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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 600  NBC  September 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm CDT

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champion chicken employee on a police officer's order. >> hash tag bom, and certainly we understand that to be black lives matter. >> reporter: the officer didn't think that was appropriate. >> the officer in the street every day will tell you that every life matters to them. >> i don't know why people use it because all lives matter. >> reporter: he says he hasn't figured out what employee wrote the message. >> some young employee that was working on thatar >> reporter: he doesn't want anybody made uncomfortable at his business. >> it's upsetting that this message got out and in such a negative fashion. >> reporter: the milwaukee police association says the officer felt their food order was not the right time for a political statement. >> i think any messaging that is put on a bag and was the bag that contained the food that the officer was purchasing, other than, you know, if it said
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would be appropriate. to put a political message on the bag that's where the problem edge lem came in. >> reporter: he's reminding customers and neighbors he does support police, just as he had the last 56 years in business. he doesn't know yet what the consequences will be for the employee when he figures out who it was. at 88th and lisbon, today's tmj4. >> charles: thank you. new numbers show august was the deadliest month in decad killed in milwaukee. >> shannon: the homicide rate is worse in chicago, which is so far this year seen more murders than new york city and los angeles combined. >> charles: chief flynn calling on city leaders to focus on the bigger issue. >> 24 people lost their lives in violent crimes, five people were murdered the day of the riot. >> shannon: eric ross is live
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violence here in our city. >> good evening. if you look at the numbers of homicides per 100,000 residents, milwaukee surpasses chicago's numbers in terms of violence. let's show you the numbers in a bigger perspective. for the month of august as you said we saw 24 homicides. chicago had 90. however, milwaukee's homicide rate is four per 100,000 residents, while chicago's rate is 3.3. chief flynn pointed out that more than 80% of all homicide victims involved african-americans. most of last month followed the latest developments in the shooting death of sylville smith. anyone said on the day smith was shot there were five other homicides that got buried in the news. police say while there have been a 70% clearance rate in solving the crimes, anyone added it can be a challenge when witnesses do
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>> what we are confronting is more than a little bit of witness intimidation. it's becoming a rational act for people to be afraid to cooperate with the police because those offenders who are armed and dangerous and survive have a serious vested interest in intimidating those who would truthfully testify to the circumstances. >> reporter: you may recall sylville smith was charged in a shooting and then also charged with witness intimidation. however, those charges were victim recanted their statement. that pointed to smith being the suspect in that particular case. now, police chief flynn said he and his officers are working to take back the streets and solve a lot of the crimes. he is encouraging folks to work with police, not against them, and one of the biggest key factors that he pointed to is cooperation. he wants people to feel comfortable talking with police and coming forward with information. for now that's the latest. reporting live downtown, eric
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>> charles: thanks. while chief flynn was speaking david clarke was in new york where he received the person of the year award from the new york police department union. the union says clarke is getting that award for his passionate support for law enforcement. happening now, neighbors in sherman park are meeting with sylville smith's family about the memorial near his shooting death. >> shannon: balloons line the tree where a large group has been gathering for three weeks. neighbors believe it needs to expect much more on this story new on "live at 10". >> charles: students were back in class, just blocks away from the recent violence in sherman park. the multicultural arts school students were greeted by music, balloon, red carpet, and the superintendent of mps said it was important to show this community a positive atmosphere. >> either you listen to us or we
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>> shannon: demonstrators demanding input on a proposed public safety action plan today, disrupting this morn's common council meeting. members of the panthers marched into the meeting in a move. the common council a howed one of the protestors to voice her concerns. >> we're sick and tired in milwaukee of changes, policies being made, without the right people in the spaces in the room. >> there was a demonstration that when t frustrated, we're willing to listen to that frustration and turn it into some kind of action. >> shannon: council president said community meetings will be held in the future to gather input on that safety plan. a milwaukee woman is accused of beating her mother to death during an argument over moppy. >> charles: murr charges are expected to be filed in the next few days against the woman. she was arrested earlier this month.
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with a lamp, then walked away as her mother laid on the ground, unconscious. her mother died yesterday from her injuries. >> shannon: milwaukee police are asking for your help in finding a group caught on surveillance camera robbing a gas station at gunpoint. they walked into the bp last tuesday. the man pointed a gun at the clerk that you see right there, while two women grabbed items from the store. if you know anything about this investigation, please call milwaukee police. >> charles: decision 2016, gary johnson is making his first stop in milwaukee. johnson is holding an event tonight at serb hall. doors just opened. rebecca. >> reporter: charles, as you said, i'm here in the hall of presidents. this is the traditional stop for politicians to make especially if they want to become president. you can see the stage is set for gary johnson. the doors just opened.
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is making headway to be elected the next commander in chief. he needs to poll at 15% if he wants to debate hillary clinton and donald trump. the latest marquette polls have him at 10%, but there are a lot of undecided voters still up for grabs. he hopes to pick some of them up tonight. they expect this to be a packed house tonight for this free event. johnson is supposed to talk to me tonight one on one. we're going to bring you that at 10:00. this rally gets underway 7:00. reporting live in serb hall. >> charles: thank you. as she mentioned, johnson polled at 11% in the marquette university poll yesterday. the polls showed donald trump closing the gap with hillary clinton 45% of likely voters, back clinton in wisconsin, 42% for donald trump. >> shannon: this video out, a waterspout whipping over lake michigan. brian caught the waterspout on camera today near kenosha.
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how does this happen? >> john: this is the time of the year for waterspouts. as a matter of fact, what happens is you have a very dark base of coup cumulus cloud. you start because of the cool from the dark cloud, and the heat outside, you start to get a little bit of a vortex, especially if you have wind shear at the surface. and actually, opposite of a tornado building upward from the lake water, up towards the base of the cloud. they don't last very long. most ofho anything to you, but some of those could be very, very strong. so you want to avoid them if you're on a boat on lake michigan. we get these usually end of august, into september, early october. if you're going out tonight, no waterspouts. mostly clear, 65 at 8:00, 61 at 10:00. i'll be back with beautiful weather in the forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >> charles: thanks. >> shannon: packers extra, the packers wrap up the preseason tonight in kansas city.
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chance to show the coaches what they can do. lance allan is at arrowhead stadium. let's face facts, this fourth and final preseason game about the young guys on the bubble trying to make one more impact to get on that roster. let's leave it to the veterans for advice on what to do in that last game. >> i think the biggest thing with the last game is just some -- it's football, you know, something you've been doing your big, it's just football. just go play and have fun with it. you know, most of us have been doing this for, you know, since we were kids, so just go play. >> even today when you -- you know, you know these guys and you see them leaving, and it's like the game is so short. you just have to make the most of your opportunities and understand that we're blessed to be playing. we're blessed to be a green bay packer right now, so at any moment that could stop. >> not expected to play in this
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impress you have in the preseason and could be playing for a roster spot at the number three quarterback for the regular season. at arrow head stadium, lance allan. >> charles: a special pregame coverage of tonight's game begins at 6:30 right here on today's tmj4. kickoff is at 7:00. >> shannon: the packers actually take a back seat this week in green bay. >> charles: hard to believe, but the badgers are the biggest game in town. taking on lsu. how the city is showing the
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>> charles: a warm welcome for fans arriving in green bay ahead of this weekend's college football game at lambeau. the badgers take on lsu, high school marching band greeted fans at the airport. the mayor and leaders handed out beads, so welcome lsu fans. a supervisor is not apologizing for comment about
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quarterback collin kaepernick. >> i said it's a possibility he might get shot because there is a lot of people very disturbed about him not standing up. i didn't say it was me, i didn't say it was anybody else, i said it's a possibility. >> shannon: he made the comment during the county executive meeting tune day. a large portion of kaepernick's extended family lives in the area. >> i'm a patriot can guy, a a patriot, and that's one who loves their country and does everything they can to make it better. >> shannon: kaepernick has said he will continue his protest before tonight's game against the chargers. >> charles: still ahead on live at sucks, a very confusing class. >> shannon: the student
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>> shannon: if two is a company and three is a crowd then four is a party, and that's how many sets of twins started kindergarten at green bay elementary school today. >> people ever confuse you? >> they're funny when that happens? >> uh-uh. >> it's exciting t i give their parents so much credit. >> shannon: there is actually a fifth set of twins starting at the school's other elementary school. >> charles: love it. decision 2016, busy week on the campaign trail, and for the fact checkers at politifact. checking claims from both hillary clinton and donald trump, and we got the truth oh meter ratings. >> what we did when i was secretary of state, as i said, went above and beyond anything
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organization has to do. >> charles: hillary clinton deflecting criticism of the clinton foundation and claimed that charity is transparent when it comes to donors. going well beyond what the law requires. but politifact says that only tells part of the story. >> it's kind of spinning the facts to suggest this is some way amazing or something that we should hold up as badge of honor when the threshold is very, very low. >> charles: according to polifa require the clinton foundation to disclose donors or roll back foreign donations but the disclosure requirements are very minimal. in a case like this, the clinton foundation only agreed to do this once hillary clinton was nominated as secretary of state. hillary clinton's statement was rated half true. meanwhile, donald trump made a bold claim about clinton's tax plans. >> on top of that, she wants to raise taxes on african-american
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nearly 50% more than they're paying now. >> charles: trump's math is not adding up, and clinton's plan raises taxes on all people earning more than $5 million, and not by race. >> when we look at numbers we're looking at a number somewhere less than 1%, maybe less than .5%, a vehicle very small fraction of people would be potentially subject to this tax. >> charles: it's a distortion of clinton's tax plan. they rate trump's statement false. >> shannon: let's talk about the weather. the national weather service is issuing a beach hazard warning. do not overesther mate your swimming skills. >> john: they've extended that down from sheboygan through northern illinois right now. so all of our lakefront communities. what's happening the winds are
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the lake and they're per a mall to the shore, running from north to south, strong along the lakeshore. they're causing what we call long shore currents. also, looking at structural currents, which act like riptides, so you have parallel winds, then hits a pier, or some kind of embankment and it actually could push you or a swimmer right out into the lake, like a rip saying some rip currents could be around, which are waves that come in and find a low spot and pull you out into lake michigan. again, ride it out and swim parallel and get back to shore. what we're looking at right now is mostly clearing skies. and out to the west nothing going on there. also, just beautiful weather for the next few days. we're looking at milwaukee, 68 degrees. with a dew point of 59. so the air is very, very comfortable right now.
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with the sense of whitewater and lake geneva still holding at 70 degrees. everybody is dry. also dew points everywhere across the state in the low to upper 50s. so our future forecast shows the dry air sitting right on top of us. there is nothing coming in at this point from the west. so as high pressure sits over the lake, northeast winds to east winds for the next couple days keeps the dry air here and lots of clear skies at night and sunny conditions during the right through the upcoming weekend. tonight, mostly clear skies, and 58, closer to lakeshore. inland 51 degrees. on the northeast winds. and for tomorrow, mostly sunny skies once again, 70 at the lake, 74 inland. the air remains very dry. the east winds on the brisk side. and for saturday, we start out the weekend just absolutely gorgeous. 73 at the lakeshore, 78 in land
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the weekend. sunshine on sunday. only a small threat of an isolated shower or maybe an isolated thunderstorm. then we have a chance for showers and thunderstorms into the early part of next week, tuesday wednesday. and thursday, temperatures from the low to mid 80s. looks like it just absolutely spectacular weather labor day
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call an at&t expert and switch today. ?? the packers wrap up the preseason in kansas city. while the 53 man hasn't been set and the regular season hasn't started, our lance allan tells us why the packers are talking super bowl. >> it's the final chance for some players to make the final roster, the regular season cuts have to be in. the 53 man roster. and i tell you what, it isn't too big to say m mike mccarthy is treating this like the
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practice, get to play that way, anytime you perform, you know, across the white line and it's on video you have to go about it the same way. so you want the kids to go out, and play their best game. lay it all out there, not only for the opportunity to be here, but you know, the opportunity to play in the nfl. >> you spend all this time building guys up, and building guys up, and building the emtoo up, and get stronger, a the other direction. and that's a hard thing to do. >> ted thompson found that out the hard way this week. at arrowhead stadium, lance allan, today's tmj4. bob uecker sat down with the golf channel this week for
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career and beyond. one of the highlights of the interview when uecker talked about when his son played baseball. >> i used to talk about my kids being like i was. i was so proud of my kids. i remember in their championship little league game, my son had a couple errors. he struck out three times and we lost. their team lost. and i can remember walking through the parking lot and other people, other kids fathers and mothers throwing eggs and crap at our of my son that he was so bad, you know, that he sucked. >> i remember crying after games like that. the brewers are off today. they play in pittsburgh
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. >> i like how dedicated they are. packers' fans are the best. they know the game. they might as well be on the field with us. i swear, i don't think you'll find any other fans we believe green and gold all together. >> it's time for packers preseason. bring it on. >> live from arrowhead stadium in kansas city, missouri, this is pre-game kick off with lance allan. >> lance: the 53 man has to be


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