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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 16, 2016 4:00am-4:30am CST

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. after being holed up in trump tower for five day, president-elect trump ditches the press core for a fancy, fancy dinner at the 21 climber stopped cold, now the skyscraper will reach unpresidential levels. before heading to germany on issues that included calming concerns over his successor. back at home, dozens of pipe lean protesters arrested as things escalate. one teacher is in trying times, "early today" starts right now.
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ayman mohyeldin. for the first time in five day, the president-elect elect leaves trump tower, leaving reporters behind, breaking for a protocol on the town. mr. trump slid past them for a dinner at new york's 21 club. it's a move he has done several times on the trail. now as he readys himself for the white house, it's a move that left the press scrambling. first presidential daily briefing. nbc news asked his son-in-law jared kushner to sit in on the briefings, once he gets top security clearance, that could take days or weeks. that comes after trump trying to fill the more than 4,000 political positions in his administration t. process is complicated as nbc's kristen welker explains.
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mike pence, signs they may be in turmoil. former congressman, mike rogers, who had been advising him on national security abruptly announced his departure following chris christie's leadership. >> we have done a great job under chris christie's leadership. >> reporter: sources telling nbc news, it was a stalinesque and multiple victims are competing for trump's ear. the new picture emerging, loyalist former new york mayor rudy guiliani eyed for secretary of state. also in the running, john bolton, former u.n. ambassador for the u.n. under governor bush. >> john would be good choice. >> is there anybody better? >> me, i don't know. >> reporter: guiliani was paid
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and consultant for foreperson government, a transition official knocking that down. every candidate will be thoroughly vetted. >> now, trump responded to rumors of insider turmoil via twitter as you can imagine. he said, quote, very organized process taking place as i decide on cabinet and many other positions. i am the only one who knows who the finalists are. thousands took to the street for a national day of action. controversial access pipeline took place in more than 300 communities by so-called water protectors. >> we're here to protect the water for all living things on this planet. >> in columbus, ohio, one protesters parked his van in the middle of a downtown intersection and chained himself under the vehicle. firefighters released the man and police arrested him and
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well. an ambush attack on tuesday sent shock waves throughout the community. southwest airlines employee was shot dead walking through a crowded terminal in the employee terminal parking lot t. victim is 52-year-old michael winchester, a father to three daughters and kansas city football player james winchester, police believe the attack was planned. >> we were able to determine very, very quickly, it was not an active we do believe the e believe this was a premeditated tact against the victim. this was in the random. >> the suspected gunman was later found dead in a truck on the second level of a parking garage, it appears he suffered from a self inflicted gunshot wound. the president met fidel cuba ahead of strong relations, viet
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with castro dangers facing the world, include, climate change and population growth t. viet namese leader is expected to hold talks which are hal castro and receive their highest award. in last week's elect, denver the first american city allowing people to use weed in bars and restaurants. they have to bring it and it can't be smoked inside. they might outdoor pot smoking areas. one teacher's area to help kids deal with a less kind world. first bill karins has mohr mid-week forecast. bill. >> this is all about the snowstorm coming no the rockies and the northern plains. we already had blue in the net. it's mostly in areas of idaho. in missouri, we have winter weather advisories issued. in the cascades, 6,000 feet.
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warnings. as far as the snow amounts go, again the bull'sdegrees. beautiful in chicago. warmth continues in texas, all through the southeast, where we definitely need somef so a little bit of everything out there we have snow and record warmth ahead of that storm. >> that's good news, thank you very much for that. from "star wars," kerry fisher had a relationship with harrison ford and the guy that climbed touch tower in august to protecting the future president's home, a major challenge facing secret service. an in-depth look. that's next.
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>> what if you are brown? >> that auntd true. >> what if you just can't do it? >> that ain't true. >> why because? >> ki do anything i put my mind to. put my moipd to. >> look at those pictures, certainly teachers in a call and response that has gone viral after it was live streamed via facebook, their teacher jasmine wright told the huffington post, she wants to instill the students to push through she had them participate one day after the presidential election of donald trump. overseas, president obama's visit to greece is marked by clashes after some several thousand protesters took to the streets as they tried to reach parliament and the u.s. embassies, starts openly chanted against the president and greece's us a territory measures and donald trump. they weren't the only ones speaking out against trump,
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president obama head to germany in a few hours and is expected to meet with hollande and angela merkel. we find nbc's christensen. good morning, the president may be on his foreign trip. it seems domestic politics is dominating a lot of the headlines over there. >> reporter: yeah, the senior advisers totally coming into this. they knew it was going to happen t. questions here are about trump. there is a tremendou nervousness. a little later on, he will be giving a speech that kind of crystallizes some of the push and pull he will see behind this trip. two big topic, one is debt relief. the u.s. has tried to help them find a way out. the exact opposite with donald trump. which makes the government here nervous. he says the whole situation is unsalvageable t. second refugee crisis, they have about 60,000
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their war torn country. obviously, the president, who has encouraged chance in europe to help these refugees. completely opposite approach from donald trump. those are the kind of issues he will be addressing here. as he travels as you said to germany, a little bit later today. but in a press conference that he held with the prime minister here in greece, i asked him about this that he contributed to the election of donald trump. he says he responsibility for either the election or for influencing his world view and he also talked a little bit about nationalist warping against divisions caused by race, by religion, by ethnicity. here's a little bit of what the president had to say. >> i do believe separate and apart from any particular election or movement, that we
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against a rise in a crude sort of nationalism or ethnic identity or tribalism that is built around an us and a them. >> reporter: the president walking that fine line warning not to criticize donald trump anymore, wanting to talkbo instead how he will insure a smooth transition but constantly asking questions if private and public what it means that hillary clinton will not be president. he did have a couple pressure from that spraesh and there was a steak dinner, later today, he is going up to the acropolis. he will be talking about the birthplace of democracy. aides tell me it is a place he always wanted to visit.
4:13 am, at least three nba teams have stopped staying at three donald trump brand holes this season. the milwaukee bucs and dallas mavericks moved away from hotels with trump's name. abc news has not been able confirm that report, disgruntled residents at three new york luxury apartment buildings are getting rid of their trump to change the name of its three trump buildings. residents said weather permitting, the trump science will come down as early as today. a week into president trump's transition, several organizations are seeing a huge surge in donations. the aclu had its page actually crash last wednesday says it has seen the largest bump in his
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million. planned parenthood has received unprecedented support and more than 128 people donated and the sierra club registered 900 new monthly donors. next, protecting donald trump at his home. back in august, a man tried to scale this then nominee's home. today, secret service is working with the new york police department on a plan to protect the president-elect and his family while also calculating very significant cost os taxpayers. nbc's cynthia mcfadden has more. >> reporter: can a 58-storey tower in the middle of new york city be a safe place for him and his family? that's a question on the mind of the new york police department and secret service. william bratton was in charge of the city until a few months ago. >> they will at all costs keep
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cannot be underestimated. >> reporter: already with a team holed up at trump tower, trump has not left the building since thursday. security challenges are mounting. what if this becomes penthouse 1? >> this building will have to be secured four years, eight years, for as long as the president-elect lives. >> reporter: the president-elect's penthouse is on the top three floors of trump tower t. trump website says there are 263 each worth millions. below that, 26 floors of officers, on the first few stores, a variety of stores and restaurants, including starbucks, an ice cream shop and nike and gucci, from the street level, discussions are under way whether 5th avenue will shut down when mr. trump is in residence t. side street next to trump tower is already closed.
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>> later this morning, fox news anchor megyn kelly sits down with savannah guthrie.
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tentious relationship with donald trump and former boss roger ailes. bringing back supersonic air travel and who will be billionaire of trump's top treasureer? karen tso has more. good morning, karen. >> reporter: the donald trump event has been tweeting about the president-elect's topics to see the economy. it seems like there might be a couple walre former goldman sachs partner. trump is seen as the front runner. meantime, will the boss and turn around specialist seen as a likely commerce secretary. meantime, from wall street, to silicon valley, stand by for this one. snapchat's parent company has been filing in secret for an ipot. company is worth about $25
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platform the market is focused on. it could be the likes of uber and airbnb. meaptime, in super fast travel this could be a way to escape a trump presidency or brexit. it's a three-and-a-half hour between new york and london, something richard bran zopp is working on, a prototype that straps yourself in for test flight last year, it's posting speeds of 1,500 miles per hour. >> it will make people want to geut faster. thank you very much for that just ahead, nba star lebron james fires being at the new york knicks and kerry reveals a 40-year-old secret. we will tell you what it is all
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. i saw a bird is going viral on social pedia, because people think it has donald trump's hair. take a look at this. yeah. [ applause ] >> that's real. the biggest difference is that bird actually tweets way less than donald trump. >> you got to admit, that was pretty funny that bird had that same color hair. >> all right. well, this morning, one legendary star says she's had a hole hookup that was out of this world. in her new being the princess die ris, "star wars," kerry fisher says she had a quote
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harrison ford, she writes it was hans on the set and harris zopp and kerry on the weekend. she says it lasted about three months and ended when it wrapped and he was married to her second wife. she gave a head up she was going to tell all in her new book. they reunited in star wars wars the force awakens. lro trending topic on google. he referred to james business partner as his passe. >> he says what he says undermines arkin americans in business. james says he lost respect for him, no word yet on phil jackson on james' remarks. >> he is so professional, kind of careless make with that comment. you are watching "early today."
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good morning. i'm.. vince vitranohere's what's coming up on "live at daybreak" we wait for brendan dassey to walk out of prison .. a new legal move by attorney general brad schimel.what he plans to do next.also... we're getting our first look at the suspects accused of torching a bank in sherman park.the financial reward on the table this
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good morning. i'm susan kim. i'm vince vitrano.let's start off with a check on the


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