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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 600  NBC  September 9, 2016 5:59pm-6:30pm CDT

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nightly news," thanks for watching and good night. >> right now from milwaukee, this is today's today's tmj4 lit six. scott: new at six the growing heroin epidemic in southeast wisconsin. i am steve chamraz. i am courtny in the past few weeks there have been many deaths. we are on milwaukee's east side where a man witnessed an overdose on the bus and called for help. reporter: courtney that man told me he was riding the bus friday night when they picked up another man who was clearly struggling and then moments later he was fighting for his life. tom leaf is the man yelling.
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anything, he would have died. reporter: from the moment he was this man walk on to the bus, he anyhow something was wrong. >> he was crashing so hard, so fast you could just see it. reporter: the bus driver called security. when paramedics arrived leech says they had to use nar canto revive him. >> this is a benchmark here for the milwaukee county. reporter: over the past week 18 people have lost their suspected drug related deaths contributing to the 10% spike the medical examiner's office has seen throughout the year. >> the potency is increasing. reporter: the heroin epidemic stems back to a dozen years of prescription pain killer usening. people take opioids for a limit reason and then become addicted. some turn to heroin because it's cheaper and easier to find on the street. >> it starts off simple enough
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saved and taken to the hospital, leech wants those surg from addiction to realize how close it could have been. >> it happened to him. i mean, it happens everywhere. the milwaukee county transit system spokesperson told me this was a rare incident. if there an emergency were to occur, they always have security moments away. live on the milwaukee's east side, today's tmj4. the i-team learned milwaukee public schools is testing for lead contamination. you learned water fountains have been taken out of service? yeah, earlier this afternoon we learned ten of the 16 water fountains here at the school were broken and needed to be replaced. the district had no idea they weren't working till people started testing for lead contamination in the water. a concerned viewer contacted today's tmj4 after her daughter
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fountains were covered up and teachers reportedly told students not to drink the water because of lead. we were told all schools are being test forked lead as a precautionary measure, during the course of testing found several of the water fountains need to be replaced. parents we spoke with both on and off camera said they hadn't received any communications from the district about contam notified us. we could have made alternative things for our child like bottled water or soda for them to drink. >> i always bring water bottles. i don't like from the germs and don't trust water fountains in school. reporter: a spokesperson for the district did say in a statement late this afternoon, there's no federal or state requirement to test drinking water, reiterating testing is only being done to ease concerns.
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notified about lead testing. we were told all parents will be notified when the results become available. today's tmj4. the state will piece of paper a federal judge's order that overturned brendan dassey's conviction. he will remain in prison for the murder. for the murder. avery's lawyer tweeted this today in response... quote wisconsin's ag appealing brendan's decision just prolonging the injustice. let's talk about the weather now... a cold front is coming. >> it's fall, isn't it? chief meteorologist john malan, meet rologically speaking.
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showers and a couple of moderate thunderstorms moving to the east of that front. it's already generated a few isolated showers here to the north and south. as we go up close to the north one shower hanging on the the coastline around sheboygan right now. one moving offshore and this one near illinois could couple isolated showers for ken osha county in the look at our dewpoint jumped to 71. out to the west dry air ready to move in. for tomorrow morning shower and cool weather, 73 degrees and lots of sunshine and 73 on sunday. i will talk more about the rain coming in for tonight in just a few minutes. one man is in critical condition and another under arrest after a crash this
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struck a man driving a kia. the kia driver is in critical condition. no word yet on why police arrested the other driver. a 60-year-old milwaukee woman died after she was hit while walking in a cross-check. it happened before 7:30 this morning. this was at 27th and st. paul. the driver who hit her stayed at the scene. it's been eight days who met a motorcyclist in pleasant prairie. reporter: it's up on the pleasant prairie police facebook page. it's a photo of a minivan similar to the one witnesses say hit the motorcyclist on september 1. police say a red minivan like this one, possibly a dodge with tinted windows, took off after hith a motorcyclist at 80th and
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loud bang then rushed to help the victim. >> they saw the red red van stop on cooper for a period of time. reporter: minutes later the driver took off and hasn't been seen since. >> you are in trouble a no matter which way you go. reporter: mary ran outside with a blanket and warm heart to try to help the motorcyclist who was injured. more than a week he's still in serious condition. >> i stayed there for a while and he just kept grabbing my hand. there was a nurse there, too who lives down the street and just tried to keep him calm. reporter: now, police are asking homeowners in the area to look at personal surveillance they have from the morning of september 1 to see if it captured an image of the hit-and-run vehicle.
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responsibility to stay at the scene in the state of wisconsin. reporter: for anyone who wants to call in a tip, but maybe nervous about it, you can remain anonymous call the crimestoppers line. if the rain stays away construction workers plan to close a screech of the highway 41 to 45 south this time around. crews are headed north. sunday nights all lines are scheduled to be back open 5 a.m. monday morning. it's friday football frenzy time. >> we will have tonight's matchup the lasers against the waukesha north stars. reporter: hi, courtney and steve... i am in waukesha because everyone has been talking about waukesha north since last week.
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in the state... arrowhead. the last time thaw beat arrowhead was 1999. waukesha stays perfect so far this season, perfect in the conference. they face a classic opponent tonight in celt moraine. kettle mor rain trying to pick up their first win of the conference and waukesha north trying to ride that momentum from the waukesha shah north has out scored their opponents 112-40. offense and defense both doing their jobs. we will have a bunch of highlights for you tonight at 10 as well. >> do not look directly at the lasers, they are a eye hazered. reporter: i will not.
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>> the jacksonville jaguars host the packers sunday. kickoff is set for noon. still ahead, which company with an office in milwaukee just announced they will give 16 weeks for care giving.
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steve: new at succwith less than two months till the november election the airwaves are heating up with political campaign ads. courtny: one of the a top of political fact. reporter: it's a hotly contested race between ron johnson and democrat russ feingold. feingold has been hammering johnson in three different political ads about one thing in particular. >> here's the truth before senator johnson left, washington he paid himself $10 million. reporter: is that the truth?
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unquestioned. craft ron johnson admits he got it. it's been filed in reports. the question is what that $10 million represents. reporter: johnson says he got that money for a company he owned and ran for many years. the timing of the payout had critics questioning it. >> an industry publication took a look and said it's standard and not out of line with what someone with a company that size could expect to make. reporter: the politica that that payout waw improper in any way. >> we rated it half true. there's a $10 million payment, but it isn't a sweetheart deal as russ feingold is implying. reporter: the latest poll numbers show feingold with 48% of voters and johnson within 45%. that's well within the margin of error and puts the candidates in a dead heat. courtny: the politic fact team
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steve: still ahead why a local company's ceo holds a 9-11 ceremony at each of his plants every year. courtny: also ahead, finally
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we got married in june...
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he day to help you remember life's important days. every day a different six-inch sub for just $3.50 at subway? every day of the week. her name is teri... ...she was born on sweet onion chicken teriyaki day. courtny: welcome back. chopper four over the cleanup of a burger king restaurant. it burned back in may. investigators say that fire started when someone threw out a cigarette still burning. the total damage, almost $700,000. steve: one of the girls charged in the slender man stabbing case changed her plea today from not
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of mental disease. she and other girl are accused of attacks a classmate to try to please the fictional character slender man. federal investigators say james wheeler shot the store owner in the chest. that man lived. wheeler was sentence today 19 years behind bars. his coheart was sentenced to 12 and a half years in prison. courtny: a north prairie woman a and killing a man. the crash happened around 5 last night in the town of eagle. rebecca crossed into oncoming traffic and hit a motorcyclist head on. the driver died. sunday marks 15 years since the attacks on the world trade center and pentagon. steve: since then em co chemical districters held a memorial at its plants in wisconsin and
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>> 9-11 is an attempt to strip us from that freedom and i want to make sure that doesn't happen. this is my way trying to have everybody remember how important freedom is. steve: saning the star-spangled banner.... the university of wisconsin honors those killed in that 9-11 attacks with flags. these are lining bascome hill, 3,000 of the tradition began in 2006. different student organizations have joined the effort. courtny: the company deloitte announced it's giving employees 16 weeks paid leave for all care giving. a company spokesperson told the wall street the company realizes care giving is not just limit today new parents. today milwaukee tom barrett wrapping up his yearly challenge
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they finished the milestone at the park. mayor barrett says they easily logged more than required 100 miles. >> we walked with literally hundreds, if not thousands of people over the course of the summer. it was a wonderful way to see the city. courtny: mayor barrett started this challenge in 2014 and you can join him next year. you can hike with today's tmj4 staff. we called hike milwaukee. steve: it's sunday september 18th. it will be a fun urban nature hike along the milwaukee river. money raised will support the urban ecology center. sign up for the hike through our website: courtny: fog along the fraik front tonight. steve: what happens when cold air comes into contact with moist air? we turned to as of chief
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john: just about to show that on the downtown tower cam. thanks for steeling my thunder or fog. 94, very warm start to the week. we were hot all week for this time of the year, even 79 today, that trend of 70s will continue into the weekend and into next week. we will see highs in the 60s middle of next week. high temperatures 79 here and 80 in chicago, low 70snd is coming in for the weekend and next week and the dewpoints dropping into the 40s and 50s and even around 66 in twin cities. right now there's that tropical 71, which is generating the fog. there's my fog. do you see my fog? steve: chopper is cooler. john: chopper is cooler. 76 right now with our downtown tower cam. 71 is in dewpoint.
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that brings in the cooling effect of laying, michigan. temperatures 76, milwaukee 75. waukesha white water 75 fond du lac 75 and beaver dam at 70. our storm max radar showing a couple showers to the north and south. this area of northern, illinois is starting to sneak up into walworth county and ken osha county. you c the west. could see showers from this area coming in later tonight. here's a area of low pressure moving in your direction. it doesn't keep the front together and rain together and have scattered showers in the morning hours. high pressure moves in and clears us up for the rest of the upcoming weekend. maybe a thunder shower making it here. not much rain, 66 degrees
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clearing in the afternoon and 73 degrees and similar temperatures on sunday, but lots of clear skies, 73 on sunday with very dry air. your storm team 4 seven-day forecast... monday sunset breezy 77 degrees. could see an sleighed shower on tuesday and 72. look at that on wednesday and thursday autumn like with temperatures dropping into the upper 60s. cool, steve: can we agree in general everything shot from the helicopter looks cooler than something shot from the ground? john: yes. courtny: next in sports lance allan telling us why the...
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reporter: welcome back. the packers might be facing the best passing attack you never heard when they head to jacksonville this weekend. here's the voice of the packers wayne. >> you probably didn't realize this, but the packers are facing one of the nfl's most explosive passing games as they take on the jaguars in the nfl opener in jacksonville on sunday. last year the jacksonville offense sported two 4,000-yard receivers and 4,000-yard quarterback. robinson... 14 of those catches were touchdowns, tying for the league lead. his speed and leaping ability and two of the best hands in all of football make him an inviting target downfield. number 8, mike hurns is an accomplished target. the third receiver is number 11,
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a year ago quarterback blake bortles was second to tampa bay of new england with 35 touchdown passes. he has a great knack for the deep ball. but he has a bit of a wind up to his throwing motion that takes time to deliver giving the secondary a longer read and pass rush more time to get home. bortles has been sacked 106 times in the past two years. the strength of the parking's defense is their we will know right away because this quarterback and his group of receivers can stretch the field with the best of them. with the scouting report i am wayne. reporter: the badgers will try to ground akron as they threw for six touchdowns last week. >> akron is a great team. the quarterback through for 400 plus yards and a good amount of touchdowns, so we will have to prepare hard this week.
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steve: next on the now milwaukee, a legacy of milwaukee is coming to an end. european sausage shop is closing his doors. the owner tells us why he's ending a delicious institution. courtny: a lot of people sad for that one.
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