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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at Daybreak Early Edition I  NBC  September 15, 2016 5:00am-5:30am CDT

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police van. the officer's quick thinking actions that likely saved his life. let's take a live look outside this morning... welcome to live at daybreak on today's tmj4. i'm vince vitrano.and i'm susan kim. let's get a check of your weather and traffic together... it has been a beautiful stretch of weather, and it morning lows in the 50s, today will warm up nicely under a lot of sunshine with highs in the mid 70s, and a light se breeze. clouds and a little bit of humidity creep back into the area overnight with
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quiet dry roads this morning incident free speeds are at or above posted starting at 9:30 tonight until 5:30 94 w lane closures from 76th to highway 100from 11 till 4:30 94 w at 84th is a full closure breaking right officer training in the field -- barely escapes with his
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his police van in mount pleasant.take a look we just got these pictures into our newsroom.looks like the door was almost taken off. the officer was on call near 16th street near green bay road at about 10:30.that's when the officer spotted a car behind him speeding up towards the driver's side of the van and lept back inside. the car careened into the driver's side door that was still open and sped off. police are now looking for the driver and the car that hit the police van -- it's desc sedan -- that will likely have extensive damage on one side. it happened so fast the officer wasn't able to get the license plate. several major road projects around the state - including the zoo interchange reconstruction - could be delayed in the next the d-o-t is submitting its formal request for funding to the governor today. pete zervakis is live with what that could mean for millions of drivers. the state is facing an almost 1-billion dollar shortfall in
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the next couple of years. that's according to the legislative fiscal bureau. in an effort to close the gap... governor scott walker's department of transportation is proposing cutting spending by delaying several major highway projects around wisconsin. some of the work on the zoo interchange project - expected to wrap up in 2020 - would be pushed back to 2022. there would also be no new funding towards rebuilding the stretch of i-94 south of milwaukee. the d-o-t's proposal ... which it will formally hand over to the governor today... also calls for a cut in borrowing. the current budget authorized 850 million in borrowed money... this proposal calls for half a million. the governor's office says the d-o-t's plan plugs the expected shortfall without raising taxes or fees -- or adding new ones. it also provides about 70 million more for maintenance... and 65 million for local governments to spend on transportation the governor will make several
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the proposal today... including one this morning in edgerton. he'll use the d-o-t plan to craft his overall, state budget proposal for the next couple of years... which will be turned over to the state in february. a milwaukee man is facing charges this morning after trying to escape deputies during a traffic stop. it happened tuesday morning on i- 94 near kenosha. a deputy with the racine county sheriffs year-old man -- but he sped off -- eventually crashing near the county k-r exit. a witness said he saw the car fly by at about 100 miles per hour -- before crashing into 2:17 it just happened so quick it was one of those situations where obviously the police have to make quick decisions and they contained it quickly they did a great job you just get out of the way and let them do professionals 2:28the driver was injured in the crash and
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warrant as well as additional charges for fleeing. if you need a new passport photo and live in milwaukee county... here's your chance to get it for recognition of "passport day in the u-s-a" the county clerk's office is giving residents who submit a ?new? passport application free photos from 8-30 a.m. to 3-30 p.m.those ?renewing? their passports can download a coupon for a dollar off from the county clerk's website. a milwaukee neighborhood vi looking for 60 new trainees to join.the northcott neighborhood house program is repairing or demolishing vacant homes out of the sherman park the same time, young men and women are getting skilled training... learning trades from from electricians, plumbers and construction crews. happening today: more help for itt tech student-- struggling to finish their degrees. waukesha county technical college-- is offering an informational session for students-- hoping their
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at pewaukee campus. itt tech abruptly shut down earlier this month... leaving 40- thousand plus students across the country-- without many options. and this isn't the first ?tech college in our area to help itt tech students. earlier this week, m-a-t-c's oak creek campus held an info session for students trying to finish their degrees. the u-s department of education says itt tech had been the subject of several state and federal investigatio attended the school are now on the hook for thousands of dollars in student loans. missing your wedding ring?it may be sitting in a grocery store's lost and found. the sentry in delafield had a wedding ring turned into it's customer service counter five months ago. it was found in the parking lot back in april. now the store is going public with the ring hoping someone
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back to them15:54:20 i am hoping someone will come forward when they've seen this ring and will be very excited and we'll be so excited to hand it back to them." :26 there is an engravement on the ring. the grocery store is asking people what it says to help identify the real owner. coming up on live at daybreak on today's tmj4... father charged: why a wisconsin dad was that got him into trouble with his daughter's school. and up next... swerving school bus: the close call for dozens of students on their way to school and why the bus driver
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it has been a beautiful stretch of weather, and it will continue for today. after morning lows in the 50s, today will warm up nicely under a lot of sunshine with highs in the mid 70s, and a light se breeze. clouds and a little bit of humidity creep back into the area overnight with lows near 60.
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a random lake man is charged with making a threat against his daughter's school after a teacher disciplined the girl for a dress code violation. complaint jesse culp told the district's superintendent monday he was going to - -quote-- "light this place up" the district increased security precautions and an alert was sent to parents. culp's wife told sheriff's deputies he's a military veteran with p-t-s-d. more than 30 students were sent to the hospital after a driver slammed into the back of a school bus near lacrosse. the monroe county sheriff's office says the bus was stopped with lights flashing, loading children this morning
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18-year-old driver of the car is expected to one else was seriously hurt. a wisconsin school bus driver is accused of driving under the influence.he was arrested yesterday morning in the town of verona.. that's near madison.concerned drivers called 9-1-1 reporting the bus veering all over the road and crossing the center line, nearly crashing into in oncoming car.the bus driver faces an enhanced charge because a 10-year-old child still ahead this morning: games pulled. why ?north carolina is losing ?a college football championship match up-- in breaking right now: heavy rain-- and damaging winds pounding parts of the u-s. we'll tell you if the severe weather-- is causing any problems for travelers-- heading out to the east coast
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the suspects in the murder of n-b-a star and former marquette stand-out dwyane wade's cousin are to appear in court today.22-year old derren sorrells and his brother 26-year old darwin sorrells junior are charged with first-degree murder for the shooting death of nykea aldridge.the 32-year old mother was killed by a stray bullet in chicago last month while walking to register her school. the climate and marine life are among the topics of discussion today as secretary of state john kerry hosts the third annual "our ocean" conference.those slated to speak include environmentalist and academy award winning actor leonardo dicaprio and president obama. some of the things being talked about include marine pollution... and climate-related impacts on the ocean. police now have a suspect in custody in the florida mosque arson case. police believe the man seen here setting the
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year-old joseph schreiber.he faces first-degree felony charges.that incident is bringing attention to a string of other anti-muslim attacks across the country.a muslim advocacy group says 20-16 is on record to be the second- worst year when it comes to attacks on mosques. 20-15 was the worst. the atlantic coast conference... is taking the n-c double a's lead... and moving all of it's a-c-c championship games out of north carolina. it's because of the transgender people to use restrooms at schools and government buildings corresponding to the gender on their birth certificates.the a-c-c was scheduled to hold 14 of it's 21 championship events in north carolina. an arizona mom is crediting these two officers with helping her deliver a healthy baby boy.the two officers spotted a man yelling for help on the side of the road... shouting that his wife was in labor. the officers called
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to step in and deliver the child. and get of the officers had only been on the job for 12 weeks . breaking right now...a tropical storm and a typhoon both causing damage on land -- we'll start up here typhoon meranti is now on shore in china.meteorologists saying this is the strongest storm to hit china this year. no reports of injuries in china yet -- but windows are shattered, streets are deserted and there is widespread flooding.the storm hit taiwan yesterday -- er without power, one person was killed there and 44 are hurt. back here at home tropical storm julia -- is now tropical depression julia -- it's hitting south carolina and georgia right now. this storm is sparking flash floods along the coast. hundreds are without power there and up to six inches of rain is expected in some spots. that could effect some flights in the southeast -- but so far no delays or cancellations at mitchell international. meteorologist brian gotter is in the weather center, watching julia right now,
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stretch of weather, and it will continue for today. after morning lows in the 50s, today will warm up nicely under a lot of sunshine with highs in the mid 70s, and a light se breeze. clouds and a little bit of humidity creep back into the area overnight with lows near 60.friday is mostly cloudy and humid with highs in the mid 70s once again, but showers and t'showers become likely in the afternoon and evening with lows in the off overnight, and saturday morning is in the mid 60s will some humidity. by afternoon, we get to enjoy a lot of sunshine and highs near 80 with a sw breeze at 10-15 mph. sunday is sunny and a little cooler and less humid with
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the national football league is launching an initiative aimed at preventing, diagnosing and treating play safe initiative' involves the hiring of a physician to serve as the n-f-l's chief medical addition, the league and its owners will provide 100 million dollars to support engineering advancement and medical research.the n-f-l has long been under fire by critics who allege the league has done little to protect players from head injuries. long daytime naps may make you feel more rested ... but they may also be linked to diabetes.japanese researchers
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a 45-percent higher risk of type two diabetes compared with non-nappers.experts didn't offer a reason for the connection... and caution these findings do not mean napping causes diabetes. if you have trouble with math... it could be because of you an abnormality in the brain. researchers say the problem is in procedual memory -- which is linked to automatic tasks - like walking, talking and riding a bike.procedual memory issues have also been linked developmental disorders - like dyslexia and language problems. check this out.... caught on police body cam ...witnesses joined officers in north carolina to rescue a man trapped in his truck after a head-on collision.the man was pinned inside of his truck. the truck was wedged under that bus. you can see the smoke and fire billowing out
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plus... and...rule change for same sex couples in wisconsin-- starting a family. the change-- coming to one very important document... next. you're watching live at daybreak on today's tmj4. i'm susan kim.and i'm vince vitrano. let's start with a check of weather and traffic together... it has been a beautiful stretch of weather, and it will continue for today. after morning lows in the 50s, today will warm up nicely under a lot of sunshine with highs in the mid 70s, and a light se


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