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tv   Morning Blend  NBC  November 10, 2016 9:00am-10:00am CST

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good morning today fall fashion with designers you won't find anywhere else. plus a special lends to make your smart phone take amazing pictures we're going to tell you how to get it for free. they call her the baby maker. >> how this local woman is helping couples with fertility problems next on t blend.
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good morning everybody happy thursday to you. i can't wait for tiffany to show you something she shared with our staff today. it's called the -- >> pet cube. >> lots of you maybe know what it is. anybody that is a pet lover you are going to love this. it's a basic monitor you can get for your place it's a cube. it shows you your pet while you are away. like a baby monitor for animals. >> or could it be for plants? >> no. >> this is a live shot inside my apartment right now. i'm going to turn on the laser and i'm going to turn the sound on real quick. it's going to be weird sounding, but then i can call my cat. blue can you see him over on the couch. i will play with the laser see if he comes see you can play with the laser. bluegrass. get it. go get it blue. sick it. come on blue.
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>> okay i will put it on the wall. >> do you see it? >> do you see that red dot to the right there? >> he's such a snot he won't even play. blue come here. come over here. [laughter] >> now you all know how i talk to my cat. >> do it again. >> bluegrass, come over here. he won't do it. all right. well. >> that is amazing. >> i wish coye move it i'm doing it right from my phone it's a app you download. i will turn the sound off that is probably annoying to him. i don't care about you guys i care about my cat. [laughter] >> okay and laser also so i don't tease him. that's what it looks like on your phone and then you can interact and play and see so when you are away you can check on your animal if they are within the viewing range. >> emily just commented on the morning blend. >> oh, that is hilarious we love emily. >> is it for dogs als
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i don't know if dogs play with lasers? >> they do. >> our producer katie says oh, yeah they do. >> i'm not selling it. but i got it from bed, bath and beyond. but i have found out that is cheaper on amazon. it was like $150. >> that's a lot. >> it's not cheap. there is a newer one that is better that's like $200. this is the first version there is a second version that is better. >> we used to work with john austin he used to have a monitor on his kids in the summer because he and his wife both worked. he has i don't know how many kids, he would be like hey you guys stop fighting. he would talk to them and he can see because he would have a bunch of different rooms and he could kind of see what they were doing. >> and that's the bummer with this one you can't have multiples hooked up to the app you can only have one camera so i can't have a camera that is then facing a different direction. >> okay. >> i bumped this this morning
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more of the hallway than the actual couch. otherwise had i had it where it is normally you would see him on top of the couch. he is always on the couch on top of the tv or peeking around the corner of the thing. >> i swear blue knows he is just off camera. >> blue come out and say hi, come here. no? can you see him like you see the gray little something on the edge there. of the couch. >> cameraman dave is like yup. >> he's his name is blue cat. >> we'll try it later in the show. that's hilarious. i have to share a online dating fact that i have been sharing. >> don't tell people you even a pet cube. that's not what you should put on your dating profile. >> that's not a guy magnet to say you have cats and that you chat with them via your pet cube. that's not the one i was going to share. in the online dating world this is what women are afraid of and what men are afraid of. what do you think men are most
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afraid that women are -- >> going to reject them. >> number one answer men are afraid of meeting someone who is fat. >> no way. >> swear. number one. yup. >> what? that's awful. >> number two, women are afraid of -- meeting a guy who is -- >> a jerk. >> a serial killer. [laughter] >> yeah that too. [laughter] >> what's funny is something like -- >> jerk would come in second. >> jerk would be number two. >> 3% of men are considered psycho paths according to this psychology analysis which only extremely tiny percentage are serial killers, but that's what women are afraid of in dating online. >> you're right that's true. number one. i love the soundoff question. go to our facebook page and tell us what is your pet's name? >> bluegrass, bluebird, a lot of
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dog molly. it's a dog name. a lot of people have it. blue gas is an awesome name. our youngest daughter calls your cat blue jeans. >> bluebird, blue jeans. >> we should have showed a closeup of him. we have a special feature we want to talk about on the morning blend. we're partnering with local first milwaukee. >> we all know the benefits of supporting local businesses they keep dollars moving in the local economy, cre and maybe even more importantly preserve the one of a kind character to our community. >> today this is our feature a local business called i love this, tall guy and a grill catering. the owner dan says everything is better with booze in it. right? >> yes. >> we love you already. which is why he created this bourbon barbecue sauce. >> not too sweet not to smoky goes great over things like
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they suggest adding a dollup to your next bloody mary. >> they were married in charleston, south carolina. they are there right now celebrating their anniversary. charleston is wherehey fell in love with southern style cooking and it inspired him to create this sauce. >> you can make this bourbon barbecue sauce at a local bye local gift fair. tall guy and a grill will be there along with 50 other november 27 from 9:00 to 7:00 in walkers point. admission just $5 for advance tickets we put a link on or you can visit local first >> you can also get tall guy bourbon barbecue sauce in wauwatosa on north avenue and 72nd street at kettle range meats and it's a rustic pallet in cedarburg. doesn't this look dishes? >> boy just tasted the sauce.
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we have more coming up on today's show including a better way to take pictures with your smart phone without buy agnew phone. we'll meet a mom who had fertility issues and the unique way she overcame them and had a bouncing baby boy who just got his diaper changed in the hallway. [laughter] >> i saw him he is so cute. >> why not. that's something you got to take care of. that's what happens. >> after the break milwaukee magazine named it the best women's boutique. their best ideas for
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welcome back. if you are hoping to find a thoughtful gift that is a real hit, we have great suggestions. everything is personalized, popular and super fun. milwaukee magazine just named the navy knot women's boutique so we thought we would ask them to show you the hottest accessories and greatest gifts for the season. >> lisa kelly is the owner of the navy knot she's here along with riley, to model personalized jewelry, candles, handbags, frames, sweater, shoes did i leave anything out? >> you have got them. >> beautiful display of things here and people can see so much more at your store in whitefish bay. you carry a lot of designers and brands that people will not find
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brands like we just recently started carrying lily pulitzer. riley is wearing julie brown new york. >> she makes cute coats too right julie brown? >> yes she does. >> riley i love what you are wearing. if you don't mind step around the front of the table. you have to see the fringe at the bottom of this shirt. what designer is that again? >> julie brown new york. >> i love that. look at that fringe. >> turn around show the zipper that's beautiful. >> yeah. >> like the zipper all the way up. that is so cute. >> that's really cute. >> thank you so much. you're the perfect model for that. >> all right let's talk about some of the other fun things you have because personalizing gifts is a big thing for you guys. >> right exactly. we're into monogramming and personalization. and we wanted to show these things today because they do take a little bit of time to get. >> okay good to know. >> this is the time you want to order personalization.
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carry this coordinates collection. what this is, >> -- wry tip that up just a tiny bit. because you will be able to see what is on it. >> these are really you can uniquely putny coordinate on there. can you do specifically someone's home address, a city, you can do a school. >> oh. >> anything you can get as intricate as you would like. >> that's really neat. >> they come in great bracelets, necklaces i'm wearing as well. >> hold that there for a second. they are coordinates of something a place that is special to you. it might have been where you met your husband or where you had your first baby -- >> that's exactly what mine are. where my children were born. >> are there multiple coordinates on there? >> just one they were both born in nina, wisconsin. >> that's so fun i love that. >> let's talk about the water bottles. >> and the flask. [laughter]
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bottle this is what you want the swells. they are very popular and we can monogram them for you so you just have this gift a little more personalized. there those are one of the hottest gifts. monogramming that is really neat. cool i love the flask and the coasters. great for a guy. >> guys can be so hard to buy for you. you have great ideas for men too. >> these are fabulous. these are from smatters in branson. we do flasks, we do belts, money clips, coasters, you name it, it's a hand needle point it does take about six weeks to get so you want to order those right away. and, there is huge array of colors and designs. >> i was looking at some of the pictures you shared with us have more examples because as as much as you brought today we have even more in photographs. guys like we said are hard to buy for. some of the pictures you can see how many different varieties there are to choose from. >> right.
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>> yes. >> really neat. jewelry right here with initials is such a great gift idea. >> this is a classic gift. everybody wants their monogram jewelry. we use a great company out of california, they have been around for years. they have an excellent reputation, but the other thing i like about them they do unique monograms. this isn't your normal monogram you're going to find anywhere. this is a great two letter monogram, the one right next to it is a veryon your monogram that hangs down. we've got some really cool bracelets, the rings are unique. that cuff that he is showing right now is my absolute favorite. >> that's gorgeous. >> i love that one. >> these we can do in gold or sterling silver. >> price point on those what do they start at? >> they start around $195 and depending upon if you do gold or silver. we go up from there. >> molly and i are both obsessed
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different leather colors and have it monogrammed. >> exactly. >> look at all of the colors you can choose from. >> this is great this is from gigi new york. this is not only a clutch, but also a shoulder bag. >> oh, it has a longer strap inside? >> it does it has the strap inside. >> oh, yeah it does. that's fantastic. >> that is a perfect gift. >> you could do across body. >> that is such a great size too. you don't want smaller than this and i don't like bigger than this. >> perfect size. >> there we did bring a couple other bags. >> the second bag right there the tortoise, tortoise is huge for the fall. so this one is really popular. you can tuck the strap inside and it will be like a little clutch. and can you do the monogram in any color. i personally love the gold, but we tend to do orange monograms on the tortoise as well which looks great. >> that is fun. the ready bag next to it is like felt right? >> uh-huh.
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you can do with this. really quickly i want to mention highlight a few other things you had great green bay packers things here that you can monogram. >> these are so soft this would make a perfect gift for anyone. >> love these blankets super soft. you can personalize those too as well as the tray, the ice bucket. there is that sweater you can monogram on the sleeve. those choker necklaces are gorgeous. >> exactly. >> and the frame too. >> we can see the frames. different combinations you don't have to do the christmas, but, you know you can find something very unique for whoever you need the gift for. >> i love it. >> you have so much fun stuff coming up in the next two months. >> there is a reason you were named women's best boutique. >> there is free gift wrapping all season long. and you have some great holiday events the weekend of friday november 25 through sunday
9:18 am to find out more about the fun events and special offers you have going on. the navy knot is located in whitefish bay at 308 east silver spring drive. you can call them at 964 navy or again go to shop the navy always great to see you guys. >> thank you so much. nice to be here. >> happy holiday. still ahead have you ever looked this closely at a $5 bill? we're going to tell you about a special lens for your cellphone that can get you really, really close. >> i never seen that before. >> u maker and how she is helping local couples grow their
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welcome back. when it takes longer than it should to make a baby couples can become emotionally frustrated and >> our next guest is called the baby maker. he we're here with stacey roberts and proud mom of dominic katie klink with this adorable baby. her book is called the fertility bible your five step fertility solution of becoming pregnant naturally or with ivf. hi dominic we're so happy to have you here. i saw you getting your diaper changed this morning. >> sorry about that.
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>> we're already close. >> let's talk about your book. i think it's very fair to say that couple who is are experiencing infertility are very frustrated. >> absolutely. they are frustrated there is depression, there is anger, sadness, it's a mix of emotion. it's an emotional roller coaster is what it is. >> is it common to have fertility issues or is it because women are having children later? >> they don't exactly. there is it a correlation between age and fertility however, one in six couples arou countries are dealing with fertility issues so it's a big problem. >> what is your background in dealing with fer tilted issues? >> i was -- fertility issues. >> i was a physical therapist. my husband at the time when i had the opportunity to go to australia for his job. i found out i couldn't work as a physical therapist due to licensing laws. i wasn't feeling so well after
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me. and helpi me move forward. and that they are motivated and empowered to do that.
9:24 am
years and put it into a very simple five step program. at the clinic we individualize that, but the it helps individualize it and put it together. >> the reason they might be experiencing infertility will vary from couple to couple. what was your experience what was going on for you? >> my husband and i tried for about six months to get pregnant tu kind of knew my body knew i needed to take the next step. we both had a lot of testing done we were told that the chances of us getting pregnant naturally were almost to zero. we were told we had to do ivf. i went into the first round blind like let's make a baby. it was a really bad experience. difficult personally and emotionally. >> it's expensive too. >> that's like the least, it's
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unfortunately, we only had one embryo that came out of that and it did not result in a pregnancy. so we had to do a second round, which i actually used the five step fertility solution the second time through. >> with the ivf? >> in conjunction with ivf and it resulted in dominic and in fact -- >> way to go buddy. way to go. >> yeah. >> you are a fantastic egg. [laughter] >> and on top of having this wonderful thing, we actually were able embryos out of that second round of ivf. >> that's fantastic. look how cute you are right there in that picture. >> yeah you're so cute see that. >> you're fantastic. oh, that i my favorite. we're really close now. [laughter] >> he's smiling. >> katie with her ph.d. in nursing has gracious hly offered to edit the next version of fertility bible.
9:26 am
dealt with. >> what do you think specifically helped you so much. someone would say if you are doing ivf wouldn't that either work or not work. you feel very strongly that the steps in stacy's book are what really helps. >> it reconfirmed the first time i went through ivf i felt terrible. i was very hormonal. just, it was a really hard time. only had one embryo. the second time i took a little bit more time, i wenthr getting balanced emotionally, physically, spiritually and it resulted in a better process. i felt better, i felt more in control, like stacy said i was extremely empowered. the fertility process stripped so much away from you of control. following the solution it gives you power it gives you confidence, at least you can control one thing out of this whole process. >> and it gave you a baby. >> it's like the best thing
9:27 am
taught me a lot about who i am and just, kind of the obstacle that you face. it just gives you the ability to face it in a different way. >> good for you. >> and i'm so thankful for the program and for stacy just to have support. >> yeah. that's awesome. >> she did everything that was asked of her to do and she's a compliant patient? >> absolutely. we've known each other many years so it was great for me to able to see her thrive. >> it's no small thi couples conceive. i think it's wonderful what you are doing and you have an event going on it's called the five step fertility solution happening next wednesday, the 16th of november, from 6:30 until 8:00 p.m. it is on west capitol drive in brookfield. you want people to register because space is limited. people need to call (262)373-1050.
9:28 am
towards anything you might buy at md custom. >> that's wonderful. $10. >> and they get a copy of the fertility bible. >> that's amazing. (262)373-1050. great to meet you guys. >> thank you so much. >> thank you so much dominic you did a good job. >> you were a good boy. [laughter] >> you're so good. yeah. [laughter] >> he's smiling. >> all right. are being drawn towards purchasing lake homes. after the break if you love selfies and taking pictures with your smart phone you got to stay tuned. we're going to show you something that will allow you to get better closeups and more
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oh, yeah we got t picture the day. >> viewer cindy titled this photo dancing in the distance. these are her two daughters that's right abbey and anna at scout lake. you like that? >> that is so cute. two daughters. right there i love it. thank you so much for sharing that photo with us. in today's world it seems just about everyone uses a smart phone for photos. everything from selfies and groupies to vacation photos and holiday pics. >> today something everyone will want i want it really bad it
9:32 am
tony miresse is with art's cameras plus, they have also sponsored our picture of the day which we love so much and thank you for it. tony is here to tell you about a big event for all of you photographers from amateurs to pros to cellphone users. >> absolutely. >> good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> great picture. >> we love that you do that people love seeing their families and loved ones on air too. this weekend is your big fall expo right? >> big event for us. and as always, we try to make it aot we try to get people to line up and come into the store. >> they are really lined up. >> we do it and this year no different. we're going to do it by giving away a free gift to the first 30 people in the store at the waukesha location on friday, where we open at 10:00 and saturday at 9:00. are going to get something really cool. something that everybody can use not just a photographer. but you know, let's take a show of hands at the studio who has one of these things in their pocket?
9:33 am
>> everybody is taking selfies. the problem is when you are trying to get more than two or three people in the picture, you get, you know that shot that we showed earlier there you go. you have a hard time getting everybody in. >> this is with no lens nothing added. >> the promaster makes this cool little wide angle lens. it is magnetic it will clip onto the foreig phone like that. clips right on like that or if you want to keep your phone in the case and use the other side now see that, they cool little clipy thing. >> no way. >> you just pop it on like that. >> we should look at the after too. in that shot, you can get everybody. >> now everybody is in the picture. so, it's also very cool because this is a dual purpose lens a maco lens as well. you show the picture of the dollar bill how many people do you think are pulling a $5 bill out of their pocket. nobody noticed that abe lincoln was actually in that.
9:34 am
shot with the natural lens. >> wow. >> so you get both of those effects out of this one lens we're going to give it away to the first 30 people at the store on friday and saturday at the waukesha store. >> does it work on any phone? >> every phone, ipods, tablets. plus they make a kit, they make four lens a telly photo, a fish eye and polarizing lens lens including one that we're giving away and, all of the mounting devices in this case. we're going to have that on sale normally $80 we're going to have it on sale for $59.99. for a gift everybody knows somebody who can use this. >> it's not just an iphone. if you have a smart phone it works. that's really important for people to know you don't have to have a iphone. there it will work on phones
9:35 am
anybody under 30 for sure. >> it really is. what is the rest of it? >> all i'm showing here with canon and sony and nikon one of the key new features on cameras. if we think about what everybody does on their photos theyant to share their photos. facebook and you want to do these things immediately. if you are out there taking pictures with your good camera and lens you reach in your pocket pull out your phone so you can take a picture and sha you don't have to do that anymore. the manufacturers have a lot of cameras now, even the compact point and shoots up to the slr type cameras that have built in wi-fi you can take your picture and have it sent to your phone. you can share your really good photos and have it go right to your phone. >> it used to be that was the reason you didn't take the good camera you were like i want to
9:36 am
we're having people that brought cameras two and three years ago saying i want that feature. they are trading in just to get that feature. >> you can do that? >> we'll buy cameras outright, digital cameras, but this weekend with our capture cameras event you can come in with your digital camera and we will give you a 20% bonus if you trade it in for something new. you can get your wi-fi and everything and we're going to give you >> you have a great deal on the lens too. >> this cameron lens is an all one. best selling, 16 to 300-millimeter zoom. >> woe. >> it takes the place of the lens that comes with your camera and this big honking one that most people buy, as your next lens. >> so you only need one. >> right instead of a bag full of stuff.
9:37 am
what they are doing you have extra rebates to get $105 off the lens plus you are not going to need the lens that came with your camera anymore so you trade it in we'll give you another $100 for it. >> now you're thinking tony. so you are saving $205 on the best selling lens and what it does it gets this lens normally $629 down to $425 with your trade. fantastic deal. >> here's the deal we're out of stuff and say what can i do with this? >> absolutely. >> that's what i would do. >> here's what i got what do i get. >> that's a really good question. you do classes too. >> we have six free classes friday and saturday. you can check our newspaper ad in today and the wrap for tomorrow and its on our website you can do the free classes and
9:38 am
that waukesha store. >> friday the 11th from 10:00 to 6:00. saturday the 12th from 9:00 to 4:00. this weekend, waukesha sale prices the door busters greenfield is the location as well. >> better than amazon prices this weekend you don't have to fight the black friday crowds they are doing it all right now. >> i love it good stuff. thank you for sponsoring our picture of the day. >> absolutely happy to do it. owning a lake home has upsides and down sides. why some empty nesters are
9:39 am
first it was gift certificates. then gift cards... now, it's wisconsin lottery's $15 holiday scratch game, unwrap the cash. ironically elf-themed, this festively-fun gift put a bunch of us into early retirement. old-school gifts can't compete!
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see you on the green! okay!
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welcome back. some people dream of living in a lake home, it can feel like being on vacation every day of the year. most lake homes in wisconsin have the piers pulled in and the boats stowed away. is this a good time to get involved in the lake house market? joining us is brian fendry a realtor luxury director for berkshire hathaway. we're super excited to talk about this. the pictures are so beautiful. >> makes me want to be there right now. >> really tell the story. we have to note is this a good time? >> this is. this is a very good time to buy and sell lake homes because everybody has enjoyed their summer they really enjoyed being out there. this was particularly nice summer especially late. and, so, you start thinking what am i going to do next year?
9:42 am
and looking at houses i get calls every day saying what can i see, what do you have out there? and part of the beauty we look at are the drone videos because more and more people obviously they see the inside of the homes from photographs when you are taking a photograph of the house, you get the exterior you just get ground level. the drone allows us to get up above, show you what the lake looks like, that last little video clip i was lucky when we were doing the drone a boat came by. >> [laughter] >> perfect. [laughter] >> right. >> so that is what happens is we're able to really show some of the specifics about particular lake homes. as we sell on pine lake, oconomowoc lake, others, it's important to see. there is special things that are good and bad about homes as we talked about and, so it allows us to really someone what they are getting.
9:43 am
>> no this is okochee. this is on ice house bay. you get to see the bay from the air then it goes over to the north of there you have the big lake as we call it. >> look at that. >> we can get that drone up to 100 feet actually up to # hundred feet, but we don't want to get too high. you can even see some of the background. the state park, so there is some specifics you wouldn't see from still photography. >> absolutely. what an advantage seller too. if you are looking to sell or looking to buy right now it's a good time for the lake area. >> absolutely. again, people have their money, they have their plans, a lost homeowners are selling their great big homes in the city or in the suburbs and subdivisionses and buying on the lake. they actually end up buying a smaller home in terms of bedroom counts, bathroom counts, but square footage even, but then you have the feature of the lake. as we talked about last time
9:44 am
idea or you mentioned to us, empty nesters. i think they are a really interesting category. people who want to maybe downsize, but they might like the idea of recreation year-round to draw family members to visit. they tend to have big budgets because maybe they are selling family homes in the suburbs as you mentioned. they go maybe a little smaller in size, but they have that feature of the lake. i would think it's very appealing to that group of people. >> we remember how we were witho and 30s going to see mom and dad was always very important. when you got there you wanted to be moving around too. so, a lot of people are reaching out to me saying i want to have something my kids will come to visit. the destination if you will. or friends because your friends will all, you get up you come outside they are on the lake. >> already grilling. [laughter] >> you are like oh. there we keep a cooler outside so everyone can help themselves.
9:45 am
that live out there that's how their home is it is almost like a open door. they are the place to go. especially if you enjoy that and want that energy and the people and the family and the kids around you i think it's just such a smart decision. >> it is. >> there is rare things like small cottages and new construction too. there are so many different styles i think people would want in a lake home. >> there are. there is budgets all the way down to 400,000 and well into the 2 million, mi old cottages raising them and building a new home to their own specifications and it's a great way to have what you want on a lake rather than a small cottage that has been added and added to. >> i know you say the market is strong for these types of homes now. it's important to know i think that is an even better or more important reason why you need to work with an agent who has experience. you studied these lakes you know if you want good terms, you want the best price, and this home that you are going to buy it's important to work with someone
9:46 am
>> and know the frontages and the lake itself for personality. if you want a place you are totally up north you might go to mousse or north lake or pine lake. if you want a place where you can entertain okochee is probably most popular. also big cedar and little cedar great place to have friends and socialize. knowing those lakes knowing the frontages the drones really help because we are recruiting agents and what i saw by boats. it's a great way to become an expert on lake homes. >> you do a free marketing analysis for people if they contact you. contact brian fendry he will give you a free market analysis and aerial photos as well. beautiful shots you saw. brian fendry@g is the email to contact him. can you have a private conversation there about selling
9:47 am
thanks brian good to see you again. >> great to see you again people can start dreaming now. i like that thank you so much.?? did the election coverage leave you with big bags under your eyes? a lot of people it did. after the break a simple solution to help make them disappear in just janet, i'm giving you an extra week's vacation! oh, ah... nooo. what? no way. who says no to more? time warner cable's all about giving you more. like the most free hd channels and virtually unlimited movies and shows on demand, so you can binge all day. and don't forget the free tv app. switch to get ultra-fast internet with secure home wifi to connect all your devices. call now. for $89.99 a month you'll get free hd channels, 30 meg internet and
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the holidays mean tons of get togethers, cocktail parties and seeing all of your friends and family and we all want to feel our best. that starts each morning with a little look in the mirror. here with the secrets of an amazing new technology called plexaderm is tia leslie. welcome back tia. >> lovely to be here again. >> i love it when you are here you always bring the best stuff. >> this is a way for all of us to look a little better during our holidays. >> i can't believe the hay if you really want to put your best foot forward look amazing plexaderm can get you there. bags underneath the eyes, the crows feet, the expression lines, plexaderm can drastically reduce the appearance of these fine lines and wrinkles within minutes and i have great video which is great testament to how well the product looks. >> absolutely let's take a look at that video. think this is just something that is wonderful to see. so in this video you have asked him not to smile so that you, he
9:51 am
know, crevices in his face. >> this is ritchie. he has some you can see some really good bags under his eye. so he is a good sport about this. >> look familiar? [laughter] >> exactly. so he is just dabbing a little bit on and this is again, a time lapse unedited video. within minutes you are going to see the circumference of that bag literally diminish before your eyes which is unheard of. i don't know of a lot of products on the market that work this quickly that's what i love about plexaderm. >> he is putting it o time lapse realtime. will you see the difference between one eye to the next as we go on. it really helps with that sagginess, the puffiness, the fine lines, and in just a few minutes. >> just a few minutes. and again, you know i have pretty much i'm sure you have as well, tried everything topically on the market and nothing has worked until now. plexaderm is amazing. so, what this is, the technology is really cool. they have used shall rock and what they have done is extracted the nutrients from it.
9:52 am
exactly. they have extracted the nutrients from it which is a mineral. they have infused that into the plexaderm so what this does is when you apply it to clean dry skin it actually helps pull up the moisture from your skin, and then tightens simultaneously to really leave you with that beautiful smooth appearance you are ready for the day. >> so even though the applicator looks a little bit like an injector there is no injections right? >> it's not an injectable. nothing wrong with injectables, but they can be iffy. effect you want not to mention costly. what i love about plexaderm you apply it you are in control. let it sink in do its job. jump in the shower do your hair. come back if you want to put moisturizer on you can, make sure there isn't any oil in it. we have a serum that works beautifully with it. if you want to put makeup on you can you will look flawless. >> i think so many people that have bags especially really want something a solution and they
9:53 am
injectables. i love that this is topical. i think a lot of people in the pictures have the undereye bags as we look at these closeups too you can really see the dramatic result. i think the images are so telling. >> it is a testimonial of how well the product works. i want to reiterate we don't use models or actors these are our customers bringing in these pictures sending them in and you are going to see the before and after he has a little bag underneath the eye or just some fine lines within minutes they ar diminish within minutes and you're going to see that and you can see the testimonials they are sending in by the dozens. it's an amazing way if you are not sure, not an actress, not a model. this is your neighbor. this is you. this is your aunt, your sister amazing way to diminish the fine lines and wrinkles within minutes. >> i mean they have almost disappeared. >> yeah absolutely. >> does that last all day? >> it does. so really use this part of your
9:54 am
products are cumulative you have to use them day in day out week in week out. plexaderm you apply it you're in control. you use it in the morning you're going to see some amazing results that i don't think you can get from any other product out on the market. >> so many people they head straight to the doctor when they can't seem to do anything to get rid of them. is it true it even works or foreheadlines? there forehead lines. the smile lines. really any verb sign of aging men can use it, women can use it. not getting a lot of sleep. maybe you're an executive not getting enough sleep. you know definitely pick one up for your gentleman friend otherwise he will be dipping into your beauty bag too. >> and you can use it with your makeup as long as it doesn't have a lot of oil in it. >> right. can you put moisturizer on it over it and makeup you are going to look flawless. it's amazing.
9:55 am
all of our morning blend viewers. the holiday season this is the perfect gift. offering $50 off for all -- 50% off for all of our morning blend viewers. take advantage of a special buy two get one free promotion. go to or call. supplies are limited so call now. it's the holidays get a jump on your shopping. thanks so much for being here tia. >> thank you for having me. >> he looks incredibl >> amazing. bag is gone.
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save big. hefty costs less than ziploc. this morning on "today's take," unbreakable and irresistible jane krakowski back as co-host. and oscar winner redmayne and lori laughlin will be here. > all that and more coming up now. >> announcer: from is "today's take," live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today," a thursday morning, november 10th, 2016. i'm al, along with tamron. and she's back! special k. >> i love that. a legal substance. >> there you go. i'm thinking cereal.


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