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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 500  NBC  November 2, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CDT

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shows where hillary clinton and donald trump stand in wisconsin with six days left in the campaign. that poll shows the race ?tightenin since last month. but only ?slightly?.charles benson is here with the numbers, and what they tell us. too close to call in the senate race and a six point lead in presidential race. on the russ feingold and ron johnson rematch it's close - really close . feingold leads johnson 45 t0 44 poll.hillary 46-to 40. the poll was taken as news broke about the fbi taking a renewed interest in clinton's email. it does not appear to have had any impact with clinton supporters.voters were asked if they were bothered by clinton's private email issue - 50 percent said bothered a lot - 23 percent said bothered a little - 26 percent not all. that number moved up on friday when the fbi news that number moved up on friday when the fbi news broke but bounced
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marquette's charles franklin said the fbi news did now have the same impact as the donald trump vulgar video. it raises an issue that was bothering people before and still bothering but it did not provide new substantive information in the same way as thetrump video. the poll shows republicans were far more concerned about clinton's emails than democrats. the marquette poll all shows clinton with an ad but early voting has been going on much longer in places like madison and milwaukee - which favor clinton. george and carole? vermont senator bernie sanders is in milwaukee campaigning for clinton.rebecca klopf is covering the story of the green mountain state's progressive, unior senator. she's live at turner hall. good evening...bernie sanders is going to take the stage here in about a half an hour and you can already see this is a packed remember
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the primary election.he's here to campaign for his former rivial hillary clinton.this get out the vote rally is pushing people here in wisconsin to choose the early voting option and get their friends out on election day. "we've got some bad news for donald trump...and that is not only is he going to lose this election on november 8, but after that he and his friends are going to start paying their fair share of taxes." heers) clinton has not appeared in wisconsin since before the primary election.donald trump was here yesterday.this event kicks off at 5-30.reporting live downtown...rebecca klopf today's tmj4. other clinton surrogates are in wisconsin this week. chelsea clinton campaigned for her mother in eau claire today. she will be in milwaukee tomorrow. and it was just announced vice-president joe
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clinton on friday in madison. one of wisconsin's top republicans campaigned with trump today. national r-n-c chairman reince priebus of kenosha introduced trump at a rally in miami. trump turned up his criticism of clinton. she is a crooked one, there's no question. crooked hillary clinton. that term has really stuck. has anyone seen crooked hillary clinton today? that's going to be a great term for a president right? wns told a beloitnewspaper hillary clinton would face ?impeachment? if she's elected president. johnson claims clinton purposely violated the law when she set up her private email server. and he says anyone who violates the law is disqualified from holding office. president obama responded to that idea today while campaigning for clinton. "you've got some republicans in congress who are already suggesting they will impeach hillary. she hasn't even been
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what evidence. they'll find something. that's what they're saying already. how can, how does our democracy function like that?" keep up with all of today's developments in the campaign on our website, tmj four dot com slash decision 2016. new at five: hundreds of people took advantage of the first "warrantless wednesday." milwaukee is giving residents with outstanding warrants the op slate. ben jordan is live with the story. it has been quite the turnout throughout the day here. at peak times there have been so many that some had to be turned away but many who came on time left overjoyed. the downtown municipal courtroom -- packed to the brim as hundreds of miaukeans flock to put past mistakes behind them. imagine all these people that are in line. they get pulled over
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they lock them up for warrants for tickets. "it's been hectic getting pulled over, getting more and more tickets." for the past 5 years, erman brown says he's done all he could to avoid police. now it's one less worry. "i'm coming to get my license back right, gotta stay on the straight path." within the city of milwaukee there are more than 100-thousand outstanding municipal warrants. many start with city ordinance violations such as traffic, shoplifting, and vandalism to name a few. when tickets aren't paid in a forced to issue a warrant. "it's murders and killings going on out here in the streets, that needs to be attended to other than people with little warrants and little things such as tickets that's messing them up from success to get to where they need to be." for some, seeing a judge to lift their warrants provides an opportunity to hit the road with peace of mind. "i can go get a license and not have to worry about putting the police on a high speed chase now, i can pull over and stop for them because i'm going to have my license now." for others, it means a clearer path to a career of their choosing. "now i can go
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until 6:30 tonight, but if you missed t toouy you can come down here the next two mondays to take care of your warrants. bjo, ttmj4. the packers get back to work, putting sunday's disappointing loss behind them. and one way or another, baseball history will be made tonight. snake- bitten cubs and the once woeful indians meet in game seven of the world series. a look ahead in sports. the heaviest of the rain has come to an end, leaving a wide range of rain totals from a quarter to nearly an inch of rain across parts of southeast wisconsin. just a few light rain showers and sprinkles will linger this evening, completely exiting the area by
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police in iowa arrested a man suspected of shooting and killing two police officers. the officers were murdered overnight in separate incidents. "imagine that you lost a friend or a family member. that's the only way you can describe it. very hopeless feeling at times. the sorrow with it is just as if you lost someone close to you. these were our friends. our
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the suspect, scott greene is well known to police. they arrested him two weeks ago at a high school football game for waving a confederate flag in front of minorities during the national anthem. a national guard plane accidentally dropped 7 bombs during a training mission in michigan. it happened near traverse city. the bombs were only for training, and didn't have any explosives. but one hundred pounds. all of the bombs hit open land and didn't cause any damage. a red kettle rip-off in milwaukee.. charles benson is in the newsroom with a story new at six. thanks george and carole.the salvation army says a man was impersonating one of thier bell ringers.. tonight.. the warning about the con-artist trying to take advantage of your holiday spirit.. that's coming up new on live at 6. john malan's forecast is
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will be different about this year's milwaukee christmas tree. russ: as i've traveled to all 72 counties, i've heard from a lot of people. including seniors, concerned that ron johnson is going to turn medicare into a voucher program. senior: don't let it happen russ. russ: i've heard from families in need of good paying jobs. blue collar guy: ron johnson's trade deals help other countries, not us. - people want an economy that delivers for them. man: we just need a fair shake, and, russ, i think you need a bigger van. russ: i'm russ feingold
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an economy rigged for the wealthy. and ron johnson's made it worse. johnson took a shady $10 million corporate payout, then went to washington and voted to protect corporate tax loopholes for companies shipping wisconsin jobs overseas, which would hand billions to wall street, and wants to eliminate the federal minimum wage. senator johnson works for wall street, not us. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. more local news now.milwaukee has - as usual - harvested its official christmas tree and
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but there's a twist to this year's holiday tradition.the tree will ?not? stand in red arrow park... where it's been in recent years. pete zervakis tells us why. the city's 38 foot tall christmas tree will decorate city hall this year... not red arrow park tree chopping city workers cut the tree down outside this home near 52nd and washington just before 7 a.m.... tree chopping they used a the front yard... onto this tree truck. it was a very tight work zone to get the tree onto the trailer the close quarters slowed them down a bit. the wet weather didn't. the rain doesn't affect us too much it's usually wind and of course lightning but we were able to make it happen i planted it when it was just a little stump rex hayes and his wife
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chooses one each year from a pool of volunteers. it's pretty amazing i never thought i'd be the one they'd pick the tree it was transported - with police escort - to city hall. the mayor says it's been at least 10 years since the tree stood here. nats - protesters protesters angry about the shooting death of dontre hamilton disrupted the last two, tree lighting ceremonies at red arrow park. according to the mayor... factor into the decision to relocate. it was more let's bring it home, freshen up this entire ceremony once the tree was installed into a planter at wells and wisconsin... nat pops crews worked to secure it into place. city workers will decorate the tree with lights and ornaments over the next several weeks. an official lighting ceremony is set for nov. 17. at city hall...pz... tmj4 the tree is locked into place using extra high strength
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at red arrow park. the holidays are approaching. but it feels like spring. john malan is here with the forecast. high pressure approaches, clearing out the cloud cover by sunrise but some patchy fog may linger into the morning hours because of today's rainfall.thursday will be the start of a really nice stretch of weather with mostly sunny skies and mild temperatures with highs in the upper 50s. 60s return on friday with a light wind swinging around from the southwest. the quiet and su for the weekend with low 60s expected both saturday and sunday. don't forget to set your clocks back one hour for the end of daylight saving time!another beauty on tap for monday with blue skies and a high of 61 in milwaukee with overnight lows continuing to stay in the 40s. the next chance for any active weather comes in on tuesday and wednesday when a cold front will bring the chance for showers and highs in the 50s
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coming up, lance allan tells us what options the packers will have with their embattled
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the packers don't want aaron rodgers to far and away be the leading rusher, like he was in atlanta.expect don jackson and aaron ripkowski to see a little more action, against
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green bay. ((rod burks says well lance, it looks like the next man philosophy continues for the green bay packers, this time at center. with starter j.c. tretter expected to miss multiple weeks with a knee injury. that means corey linsley is the next man up.)) ((corey linsley says you know aaron is a professional and obviously i think that he did an excellent job today of running through just, everything. the different cadences, the different adjustments that we have, the different everything that he could possibly throw at me. and i thank him for that.)) ((aaron rodgers says corey has been a center his entire life, you know for awhile around here we drafted a lot of left tackles and moved them in different positions. i had left tackles playing center. but corey has been a center most of his career so i have no worries about him being in there.))((lane taylor says it's definitely nice. he's started a lot of games around here. he's started more than me. so it's nice that he's stepping in. i have the utmost confidence in him. i know
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starting as center as a rookie when he came to green bay. but his real test will be sunday, against the colts. here with the pack, i'm rod burks, today's tmj4.)) and tonight, history will be made. the cubs getting a powerful grand slam from addison russell, beating cleveland 9-3 and forcing a game 7 in the world series. both teams already realized last night what this would be about. ((terry francona says it's game 7. you got two really, it'll be exciting and like i said before tonight's game, i mean it's an honor to be a part of it.))((jake arrieta says everybody's available pretty much tomorrow. that's kind of how we view tomorrow.)) at six, we'll hear from one of tonight's starters, who dreamed about this growing up in his backyard. dreamed about this growing up in his backyard. what greases the gears in washington? money. and ron johnson fits right in. six years ago,
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went to washington, then voted to protect $21 billion in tax breaks for the world's biggest oil companies. $21 billion. a wisconsin senator, protecting tax breaks for oil companies. that'ron johnson. that's washington. and he fits right in. end citizens united is responsible
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i spent many years as a nuclear missile launch officer. if the president gave the order we had to launch the missiles, i prayed that call would never come. [ radio chatter ] self control may be all that keeps these missiles from firing. [ sirens blearing ] i would bomb the [ beep] out of them. i want to be unpredictable. i love war. the thought of donald trump with nuclear weapons scares me to death. it should scare everyone. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. nobody won last night's "badger five" drawing. tonight's jackpot is 81-
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and the "powerball" jackpot is 198-million-dollars. we'll have the winning "powerball" numbers tonight on "live at ten." wide receiver jeff janis is the guest at 6:30 on "the mike mccarthy show."you'll see "the now milwaukee" on facebook and on t-m-j four dot com. "blindspot" is at 7." then it's "law and order special victims unit," "chicago p-d" and more local news on "live at ten." the n-b-c nightly news is
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russ: as i've traveled to all 72 counties, i've heard from a lot of people. including seniors, concerned that ron johnson is going to turn medicare into a voucher program. senior: don't let it happen russ. russ: i've heard from families in need of good paying jobs. blue collar guy: ron johnson's trade deals help other countries, not us. russ: the bottom line -
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and, russ, i think you need a bigger van. russ: i'm russ feingold aand i approve this message.a bigger van. tonight, the war, six days left, trump and clinton, blitzing battlegrounds, our new battleground map, can trump break through the clinton firewall? tonight president obama's sharp fbi director. deadly ambush, police officers executed, shot while defenseless, sitting in their squad cars, a massive man huntd to catch a cold-blooded killer. does a youtube video offer a clue to the motive. price shock. life-saving drugs, first it was epipens, now outrage over insulin. millions depend on it. why is it getting so much harder to afford?


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