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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  March 8, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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we thank god for the wilmington celebration choir, and for the ministry that they have given us today. and we are so grateful for those of you who are watching today. i believe that god is going to give you yet another opportunity to tra in all of your problems for something greater. something good is going to happen to you today. why? because god spoke it in his word. so if you're excited about what god is doing. come olet's give him another praise. hallelujah. [applause] great job choir, great job. great job. you may be seated in the presence of the lord. i am so excited about what god is doing in this campmeeting. as you know this is coming to you by inspiration ministries. we are grateful again for david and barbara cerullo doing a fine job here, and the staff at this ministry.
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gospel of jesus christ around the world. ladies and gentlemen that's the key; that is it. we are sent here as kingdom citizens. not just to, if you will, take advantage of god's earth. the bible says, "the earth is the lord's and the fullness thereof." there's so many good things in this world. don't let anybody kid you, there's a lot of good stuff in this world. i mean you're talking about there are cars, there are houses, there are- you know, you name it. there's everything in here. i mean, i love this earth praise god. and i'm not fixing to get out of here until god says so. amen? so there's a lot of good things here; however, it is our duty to make sure the gospel of jesus christ is preached around the world. and so many people don't understand this -- that the reason for christian television is not just to just burn up air time. it is to get the message out.
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i'm not ashamed of the gospel of jesus christ, because it is power unto salvation. it will bring people into a new way of thinking, and i want to get that message out. i want others to know that jesus christ is lord. and that's the reason why i support christian television. and speaking about christian television, this is what the lord is going to do in your life today. he allowed you to turn this television set on, to watch all of us, to listen to this wonderfuchoir minister to you to give you hope today. somebody's at home, you're at your office and maybe you're outside and you're in your backyard and you turned the television on. you're about to hear sometng that will change your life forever. let's face it, we're living in a world of chaos. so many things are happening, people are losing hope. people are frustrated with life,
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government, they're fed up with their job, they're fed up with their personal condition, they're fed up with their relationships. there are marriages right now that are hanging on for dear life, d there are kids in homes that are just totally out of the will of god. well i'm telling you you've tuned in at the right time. i believe that god is getting ready to bless you, to speak into your life and to transform you. now i want to talk to you about faith today, i'm the kind of faith guy. i believe that faith in god will move mountains. i really do believe that. i believe that anything is possible wheyou put your faith and your trust in god. now you may say, "well henry, i've got so many problems of my own. i don't even know if god can ever fix my situation." absolutely, but you got to do something. faith requires corresponding action. just speaking faith alone is not
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you're gonna have to work your faith. the bible says that, "faith without works is dead." in other words, you've got to put feet to your faith. you can't just speak faith, you've got to make sure your faith got legs. you got to walk your faith out. you got to confess your faith; you've got to believe that all things are possible, that god can heal your marriage, that god can save your children. you've got to have faith that god can turn that business around. you got to have faith that god can bless your ministry. there are pastors watching today. god wants to get this message to you, to let you know that god is no respecter of persons. he's not gonna just heal henry and barbara and david, and those of us who are in here today and the many christians around the world who are testifying of god's goodness, and he not bless you. at's the reason for some of us being blessed and walking in
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it's simple. some people are confessing and walking out their faith, and some is just saying, "lord i believe you." and that's it. you've got to do something in order for your faith to be active. can somebody say amen? >> audience: amen. >> so i want to talk to you about the unchangeable laws of faith. the unchangeable laws of faith. you know, i believe that the faith of the people in the bible back then -- it is still available to those of us who are living in the 21st century. that what would make a wan with the issue of blood, after she spent all of her money in trying to get well, what would make her receive her healing after 12 years? it is faith. it is because she was determined that she wasn't going to let the system deny her of her healing. and today that same power is
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god can heal you; he can save you, he can deliver you. he can get you out of that financial dilemma that you're in if you put your trust in him. now let's not deny the fact that there are problems around us. everybody's got problems. everybody -- everybody got problems. i got problems, you got problems, she's got problems, he's got problems. everybody's got problems. i wish you'd tell your neighbor everybody's got problems. >> audience: everybody's got problems. >> i mean everybody's got problems. you know, some people believe that just because we are born again we're exempt from problems. in fact, when you read your bible the bible says, "many are the afflictions of the righteous." i've discovered the moment you get on god's side, the devil is so jealous; he's so mad he's trying to get you back on his side. glory to god. that's why he's trying to hunt you down. that's why anytime you confess
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devil says you are a target because he wants what you've got. he knows that you are blessed of the lord. he knows that the anointing of god is on you; he knows that favor is on you. and he's going to turn up the at in your life... like he did with shadrach, meshach and abednego. devil says, "okay i don't want you to confess his word; i don't want you to get into your season of suddenlies. i don't want you to experience miracles in your life, so i'm gonna put pressure in your life. i'm gonna cause your marriage to go south. i'm gonna cause your finances to be depleted. i'm gonna cause you to lose your job; i'm gonna cause the bank to write you a letter and say, 'we're gonna take back the house.' i'm gonna cause you to be driving down the highway worried about the tow truck that's behind you because you know they're coming for the car." [laughter] come on now. the devil is going to do just
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place where you panic. but i'm glad god sent me here today to tell you help is on the way! glory to god. god is about to bless you. glory to god. but you've got to activate your faith. no one can deny that we're living in some troublesome times. and many are believing god for miracles today. and i'm so glad that you have turned on this television program today. today i believe that god is going to turn your situation around. he's going to give you a brand new season in your life. he's going to take you from this place of nothing and lack and disappointment. he's going to take you over to a place of fulfillment. ladies and gentlemen, please hear me. please hear me today. if this book that we read,
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if this can't help you, you're doomed. that's it. if the word of god is not quick and powerful, and if it doesn't have the ability to transform your life pack it up. might as well you just die right now. right now. but we have hope in the word of god. that if you put your faith in god, glory to god, god can change your season. and somebody's abo to get your season being transformed right now. i see god coming up in your business and he's going to turn that thing around. i see god healing your body; i see god changing things in your life right now. don't you ever allow the devil to cause you to give up on your hope. hope is here today, and you've got to believe god for the suddenlies. "what are you talking about, henry?" i'm talking about suddenly god can turn your situation around
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i am telling you, you could be broke today, but suddenly god can transform you and bring you into that place where he shall supply all of your needs... not just some. god knows how to take care of his children. i wish somebody will say, "hallelujah." >> audience: hallelujah. >> i'm telling you, man. you've got to believe the word of gododay. if you are experiencing difficulties in your life right now, you are at the right place. yes, you are at the right place. you are at the right season. god can turn your life around right now if you have fah now. the time to believe is now. the time to trust god is now. jesus said, "if you can believe... if you can believe... if you can simply belie that all things are possible." he didn't saif you can fret. he didn't say, "well, if you can go home and sit there in your bed and take a pill and go to... the other life."
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he said, "if you can believe, then anything is possible." i mean, believing is cheap you all. you don't have to pay for faith; just believe. you say, "well, you don't understand my situation." i dare you to put your faith into that situation and say, "god, i trust you. i believe," and see if god won't open up the windows of heaven and pour you out blessings... where you will not have enough room to hold the blessing. regardless of the issues of your life. i'm telling you right now, if you believe, god can change things in your life. in the book of genesis, genesis 18 the lord showed me something one day that literally changed my life forever. because you're looking at a guy here -- you know, people look at me today and the lord has blessed me, great church in ft. lauderdale, florida. oh god, i've got so many
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day. listen, if you're watching today and you think god can't get you out of debt, listen, look ate, yes, he can. if you think god can't heal your marriage, oh, yes, he can. if you are believing god to start a family, maybe you can't get pregnant, oh i got a testimony to tell you. god can get you pregnant. if the holy ghost can get mary pregnant, glory, he can get anybody pregnant. you just got to believe. that's all you gotta do: put the seed of the word into the environment of lack and just believe god. in genesis 18, i wanna take you there for a moment. in genesis 18:14 he is an impossible situation. i love this. impossible situation. there are so many of you, you got an impossible situation today. here is abraham and sarah. okay. these folks are old now. they've been believing god, for
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they're old. i mean, it's dead. somebody's got a dead situation today. and here it is... god visited abraham. and i love how god posed a question to abraham, and in a way that abraham had to respond, evenhough his wife laughed at god when god said, "you know, your old wife, she's gonna have a baby." god is saying to you right now, that dead situation that you have said, "that this is it, it will never happen for me," god said to tell you today -- and in fact, ask you this same question. look at verse 14 of genesis 18. it says, "is anything o hard for the lord? is anything too hard for the lord?" the biggest problem we have as people is that we begin to categorize our issues and then we put them in categories and levels. "well, this is big, big, big... problem.
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i don't think god can handle this. this is not so big. maybe. these are some little problems. oh, sure enough god can handle that." here it is god is sang, "is there anything too hard for me?" "well, you know, i can pay your cell phone bill." that's some small problems. "well, i can get your mortgage caught up." not so bad. but oh, when doctors say you will never get pregnan when doctors say you've got cancer and you're gonna die, when the financial institution says you'll never get a loan based on your credit ever again, when the system says you'll never get your immigration papers or whatever it may be -- i am telling you today there is nothing that is too hard for god. when you put youfaith in the word of god, the word will work for you every time. you just got to believe the word of the lord. god says, "is there anything too
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and you know the answer is no. "nothing is impossible with god." in just a few moments i'm going to pray for some of you who are in an impossible situation. you don't know how you're gonna get out of that situation. you believe that god has abandoned you. you are forgotten and you haven't seen a miracle in your life in years. and i know you've gotten frustrated. likearah, you've laughed at god: it'll never happen to you. but god sent this eacher, in campmeeting, glory to god, to remind you that god not a man that he should lie. if he spoke it, it will come to pass. you can take that to the bank and cash in on it. god is a man that will stand true to his word. you just got to believe his word. believe that things can change suddenly in your life. in fact, i'm telling you man i
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the word of god manifest in my life. i'm walking around every day looking for some suddenlies to take place in my life. i'm telling you. i'm walking around looking for folk to just bless me. i'm walking around for favor, favor, favor. simplehings. simple things. favor. i'm walking around believing that i'm the righteousness of god, the seed of abraham. i'm walking around knowing that no good thing will god withhold from me. i'm walking around knowing that i'm blessed and i'm highly favored of the lord. i'm walking around knowing that god will shift things around in the earth to be a blessing to me. i don't know about you, but with all the billions of people in the earth, surely god's got somebody on the earth to bless me. oh, god will find somebody. i'm telling you, god's hands are not short. if you put your trust in him he will prove himself to you. so in just a moment i'm gonna
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i'm gonna ask you to call in because faith requires corresponding tion. in order for god to manifest his word in your life, i'm telling you, you've got to act on your faith. perhaps today you're sick in your body. perhaps you're having problems with your faith. you've lost your faith in god. you don't believe that anything is possible for you today. perhaps your marriage is on the down turn. perhaps you have started a family and things are not going well with your kids and maybe you're believing god for a family today. maybe your business is not doing so well and things are not going well with you. maybe you're looking, a job today, or maybe you want god to change the job that yore in. well, i've got good news for you. the laws of faith will work every time. every time when you put it to the test. listen. it is not enough just to confess it. "lord, i need healing." "lord, i need a financial breakthrough." "lord, i just need this."
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you've gotta put action to your faith. you gotta be determined. that, "look god, i trust you and i'm gonna do what you have required me to do." god is about to bless you beyond measure. there are three laws of faith that i want to talk to you about today. three unchangeable laws of faith. so it was back then, it is today. the first one is, "faith produces when god is lord." faith will produce when god is lord. i wanna take you to matthew 6:33 here. love this scripture. love it. i have lived by this every day. oh, somebody's getting ready to be blessed today. matthew 6:33 says this: "but seek ye first the kingdom of god." i wanna stop there. i wanna stop there. but, the word "but" is a
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it is the joining of two thoughts or concepts together. so jesus -- it's written in red; this is suggesting that jesus wrote it or jesus spoke it. it says, "but seek ye first -- " what was the thought before this "but?" you gotta go back to verse 24. here's jesus speaking, saying, "you can't be so caught up in this world with the idea of money. loving money so much that you think money is going to be your lifesaver." oh, no. jesus said, "you can't love me and money at the same time." if money is the number one thing that's on your mind to the point where you don't care nothing about god -- you don't care about his will for your life -- i'm going to tell you right now your money is not gonna help you. money has a tendency of acting funny, just in case you didn't know that. i'm a prime example. i can tell you that.
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your money will be in your pocket today and you'll be so happy. next minute you know, when your money's gone your money be laughing at you, saying, "you broke." and it ain't pretty when you're money looking at you and saying, "you can't spend me because you broke." you see, god says, "you can't worship me and money at the same time." why did he mention this? because people in those days were sitting around worried about, "well, what we gonna eat? the clothes we're gonna wear? what about our body, god? how are we gonna survive?" and jesus was actually saying to them, "don't you take no thought for tomorrow. why are you living your life so worried about your mortgage and worried about this and worried about that? that thing is gonna kill you." man, you in debt so much, i'm telling you, if you put your mind on it you gonna wake up in la-la land tomorrow. praise god. get your mind off your debt.
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jesus said, "but seek ye first the ngdom of god." in other words, your mind ought to be on his perfect will. and what is his perfect will? the purpose for the kingdom god is so that the message of the gospel of jesus christ is being preached. listen to me. if you build god's house first, he'll build yours. i'm a living witness to that. when you say, "god, i know i have my needs. i know, god, i have my financial needs here, but god, i'm gonna build your house first. i'm gonna make sure i take care of your name." he said, "if i be lifted up, if my name be lifted up from this earth, i will draw all men unto myself." ladies and gentlemen, when you build god's house first i guarantee you he'll pay your bills, he'll get you out of debt, he will bring the blessing
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first in your life. put him to the test. try him and see if he will not open up the windows of heaven and pour you out blessings where you will not have room to contain it. well, just by me talking about it, it's not gonna happen for you; you've got to do something about it. you have got to put your faith in what you're confessing. and i'm here today to tell you that faith in god will move mountains out of your life if you believe the word of god, if you act upon your faith and if you put god first in your life. i call it first fruits. first fruits. let god be first in your life not your job, not money, not the things that you want, not the business that you're trying to build. put god first. if you put god first, the top of your agenda, and you say, "god, i am going to take care of your house first, i promise you at the end of the day god is going
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met." first fruits is very important to me. i've written a book entitled first fruits and beyond: embracing the power of godly giving. i have witnessed that in my own personal life. there was a woman in my church, i'll never forget it, she had cancer. doctors gave her up and doctors said, "look, you're gonna die in three months. you are at stage four." she was going to die. true story. happened in my church. and she said -- man, she just believed god that she was gonna be healed. and she went home and she said, "lord, i'm not gonna receive this report. you said in your word, 'whose report will i believe?' will i believe the doctor's report or your report? your report says i'm healed. the doctor report says i got stage four cancer, i'm gonna die in three months. you said i shall live and not die and i will testify of your goodness." she went home and then all of a sudden she started praying and believing god. started praying in the holy
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and god told her, "put a mand on the commitment of the years that you have served me." oh, the woman got so excited and she said, "now god, i have been faithful. i've given you my life. not only have i given you my life, everywhere i go i talk about you. i share my faith. i am not ashamed of the gospel of jesus christ. it ipower, power, power, power. it is powerful." and then she said, "god, i put my seed in the ground. i am a tither. i am a giver. i am a giver." and she said all of a sudden, in her mind, she realized that wait a minute the doctor said that she's gonna die in three months, her house is not paid off yet and she's got all these bills. and she realized, she said, "wait a minute." the holy spirit said to her, "go and collect all the money you can get, because you know what? look, you're gonna die in three months anyway, so let the bank come after you in the grave.
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lose honey. just go. thrust your faith in what you believe." and the woman gathered all of the money that she could. it amounted up to $1,000. and she said, "pastor, i brought it to church. and i said i'm not buying a miracle. i'm telling god i am serious. i have nothing to lose. if i give this $1,000 i am reminding you of all of the things that you have done for me. and you said you have given to the farmer seeds to sow. now i'm expecting a harvest of healing." she gave that $1,000 and then four months went by, she was still alive. five months went by, she was still alive. six months went by. after nine months she decided, "i'm going back to the doctors." she went into the doctor's office, they were totally shocked because they thought she had died and was buried. and when she walked in and the doctor checked her out he was just totally amaze
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and he brought her back in his office and said, "ma'am, i don't know what happened. i know the woman i'm looking at is the same woman i met nine months ago, based on your blood type. but according to the x-rays it's sobody different sitting before me because there is no trace of cancer." glory to god. i'm telling you, when you put your faith in god, right now -- that's why you need to believe god. in just a minute i'm going to pray for you. somebody's sick right now. somebody is believing god for a miracle, and i'm gonna pray the favor of god on your body, i'm going to pray the favor of god on your family and i'm going to pray the favor god in your finances. this woman was completely made whole. iny church today no more trace of cancer because she was mpletely healed. why? first fruits. embracing the power of godly
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so many people think when we ask for resources, for the funds to do television, to take the gospel of jesus christ around the world with print media and so forth -- you've watched the video earlier on, how we're in nations of the world. people think when they ask for that money it's doing this, it's doing that. i am telling you, your money is your point of contact with god. god is saying to you, "do you trust me? don't take thought for the bills that you have piled up. trust me and see if i will not open up the windows of heaven and bless your life." i am a living witness that when first fruits is in order, god will see to it that -- the second part of the verse says when you seek god's kingdom first then things will be added onto your life. wait a minute. it didn't say things are just gonna be slapped onto you immediately. the word "added" means that
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you faint not god will transfer the blessing in your life. oh, glory to god. i am telling you god blessed me tremendously. i'll never forget it. i was in need of $478,000. $478,000. that's a whole lot of money. i'm not talking about $475 or $478. $400- listen to me. $478,000 and i needed it in seven days. seven days i needed it. so i left ft. lauderdale. i was so fed up. i said, "lord -- " because when you're broke you move out of town. you do all kinds of stupid stuff. i mean, i was so broke i just decided i'm going out of town. i was in tulsa, oklahoma at the mabee center, i'll never forget it, and i was up there in the balcony listening to joyce meyers [sic].
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became anything that she is today. some of you don't understand this. god is a god that moves in small beginnings. i don't care where you're at now. when there's a spoken word over your life nothing can stop it. glory to god. nothing can stop it. you just gotta put your faith in god. i was up in the balcony and joyce meyers was preaching and i'll never forget it. richard roberts interrupted her for about three times. and the holy spirit spoke to me immediately when joyce meyers was about to do what i'm gonna tell you what e did. the holy spirit said to meow you need $478,000, i'm going to give you an opportunity now to do it. i'm going to give you an opportunity now to receive it, but you've got to do something." the spirit of the lord said to me, "i want you to give all the cash that you have in your pocket." now i'm gonna tell you something, ladies and
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to ask us to do things, we get nervous. we go, "oh, jesus..." i mean, that's human nature. "oh, god, i can't do this." i mean, i wrestled -- i'm a christian, i'm a pastor. i was up in the balcony, and i was wrestling with the idea -- in fact, can i be honest with you? when the holy spirit said to me, "i want you to empty all the cash you have in your pocket," my immediate response was, "devil, you are a liar. get thee behind me, satan!" [laughter] that's human nature! when you hear a voice like that, that's got to be the devil! that can't be god! i mean, i said, "satan, rebuke you." glory to god. i mean, i just could not believe god would want me to empty my pocket and give it. i had over $300 in my wallet and i just came down and reluctantly -- i'm gonna be honest with you.


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