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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 500  NBC  September 30, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CDT

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had to close early today because of a power outage. rawson elementary, south milwaukee and south milwaukee high schools sent kids home early. classes resume on monday. you'll need a rain coat if you're heading out tonight to watch high school football.
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go to today's t-m-j four dot com for our live dar d interactive maps, and any other weather information yo more local news now. police blocked off a wauwatosa neighborhood this ternoon. they were looking for the man who robbed a "subway" sandwich shop near 110th and capitol. police arrested a suspect a short time ago just a few blocks away. decision 2016 coverage now. one of the clinton campaign's top surrogates was in wisconsin today. hillary clinton's daughter, chelsea was in green bay--our ben jordan was there. "a riled up crowd filled meyer theatre this morning. many of those attendees
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made up their minds for election, but listening to chelsea speak only reaffirms their decisions." "hello wisconsin! it's great to be back in wisconsin."in chelsea clinton's first stop in title town - around 200 people came out to hear her pitch. "i do worry that everything i care most about is at stake." clinton was quick to the jabs calling out republican presidential nominee donald trump "the racism, the islmaophobia, the homophobia," "that is not who we are."moving on to issues hillary has put at the forefront of her campaign. minimum wage - equal pay - crow "i know this is a very polarizing issue in wisconsin." - gun safety. things like uniform background checks and finally passing a rule so that anyone on the terrorist no fly list can buy a gun." "chelsea is obviously very bright and committed to social justice."but not everyone here supports her message. "the old adage is keep your friends close and your enemies closer." jim fox
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he's leaving that way. "at least with trump i don't know what i'm getting, i'll take a chance. with hillary, i know what i'm getting. this country can't afford another 4 years of obama.with polls showing a near toss-up in the badger state - all in attendance can agree on one thing - a big take away is chelsea's push to get everyone out to vote. "reach out to your friends, family make sure they know that this election is important." "and while chelsea took many questions from the crowd she did not mention if hillary plans to make a campaign stop in wisconsin before election day. in green bay, ben jordan today's tmj4." donald trump started the day by launching a twitter battle. trump let loose on the media, hillary clinton... and a former miss universe. donald trump in the oval office. not the one in washington - the replica at the gerald ford presidential library ... in michigan. but his efforts to look presidential weren't exactly helped by his pre-dawn twitter blast."mr. trump, what was with the 3 a.m. tweets?" :13- :15 at 3:20 a-m ... he cast doubt on the media use of unnamed sources ...then he
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alicia machado, who says trump insulted her for gaining weight. he said clinton was duped ... and machado has a terrible past ... clinton has bad judgment - machado's a con. and finally ... labeling machado disgusting - alleging she had a sex tape - and asking whether clinton helped her become a u.s. citizen to be used as debate fodder. clinton responded with a tweet of her own: this is...unginged, even for trump. really. who gets up at three o'clock in the morning to engage in a twitter attack against a former miss universe? it proves yet again that he is temperamentally unfit to be president and commander in chief." vice-presidential candidates mike pence and tim kaine hold their one and only debate
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live here on today's t-m-j four. wisconsin governor scott walker helped pence prepare tuesday night. walker played the role of tim kaine in mock debates."this was an excellent chance to help a friend get ready for what i hope on tuesday will be a really good and detailed debate on the issues. governor walker today also held his first "facebook live chat" with wisconsin voters. the wisconsin badgers game could be ?the? game o weekend. that story is coming up later in sports. also coming up: why this meeting ?happy music? [bus honks] up later in sports. also coming up: why this meeting was so special. mom avo: as a working mom, i need after-school snacks to be easy. so a quick snack with buddig original
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d it gives us more time together because they're only little for a little while.
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?happy music? [whistle blows, ball bounces] mom avo: on soccer saturday, i bring a cooler full of delicious and wholesome buddig premium deli meat. the surprisingly- affordable, deli-quality and our little moments together keep me going. makmore tothan a sandwich. now. a 14-year-old south carolina boy accused of killing his father and
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today as a juvenile--he faces charges of murder and three counts of attempted murder. two students and a teacher at an were wounded. a 6-year-old boy is in critical condition. 15 people injured in yesterday's train accident in new jersey are still in the hospital. one woman died when the train slammed into a train station.investigators are trying to find out what caused the crash. a marine returning from a nearly seven-month deployment finally got to meet his ne night in chattanooga, tennessee. corporal hank parker was in the ?persian? gulf when his son was born. parker was able to see his wife and son on facetime. but there's nothing like the real thing. "not until you actually see him and meet him do you realize like, 'wow, that's real. i have a real son.' you know?" the family will enjoy a few days in tennessee before moving to a military base in california. a toddler falls out of a three
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shannon sims is in the newsroom with a story new at six. thanks charles and carole. thankfully, the child is expected to be okay.. find out what saved the boy during his this isn't the first scary incident with the two year old. that's coming up new on live at 6. john malan's weekend forecast is still ahead. and next: a serious illness can't keep a man from the life-time commitment--he's "positively
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workers: he campaigned as a job creator but senator johnson helps companies ship jobs overseas. ceos and giant corporations get richer guys with families... guys like me? just gets rder and harder to get ahead. we need an economy that works r people like me for people like me. for people like me. people like me. russ: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message because wisconsin's middle class
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a kee miauman is le dad to thousands ofyoun athletes--that is because he's been coaching young football players for almost three decades--and bob reddic is not about to t cancer keep him off the field--he is positively milwaukee. sot4603 -08 "we are raiders, we respect our coach, we respect our teamwork at it's best at lincoln park on saturdays when the e neighborhood childrens sports league tas to the gridiron--- 224"run behind your pad son..youve been doing it all week." 59 year old bob reddeck has been coaching players for 27 years--5047-5050 "them my babies, this is one right here, they won today"his dedication still strong-- as he tackles stage four colon cancer cancer4847-51"you said the doctors told you not to come, but you came why cause the you came why cause the
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thhese tdayse's fo mpetit to sit more than before---5401- 5412"right now i'm depending on the lord more than i ever have, and i'm depending on my doctors more than i ever have" but bob says watching the families, players and coaches is good therapy--the beloved reddeck is legendary for producing winning teams and players.."i'm a no nonsense coach, i'm kind of like a school teacher..a good school teacher"but reddeck sayss it's about giving these young men life lessons off the field- --"even when they lose i make them understand you won, you won because ou played the game" he knows without this program, many of these kids could be on the streets harms w--" if this would ever be eliminated, i'm pretty sure a lot of these kids would fall"reddeck points out that depspite more than a thousand people on the field througout the day--any skirmishes are minor--"our
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bob like all the coaches at ncls are volunteers--he says the only payment is satisfaction4936-4945"i'm getting paid, im paid by the parents mbringing them, i'm paid in full actually"2830and reddeck's comittment to these players and the ncsl league--gives him the power to fight to win-- one of the biggest battles of his life-- 5021-24 "i'll be out here until the big guy decides he needs me up there next to him" bob says hes grateful --he says he has some of the best doctors and best support
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a windy and rainy start to the weekend. john malan is here with the forecast. the slow moving storm system to our east continues to influence our weather. friday was cloudy and windy with highs in the upper 50s to low 60s and scattered getting between a quarter and a half inch o new rainfalls. the ne wind continued to gust to 25 mph throughout the day, and it will remain breezy overnight with rain showers likely, especially through the evening hours. rain is likely
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afternoon is still cloudy with a few scattered showers and highs in the low to mid 60s with the wind finally diminishing down to 5-10 mph. sunday is still mostly cloudy with highs in the mid to upper 60s. monday is sunny and nice with highs in the upper-60s, and tuesday looks beautiful with sunshine and high temperatures around seventy
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another big test for the wisconsin badgers tomorrow.
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the battle of the unbeatens badgers face the wolverines at the big house.right now, odds anhalf" poinfavorites ines "1 going the baders will be down two goodones, for the game with with linebacker vince beigal, out indefenlty after having foot surgery and kicker "ra-fee-el" "gag-lee-on-nee", gone for the seasonwith a back injury ..wisconsin, understands that they will have to bring their "a" if they want to pull off the upset's paul chryst on jim harbuagh ((paul says)) jim is a very good football coach he's got a really good staf good players that combination jim's done that in a number of placeshe's done that in san deigo did atstanford had success with the ninersand know he's doing it with michiganjim a good football coach he's gota good staff and good players
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with their final practice in madison,.as team gears up for the new could turn out to be a big year for jabbari parker who came on strong in the second partof last season when he started attacking the rim..he'll have more opportunities this season with kris middleton gone for at least the first six months of the's parker ((jabari says)) i've been able to increasemy confidence i've been able to do thingsduring the season that i wasn't able todo during the season like shoot the long range shot it's different who knowswhat may happen during the seasoni can't say if i'm gonna be a better personout a better player from the summer i would say that my skill have increased and my confidence the houston texans made it official today, that j j watt will miss the rest of the season after having his secondback surgery in two months yesterday..the three time defense playerof the year had just eight tackles through his the first three games of the season before getting hurt and the brewers are in colardo
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nobody won last night's "badger five" drawing. tonight's jackpot is 21- thousand-dollars. and the "mega millions" jackpot is 30-million-dollars. we'll have the winning "mega millions" numbers tonight on "live at ten." "this is us" is at 7."the good place is at 7:30."dateline n-b- c is at 8, followed by more
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tonight, trump's tirade. donald trump lashes out in a middle of the night rant, attacking a former beauty queen again with sex tape allegations. now she and hillary clinton are firing back. crash cause. the ntsb begins questioningre aftermath of that train disaster, as the black box is pulled from the twisted wreckage. caught on camera. police release video showing a fatal officer encounter with an unarmed man. sex abuse scandal. dozensdisturbi allegations against the doctor whoated topmpic oly and hurric threat. matthew strengthens to


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