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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1200PM  NBC  November 9, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm CST

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now at noon -- victory for trump. some celebrating... others beginning to digest what this means for the country moving forward. this morning... hillary clinton offered the concession speech she did not deliver last night. though she called donald trump... she did not address the packed room of supporters. many of them returned this morning to hear her reaction to the stunning loss. painful and will be for a long time but i want you to
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never about one person or even one election it was about the country we love and about building an america that's hopeful, inclusive and big hearted" republican speaker of the house paul ryan describes donald trump's election night win as the most incredible political feat he has seen in his lifetime.ryan, who was elected to his tenth term last night, said trump was able to connect with people who felt alienated in ways no one else could. he said trump will lead a unified government and work to dismantle obamacare and other regulatory requirements championed by the obama administration. "donald trump heard a voice out in our country that no one else heard. he connected with, he connected in ways and with people no one else did. he turned politics on its head. and now donald trump will lead a unified republican government."ryan congratulated trump on his win.. last night
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challengers in wisconsin's first district. president obama also spoke about trump's victory over clinton. he said he spoke with trump and congratulate him and believes we can move forward as a country. "now everyone is sad when their side loses an election but the day after we have to remember that we're actually all on one team this is an intermural scrimmage we're not democrats first we're not replublicans we are americans first we're patriots first we all wants what's best for this country. trump's victory speech was gracious and inclusive. he colimented clinton on a hard fought race... and thanked her for her service to the country. he also reached out to those who worked so hard to defeat him. :17oc: "our great
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the past, of which there were a few people, i'm reaching out to you for your guidance and your help so that we can work together and unify our great country. in the u-s senate race... senator ron johnson set to serve another six years. johnson out-performed donald trump in wisconsin... pulling out a win in his rematch with democrat russ feingold ... helping keep the senate in republican hands. 07i intend americas given us a chance an opportunity to put this nation on the right path and that's i intend to do57 :22we as americans have to do the best we can to heal the pain in this country and get people to come together. i would urge you to be as restrained as you can be as the next steps occur. our stat wisconsin played a historic role last night... donald trump was the first republican presidential
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1984. pete zervakis explains whether wisconsin is turng into the next repu blican strongho wisconsin has now gone red in the last two major econs... re-electing governor scott walker two years ago... and pushing 10 electoral votes to donald trump last nightbut republican bob spindell says wisconsin's e we're 50/50 - right down the middlehe credits republican efforts to drive up and republican senator ron johnson. we're still a purple state - we just outworked the democratsclinton supporters agree the state remains a battleground... do you still think we're a swing state? yeah they're confident future elections can turn out differently: the way i saw last going red when i really thought it was going to go blue a professor of political science says democratic numbers in wisconsin for hillary clinton were down compared to presidential
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voter turnout suggests dems performed less well than they have in press elections past but those votes are out there. which is why he says wisconsin will remain in play for both parties in the coming years. political scientists say the key for republicans... is to keep the coalition of trump voters that turned out last night together for future elections. in milwaukee...pz ... tmj4 wisconsin after securing her party's nomination. trump did. wagner says that too might have contributed to the turnout numbers and enthusiasm among their respective bases. many voters across southeast wisconsin went to bed before the presidential election was called. this morning many woke up shocked to discover a donald trump upset. yet as veronica macias found in waukesha considered "trump county" diners weren't
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veronica.macias@tmj4.comthis morning it wasn't easy to find a "donald trump wins headline. diners in milwaukee shocked to learn that the badger state helped put him over the top." 102613 shocked disappointed 102615at ma fishers in milwaukee people are having trouble swallowing the news. dennis boone says he doesn't understand how it happened. how pollsters got it so wrong. accepting the outcome isn't easy for him. dennis boone, clinton supporterhe is a terrible candidate and he will make a terrible president. 2624 a few tables down carlos sierra says he voted on behalf of his fa he says will now live in fear of donald trump's proposed immigration policies. 101503 i was shocked to be honest with you. i had to look at that twice. and say did this really happen. i was concerned for my family stake. what's going to happen the next four years 101515however there are clinton supporters quickly moving on. 101210 i'm cool. next day the sun came out.
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sunset dr in waukesha county voter aren't shocked about trump's upset. this was the total opposite of milwaukee trump won here with 61 percent of the vote. 062131 we weren't surprised that we won, we kind of talked about it a little bit, we're a little surprised that hillary didn't come out to concede the election. 062141 062249 i think everyone is just ready for a change and donald trump is really the only choice to go 062255113732 the one thing people could agree on - no matter who country now need to come together. just in at just in at noon-- you may have seen long lines at your polling place... but the wisconsin election commission says statewide turnout-- appears to be at a 20 year low. officials predict about 66-percent of the voting age population voted. they expected at least 69-percent would cast ballots statewide. we've learned there ?were a few waukesha the clerk there said they ran out
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locations in the town of lisbon early in the afternoon. we're told new ballots were ordered and arrived around 2-30 p-m. the n-double-a-c-p released a statement-- it says in part " this was the first presidential election in more than 50 years where voters did not have the full protection of the voting rights that the election is over, the first priority for a new congress and a new president must be restoring the badly-broken voting rights act. u-s stocks welcomed u-s stocks u-s stocks welcomed trump by avoiding the crash many had feared. knee-jerk panic in global markets as it became clear trump was about to pull off a stunning upset by defeating hillary clinton, wall street's favored candidate. favored candidate. dow futures plummeted nearly 900 points at one point. but a sense of relative calm seemed to return to the markets by this morning's opening bell. for all of the latest results from election night, go to tmj- 4 dot com slash decision
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this morning was mostly clear and cold with lows in the mid to upper 30s. today is mostly sunny and seasonally mild with highs in the mid to upper 50s, and a light westerly breeze. tonight is clear and chilly
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still ahead... the key to victory. wisconsin native... and rnc chairman reince prebius on tells the today show why donald trump won. then... across the ocean. the reaction to donald trump from the russian president... and what the british are saying
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continuing our election coverage this afternoon--- donald trump elected the 45th states. taking a live look at the white house-- where he'll soon make his new home. president obama is inviting trump to a inviting obama is inviting trump to a meeting at the white house tomorrow. the two are expected to talk about plans for a smooth transition of power. the president phoned trump early this morning to congratulate him on winning the election. he also called secretary clinton and expressed admiration for the strong campaign she waged throughout the country.
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the head of the republican national committee on last night's big presidential victory. party chairman reince priebus appeared on the today show where he talked about donald trump's victory. :23 to be a great president." "he captured the frustration of the american people but i think donald trump also understands that he made a commitment and he is gonna deliver on that commitment and i have to experience he gets it. he understands where we are at and i think he really wants to deliver and he wants president." and with his win-- trump updated his twitter page to reflect the election results. there you can see trump and his running mate mike pence as the cover with the white house in the backgroudn. on the presidential side-- russian president vladimir putin has congratulated donald trump on winning the u-s presidential election. residents of moscow reacted today to trump's victory. a group of russians from the friends of trump group
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in. :09 with their courage. "i congratulate the american people with their will and with their democracy and with their strength and with their courage. elsewhere a group of americans from democrats abroad gathered in an american- style diner to watch the election results. one woman said she was "shocked" at the outcome of the voting as the results appeared to be going in trump's :15the united states." "i' surprised, somewhat shocked that the american people voted the waey depressed about the outcome, have fears for international relations, social problems, environmental problems in the united states." londoners relived the shock of the brexit referendum result this morning as they woke up to the news trump had won.many say they were "saddened" along with surprised, while some saw the humor in the result of america's unconventional presidential race. "just looking at the news this morning, bit shocked really, i
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isn't it? what can you say? i mean, it's a difficult situation because to be honest, i wouldn't have voted for either." world leaders are congratulating trump. british prime minister theresa may says the u-s and u-k will remain strong and close partrs on trade, security and defense. italian premier matteo renzi said the friendship between italy and the u-s would continue to be "strong and solid". meteorologist brian gotter joins us now with a look at your forecast... this morning was mostly clear and cold with lows in the mid to upper 30s. today is mostly
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highs in the mid to upper 50s, and a light westerly breeze. tonight is clear and chilly with lows in the 30s to lower 40s.the sunshine continues for the rest of the week, so no rain, and highs warm back into th a sw wind up to 30 mph. the next cold front arrives on friday with highs falling into the 40s to around 50, with a chilly breeze up to 25 mph. saturday morning will drop to near 30, making it milwaukee's
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the afternoon will be sunny
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coming up... salute to tr bucks plan to honor our military on veterans day. and -- tobacco free. the proposal from one milwaukee alderman that could keep... even smokeless tobacco... out of sports venues in the area... and where the biggest push
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an inauguration ceremony happening today for members of the city of milwaukee youth council. young leaders will represent the city's youth and will work with the common council and the mayor. several young people applied and six new members were selected. the ceremony starts at 4:30 today in the common council chamber at city hall. a milwaukee rm proposing a smokeless tobacco ban at miller park and other sports venues. the proposed ordinance would ban the use of smokeless tobacco at all sporting venues throughout the city. it would especially affect baseball players with fines up to 250-dollars for using tobacco at miller park. alderman michael murphy is inviting the public to attend the public safety committee hearing tomorrow at nine a-m. a memorial designed by an army veteran is set to be unveiled in time for veterans day. vets who live at luther manor, a non-profit life plan community
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in their honor. a dedication ceremony is today at 2 p-m. a full honor guard will be on hand. the milwaukee bucks are honoring our military members. there are several events happening today through veterans day-- as part of nba cares hoops for troops week. a veterans appreciation dinner is at 5:30 tonight at the clement zablocki v-a medical center campus. tomorrow is military appreciation night-- when the bucks take on the new orleans hornets. teachers and volunteers are hard at work this horace mann elementary.they're unloading equipment to build a new playground for the schools 550 students. the school already has a tiny playground but its not suitable for older kids. so a lot of teachers take their students across the street to a public playground, but that's not always a great idea. it's a good 6-7 minute walk down 2 roads and to get there we have to go through an intersection and to get over there to play in the time that we have it eats away in their recess transitioning from the
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we currently are the building blitz should be done by the end of the day and ready for the students on friday. it will include a summit climber -- a play web-- and a couple of picnic benches. the equipment was paid for by a 50 thousand dollar toolbox for educatoin grant. coming up... holiday plans. another major retailer announces it will be open on thanksgiving. and -- deer meat. arby's selling venison sandwiches... but only at select locations. the people have spoken. how crazy popular they they sold out.
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more kids are being left not properly restrained in vehicles.according to the national highway traffic safety administration, proper
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from 2013 to 2015. the percentage of four to seven year olds properly belted in booster seats fell to 44- point-5 percent. nearly 14 percent of kids ages one to three were prematurely graduated to booster seats in 2015. a majority of americans view chip cards in a positive way... but there's one generation that prefers the ole magnetic stripe card. according to a survey by nerdwallet and harris poll, millennials are the only generation to prefer traditional magnetic stripe cards over chip cards. the two major reasons why-- confusion about when you are supposed to use the chip and the longer transaction time. another major department store chain has announced it'll be open on thanksgiving day. sears says it'll open most of its doors at six p-m on thanksgiving day and keep them open until midnight.some sears stores will be closed on thanksgiving, but all of them will open at five a-m on black friday. sears has opened its doors on thanksgiving for the past four years.
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has turned out to be a hit. the chain began offering the sandwiches this month at select locations in six states where deer hunting is popular. according to nation's restaurant news, an atlanta location sold out of the sandwich in 90 minutes, and locations in minnesota and wisconsin - which had less inventory - sold out in 15 minutes. live at 12:30 is up next-- on wall street. we'll look at how the markets are reacting to the presidential election... and where they may go in the near futu. legalize it. the states that approved recreational marijuana use... and those allowing for doctors to
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thanks for joining us this say yes to more. call now. afternoon. i'm vince donald trump will become the 45th president of the united states.hillary clinton spoke this morning conceding the election -- saying the country needs to heal.edward lawrence has the latest. donald trump celebrated his victory early this morning in new york , saying he will be the president for all americans.for those of you who did not support me. i am reaching out to you for your guidance and help so we can


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