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it ended in a needle in county. coreen? >> just imagine being stopped at a red light when you see a vehicle coming toward your car head-on and you have nowhere to go. that's what this dad said he and his 3-year-old son were stopped at school tuesday. >> out of nowhere this van comes flying over the hill. and i didn't know if i could get on the gas and leave or hit the car next to me. >> reporter: he said the man up the hill was driving recklessly. >> he was easily over the hill,
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tipped. >> the tire of the van was tucked up in the wheel well he was turning so sharp. >> reporter: he drove back and forth from waukesha and washington counties in an attempt to get away before police arrested him in a field. he explained to his son what they witnessed. >> he knows him as a bank robber. it could have been a much differento would have been hit. >> reporter: he says he saw the van hit one car and white another. >> milwaukee high school senior struck by a school bus. the bus driver was interviewed by police.
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filed. the possibility of a hate crime. >> i would make an appeal to the community that this is a raw time for you the community. especially our international students. if they can reach out and provide solace and support during this difficult time, i'm asking for that. >> reporter: police are investigating this case as a possible hate crime. >> reporter: new information on a man who stole a red kettle and impersonated a salvation army bell ringer. but the bad guy got away. the man's getaway car came back
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hundreds of people took advantage of the first warrantless wednesday. people with outstanding warrants have the opportunity to wipe the slate clean. there are two more opportunities to take advantage of the program november 9 and november 16. for more information go to our website today a soggy wednesday. >> out if the skies might turn blue tomorrow. >> we have had thunderstorms to the south earlier this evening. you will see the lightning bolts. so let me stop the radar for you at the last pass. there are a couple of sprinkles starting to push in. this area of rain exiting. but notice a couple of dots on the radar. i'm adding the clouds in showing
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minnesota. it looks like we'll see sunshine tomorrow. temperatures still rather mild. that's your average high for the day. so we wake up in the morning hours. essentially a little bit of sunshine, maybe patchy, light fog and 47 degree. i'll be back with that in a couple minutes. >> the tight race for the senate. in the race to the white house hillary clinton holding on to a lead over donald trump with 4%. but when you factor in another group of voters it looks different. >> republicans and democrats are pretty much locked in this presidentace.
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last wednesday through this mondayuring a breaking news story. wednesday and thursday independents backed clinton over trump 41-34%. friday when the f.b.i. news broke about clinton's emails they shifted to trump over clinton 44-34%. that's a 10-point swing for trump and it pretty much stayed that way saturday through monday. wiscsin may be a state, but nbc's chuck todd says it part of a big blue wall for hillary clinton. it's possible wisconsin could be the pivot states. the gold standard of polling is marquette university. hillary clinton up 6 points almost ideical to the size and
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he doesn't break through this big blue wall, he doesn't have a path to the presidency. george rrm friday biden will swing by to campaign for clinton. candidates and their surrogates will in the badger state this week. >> reporter: some of the people i spoke to said they aren't undecided between trump and clinton. they are undecided if they should vote for president at all. voters lined up to see bernie sanders in milwaukee. it was in the hard to see where their loyalty lies. >> i was igniting the bern. >> some voters were ready to
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they once supported for president. >> our job is to work as hard as we can to elect russ feingold to the u.s. senate and hillary clinton as president. >> reporter: but not everyone is on board, especially with the f.b.i. reopening the investigation into the clinton emails. >> i'm not a big fan of clinton. he says he will likely vote clinton on nicholas says he's not sure if he's going to fill in the bubble for president when he does cast a ballot. and he wasn't alone at the events. >> i'm not going to vote for either hillary or trump. >> reporter: sanders thanked wisconsin voters for his primary win here. hillary clinton has not been back in wisconsin since just
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carole: one of wisconsin's top republicans cam bind trump today. reince priebus introduced trump at a rally in miami. trump says he's not worried. >> in 6 days we are going to win the great state of florida and we are going to win back the white house. that will carole: 4 million floridaians have already cast their ballots. george: election integrity teams will be looking for evidence of campaigning at the polls. observer misconduct and people denied the right to vote. make tmj your home on election
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>> reporter: here at the corner of first and beecher stands the lincoln warehouse. it was built 90 years ago and has new life thanks to local entrepreneurs. she left her day job two years ago to create her dream job. she slip con warehouse. >> we had a hard time with team taking us seriously. i'm not sure if it's because we are so young. >> the dozen of startups inside the told ware house know the feeling.
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we as a result i feel like have seen more after positive response than we would have separately. >> reporter: working together hoos proved instrumental to these young entrepreneurs. >> to help each other grow. nick's grand a started the frozen pizza company 40 ago. >> he built his own origil factory. >> reporter: the invitors behind them hoping to improve the business landscape of milwaukee. despite milwaukee's low national ranking with it comes to start-up activity. many entrepreneurs i spoke to said they feel growth and improvement.
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week this week. go to and click on the link to this story. carole: thank you, katie. george: at marquette university they broke broke grn their newest hall slated to be ready for the 2018-19 school department holds its merit award honoring their own. george: a colossal christmas tree towers in a new place. while this year' year's
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including seniors, concerned that ron johnson is going to turn medicare into a voucher program. senior: don't let it happen russ. russ: i've heard from families in need of good paying jobs. blue collar guy: ron johnson's trade deals help other countries, not us. russ: the bottom line - people want an economy that delivers for them. man: we just need a fair shake, and, russ, i think you need a bigger van. russ: i'm russ feingold
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carole: university of wisconsin officials have responded to a fan who wore. >> mask of president obama with a noose around his neck. in iowa a man wanted in connection to the ambush-style
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a woman hugged an officer and gave him water. scott michael imreen is suspected of shooting the officers last night as they were sitting in their a squad george: tales of the men and women in blue who have gone above and beyond. >> the death of young lala peter on own a november night two years ago haunted milwaukee and the crack team of investigators charged with solving the case. the leads were few, the road blocks abundant. >> even with an inventive and reward money out there, it took
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>> reporter: the real award came when police were able to give answers to lala's family. >> it just makes us feel like we accomplished something. >> stories were outlined by emcee shannon i >> respect for police officers in the united states has reached a decades high. >> but the cops who walked object stage tonight don't do their jobs in search of accolades. >> i was embarrassed to come here tonight because we are just doing our jobs. george: this reporter truly wishes we had time to tell a few
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carole: the city's 3-foot tall christmas tree will decorate the city. it was transported by police escort to city hall. george: the day started off plenty wet and still unseasonably warm. george: the streets of downtown still wet from the rain. but we are hoping for a few blue skies and sunshine >> we do get a lot of rain today. i think we'll deliver on some of the sunshine you want. pick out your town. jefferson about a half inch. also palmyra. waukesha about a third inch. likewise around a quarter inch.
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inch. look at these temperatures for highs. 64, sioux falls. we'll cross 60 as far north as rhinelander. we'll hold the mild temperatures. and we'll start to dry out. also in kenosha. they dropped to 46 in waukesha. watertown and could see patchy fog developing by the morning hours. it looks like our radar we have a couple isolated blips on the radar in dodge county. we are watching the clouds break
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there is a second batch pushing out of the way, all of the weather is moving with it. by the morning hours you can see large breaks in that overcast and during the day tomorrow, mostly sunny skies. we clear out into thursday night and friday again sunny to party cloudy, looks like a beautiful day setting up a relatively beautiful weekend. showers ending by midnight. 43 and 47 at the lakeshore. with patchy morning fog. mild temperatures with plenty of sunshine. sunny skies and a high around 60. saturday sunshine, 62. don't forget to move those clocks back. a beautiful day setting up once again monday.
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wednesday. in the morning hours. 47 degrees. and he showed us what the
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>> reporter: j.c. will be out a few weeks with a knee injury. but cory is ready to step in.
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up and down this season thanks to his poor offensive line play. he breaks a lot of tackles. he's one of our top guys in the league. >> he's obviously athletic for a gave his size. he makes good decisions. he's doing a great job. he's a fran cheese quarterback. then to b have a great transition has been fun for that organization. >> he's a great quarterback. with a little pressure. >> reporter: luck has put up some big numbers since he has been in the nfl.
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what greases the gears in washington? money. and ron johnson fits right in. six years ago, johnson took a shady $10 million corporate payout, went to washington, then voted to protect $21 billion in tax breaks for the world's biggest oil companies. n. a wisconsin senator, protecting tax breaks for oil companies. that's ron johnson. that's washington. and he fits right in. end citizens united is responsible
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>> reporter: the cubs tied with the indians 6-6 in the 9th inning. the cubs scored runs in the 4th, 5th and 6th. right now it's tied at 6:00. earlier tonight this world series. charlie sheen showed up. you might remember the closer in the movie. he brought the voodoo doll with him. >> the calvary has arrived. i brought this guy. the cubs are in serious trouble. maybe that's what happened tonight. this is not going to go over well with high school football
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the lights friday night. they will play 6 friday night games a year.
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i spent many years as a nuclear missile launch officer.
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i prayed that call would never come. [ radio chatter ] self control may be all that keeps these missiles from firing. [ sirens blearing ] i would bomb the [ beep] out of them. i want to be unpredictable. i love war. the thought of donald trump with nuclear weapons scares me to death. it should scare everyone.
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>> reporter: we are look at great weather for tomorrow. this is mild for this time of year. 47 degrees. 58 by later none the afternoon. and we'll see some sunshine. george: that ain't bad. carole: we'll ends on a live
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an economy rigged for the wealthy. and ron johnson's made it worse. johnson took a shady $10 million corporyoutate pa then went to washington and voted to protect corporate tax loopholes for companies shipping wisconsin jobs overseas, supported privatizing social security, which would hand billions to wall street, and wants to eliminate the federal minimum wage.
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senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of nework city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- vince vaughn.


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