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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 600  NBC  September 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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wisconsin. >> ben jordan live in waukesha with the latest on what the visit will mean for the november election. >> yeah, charles, this wednesday, around 2,000 people are expected to pack the expo center here in waukesha to see donald trump in person. now, republicans in town tell me they're still in need of some convincing. with 45 days to the general election, signs of support hang in waukesha neighborhoods, and campaign stop is on the minds of many in this conservative-leaning county. >> it is going to be one of the two. >> it is unfortunate that we can't kick him out completely. but, unfortunately, that's not really part of the democratic process. >> according to the most recent marquette poll, the race is tightening in wisconsin. the numbers show clinton with a 2-point lead, within the margin
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the door >> waukesha county was all about ted cruz winning the primary. every since the waukesha republican party has seen a shift in support for trump. >> he hasn't been in politics. so, it's hard to judge him politically. >> trump's visit to waukesha will be his third stop in wisconsin since he won the republican party nomination. compared to zero so far from clinton since her nomination. >> still come here -- >> democratic chair trendal says it's unlikely for clinton to end up on top in ultra red waukes, but they have their sights set on at least a third of the voters. >> they need 70% of the vote to overcome what we get in milwaukee. dane, lacrosse, superior. >> reporter: and this stop will follow the first presidential debate on monday. the doors open here on wednesday at 3:00. for more information on how to get tickets, just find this story on
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today's tmj4. >> carole: today, ted cruz endorsed donald trump. thank you very much, ben. this week she made a pitch to millennials by appearing on the popular talk show, "between two ferns." she is not the first to mix political satire with politics. >> i'm not down with tpp. >> millions watched this comedy university strategic communication professor nathan...why would she do it? he says think millennials. >> doing something like this that is likely to go viral and appear in a lot of people's social media feeds, especially younger voters. >> the comedy clip brings up controversial issues like racism and sexism that may not be funny on the campaign trail, but can sometimes work in a comedy setting.
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it is ambiguous by its nature. >> candidates on comedy shows is not a new phenomenon. richard nixon did a rowan and martin's laugh-in. >> sock it to me? >> candidate bill clinton played the saxophone on arsenio hall in 1992. ?? >> don't forget jimmy fallon, famous hair. the video went viral. >> that was a moment where he showed a sense of humor, ability to, you know, be personable, and, you know -- >> not take himself too seriously. >> exactly. >> and he says he tells his marquette students it's not just the event itself that gets attention, it's often the media that a candidate gets from the event which these days is is often all about the social media. well, the first presidential debate between trump and clinton
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the two will square off monday in new york. it will be moderated by nbc's lester holt. you can watch it right here on today's tmj4. >> today marks the death of shooting by a wauwatosa police officer. the family is is waiting to hear if charges will be filed. the responding officer feared for his safety. there's a roughly 20-second clip of the family members have seen. but that video so far has not been released to the public. a second person has now died from flooding in western wisconsin. relief is on the way for those areas affected. governor scott walker says federal officials granted his request to provide low interest loans. walker declared a state of emergency in 13 counties after torrential rains brought flooding and flood sides.
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forecast. >> john: those temperatures are cool for your friday night fish fry. football frenzy. already 63 sheboygan, 63 in port washington. 68 kenosha. 65 beaver dam. we are going to see temperatures continue to be on the cool side, kenosha, you can see the clouds hanging around. they even had a couple of sprinkles earlier in kenosha county. the winds right off lake michigan. north northeast at 7 miles per hour. you can see on our "storm team 4" radar, a couple of sprinkles that passed through kenosha, ground clutter here, but notice a cup of showers trying to redevelop over dane county. we could see a sprinkle overnight tonight. that would be about it. and then, folks, here's the beginning of the next weather system that could bring showers and storms in here on sunday. i'll be back with the weekend details coming up in just a few minutes. >> look forward to that.
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it is high school football. >> carole: tonight, as we mentioned, the weather will be slightly cool for fans at the game. >> charles: meteorologist brian niznansky, is live in whitefish bay with today's tmj4 storm chaser, you don't have a coat on, so it must be all right. >> reporter: it's really not that bad. it actually is probably your first friday night forerenzy wh we have true football weather. temperatures in the 60s. 66? in whitefish bay. we're here at whitefish bay for st. catherines, making the trip up from racine to take on whitefish bay dominican. schools known for their big-time basketball match ups, it is going to be a fantastic evening out here. if you do head out to friday night football, here in whitefish bay or anywhere across southeastern wisconsin, it is going to be on the cool side, temperatures in the 60, you might want your light jacketfor frenzy here in whitefish bay, we'll look for a kickoff
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fourth quarter, we'll look for the temperature to slide down to 62?. good hard-hitting football weather for this friday night frenzy. >> we always like that, brian, thank you very much. tonight's game of the week is the lake country lutheran versus university school of milwaukee. we found the right camera. elise menaker is live in heartland with the preview. hi, elise. >> reporter: hi, carole, it is kind of cool out hear in heartland. brian wasn't wearing his coat. i'm covering mine. i'm covering two, lake country lutheran warming up behind me, they are undefeated, one of two teams undefeated, pewaukee was our team of t week. theye playing another undefeated university school. and the lightning have been lighting up the scoreboard. they have scored 40-plus points against three of their
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their opponents, and the catch is for university school next week, they're playing brookfield academic. and they are second in the midwest classic conference. so you know they're going to want to get things rolling tonight. lake country lutheran are going to have other ideas. i will have all the highlights tonight during our frenzy tonight at 10:00, along with your other high school games, now, live in heartland, elise menaker, today's tmj4. >> we see you have on a light jacket, elise. >> i'm kind of cold o thank you very much. >> charles: from high school football to packers football. the packers take on the detroit lions sunday, the first time since 1982 that the packers have not played a game in green bay until week 3. so kickoff is at noon. if you can't make it, you can always listen to the game at 620wtmj. >> traffic alert. the construction taking place monday for people driving on the
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russ feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. narrator: listen to ron johnson on social security: johnson: social security is a legal ponzi scheme. narrator: as senator, johnson's been working to turn it into one. he wants to privatize social security and he attacks medicare -- would turn it into a voucher program, costing seniors thousands out-of-pocket. don't let ron johnson turn social security into a johnson: ponzi scheme. narrator: senator johnson. not for seniors.
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>> carole: we have a traffic alert to tell you about. we energies, 76 will be down to one lane, and all connections will be shut down. work should be complete by mid november. follow the detour signs. another street closure monday.
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to sixth will close because of utility and construction work. the new bucks arena. now that closing will last until mid 2018. milwaukee program is helping homeowners in need. >> charles: today, mayor tom barrett highlighted the city's compliance loan program that helps homeowners pay for repairs. it makes sure the home is up to code and residents can avoid unnecessary fines. one homeowner who got the loan is grateful for the help. >> this program really helped me i filled out the application, i think within like a month-and-a-half work was being done on the house. i think it is like two weeks, three weeks, for it to be completed. >> charles: sce 2014, the program has invested more than $1 million into milwaukee be neighborhoods and repaired more than 75 properties. >> carole: the milwaukee brewers play their final game of the season sunday, if you happen to go, you'll be able to help
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game. fans can get tickets for $10 and a minimum of a $10 donation. ew scripps, owns tmj4 are partners. go to our web site, we have a link. >> the brewers play their last home game, and the packers are playing their first. coming up, even this weekend, an event that will help kids living in
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?? >> charles: learning how to put in a car seat correctly can be >> carole: and it is important. conducti chueck. certifd technians will help that kids are riding safely. car s are going to be availa f you to purchase. milwaukee firefighters pull a truck in the name of charity, the heros hall event takes place tomorrow at the milwaukee brewing company. proceeds support operation warm, which provides winter coats to
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legalizing marijuana and cutting social security benefits don't usually come up in the same conversation. but politifact wisconsin puts claims on both issues to the truth test. >> legalizing marijuana, campaigning, 67 americans now support legalizing marijuana. politifact wisconsin looked at more than a dozen national polls dating to 2014 and found onl >> however, if you look at the vast majority of the recent polls, the numbers are in the 50s. we rated his statement mostly true. there is one poll indicating support at 61%. >> in agree, republican mike gallagher and nelson are battling. nelson attack ad claims mike gallagher's plan would cut social security benefits for
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nelson's camp said the claim is from a scholar, who influenced him on social security issues. >> gallagher himself has not made that kind of proposal. he's praised the scholar who came up with it, says he thinks that scholar is on the right track. gallagher has not proposed a plan that would cut benefits. >> politifact rated the statement half true. >> and you can see all of our politifact stories online on >>ol for the second day of fall. >> yes, chief meteorologist john malan here to tell us what the weekend's going to look like for us. >> john: these cool temperatures will wear out. pretty nice for this time of year. average high 60s. tomorrow 70. an isolated shower, should be very early in the morning. most of the day will be dry. sunday, the first part of the day should be dry, could get an isolated shower before 1:00 or 2:00 in the afternoon. but any showers and storms that
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later on in the afternoon. going to the green bay game. up at lambeau field, tailgating about 61?, mostly cloudy skies, and then kickoff around 70 degrees, could see an isolated shower. better chance for showers around the fourth quarter. and, again, pleasant temperatures in the 70s. and your high temperatures today right around 71 in milwaukee. they haven't changed that. in was in between hours, out to the north international falls, 67 fargo. cool air up there and getting ready to come down here for the beginning of next week. right now 65 milwaukee, with a dew point of 62. relatively humid air out there. winds off lake michigan out of the north northeast at 10 miles per hour. temperatures around the rest of the arlo to mid 60s, just about everywhere, where there were a couple of breaks of sunshine,
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sprinkles. you saw sprinkles developing in madison. those are pretty much over with for the evening hours. next weather system is a warm front pushing this way generating lots of clouds across the state. and showers through our north. those are moving away from us for now. this warm front will eventually move in our direction, clouds overnight tonight. partly to mostly cloudy for tomorrow. most of the storms stay in minnesota and iowa through saturday. sunday morning could see just a little spotty isolated shower in the afternoon of showers and thunderstorms. for tonight, mostly cloudy skies, patchy fog, a sprinkle, slight chance, 60?. tomorrow, right around 70?. inland about 74. east southeast winds, partly to mostly cloudy a sprinkle before 10:00, into sunday, mostly cloudy, just a tad warmer, storms would develop later in the afternoon. here's your "storm team 4" 7-day forecast. as i said, we're going to get cooler, monday, a slight chance
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tuesday, and 63?. and then right back up on wednesday. sunshine, 70, 75 into thursday, with partly cloudy skies. and 73. on friday. this month, september, so far, has been way above normal. 6? above normal. a warm one so far. >> carole: coming up, hour the sunday ingh to go til the first presidential debate, what a new poll says about which way ?wisconsin? will vote. sunday
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?? five key packers all on the questionable list. t.j. lang, brunette, jones and guyen, all 50/50 if they play. here's wayne larrivee. >> when detroit's calvin johnson
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off-season, the lions found that it would take a village to it e a a season. 1,291 yards and 9 touchdown. tate, the closest the lions have to a play-maker. built like a runningback. he is averaging six yards per everything he gets is contested, because he can't run away from you or me. competitiveness at the ball, toughness are trait, a 13-year career from arizona to baltimore. san francisco and now detroit. when you're picked 10th in the draft, much is expected. and bron is second with nine receptions and a touchdown. he can do it all, he doesn't do it enough.
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touchdowns in a one-point loss to tennessee. without johnson how big a challenge would the lions be for the packers' defense? more than ever. that depends on matthew stafford. with the scouting report, i'm wayne larrivee. >> thanks, wayne. it's what they're chasing, the nascar sprint cup championship, if you're looking for an underdog, truex is your guy. the next round of the win, his girlfriend battl cancer in remission, a feel-good story waiting to happen. the most consistent driver in indycar, winning the poll, taking the victory at the final race, the grand prix, penske driver bringing home the trophy. penske finishes one, two, three.
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welcome back.
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lance was. >> lance: i'm running around. >> john: can we do a little weather. thanks, charles. 64?. beautiful weather for football. 64 at 9:00. clouds and 63. you don't have to worry about moon light getting in your eyes. >> i was running around getting ready for the whole thing. >> he's pumped. >> i'm in a frenzy already.
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good evening, i'm steve chamraz, welcome to the now milwaukee... where milwaukee police want you to slow down. the department says they've been investigating too many


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