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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at Daybreak Early Edition II  NBC  September 13, 2016 5:30am-6:00am CDT

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plus...oak leaf expansion: when you'll have a chance-- to weigh in on whether milwaukee county's popular trail-- should get you ?more places. and you're looking live and you're and you're looking live at storm team 4 max radar this morning. meteorologist jesse ritka is tracking some morning storms. when you'll need your umbrella-- and when a second round of rain moves you're watching live at daybreak on today's tmj4. i'm susan kim.vitrano. let's start with a check of weather and traffic together... a line of showers and storms will sweep through southeastern wisconsin early this morning, adding more moisture to the air so it will
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has lately. a midday break from the rain is anticipated with partly to mostly cloudy skies and a high of 77 degrees in milwaukee. incident freehere in county but other counties to the north and west of us getting we roads no complaints as you head out the doorspeeds are at or above posted overnight
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the mitchell interchange 894 to 43 northbound ramp shuts down completely from 10 until 5 am we're staying on top of breaking news this morning on milwaukee's northwest side. the search is on-- for a shooting suspect.ann sterling is near fond du lac and custer -- police are calling that area a hot zone...ann? milwaukee police are looking for a shooting suspect near fond du lac and custer on the northwest side. we're told the suspect shot a man from an
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victim in the bicep. police say the have depression and mental issues. if you live in the area, you're asked to stay away from the area. an investigation is underway this morning after a gas leak at an apartment building in west allis. the entire second and third floors were evacuated late last night. firefighters say the leak was isolated to one apartment. one person was taken to the
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the president of an animal rescue group in racine, now charged with animal neglect. 33 year old heather jensen and 64 year old terry bogard are charged with 26 counts of mistreating animals. they face more than 9 years in jail if found guilty. authorities took 26 dogs from their home on harmony drive. in the criminal complaint the officer says feces or dirt was on the wall, a thick coat of dog fur on the floor and says the home smelled like urine. he says he saw small cages with and no water in sight. lucky mutts rescue, the group jensen worked for, didn't respond to our request for comment. their facebook page says jensen has been removed from her position as president. deputies in milwaukee are looking for the person who shot a two month old during an apparent act of road rage. pictures show a single bullet hole.a bullet went through a prius on sunday while it was on-43 near capitol. the
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seat, grazing the baby. the child was taken to children's hospital and is expected to be okay. milwaukee police also asking for your help this morning in catching an alleged sexual predator. take a look at look at this picture.... police say this man sexually assaulted a 19- year- old woman at gun point near 62nd and kaul about two weeks ago. anyone with information should call milwaukee wisconsin's first ever neighborhood job center access point is opening up here in milwaukee this mng mobile center is part of governor walker's 4 point 5 million dollar plan to strengthen and rebuild milwaukee after violence erupted in the sherman park neighborhood last month.the center will provide people with access to job openings... help with resumes... and help applicants develop the skills needed to enter the you have the chance to wiegh in on whether or not to extend the oak leaf trail. milwaukee county will host a public information meeting tonight about the proposal. that
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of franklin commecial center and the planned franklin/muske go bike trail systems.the meeting will be held at the root river parkway picnic shelter number two at 4-30. coming up-- recovering. what hillary clinton is now saying about her bout with pneumonia. plus why state democrats are asking the u-s senate ethics committee to investigate senator ron johnson. more live at daybreak-- on today's tmj4 is next. [ grinding metal ] whoa, that doesn't look good. no, not you. ordinary fuels can clog your engine with dirt. it's like lugging this around- it's dragging down your fuel economy.
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a midday break from the rain is anticipated with partly to mostly cloudy skies and a high of 77 degrees in milwaukee. a cold front will move through later this afternoon and into the showers and storms, leaving behind a tenth to a third of an inch of rain behind, with higher amounts in
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decision 2016. for the first time hillary clinton is speaking about her bout with pneumonia clinton's health is back in the spotlight after having to leave a 9- her having trouble keeping her balance. clinton says while she is working to get better.... the amount of criticism she's getting about her health is unfair. i've already released information about my health in this campaign, as well as nearly 40 years of tax returns. we've already met a high standard of transparency and we know the least about donald trump of any candidate
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clinton says her doctor told her to rest. she said she will return to the campaign trail in the next couple of days. donald trump is using clinton's time off to attack her recent statements about his supporters. he denounced clinton's remark that half of his supporters belonged in "a basket of deplorables." the republican nominee also said clinton's comments disqualify her from the presidency and called on her to apologize. donald trump: while opponent slanders you as deplorable and irredeemable, i call you hard-working american patriots who love your country and want a better future for all our people it's true!during trump's speech in canorth rolina two protesters got into a fight with a trump supporter... they were quickly removed from the venue. state democrats are asking the u-s senate ethics committee to investigate whether senator
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rules and federal law during the 20-10 election.johnson received a 10 million dollar deferred compensation package from his business before joining the senate.he spent 9 million dollars of his own money to fund the race against then senator russ feingold. a spokesman for the tomah v-a said the medical center would provide answers to senator johnson by today -- in the apparent suicide of a u-s army veteran.the body of brian rossell was found last week in wausau.his mother said he tomah v-a but was turned away. coming up on live at daybreak on today's tmj4: controversial bathroom law. the latest organization to pull its business from north carolina. then self driving shopping carts. what walmart is proposing that will allow customers to control their
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warning. this commercial contains brief moments of product nudity. stripped of chocolate. its peanuts exposed around a soft caramel center. a payday bar will get you through your day. expose yourself to payday. north carolina continues to feel the effects of its controversial "bathroom law". the latest group to yank its business from the state -- the championship sporting events will be pulled from the state this academic year due to the law -- which critics say is discriminatory toward the transgender community.
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they were testing out a protective vest.the 24-year- old man is charged with manslaughter with a weapon... among other charges. witnesses say the two were wondering if a flak jacket could stop a bullet. however... flak jackets are designed to stop fragments from explosive weapons... like grenades... but not bullets. investigators get a break in the case of a suspicous fire at a mosque central florida. orlando nightclub shooter omar mateen, once attended that mosque. security camera footage is investigators a crucial clue in the case... you can see a man running from the islamic center of fort pierce... giving investigators a first look at a suspect. investigators know the fire was deliberately set... but do not yet know one was injured in the fire. lava lake is visible atop hawaii's kilauea volcano. experts say the lake has come into view and a burst of seismic activity has shaken the summit in recent's the first time the lava lake
5:47 am least one earthquake was felt along with other smaller events.kilauea is one of the world's most active volcanoes. tatiana and brian have another look at your weather and traffic together... a cold front will move through later this afternoon and into the more showers and storms, leaving behind a tenth to a third of an inch of rain behind, with higher amounts in thunderstorms.with the added moisture there is the chance for some patchy fog to form by wednesday morning when any lingering shower will exit.
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the cold front on wednesday but even the eventual sunshine won't help warm us up too much, highs will be stuck in the 60s with a brisk ne wind at 5-15mph. more sunshine is anticipated for thursday and that will warm inland locations up into the low 70s, however a se wind will keep temps in the upper 60s along lake michigan.another storm system rolls in on friday, increasing the clouds and bringing rain and storms by the hours so prepare for some wet football games but temperatures will be in the low 70s. a few showers will linger on saturday, especially during the morning hours but there will be some dry time with partly cloudy skies and
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the retail giant walmart is planning to roll out a system allowing shopping carts to drive themselves.the carts will be equipped with detachable motors that have sensors and video cameras. customers will be able to control with just their smartphone. no word yet on when or where walmart intends to start using the system. there's hope for the teen clothing store aeropostale. a judge approved a bankruptcy deal allowing aeropostale to keep about 230 stores open. general growth ... agreed to keep those stores open as part of a 234-million dollar bid for the company.aeropostale filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy back in may.the retailer plans to continue running "closing sales" at all of its stores, even though some of them will remain open. trending today: drama on the set of abc's "dancing with the stars" . olympic swimmer ryan lochte and his partner cheryl burke... had just performed their dance when protesters
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cell phone video shows the moments immediately following the incident... where two people were on the ground and apprehended by security...and four women were escorted away from their seats.lochte recently came under fire for making up a story about being robbed in rio. one of beyonce's back up dancers literally put a ring on it during her concert in missouri. beyonce handed over her microphone to her fiance so he could propose during the show. naturally, the proposal took place during a performance of "single ladies." the bride-to-be tweeted about the epic proposal with the hashtags:"he liked it so he put a ring on it," followed up
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daybreak on today's tmj4: going hollywood. the american astronaut that will soon have a movie deal. also big numbers. how the television show "harley and the davidsons" did on the
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is there a baby in your tummy? my dad says your house looks ugly. you're my third best friend. kids don't know how to act fake. you're losing your hair.
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scott kelly spent nearly a year on the international space station... now he's headed to hollywood! sony pictures has bought the movie rights to kelly's upcoming book, "endurance: my year in space." the book and the film, will follow kelly from struggling student to navy test pilot to his friendly rivalry with his twin brother
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astronauts. the television show about how harley-davidson on the discovery channel was the most- watched single network cable miniseries in three and a half years. the series called "harley and the davidsons" first aired last week. discovery said it was its most watched series ever excluding documentaries. much more is six-- on live at daybreak. including... high honors. where alverno college ranked in the u-s news and world report and how many times the college has been recognized for the honor. also... rise in home sales. the number of houses sold in august in four wisconsin counties and the two counties that had solid
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a good line of thunderstorms rolling through this morning but this isn't the only round we'll see today. i'll time out the next batch of rain in the
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now at six-- new information-- about the search for a shooting suspect on northwest side. ?just learned from police and why blocks-- will soon. then -- one of the only places you don't have to pay for parking in milwaukee... could soon start charging.where you can go to voice your opinion about paying for lakefront parking. and taking a live look
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welcome to live at daybreak. it's i'm bridget shanahan, in this morning for vince.and - i'm susan kim.we want to start with a check of your weather and traffic meteorologist jesse ritka. a line of showers and storms will sweep through southeastern wisconsin early this morning, adding more moisture to the air so it will feel has lately. a midday break from the rain is anticipated with partly to mostly cloudy skies and a high of 77 degrees


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