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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1000 Sunday  NBC  September 4, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm CDT

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ged vehicles get another $1000 smart bonus cash. . >> you are looking at a live picture from sherman park right now, the center of that breaking news. a legal showdown tonight between the milwaukee county executive chris ably a clark. ably ordered the fence around the park taking it down this morning calling ate barrier to healing. but sheriff clark ordered deputies to put the fence back up and arrest anyone including ably who refused to leave the park after 6:00 p.m. tonight that battle returned to the courtroom. we begin with rickey mitchell. she's live with more of the
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>> reporter: a special court session held here tonight, a judge ordered a temporary restraining order against sheriff david clark saying he has to stop impeding the public access to sherman park. >> the-is not above the law. >> reporter: milwaukee county circuit court judge david hampshire held a special court hearing tonight. the fence thing went up three weeks ago following violence when sheriff david clark indefinitely. then at 6:00 this morning, the county executive took the fence down and said the park would resume the normal hours. eight hours later, the fence went back up at the request of sheriff clark. >> they have a right to do so. they have a right to walk the dogs through the park. closing the pound doesn't serve the interest. it's conceded such.
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after he was served. keeping the park closed, the sheriff took away the public's right to the freedom of expression. it's important that the public have unencumbered use of their private property so we're happy with the judge's decision. >> this is just a temporary restraining order. that means there's another hearing on wednesday when this will be dcu will remain open until 10:00 p.m., the normal closing hour. and that fencing must come down around the park and the sheriff's office cannot put up any replacement fencing once it comes down. reporting live from downtown milwaukee, rickey mitchell, wtmj-4. >> thank you, rickey. rebecca plouffe who's in the park where neighbors are applauding the ruling.
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>> reporter: thaert. the first time that they're waiting in the city of milwaukee for the fence to come down as well. a showdown in the parks took place as a legal battle went on in court. the milwaukee county sheriff's deputies approached the people in the park first to say they would close at 6:00, then 7:00. then the ruling came down and the people were told it's back to normal hours. that's it. >> reporter: the people using the park asked sheriff david clark to come to sherman park and tell them why they have to leave. >> he puts the residents in between, in the end of the day, the residents didn't do anything. >> the people in the park said they were going to stay. >> they ordered the park open to the regular hours. i think the people in the sherman park area deserves for
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park. the park should have never been be it in this position in the first place. >> people say if other areas of the county can celebrate the labor day weekend until 10:00 in the park, it isn't fair their families can't as well. >> the people who suffered. the children were -- the children were -- that's up to the people. >> as you can see, the people are moving out of the park. the vehicles, the sheriff's deputies, they came in the loud speaker and said their park is closed. people are packing up the coolers for the evening and heading out of sherman park like a normal weekend holiday. reporting live, rebecca plouffe, today's tmj 4. >> sherman park will go back to normal hours closing at 10:00 p.m. another hearing to hash out this
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a man shot dead on the north side of milwaukee near 70s and capital. no further details are available. an autopsy is set for tomorrow. milwaukee police looking for suspects in the shooting of a man at 27th and burlei before 10:00 last night. someone pulled the gun and started shooting. he's expected to survive. a crash left one man dead. two men were thrown when a driver lost control and hit a pole on wisconsin avenue. a third man was found inshied the vehicle. the two survivors are hospitalized with serious injuries. a sad number that keeps growing. the milwaukee county medical examiner is investigating 127 probable drug overdose deaths just in the past 24 hours. the threat of heavy rain from
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down for now. the storm moved away from the east coast but remains strong enough to whip up dangerous waves and currents. hermine maintains the potential to regain hurricane force as it travels north. around here, the pleasant holiday weekend keeps rolling along. we're here with the first check of the forecast. hey, scott. >> hey, katie. a trend that a lot of folks are going to get used to it. go ahead, get used to it. if you're off tomorr a winner. welcome to the weather center. hope you're having a nice weekend thus far. looking to the northwest. thin clouds. otherwise, plenty of stars as well. the weather word is awesome. exclamation mark. dry on labor day, even warmer than we've been so far. above 73 degrees in milwaukee international. 71 inland. 64 degrees for you fine folks
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the dew points are creeping up a little bit. see if you can plan thins weatherwise. quiet conditions with temperatures barely dropping off at all in the middle 60s. start off with the sunshine with another great day tomorrow with one exception -- swimmers take note. there's dangerous swimming in a few locations which we'll detail for you in a few minutes. >> thanks for that, scott. mother teresa was declared a catholic saint today. pope francis bestowed the honor at the >> we declare divine blessed teresa of calcutta to be a saint and we enroll her among the saints. >> in a ceremony attended by an estimated 120,000 people, the pope praised st. teresa for defending the lives of the unborn, sick, and abandoned in india. julia fell lowe reports on a waukeshaw county church renamed
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parrish has been renamed to saint teresa parish. for a whom who said all she wants to do in life is something beautiful for god. known as the saint of the cutters, the saint was cannonized as millions watched on. ? glory to god glory to god glory to god in the highest ? >> reporter: t s parish was filled with pride as the priest dedicated the entire homily to her. >> a parish priest and many others made the pilgrimage to vatican city to pay witness. for a woman locals simply called mother, he shared an important
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>> for us in the world, power is always status. the most powerful person in christianity in the church is a saint. this is a saint that we honored today. >> to the catholic church, she is a saint, in part because the calcutta woman was cured of cancer after she looked a at picture of st. teresa. one of two miracles needed to fulfill the church's requirements for cannonization. >> this woman had nothing. she built hospitals. that's the life of a saint. the life of the saint themselves over to god. >> reporter: it will be a new beginning. this parish will double in size. >> mother teresa visited milwaukee in 1981 when marquette university gave her the highest honor, the peer marquette discovery award. the event drew more than 10,000 people to what was then mecca arena.
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this week. when rain could move in. beautiful bikes on display at the museum for the annual milwaukee rally.
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>> local news now on l 10:00. two people seriously injured when they crashed their motorcycle. the man and woman were heading southeast on fondulac when the driver lost control and hit the median. both were taken to a nearby hospital with serious head injuries. that accident comes on a weekend when tens of thousands of harley riders are cruising southeastern wisconsin enjoying the annual event known as the milwaukee rally.
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spread the word that helmets save lives. an estimated 100,000 motorcycle enthusiasts descended on milwaukee this labor day weekend. these are the motorcycle accident overnight is a reminder of the importance of safety while riding. >> it heightens your awareness. it causes people to think about safety more in general. we all want to ride without a helmet. it your hair is blowing in the breeze, you can hear and see a lot of things around you. but you have to think safety first. >> reporter: so far this year, 51 motorcycle drivers have died on wisconsin road. it compares to 55 at this time last year. and the police have not said of the victims in the motorcycle accident at fondulac and walnut were wearing a helmet. >> i've ridden 4 years without one. >> there are couples who choose not to. they say their vision and
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number of motorcycle passengers killed while riding has doubled this past year, which makes lawrie think twice. >> we probably still won't wear them. but i think about them a little more often now. >> the police have not released any information about the victims. they are expected to survive the accidents. reporting from fondulac and walnut, today's tmj 4. and some impressive custom bikes are on display at the harley davids rally. check out the beauties, featuring some of the latest and greatest technology. the jaw dropping machines are made from top professional builders from all over the country. >> get your own personality on the bike. we think it's a great, great thing. you take a natural concept and make it yours, original. that's what they're about. the american classic bikes, you
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and the freedom. >> that's milwaukee. >> milwaukee rally, a big boom for our area, thousands of automakers to town. another labor day tradition continues in milwaukee tomorrow. labor fest activities get under way at 11:00 a.m. with a parade beginning at the square followed by the free festival at summer fest from noon to five. this year's event features a classing car show, live music, and food. before the pool waters in west open it up for the doggy dip. all are invited to take a dip before it's drained for the season. that event is $5 and runs from 4:30 to 6:00. that might be the best day of the year for the furry friends. pure joy and it will be another great weather day for them. >> really.
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you thought august would be the dog days of summer. no, for those guys, tomorrow. september, a spectacular stretch we're right in the middle of. it may be some of the best labor day weekend weather we've had for a long, long time. 2 out of 3, friends, we're going to run the field with more nice weather on the way tomorrow. right now outside across southeastern wisconsin. quiet conditions. a few thin clouds up above. starlight, the dry conditions down below. the wea sunday night, dry days will persist. we may eke out two more before we get to wet weather. 80s again. and get ready to feel awfully sticky soon. thursday seems to be nasty sticky. one fly in the ointment for the nice weather. along the lake shore communities all the way from the door county peninsula south through just
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around here, the beach hazards include sheboygan and also zonke county shorelines, here's why. strong winds bring high wave action tomorrow. possible rip currents making for dangerous swimming, especially again along the lake shore in ozake and sheboygan county. police take caution if you're doing activities there. high temperatures across wisconsin today. up a fe 77 in west bend and waukeshaw. the official high occurred 1:40 in the afternoon. two measly degrees pof average. it's been spoiled this summer. that's not bad. outside right now, we dipped inland to the middle 60s. 66 right now in -- should say 65 right now in beaver dam. 71 in milwaukee. racine, 69 degrees. fine folks joining us in kenosha.
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60 but they're creeping up slowly. so that humidity level is not so oppressive as of yet. the winds switch around to a southerly direction. they're going to pick up steam as they go through the day tomorrow pumping up the heat and the humidity a you have to the west. still, at 10:00 at night, 79 degrees in wichita, kansas. 73 in k.c., 74 in omaha. sizzling and steaming awfully soon. precip way off to the west. high pressure anchored in place the southerly wind flow between the two systems. and that holds off across midweek. the future forecast indicates nothing to worry about tonight or tomorrow and tuesday may end up being dry as well. the storm team forecast for tonight. expect to see mainly clear to partly cloudy skies. going to be mild down to near 63. tomorrow, labor day, a nice one, mostly sunny, like today, thin clouds as well. breezy, warmer, more humid,
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there's near 90 on tuesday. very warm, very muggy on tuesday. showers and storms arrive tuesday night to thursday. they linger to thursday as the temperatures remain above 80 degrees through thursday. then behind that cold front, still we drop to the 70s. we may have to deal with wet weather right through friday. so, first half of the week looking good. second half, kind of wet. but, katie, we timed it out perfectly for the holiday weekend. still ahead on live at 10:00. a big change in a popular local business. why the building itself has though be picked up and moved. labor day, better than black friday. why you want to put shopping on the list of things to do
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>> a landmark bar and hills corner is moving. literally, the whole building is being picked up and moved. bosh's will be moving over 25 feet because of the widening of the nearby intersection. lit be closed for the next six to eight weeks, reopening sometime in october. many of us have the day off of work tomorrow. and while shopping may not be on your list of things to do, you may want to reconsider. that's because labor day means lots of deals. furnishing the new apartment, clark and christian started
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labor day weekend sales are going to save them big bucks. >> roughly 40% off a whole mattress set. we came in here. we got it cheaper than that. >> if you near the market, now's the time to buy a mattress. it's one of the only weekends of the world that tempurpedic goes on sale. other things? >> stores are offering the best deals of the year on appliances. if you need a refrigerator, a washer-drier, a microwave, this can is a great week to >> reporter: and the consumer reporter says now's the time to buy outdoor gear too. stores are clearing the shelves of camping equipment, grills, fire pits, outdoor furniture to make room for the christmas season. >> don't buy a big screen tv right now. you'll find much better deals in november as we get closer to black friday. >> you can get great deals on summer clothes, but hold off on clothes this weekend.
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>> this is not the best weekend to buy electronics because the new iphone doesn't go on sale for a couple of weeks. buy iphones after then when the old ones get marked down. >> reporter: steer clear of the toy aisle. stock up on them in december. if you know what you need, clark and christian found comparing it first is what saved them hundreds on a mattress. they hope this is just the beginning. >> we still and some sheets but i think we'll be set. >> you'll likely be able to find fall clothing deals. nothing like what you'll spot this season. up next in sports, how the packers' lineup is shaping after the final cuts yesterday.
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>> the brewers looking for the sweep against the pirates this afternoon in pittsburgh. in game three o chase anderson getting the start. he's looking for the eighth win of the season. the brewers get it going in the second inning. the solo shot to center. that gets over the wall. putting milwaukee up 1-0. the brewers are getting started. unfortunately for craig counsel. he would not be around for most of the game. he gets injected. in the third inning, took a run off of the board. as it turns out, the brewers need the run anyway. go ahead and take you to the sixth inning where the bases are loaded for johnson.
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for a grand slam home run for the road team. brewers up 5-0. check out the celebration coming up in the dugout with vr and his teammates. back to the grand slam. the brewers will go back-to-back in the ninth inning. chris carter with the three-run shot leading it to the left. and then, santana with again the second bomb of the game. the brewers pull off the sweep with a 10-0 win at pittsburgh. chase anderson gets the win. here's craig counsell on why he got >> i didn't agree with the call. i thought there was abinstruction there. i thought that play happens a lot. that the throw takes the runner -- the throw -- the fielder has the right to go to the ball. and the throw took the fielder in to the lane. you know? he wasn't standing there. the throw -- he was just trying to make a play on the ball. so it's to stop the play. you know, rewards the other
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beat lsu. the top 25 rankings this coming week. the badgers made a huge statement with the heavy favorite tigers at lambeau field. they got all of the points they needed from the kicker rafael gaglione who kickled three field goals in the win none bigger than the 27-yarder with under four minutes to go in the game. here's alease minniker who was there for all of the fun. >> quiet now but that wasn't the case after wisconsin beat fifth ranked lsu 16-14. 77,000 plus fans celebrating. but the lucky ones right here as they got to embrace those players who took the lam beau leap. >> i'm used to the stadium being green and gold.
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needed our fans today. they are as advertised. they were a great, great crowd today we rallied behind them. it was fun to play with them. >> it was fun. we wanted to take care of business on the field in the game. we got excited with the lambeau leap after the game. >> what is the atmosphere about? sometimes. those are the ones you want to win. you want win in your state. we went 0-2 starting off the games. happy to get the win and get back home. >> thank you, elise. didn't take josh to find a new football team. go ahead and get to that. josh send in a video?
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getting $21 million to play for the chicago bears. he now gets the chance to play the packers twice right here. the packers squad according to js on-line. wide receiver geronimo allison is back on the team on the practice squad. also inside linebacker, carl bradford. he finds the spot there. j.s. on-line reporting the packers have add bed running back ja relate presley to the active roster and released brandon birch. didn't take sam baird to find a new home either. the chiefs claimed him off of the waivers today. so baring ton gets a fresh new start in kansas city looking to
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kill in a tragic car crash in waukeshaw county. the tribute paid to sam fultz in the first game of the year. >> a terrific holiday weekend weatherwise so far. i think 2-2, we'll make it 3-23. and the crack of dawn tomorrow. who's going to be up at the crack of dawn? lots of sunshine. a little more humid. our timing is about perfect. >> not the end of summer. thanks for joining us at 10:00. stick around, coming back with
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