. history? he's done things to kids. how do you know? you should go now. what are you going to do? go home, diana. i sat ther i couldn't move. it was like a dream. that paralysis in the face of something terrible.
11:55 pm
[clears throat] it's ok, diana. go on. at some point, i found myself walking towards the house. oh, my god. lou, what did you do? and the rest... it's all dark after at. you came home. she couldn't talk at first. but eventually i came to understand what had happened. and i knew that nobody could er know. so, you never told anyone? no, she coul have been implicated.
11:56 pm
you were burning her bloody clothes. but the knowing, you can't burn that away. it changes everything. is that why you left? i tried to keep us together, spencer. i swear to you, but the weight of that knowledge, it was too much. you could have come back. could have started over. i didn't know how to take care of you anymore. when i lost that confidence, there was no going back. what's done is done. at least now you know the truth.
11:57 pm
i am, too, spencer. "there is no refuge from memory and remorse in this world. "the spirits of our foolish deeds haunt us with or without repentance." gilbert parker. well, he looks just like you. let's hope he grows out of that. just as long as he doesn't inherit the accent. [knock on door] is there room for one more in here? spence, hi. welcome back. wow. congratulations. thank you. how is it that i just went through 15 hours of labor and you look worse than i do? don't be ridiculous. you look beautiful.
11:58 pm
sure. my treat. [baby cries] you ok? wow. yeah, yeah. you? yeah, yeah, you sure? 'cause there's something i wanted to ask you, but it can wait. what is it? will and i were talking, and, um... we want you to be henry's godfather. i don't even know-- i don't know-- here, do you want to hold him? um... it's ok. here you go. ok. watch his head. hi. there you go. hello, henry. if anything should happen to us, it's up to you and garcia to make sure this boy gets into yale. yale. yale? do you want to go to yale, henry? that was your godfather's safety school.
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[birds chirping] [children crying]
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[water dripping] [click] [click] [click] [click] [click] [click] [click] [click] [click]
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[click] [click] [woman sobbing] [children speaking indistinctly] [sobbing] [clicking continues] amy! oh! [pounding] most of us have done extensive post-graduate work in areas such as normal psychology and sociology, as well as intense study of relative case work and existing literature. but that's after selection to the unit. first you have to be an agent, work in the field, and that's what we're here to talk about. for that, the academics are wide open. everyone in this room, once you graduate, regardless of your course study, is eligible to apply to the f.b.i. what did you study? criminal justice. but sports appreciatio was all full up at my community college. [laughter] i hold doctorates in chemistry, mathematics,
12:02 am
as well as b.a.s in psychology and sociology. woman, whispering: what is he talking about? how old are you? uh, i'm 27. as of last month, i turned 27. i'm--i'm also completing an additional b.a. in philosophy. which reminds me that i have a joke. heh. how many existentialists does it take to screw in a light bulb? [whispers] don't. 2. one to change the light bulb and one to observe how it symbolizes an incandescent beacon of subjectivity in a netherworld of cosmic nothingness. [laughs] [student coughs] um, an existentialist would-- ok, before he doeshis quantum physics knock-knock joke-- [laughter] doe have any other questions about opportunities in the f.b.i.?
12:03 am
i'm going to present this information to the team, and if they're interested, i'll call you. if your team isnterested? it's not a matter of interest. you just said "interested." detective, that's not quite what i meant. is it that it's only one victim, not enough bodies for you? not at all. myic's aren't covered in peanut butter and decapitated? they only need to be certain that they can help. they sure as hell couldn't hurt. that's actually not true, sir. to take focus away from your investigation to build a profile uld be a waste of your time and resources if y're already on the right track. the girl's been dead 3 months. and you feel like if you don't do something to help her, no one will. the mom calls me 3 times a day. i've been there. chicago p.d. trust me, i get it. if there is something we can do to help you, we will. cell number's on the report. i'm supervisory special agent derek morgan. i'll call you personally.
12:04 am
you really need to be careful how you phrase things-- what was that? excuse me? "i'll call you persally"? i'm the liaison. you can call if it-- and you didn't need to come in here and take over my consultation like that. it was your first solo. i was simply trying to help you. well, from now on, supervisory special agent morgan, if i need your help, i'll ask. you're welcome, agent todd. thank you so much. oh, you're welcome. thank you. bye. you do kw we want them to actually join the bureau? what? we want these kids to think it's a cool place to work. i understand that, yeah. thank you. existentialism? existentialism is-- hey. yes? that's neat. hi. that was a funny joke. what do you mean? yeah, to sigmund freud. i tell them i shouldn't-- they keep on sending me here. i don't know why. because you're young. youn man: dr. reid? wouldn't they sit in the dark
12:05 am
excuse me? an existentialist would never change the bulb. he would allow the darkness to exist. yeah, that's pretty gd. [laughs] i'm professor rothschild. it was a brilliant presentation. brilliant. you're a remarkably effective recruitment tool. the f.b.i. is very lucky to have you. thank you for saying that. may i show you something? yeah, of course. it's all right here. i don't understand. what--what are these? 7 homicide victims. homicide? 7 women. the bodies have never been found. not a fingernail, not a hair fiber.
12:06 am
acid? are you saying that you killed these women? there istill time to save the others, though. others? 5 more. what do you mean? in a bit less than 9 hours, 5 other people are going to be dead.
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"it will explain us to each other. it will unriddle many riddles." mark twain. you're my boss, correct? excuse me? i report to you. that's right. has my job performance been to your satisfaction, sir? it seems fine. and if it weren't to your satisfaction, you'd tell me? i can promise you that. because i can do this job. i'm sorry, has somebody suggested that you can't? have they? not to me. thank you, sir. hey. what's wrong with agent todd? i haven't really spent a lot of time with her. something's bothering her. i'll keep an eye on her. you wanted to see me? yes. the houstonase. i'm missing the coroner's supplemental for victim 3. that's supposed to come in this afternoon. i just turned that in last night. when do you sleep? get me that supplemental so i can close the case. yes, sir. thank you. [cell phone rings] hotchner: hey, dave. reid and i were just approached by some guy here with photos that he claims are 7 women he killed.
12:12 am
that you can't really see what they are. but he said he killed them? 7 women so far. so far? there are 5 more live victims somewhere that we can save in 9 hours. is this guy for real, dave? is a confessor, wannabe? i don't think so, hotch. i get a hit off him. something hinky. i'm bringing h in. ok, what can i do? i'm sending shots of the photos to garcia to start looking over. i'll let her know to expect them. i' see you in about 45 minutes. what is this? do not forget a word he says the rest of the time we have him. it's obviously tank girl. tank girl? absolutando. is she even a good guy? um, "a," she's not a guy at all. big plus. "b," she is all about wild hair dye, flatulence, nose picking, spitting, explosive vomiting, occasional random sex, and more than occasional drunkenness. and she has a tank. her very own tank. and at, mon ami,is girl power. superman can fly. [knock on door] garcia. uh, thank you for the help with the, uh, stuff thing.
12:13 am
kevin, if she's not busy, you can visit. right, sir, sorry. garcia, rossi's sending you some photos. i need you to analyze them, see if you can find anything identifiable. they're possible homicide victims. possible? long story, most of which i don't know yet. but the clock may be ticking. yes, sir. [typing] kevin. yes, sir? she's busy now. oh, righ right. sorry. find something, garcia. there may 5 more victims out there. yes, sir. so you said you're a professor at strayer? rothschild: no. you didn't? no. i mean, you did introduce yourself as professor rothschild, right? your degree in philosophy surprises me, dr. reid. it doesn't fit with mathematics and engineering. i kind of like it because there's no right or wrong answers. without right or wrong, how would we recognize perfection? is this fun for you? excuse me? are you having fun? it's quite a bit more complicated than that. what do you mean? you wouldn't derstand. try me.
12:14 am
you're not of the intellectual capacity to grasp what's going on here. if you're trying to piss me off, it's not gonna work. but if you killed 7 women without leaving a trace of evidence, why turn yourself in? imagine what the world would have missed if da vinci never showed his work. [door opens] hey, how's it going? why? um, it's just a question. i'm sorry. i just... um, [sighs] jordan, as the last person to join this team, i know how overwhelming all of this can be. it really does get easier. i'm not exactly sure if that's a good thing, though. i'm gonna manifest happiness and calm for the rest of the day. [laughs] happess and calm?
12:15 am
oh, did you need something? oh, yeah. um. i'm waiting for a supplemental from the houston field office so i can closeout a report. if you could just let me know when it gets here. an internal report wouldn't come through me. really? thanks for checking up on me. yeah, ok. well, if you need anything, i'm around. [door closes] man on tv: earlier this morning, police were contacted and informed that kaylee robinson, who ran a daycare center out of her home, had been abducted along with 4 children. when a parent arrived at 9:30 this morning to drop off her child, she discovered the door... what's going on? he said there were 5 more victims we could save? a woman was abducted this morning in loretto, virginia. she runs a home daycare center. she had 4 children with her. they're all missing. all five. are those the 5 more?
12:16 am
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neither does slamming your fist down on a table. but we all must do what we must do. bring dr. reid back with you. i never have any normal fans. this guy loves the attention. he has a god complex. sooner or later he'll give up something important about kaylee and the kids. guys like him always do. before he hurts them? 1:45. he said we had till 10:00. we need a button to push. the 7 original homicides could give us some leverage. he says we'll never find any evidence so he has nothing to worry about on them. he made of point of saying the are no bodies, no physical evidence. we just have to show that a crime was committed. we can do that circumstantially. we need to identify the original 7 women. going back in there with names just might shake him up. how do we do that? reverse profiling.
12:23 am
and then profile it back to what kind of victim he would choose and from where. from the unsub to the victim. [children crying] shh, shh. [hissing] [camera clicking] aah! ok, ok. get this. hurry, hurry, hurry. go, go, go. come on with me. get to a mask. hold your breath. hold your breath. i went through vicap. there are literally thousands of open missing women cases across the country. it's not the entire country, though. kaylee was abducted at 9:30 this morning. he had time to take them somewhere, hide them, and make it to fredericksburg 2 hours later. he'd need a place with a lot of privacy to hide 5 victims. a house. he's local. he was late for the presentation.
12:24 am
he got there around noon, which puts him somewhere around that radius. garcia, work up a map. we need the farthest point he could have taken kaylee from loretto and still goen back to fredericksburg by noon. garcia: shouldn't be too hard. all rit, what do we know so far? he's obsessively neat and clean. he did research on reid and me at least. he's abducted 5 people, and then gets to a scheduled recruitment session at a specific time. that's extensive pre-planning. did you find anything in those pictures, garcia? i can't even positively say they're dead. what about hair color? all the ones that show hair, they appear to be brunettes. so is kaylee. i'll start there. brunettes from central virginia that are missing. ident got zip on his prints. he's not in any system. he's a ghost. all right, if he hasn't been fingerprinted, he hasn't been arrested. which also means he hasn't had a passport, driver's license, or been in the military. never been a teacher, either. you have to be fingerprinted to be a teacher. so he's a professor who doesn't teach. what kind of professor doesn't teach? a researcher? someone on a grant, maybe. hotchner: a grant would give him the time.
12:25 am
i can't imagine the government just handing out money and not-- i'll look into it. from past conversations, we know he's a narcissist and seemingly remorseless. psychopath. you know, we can eliminate a lot of these open missing persons cases if we could just figure out how he met them. jordan, contact the loretto p.d. and get us invitation to consult on the kaylee robinson case. be nice to them. they don't have to let us. and then you a morgan go down there and find out what you can. morgan: let's go. prentiss, i need you to do something for me. anything. what's our strategy going to be in there with the interrogation? you're not gonna be in the room. what do you mean? that's what he wants. he wants to play with you. we have to knock him off his game. that's all we have right now. he's right. ok, how far could he have gone from loretto and make it back to fredericksburg by noon? there must be some sort of mathematical equation to do this. should have paid more attention in algebra.
12:26 am
[computer beeps] what the? "golden rat"? oh, no. [sighs] where's dr. reid? busy. you have something going on more important than me? my dry cleaning is more important than you. that's very, very hostile. i think you're just a big-mouth wannabe who doesn't have the guts to do anything at all about this. well, then i guess i'm free to go. i didn't spend the last 5 years of my life working on a masterpiece just to fold to a bad bluff, especially to someone who doesn't even have a hand to play. agent prentiss, this is professor rothschild.
12:27 am
a god like you doesn't have a problem with women, does he? do i make you nervous? it's ok, agent. i think we have everything we need to know. th is not a man who can confront a woman on equal footing. he sneaks up on them. gets them from behind. blitz attacks. the original 7 victims, oh, they were alone when they came up missing. they had a routine, and he watched them. hiding in the weeds like a snake. like...a coward. [door closes] that was a waste of precious time. oh, it's all part of the game now, isn't it? you think you know what game you're playing, david? you aren't even able to grasp what questions to ask. such as? how about asking what the rules are, david? rules?
12:28 am
2:00. [coughing] [sobbing] [sizzling] aah! and then there were four. i told you that in less than 10 hours another 5 people would be dead. i never said they would die at the same time. it's ok. i wonder which one it was-- the womaor one of those precious babies. [screaming] [screaming] you have to know the rules to play the game, david. no, no! every 2 hours, one of them will die. chelsea! in the end, they will all be gone. chelsea, honey! is there something else i need to know?
12:29 am
12:30 am
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it just popp up on the screen. it's them. there are only 3hildren. there were four when i went to go get you. prentisswhat is this on their faces? hotchner: they look like gas masks. why would you fill a place with gas and then provide gas masks? well, maybe the gas serves another purpose. such as? well, look how evenly they're spaced out. and the hoses are stretched as far as they can go without coming off. the masks are to keep them in specific position he said one of them is already dead. one of the five. there are only 3 children. is this them? garcia: an anonymous site emailed to me. he said one will die every 2 hours, not all five in ten. when he said 10 hours, i just assumed-- it's a chess game, he's 2 moves ahead. let's not get diverted. how we doing with the seven missing women? huh. so far, i've got 39 missing brunettes in central virginia. ok, 30 years old like kaylee. narcissts tend to be extremely preferential.
12:35 am
he said he's been working on this for 5 years. over the last 5 years, 17. all right, if he thinks he's going to jail for even one of the original 7 homicides, maybe he'll tell us where the rest of them are and give himself some dl room. how long do we have until the next one? one hour, 48 minutes. dave, can i speak to you for a second? [door opens, closes] how do you think it's going in there? all right. do you feel like you're making progress? some. i wathinking maybe we should give reid a shot. you think he's smarter than me? no. intelligence is just part of the profile. we're not talking about inteigence. we're not changing in midstreamhotch. i have a rapport. this is my interview. ok.
12:36 am
thanks, ma'am, we're around the coer. the husband and the local p.d. are all at the crime scene. they're waiting for you. us. what? us. they're waiting for us. you told that detective this morning that you would present his case to the team, and if they were interested, you would call him. look, interested wasn't the right word. i get that. i won't make that mistake again. jordan... you are a member of this team. there is no "they." it's "we." it's important for you to know that. [inhales] do you know that i was born with an extra y chromosome? so? you don't know what that means? it doesn't me anything. it means... i was born to be a killer. [laughs] now that's funny. oh, no, no, no.
12:37 am
i have an extra y, it makes me a killer. that's junk science; a joke. it was debunked years ago. so you don't believe that killing is genetic? it's not a matter of me believing it. it isn't true. killing someone or not killing someone is a choice. if those people die, it's because you chose to make it hapn. ahh. margaret peters, another gloucester point. disappeared in 2006 on her way to work. last seen at the coffee shop she nt to every morning. check. reid: that's number six. we need one more. [police radio chatter] [indistinct chatter] husband? i'll go talk to him. you want me to, um... i'll be fine.


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