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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1000  NBC  September 1, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CDT

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>> kevin: two minute warning. with kevin the rookie quarterback handing off to knile davis. whitehead tried to go outside and taken off in a cart looking at his leg. he was sent off on a cart. coming up in the post game report.
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transportation play of the game. look ahead to next week season opener. get final thoughts on the game tonight with the packers tv network first game report. the packers in the second half no points. 40 yards and four first downs. brown is emotion. knile davis. slowed down by whitehead and taken down by brown of the green bay near the 11. and punt. >> kevin: how many preseason games -- >> rich: just once. i think it depends who you ask. it could help some of these players make the team. it was part of the evaluation process. but i think in today's nfl with
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of work, there's area for three game preseason. a lot of the players aren't playing. you look at clay matthews and julius peppers and jordy nelson. these guys hardly touch the field. they don't need a lot of work in the preseason. you are scared as the general manager and the owner and head coach to play them. lookha he gets hurt in the preseason and lost for the season. tough spot to be in. >> kevin: there's a lot of trust general managers have in the veteran players that you are not going to play that much. i'm trusting you to play for the regular season. >> rich: the practice has been so up tempo. they get a lot of work done. >> kevin: gets off a great punt.
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and bobble ball back at about the 20. >> rich: he's had a great night. >> kevin: he looks great. the first four games. let's go over it. jacksonville is first on the docket. and we have told you people around the nfl have been saying they are a jacksonville team. >> rich: a hot young quarterback. two really good and they've spent a lot of money. a good young runner. that will be a really stiff challenge. >> kevin: after the punt, hand off to brandon ross who picks up three. and that will do it. and the packers with their first loss in the preseason finishing 3 and 1.
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andy reid and mike mccarthy with shake. wish each other the best. and you know what, wouldn't surprise a lot of people these two made it all the way to houston. the packers always seem like the preseason. i believe that alex smith is a good enough quarterback to help them get to a the one thing about alex smith, he understands how to win. look at that picture. a picture is worth a thousand words. both were to be the one overall pick. smith was. >> interesting thing was the offensive coordinator was with mike mccarthy. it's a small world. to think about winding up with
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spent one year and then got the job. when he was hired by the packers, they came off of it disappointed. that was kind of a bold hire at the time but proved to be a great one. >> kevin: he made it. and the rest is history. all right. ten-point win for kansas city over green bay. our post game report
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>> kevin: welcome back, everybody to kansas city and arrowhead stadium. this is the packers tv network post game report. and montgomery both played in stanford together. you see them talking.
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packers. a couple big plays following possession. and another one. the defense in the second half. the offense they didn't. they were taking advantage of great opportunities and field position in the second half. >> kevin: you talked with the coach and feel optimistic. is the right direction? >> rich: absolutely. he's ready to go. this is a team that has a lot invested. they have worked hard. had a very productive training camp. and they have a tough schedule to start. two games on the road. one in jacksonville the following week at minnesota. that's going to be an important start for them. they are ready to go. >> kevin: always enjoy it. thanks to our producer and doug
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>> right now from milwaukee, this is today's tmj4 live at 10. >> new at 10, parents of a local gree afghanistan share the last conversation they had with their son. >> army staff sergeant matthew thompson died last tuesday. >> for the first time, his parents are talking about their son. they say he had no regrets. >> careen has more with their story. >> reporter: george and carol, his family expected him home around christmas. they knew he had a dangerous job. there's no way mark and linda thompson could have been prepared for their phone call from their daughter-in-law
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gone. >> he wanted people to have hope hope for something different in the future. hope for a better life. that's why he chose the job he chose. >> a green beret in the army special forces. matthew thompson was killed in afghanistan last week. >> an i.e.d. or multiple i.e.d.'s were tripped and one of them took his life in a blink of an eye. >> reporter: matt grew up in waukesha county a gat brookfield central high school where a flag stands at half-staff. he spent two years at marquette before going to concordia university in california where he met the love of his life, rachel. shortly after he joined the army. >> but that's what he's supposed to do he loves adventure. he loved what he did. >> reporter: matthew's parents learned their son died supporting his teammates and another group of soldiers in search of freedom. >> he was doing what he loved to do. >> reporter: when matt was home in april, he told his dad he
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job and he -- he loved his job and he would do life the same way a thousand times over. >> i told him that you've done the right thing. >> reporter: a family clinging to their faith during heartache. >> you have to accept this is the way it is and good will come out of it. >> reporter: matt's parents say they will miss their son's adventurous spirit, his smile and his hope. they are honored flags are being flown at half-staff all over t george and carole? >> amazing they're so strong. thank you. archbishop jerome is expected to lead a mass tomorrow honoring a local nun murdered in mississippi. a visittation -- visitation for sister margaret held will be held. a man has been charged with her murder. storm warning from florida's
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hurricane hermine churns toward the state. hermine is expected to hit the eastern panhandle by friday but it's already packing a huge punch. john has been tracking the storm throughout the day. >> when do we expect hermine to make landfall, john? >> this is earlier from this afternoon. this is the visible satellite picture. this is hurricane strength. it's strengthened to 80 miles per hour this evening. now, it's only about 40 miles per hour from -- 40 miles from shorvi 14 miles per hour into appalacacola bay. it'll probably hit within two or three hours crossing the florida panhandle and move to the north and east. you can see as we move through friday, it'll move very quickly probably at tropical storm strength. which saturday all the way past north carolina to just south of new york city by sunday night. all in all, this is going to bring a lot of rain, big storm surge to the florida panhandle
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some spots. for us, beautiful weather. i'll be back to report on that in a few minutes. >> see you in a bit. thank you, john. packers' extra. the packers just wrapped up their final reprix season test against the kansas city chiefs. >> many were playing to keep their spot on the roster. lance allen joins us live. lance, and how did the team look? >> reporter: carole and george, a ragged affair this evening, but you know when i talked to mike mccarthy at halftime, you got the sense he was very happy, ry his team entering that regular-season opener on the road at jacksonville a week from sunday. one of the lone highlights in this contest, joe callahan, one of the surprises of camp, the third-string quarterback firing a strike to jared cook in the corner of the end zone. i think jared cook will have a very big impact for the packers this year, one of the tight ends that could make a difference, separate and has some speed. josh hawkins and ladarius gunter also with interceptions in the
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unscathed on the injury front as well. jordy nelson saying in the broadcast he's ready to go for week one at jacksonville. we'll have reaction coming up from mike mccarthy coming up in sports. we're live at arrowhead stadium in kansas city, lance al -- alan tmj4. back to you, carole and george. >> 24 people died in august on our city streets, the most in one month since the jeffrey domer chief ed says with much of the attention on the sherman park and the shooting of seville smith, it's important to remember dozens of other vi victims. >> 24 people lost their lives in violent crimes. five people were murdered the
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of course the chief referring to the days of violence in sherman park after seville smith's death. tonight, people in that neighborhood and smith's family got together behind closed doors for a community meeting. they wanted to talk about a memorial near the site of the shooting that's become a contested gathering spot. >> roughly two dozen community members and advocates for the family of seville smith gathered outside of the sherman park community center sharing the hope of finding common ground inside. at issue, this makeshift memorial for smith where mourners gather each night. police have made arrests here following community complaints. >> the family as well as the residents don't want all of that activity on that corner. >> i'm very optimistic. the family has been trying to reach out to some of the residents and see what they want -- what they want from them. some of the residents have reached out to them in response. they've been trying to adhere to what the community wants. >> reporter: the meeting got underway shortly after 6:00.
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but's about it, our cameras weren't allowed inside. >> the family and the residents offered this be a closed meeting we want to throw out ideas. >> reporter: hardened supporters say cameras aren't always helpful during sensitive discussions. no word at this hour if any resolutions were made behind closed doors. there'll be a larger open community meeting very soon. protesters will continue to disrupt meetings until one community activist was given a chance to address the council. >> we're sick and tired of inn milwaukee of changes, -- tired in milwaukee of changes and policies being made without the right people in the spaces in the room. >> today was a demonstration that when the community is frustrated, we're willing to listen to that frustration and turn it into some kind of ac action. >> two public meetings will be held for the community to express community concerns. new at 10, it's been nearly
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two motorcyclists dead. the family still has many questions. family members gathered near 6th and mckinley where the crash took place. police say a 21-year-old driver driving a truck made a left turn in front of them and they collided. family members are upset so far there have been no crg with 50 deaths on wisconsin roads last month, the d.o.t. says wisconsin roads have been the safest since world war ii. 1969 brought the deadlyist month of august with 154 deaths. there have been 387 deaths on wisconsin roads since the beginning of the year. 4your health now. new report on the nation's opioid epidemic shows 129 americans died overday -- every day in an overdose in 2014.
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head of a roundtable discussion today in milwaukee. department of health and human services is issuing more than $50 million in grants to 44 states to combat the opioid crisis. wisconsin is one of those states. 2016 coverage. third party presidential candidate is making a strong push in the polls. gary johnson averages a little over nine percentage points in five national polls. he's got get at least 15% to be allowed to debate alongside hillary clinton and donald trump. rebecca is live where johnson made his first stop in milwaukee. rebecca? >> carole, i'm standing here in the hall of presidents for politicians. this is kind of a must stop if you want to be president, exactly what former governor gary johnson is after. he had a packed crowd that agreed with him. >> this is the craziest election ever, right? and you know how crazy it is?
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president of the united states. >> former new mexico governor gary johnson comes to milwaukee with a mission to move his poll numbers enough so he can debate democrat hillary clinton and republican donald trump. >> without being on the debate stage, there's no way you could win the presidency. you can't win the super bowl if you're not in it. >> he spoke to a packed room where a lot of the audience had one thing in common. >> i have nothing of interest from the other two candidates. >> joannie is not alone. national polls show more than er clinton or trump. johnson says he's the perfect alternative. some people like small business owner kate colbert had never even considered a third-party candidate. >> i'm a lifelong republican, registered republican who is not a trump supporter, so i really knew nothing about the libertarian platform before this election cycle. >> other con 7tives say even if johnson cannot reach the national debate, their votes will still go to him in november. >> i want to vote who i believe in, not for who the lesser of
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>> time is running out for johnson to move his poll numbers. the first debate is september 26th. reporting live, rebecca for today's tmj4. >> johnson polled 11% in the market university law school poll released yesterday. it showed donald trump closing the gap with hillary clinton. 45% of likely voters back clinton in wisconsin. 42% plan to vote for trump. for all of your political coverage,o first day of school to remember for a little girl in fond du lac. >> coming up, her teacher gave her a selfless gift that promises to transform her life. a fast-food order with a side of controversy. where a mill waukee police officer -- milwaukee police officer found a political message written on his takeout order. tribute to a local legend where some of gene wilder's most famous films are showing. "tonight show" is next.
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fallon with the preview. >> michael phelps is here. calm down,, michael.
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russ feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. narrator: listen to senator johnson on student loans: ron johnson: it's just kinda free money, young people don't really, narrator: what senator johnson doesn't understand is, more than 800,000 wisconsinites have student loans. but he wants to eliminate federal student loans and keep interest rates high. johnson: it's just kinda free money... narrator: with senator johnson, opportunity for middle class kids would disappear. ron johnson's not for students. not for wisconsin. [ grinding metal ]
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engine with dirt. it's like lugging this around- it's dragging down your fuel economy. but over time, using new and improved bp gasoline with invigorate helps clean up that dirt, like hundreds of scrubbing brushes. so that means a cleaner engine, which helps you get more miles per tank. i'll be here if you need me. new bp gasoline with invigorate. our best fuel ever! check this out, in honor of milwaukee native gene wilder, the mall's amc theater bringing back a pair of his most adored films this weekend "willie wonka and the chocolate factory" and "blazing saddles" will be shown
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a remarkable girl from fond du lac struggled with serious health problems. >> thanks to teacher's incredible gift, her future is so much brighter. 8-year-old natasha fuller and teacher jodi schmidt share a bond that goes far beyond the school-yard. >> she's worked hard at school. she's worked hard with die al'tis. she's worked hard at being a friend and a granddaughter. i'm not surprised that she's recovered as well as she has. >> we were there this spring when schsubmit donated a kidney donated a kidney to little natasha. both since recovered and are ready to take on this new school year. sherman multicultural arts school, students were greeted by balloons and mayor -- and the mayor. this year's theme is all about improving student achievement. $50 million worth of updates to the school district are almost complete. the focus is on safety and security. there's more cameras, more lights and new card readers that offer controlled access in case
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important school bus rules to tell you about. there's a new law that requires most school buses in the state to have flashing lights to alert drivers the bus is about to stop. if you failed to stop, it could cost you more than $300. milwaukee police officer upset after receiving his fast-food order with a political message written on it. he says #blm was written on his champion chicken bag representing black lives matter, of course. both the owner of the restaurant and the police union say t message is inappropriate. >> i don't think any messaging is put on -- that is put on a bag would be appropriate, but to put something -- a political messaging on the bag, that's where the problem came in. >> it's upsetting that this message got out and in such a negative fashion. >> the owner doesn't know who left the message but he says there will be consequences. rev up your engine. the milwaukee rally is happening this weekend. harley davidson dealers and
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milwaukee metro area. the rally kicked off tonight in the harley davidson museum. live concerts and street parties will be happening on sunday the big gig barbecue will be hosting a party on the summer fest grounds. a lot of options for everybody. a warm welcome for fans arriving in green bay today ahead of this weekend's college football game at lambeau. the badges badgers take on lsu. they were greeted by a high school marching band. fans were arriving at the airport and got to hear music. the mayor and other city leaders handed out the badger football equipment truck is bringing more than just sports' equipment to lambeau field. they're bringing flood supplies that lsu will take back to baton rouge. >> it's beginning to feel a lot more like fall. football weather. almost sweater weather, but not yet. >> but it was quite the opposite for these guys who took advantage of the high waves on lake michigan to wind surf. john, could you include a beach forecast in your repertoire tonight, please? >> i'll tell you what, there's
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like that, so i hope those guys were very, very careful out there you know what? i'm going to cut to the chase and give you that holiday forecast which some of you folks may be leaving right away tomorrow. absolutely splendid weather on friday. 70 degrees in milwaukee. 74 inland for saturday morning. lots of sunshine. 73 degrees. 77 inland. 78 on a sunday. as you can see, partly cloudy skies. 81 inland on labor day monday, 81 degrees. shower and i say just a chance. what happened today? we started meteorological fall. that's september through november. it's not astronomical yet. and the forecast from the climate prediction center is still mild and dry for the next three months. temperatures right now, 66 in milwaukee. 66 in racine. check out west bend at 55. 59 in waukesha and whitewater
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it's going to be a very comfortable night ahead. those dew-points in the 50's still. the air is comfortably dry around here. there's not much going on by satellite as you take a look at our radar and satellite combination. we had a couple of clouds, a little stratus field that dissipated out to the west. nothing going on the air is very very dry. high pressure continues to control everything east to northeast winds. the high pressure system continues to build right over lake superior. as it does so, it just brings ow continues on with just mostly clear to partly cloudy skies all the way through the beginning of the week. the next storm system way out to the west should be here by labor day monday. could bring us a spotty shower. small chance. most of the day should be dry. tonight, 58 degrees, clear skies. 51 inland. the winds light prt northeast. tomorrow, beautiful day. mostly sunny skies and easterly winds.
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with 73 at the lakefront. 78. well in the storm team 4 seven-day forecast, monday looking great, labor day, an isolated shower. 81. look at the temperatures back up into the low to mid-80's. 83 with a chance of a shower or storm on tuesday. could be a little wit off and on through the week -- a little wet off and on through the week. george, there are your beach temperatures right there, low to mid-80's all through next week but most k >> that's good for us. >> the good and the bad. thank you, john. coming up next in sports, the packers' preseason is done. we're live in kansas city with what coach mike mccarthy had to
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