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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 600  NBC  September 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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the worst from dane county into southwestern jefferson county. now notice the gradual diminishment. there is a secondary are line to the northwest. i expect that to be mundane, strong winds at worst. the metro area, the heaviest downpours and the lightning have skirted out over lake michigan, still downpours to the south of downtown, there was a little bit of very tiny small hail across southern milwaukee here's a live look at the storm rolls out over lake michigan, as we look to the northwest, breaks in the clouds and brightening in the sky. the weather word, still stormy, we have an unsettled pattern. it be doesn't look as strong as earlier. the rain-cooled air, look how far temperatures have dropped. 64 in waukesha, ahead of a cool
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expect a chance of scattered showers and storms to 11:00, and clearing conditions taking place leading to a great day tomorrow. we'll talk about that in a few minutes. >> charles: scott, thanks. >> shannon: two milwaukee police officers rear-ended by a suspected drunk driver. >> charles: the officers knew who was behind the wheel. >> shannon: she's 48 years old, police force. >> charles: julia fello is live with more. >> reporter: she would tell me off-camera she's embarrassed, and to talk to a lawyer over what happened here. i'm still working to find out who her lawyer is. we've learned one of her fellow officers was taken to the hospital because of this crash. 48-year-old officer was off duty
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driving. she is a field training officer at district 4. two of her fellow officers were waiting at 4:00 saturday afternoon when they were suddenly plowed from behind. they discovered it was one of their own who hit them. one of the officers in the squad car had to be taken to the hospital. we're told the 45-year-old victim had treatment of a minor injury. and the squad had moderate rear-end damage. with no surveillance video in this area, we are waiting for milwaukee police to gt damage. and also, what was her blood/alcohol level. milwaukee police would confirm with us today, the officer has been suspended from mpd. >> i also asked mpd if she may be cited specifically for the crash, as well. i'm still waiting to hear back from them. charles and shannon. >> shannon: thank you. more news now. new york's mayor said saturday night's bombing in new york and new jersey were acts of
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arrested him. there has been no known link to isis or terrorist groups. >> one explosion went off near a charity group. what's being done to protect us in milwaukee. rikki mitchell is live with more on the preventive measures taken. >> reporter: we reached out to local authorities, including the sci, who urges vigilance in the milwaukee area following these attacks. we also spoke to a wisconsin native who has dedicated her terrorists think, she has personally spoken to five terrorists. >> reporter: injuring dozens of americans, authorities have not confirmed a link to terrorist groups, she is already suspicious. >> my reaction, was just isis...because they try to get, you know, a succession of attacks. >> she spent the last 20 years interviewing terrorists. in the past year, she's focussed
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interviews on her non profits web site. >> these videos are...saying this group is is not islamic. i've been on the inside, they're rigged, they cover things up. >> she said isis is internet savvy and recruits heavily online. we wants to flood the internet with counter messages. >> they look at our vulnerabilities, what are you angry that rage back to the west >> it's terrifying, and it's a reason that we really need to be cohesive in our communities and reach out to other muslims, because most muslims don't believe these lies, it's not part of their religion, isis is an extreme, extreme hijacking of islam. we need to reach out to them and say how can you make your kid feel included, how can i help
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of this. >> reporter: and the fbi released this statement today saying as part of the continuous dialogue with our law enforcement partners, the fbi routinely shares information about potential threats to better enable law enforcement to protect the communities we serve, we urge the public to remain vigilant and sport suspicious activity to law enforcement. shannon, charles? >> an all lives matter started at milwaukee city hall. this is a live look from inside. community members to submit questions to ask a diverse panel of local leaders who are there tonight. the goal of this discussion is to work together for a better city. this comes about a month after violence in sherman park, and many concerns over race relations in milwaukee. you still have time to go out there and be a part of this discussion going on at city hall until about 8:00 tonight. decision 2016 now, early voting for the november election
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rapids. voters can cast their ballots until november 4th in milwaukee. early interlochen. absentee voting will start september 26. a public policy form report finds that milwaukee's financial outlook is healthier than its last report in 2009. but there's still a lot of work to be done. the form suggests that the city needs to lower its reliance on property related revenue and find inflation rate. packers extra now. >> yeah, the green and gold need to do improving. it is terrible. >> shannon: it was bad all around. rod burks joins us to save us all. >> reporter: it is early in the season. the packers understand they have to get better on offense. last night that unit struggled again in their loss to the
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saw jordy nelson. aaron rodgers didn't get into a groove with receivers and the running game couldn't catch system. lacey ended up with 50 yards on 12 carries. protection was also a problem. last night rodgers was sacked five times by that impressive vikings defense. here's mike mccarthy on his struggling offense. >> two games, you know, our rhythm in the passing game was not what we would have liked it to have been. that always starts with me, anythingh offense. we'll go back and we'll look at it. we got two weeks of live action. so, evaluate, and move forward. we will improve. >> the offense has work to do before they play the lions this sunday at lambeau field. coming up in sports, we'll take a closer look at tray waynes who had that big interception last night. >> i wasn't thinking dismal, i was thinking depressing. >> shannon: nonetheless, going to get better. hosting the detroit lions sunday
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and you can listen to the game on 620wtmj. >> still ahead on live at 6:00, why a local family asks for a lesser sentence for the man who killed their brother. >> shannon: storm clouds in port washington. scott steele will be back to tell us when we will see the skies clear again. >> charles: first, take a look at this picture of a double
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emotionalal day in court, as the family of a man who was hit and killed asked the court to lessen the sentence for the man who hit him. >> adam spend the next ten years building memories with his family would make my brother happen. if at all possible, i would like the court to consider lessening adam's sentence. >> in august of last year, he hit and killed a man from germantown. he was neuhaus hit him and took off. the judge sentenced him to 30 months in prison and gave him 60 months of probation. >> greendale police are asking police to report suspicious activity, it is important to tell police if you notice anything unusual. officers say watching out for one another helps build stronger and safer neighborhoods. marquette university police
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students, faculty and staff. the first started earlier tonight. but, you can still make the next two, tuesday, october 25th at 5:00 p.m. and thursday, november 17th also at 5:00. classes are in the alumni memorial union. >> up next, details on a plane crash in door county that killed two people. >> shannon: let's take a live look at the skies over mitchell international. look at mother nature playing it russ feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. narrator: listen to ron johnson on social security: nzi scheme. narrator: as senator, johnson's been working to turn it into one. he wants to privatize social security putting benefits at risk. and he attacks medicare -- would turn it into a voucher program, costing seniors thousands out-of-pocket. don't let ron johnson turn social security into a johnson: ponzi scheme. narrator: senator johnson. not for seniors.
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. more news now, door county authorities are investigating a plane crash that killed two people. >> shannon: a flight instructor was taking a student back to green bay when the plane went down in peninsula state >> our sister station in green bay reports. >> we can see behind me the highland road entrance to peninsula state park is still closed. as the federal aviation administration investigates this crash inside the state park. the door county sheriff office said 16-year-old olivia dahl was a flying enthusiast taking lessons. someone called 9-1-1 just after 8:30 last night to report hearing a small plane crash
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peninsula state park. a person on the bike trail in the park found the wreckage and told search crews. >> the witness had located the crash scene, and were able to find a fire in the woods. and the fire departments responded and extinguished the flames. >> investigators are still figuring out what caused the crash. the sheriff's office believes the plane was making its approach to the airport when something went wrong. >> the district tells me will put out a press release tomorrow with more information. reporting in door county. >> thank you. basketball star is back in wisconsin after spending the weekend in north dakota. koenig and his brother went in support of the protest of a pipeline that would go through tribal land. >> just meeting all these young kids, young native kids and seeing the look on their faces, it just brings joy to my life,
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theirs. >> the pipeline will stretch from north dakota to illinois. the standing rock tribe said the project will destroy some of its prayer and burial sites. >> we want to say thank you to all who came out and hiked milwaukee yesterday. the urban hike benefitted the urban ecology center. with help from an anonymous donor, the event raised $46,000. there were more than 400 people who participated. today's tmj4 was one of the proud hike. >> charles: a great day for that. kind of a rocky day today. got the all-clear scott steele, now. >> scott: the all-clear from any watches or warnings, great news, it came into the studio, and you heard me breathe a big sigh of relief. our friends at the national weather service dropping the watch. here's why on "storm team 4" max radar, the most intense line of storms, and they were intense, with an abundance of lightning and huge hail, which i'll show
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moment, there's been diminishment associated with that. there's a secondary line as this cold front tracks, this line not nearly as strong as earlier, as it continues to track basically from west to east, we'll have to keep an eye on that. again, i don't expect anything like what we saw earlier today. in milwaukee county, from cudahy, last rain drops before they exit out over lake michigan, up to the north, though, the secondary line starting to p i fond du lac county, and in fact right from oakfield to just south of forest, extending south toward dodge county, and also into northwestern washington county, starting to see some more rainshowers, but, nothing nearly as heavy as we saw earlier, some hail across parts of our viewing area in southwestern jefferson county. but, the worst of it was actually in dane county. madison, the state capitol, this picture sent in from john.
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hand, golf ball sized hail falling for a brief period this afternoon in madison. meantime, a turbulent sky out there, from our waukesha county tower cam, as we look to the north northwest, we're seeing the southern end of the storms that we just saw on radar affecting fond du lac and dodge county. and then in port washington, more of those cumulus clouds, a turbulent atmosphere, as the storm system continues traversing southeastern wisconsin. so, in your weather we do still have rumbles rolling on through, it's going to turn into a terrific tuesday, though, as we clear out overnight tonight. and then get ready for a slow slide in our temperatures toward the end of the week. outside now, a dramatic slide in our temperatures from the 80s, very quickly, in the rain-cooled air to the 60s, 65 beaver dam. 64 west bend and waukesha, 71 in milwaukee. let's widen out the view, show you the view from space, and even heavier stuff, blowing up
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illinois. again, southern end of the line of showers and storms associated with this cold front, which is pushing through our area right now. this is a very thin narrow line affecting us this evening, behind it, look at that, for hundreds of miles, clear skies, so quick clearing overnight is what we can expect. future forecast indicates that once we get rid of this rain, it's going to be rapidly improving, particularly, i think, after around 10:00 tonight. during the overnight hours, and into tomorrow, expect plenty of tonight, showers and storms out there, anything strong should rapidly be diminishing, decreasing clouds overnight. down to 58. tomorrow, maybe the best day of the next 7. sunny and warm with temperatures back up to near 78. here comes the "storm team 4" 7-day forecast, more showers and storms roll in late wednesday, and continue with that next storm system to affect us thursday, into friday, and on
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scattered rain potential on the weekend, as well. so, as i say, enjoy tomorrow, because it may be the best of the next week. >> all right. thanks. >> you bet. >> charles: next in sports, rod burks shows us how a former local star saved the game for the vikings. >> shannon: yeah, yeah, here's
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>> trae waynes came up with a saving play to help the vikings beat the packers. of here's lance allan on a local guy that came up big sunday night. >> call it redemption for trae waynes, he had two passing interference penalties and a hold in the third quarter alone, in the fourth quarter, the vikings cornerback comes up huge, picking off a pass from aaron rodgers with 1:50 left that won the vikings the game. >> this is a great feeling.
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with this win. >> it obviously wasn't your night the entire night, but you had the final stay at the end. >> it's football, there's going to be up and downs. you got to keep your head up and keep fighting. >> pressure, which we didn't see it, so i feel like free on the right side and stepped up, and tried to anticipate when he was -- the angle he was coming out, and unfortunately, left it too far inside. >> the interception, along with ur packers, ball security is a big deal, mike mccarthy will be harping on that all week. at u.s. bank stadium in minneapolis, lance allan, today's tmj4. a torn meniscus after he got hurt in the third quarter, and the packers loss to the vikings. the defense did a great job holding him to 19 yards on 12
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the badgers travel to east lansing to state on the michigan state spartans. the badgers lead wisconsin to three scoring drives. giannis antetokounmpo agreed to a contract extension with the milwaukee bucks. according to js online, he gets a deal worth $100 million. 16 points and 7 rebounds last season from milwaukee. the first player in franchise history to record five doubles in one season. a press conference is set for tomorrow afternoon. the brewers are off today. they will open the series against the pirates tomorrow
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>> charles: steve is up next with the now: milwaukee. >> thank you charles and shannon. the terror attacks have a lot of people on alert. thanks to a first of its kind text message, people were warned very quickly.
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milwaukee. so stick around. >> all right, steve, thanks. a final look at the numbers. >> scott: thank goodness, there are no watches or warnings in effect for our viewing area. a secondary line of showers developing in the northern end extending to northwest wisconsin. good news, once we're past that, things should clear out quickly overnight tonight. great day tomorrow. >> shannon: you know what's
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good evening, i'm steve chamraz, welcome to the now milwaukee... late summer storms right in the middle of the evening commute! we've seen severe storm watches and


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