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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1000  NBC  November 4, 2016 2:07am-2:37am CDT

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new at ten. a wrong- way crash in dane county leaves three local accountants dead and a fourth fighting for his life. they were all returning to milwaukee from a recruiting trip at u-w lacrosse.stat was going the wrong way on i-94 and struck two cars including the one carrying the accountants.rebecca klopf spoke to the family of one of the survivors and joins us from the newsroom. i did george and carole...but brian falk's family was not ready to go on camera. they did want to thank the community for their outpouring of prayers and support while brian fights to recover. he was driving one of the cars that was struck by a wrong way driver. that driver ... is a 32 year old from dane county
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erractically. a wisconsin trooper tried to pull over the suspected drunk driver on i-94, instead he pulled a u- turn and headed against traffic. troopers say the man crashed head on into two cars. one was brian falk's. he was driving three of his coworkers from ritz holman cpa-s. it's a small accounting firm in milwaukee. 26 year olds clenton hall and katey pasquilini ), and 28 year old kim radtke were all senior staff accountants. their company released this "due to their professionalism and outgoing personalities, they served as the leadership team for ritzholman's outreach and recruitment of young accounting professionals.""our family at ritzholman is shocked at this tragedy and the incomprehensible loss of three of our best and brightest." brian falk's family say he is stable but has serious injuries. the driver of a second car, a 23 year old man
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police say the suspected drunk driver has serious injuries and is in the hospital. police have not released his name. reporting in the newsroom rebecca klopf today's tmj4.. police in west allis are asking for your help, tracking down an arsonist who injured a small child.police say someone intentionally set fire to a first floor unit in the lincoln crest apartments over the weekend. neighbors say they heard a lot of noise but had no idea what happened. we saw a lot of fire trucks and sad, it could happen to anyone. it's a very sad incident. we are very sorry for this child." the small child was severely burned. if you have any information, call the arson hotline at 800- 363- 3005. investigators have ruled the death of marisol cevallos an ?accident.?a school bus struck and killed the 17- year- old yesterday morning at 9th and oklahoma. she was in a cross walk when the bus hit her.
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red in her memory--that was her favorite color. marisol was a senior there. there's been outpouring support for the cervallos family -- on saturday -- the culvers in greenfield and the culvers in west milwaukee will donate a portion of their sales to the family. dominique heaggan-brown has been ousted by the milwaukee police department...the firing was made official this evening by the fire and police commission. heaggan- brown is behind bars, accused of sexual assault. he's the officer who killed syville smit two days of violence in sherman park. increasingly, community members have called for the release of video from the shooting. new at ten ... dozens of teachers at a milwaukee high school are taking a stand. coreen zell is live at rufus king, where teachers are wearing black lives matter shirts in their classrooms. teachers tell me they're not trying to push their beliefs on their students, but they do think wearing the shirts help build relationships and start
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some of the teachers have recieved some criticism for wearing the shirts, outside of school, but they say standing up for their students is worth it. decision 2016 now...the city of milwaukee has set a record for in-person ballots cast during early voting. more than 38- thousand people have cast their ballots so far.early voting in milwaukee ends this saturday there are three early voting sites in the city.the zeidler municipal building downtown, the midtown center at 56th and capitol,and the forest home library. the presidential candidates and their teams are pulling out all the stops as they begin to round the corner to
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holding events each day until the election. they are using familiar faces and hot button issues to draw in the crowds. "our culture has gotten too mean and too rough, especially to children and teenagers. it is never okay when a 12- year-old girl or boy is mocked, bullied or attacked." melania trump making a late entry into an election season in full frenzy -- making her first cagn the republican convention.and in the battlegound of north carolina -- just your everyday political trio!hillary clinton, bernie sanders and pharrell! "i'm not here to defend hillary - she's a big girl she can do that all by herself. i'm here because i believe she's going to fight for us...don't you." in the badger state --
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spoke this morning at the anodyne coffee roasting company in walker's point. while campaigning in michigan today -- republican vice presidential nominee mike pence backed his friend paul ryan to remain house speaker -- even though.. he declined to do so earlier in the day. we are so grateful for paul ryan's support for this ticket. paul ryan is a personal friend. my respect for paul ryan is boundless and i support his re-election to congress, and i support his re- election as speaker of the house. vice-president joe biden will campaign for clinton in wisconsin tomorrow. biden has a "get our the vote" rally scheduled in madison. and donald trump returns to the badger state this weekend... this time he's campaigning in west allis on sunday. today's tmj4 is your home for complete coverage election night. it all starts on live at four ... on tuesday. now to the weather... today was picture perfect...take a look at this picture taken by
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it has yet to cool down. john malan i'm looking forward to clear, brisk days, the first smell of the fireplace or woodstove--- the frosty
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how close are the brewers to a world series title? he asked pretending not to be jealous of cubs fansthis evening -- the public was able to ask manager craig counsel and general manager david stearns. we have seen players deveop on a major league level, we have seen player.. we have been able to aquire more young players who will one day contribute to playoff caliber baseball here in milwaukee. "inside the brewers" fan forum at miller park... the executives took questions from fans -- and shared their vision for the future of the milwaukee brewers. you're now taking a live look at wrigley field -- home of the 20-16 world champion chicago cubs. the team ended the longest world series drought in major league history last night... he said as he hoisted a flag emblazoned with a blue 'w' up the staff. and if you're a milwaukeean -- who's a cubs fan -- the national bobblehead museum hall of fame has just the thing for you -- you can
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bobblehead for just 30-bucks! coming up... we'll show you a drone that's fighting crime with a birdseye view of waukesha.. "this is a lifesaving piece of equipment." how this drone, is a real help to local police. plus.. no slam dunk! former badger sam dekker gets a starring role in a viral blooper reel--what happened to the pride of sheboygan?and next "the right place at the right time"--an officer's lifesaving rescue caught on
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carole: someone having a serious heart attack in oklahoma saved by a police officer. >> oh, george: the woman's husband and daughter were rushing them to the hospital. after the officer got her breathing the woman was rushed to the hospital again where she made a full recovery. you can definitely see her mental capacity as well.
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to the hospital. they say cpr was delivered just in time. carole: drones are becoming more popular among consumers and more law enforcement agencies are adding them to the force. >> reporter: a handful of local departments have drones. but they are l the next level in aerial technology. inside this simple backpack sits one of the crime fight tools. the department is convinced it makes them better. >> this is a life-saving piece of equipment that actually will increase our ability to effectively provide life-saving
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can get it up in the airfarely quickly to get a view they can't see from the ground. the lieutenant says that can be vital in natural disasters, finding suspects on the run and locating missing people like 10-year-old andrew olkam. he disappeared in the cornfields behind his house. 00 and so did this drone. >> he was located by citizens, but i believe the drone helped us to determine he wasn't in the river. >> reporter: a high-tech drone, this is a drone with thermal imaging capabilities. from the air it can help police find people or evidence on the
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it does haven't to be at night. >> no, no. we are searching for a missing child or a fugitive on the run. it will sense the difference between the temperature of the ground and the surrounding area and a human. >> reporter: adam andrew volunteered his drone in the search. this is a look at his video from that search. you can see the long line of volunteers in the cornfield. by the also picked objects like this rabbit you can see scampering away from searchers. >> you don't always find who you are looking for on the initial search and you are able to rule out a lot of things that would waste time for traditional methods. >> about 15,000. >> you have to ask yourself what is a human life worth. that's a small investment we can give to protect the community.
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donated the first drone to waukesha police. they are looking for a way to t that second drone without going to taxpayers as well. police would like to get it next year. >> waukesha police have strict guidelines before they will fly that drone. law enforcement agencies must get a search warrant before they use a drone for any type of surveillance. george: another warm unseasonably clear day. but we are not complaining. let's go to john malan to see how long this stretch of weather will last. >> a beautiful evening and beautiful day, plenty of sunshine. you can ask for better weather conditions. let's cut to the chase. 60 degrees tomorrow. plenty of sunshine. very low humidities. 63 saturday.
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65 with sunny skies and it will continue into monday with 61 degrees. it has been a warm start. we broke the all-month record on the first day of the month. 65 above the normal at 52. i know it's only 3 days. 17 degrees above normal. that will go down through the month. high temperatures, 60s, 70s. chicago. 73 in 51 currently in milwaukee. 50 in racine. a nor wind dropping down to 40. the temperature will be in the upper 30s. 38 in burlington. 42 racine. not mh to talk about. just a little bit of cloudiness from milwaukee south and everybody else clear skies, could see some patchy fog
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look at the clear skies out to idaho, nevada and colorado and des moines wyoming. we'll be in control, youl see patches of fog on our computer models want to go develop. then that will burn off and we'll see mostly sunny skies. clear skies and into saturday more of the same, clear skies. as the winds go more southerly we'll warm up to the for tonight 42 degrees. 37 in a perfect fall night and patchy fog under light winds. patchy fog could be around very early. and mostly sunny. dry air and 60 degrees. warmer into the beginning of the weekend with sunshine and 63 on light southwest winds. looking great. 65 on sunday.
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the clocks. turn it back one hour. monday sunshine and 61 degrees. the next opportunity for rain, believe it or not. it's going to be rainy, right, on election day, it's got to be this election day. 56 wednesday. 58 thursday. but i'll tell you this, any rain on election day will be very light. i don't think lit make a dent in voter turnout. look at that hands amy krause, that's the poster
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george: years ago the bucks used green flowing as a marketing slogan. >> they know i'm going to hold them accountable. i have since because when you get into a crunch time situation where you have guys playing a big number of plays, you twoobt see those things -- you want to see those things show up. >> a number of people not thrilled with nfl football thursday night. then word yesterday that the big 10 will compete with high school games friday night in 2017. wisconsin says they will only
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>> by no moans can you say we don't care about high school football. shoot, our families, and those kid that play high school *. you read those essays and what football, not the games, not what third down meant, but what the coaches and teammates and players means to them.
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george: the bucks have shown promising signsn this young season. they worked only transition defense. and the offense outpaces the
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a nice hit. the man with more slams than anyone in the nba. he's off at the line. 3 at the halftime buzzer. it's not your night when miles is slamming home reverse lobs. the bucks win 25-27. the he could return before the end of the year. >> hopefully i'll be back by the even of the year. but right now there is no time when i'll actually be out there. lance: sam decker on a breakaway dunk. the ball will go off his face. the pride of sheboygan.
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he's playing this time around for the rockets. as we mentioned earlier in the newscast. inside the brewers. one of the biggest questions in the minds of the fans, the future of ryan braun with the team. >> the type of season ryan put up last year. those players will generate interest. and we take those inquiries seriousily and we explore them. >> thes like it's 1908. the world series parade will be held in downtown chicago ending in grant park where a million or
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john: the weather will be insane.
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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hlo, everybody, welcome to thirsty thursday. november 3rd, the day after an exhausting, but exciting historic night in chicago. >> was that frank sinatra? ? i love it ? ? bet your bottom dollar you do ? >> isn't he the same guy who sings "new york new york"? >> yes.


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