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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at Daybreak Early Edition II  NBC  November 17, 2016 5:30am-6:00am CST

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susan kim.and i'm vince vitrano. let's start with a check of weather and traffic together... here's storm team 4 meteorologist brian gotter after some patchy inland fog, yesterday afternoon was sunny and mild with highs in the mid 50s. just a few clouds moved in overnight, and a light se breeze with a warm front has kept the temps near 50. we get another november treat today with more sunshine, and highs in the mid to upper 60s. a southerly wind will increase to 20 mph throughout the day, and will remain windy 50s. incident freetraffic building dry roads speeds at or above
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a search is underway in west allis -- for a suspect who shot a customer inside a cell phone happened at the cricket wireless at highway 100 and national. west allis police tell us: a person was taken out of the store by ambulance -- and the victim was shot during a robbery. by store -- the suspect got away. the person who was shot went to the hospital -- and is expected to survive. a beaver dam woman is accused of running a major drug operation -- selling heroin and coccaine. according to authorities in dodge county -- 27-year-old lacresha lightfoot was the major supplier of drugs in dodge county for the last two years. a drug task force conducted multiple undercover operations to build their case against her -- using criminal informants. lightfoot has been charged on
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one of the killers spotlighted in the netflix series "making a murderer" could be out of prison by the end of the week. brendan dassey and his uncle steven avery were sentenced to life for the rape and murder of teresa halbach in manitowoc county in 2005. the state and dassey's attorneys are now sparring over whether he should remain behind bars. pete zervakis is live in columbia county to explain. brendan dassey remains in correctional instutition. his fate is now in the hands of the federal appellate court in chicago. a federal judge tossed out dassey's conviction over the summer - saying his confession was coerced. the same judge ruled dassey can leave prison while the state appeals that decision. the attorney general filed an emergency motion to try and keep dassey behind bars. but the judge denied it
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u-s probation office has already approved his future residence. wisconsin's attorney general has now filed a second emergency motion with the u-s court of appeals in chicago... he's asking the court to overturn the decision on dassey's release by friday. live...pz... tmj4 any moment now president obama will meet with german chancellor angela merkeland then with leaders tomorrow. the president is on his last overseas trip before successor donald trump takes office in january, obama is seeking to reassure european allies who are concerned about the implications of a trump presidency.trump garnered support on the back of promises to build a wall on the u-s border with mexico, ban muslims temporarily from entering the united states and
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obama opposed those positions and is fighting now to keep his legacy.after germany, obama will travel to peru for the last stop on his trip. a northern wisconsin blood center says a travel deferral for areas affected by zika has been lifted... the community blood center says that means donors who have visited active zika areas no longer have to wait to donate... wisconsin hasn't had any locally acquired cases of zika... and the c-d-c says it ha virus through blood transfusions in the u-s it doesn't feel like winter yet but the city of milwaukee is getting ready for christmas. we're only hours away from the 103rd annual christmas tree lighting ceremony and organizers say families are in for a big treat this year.ann sterling is live with more. some say that big treat -- this year the christmas spirit returns to city hall.other say the big treat is there's a
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the design of this 38 foot tall tree will be a celebration of our city -- decorated in ornaments that represent each and every neighborhood.right after the tree lighting -- the city's holiday lights festival will kick off.and drivers you will need to pack your patience this morning in downtown that will be affected.east wells street -- between north water street and north broadway -- north water street between wells street and kilbourn avenueand this starts at 9 this morning. the 103rd annual christmas tree lighting ceremony will begin this afternoon at 5 p.m. again -- we're told santa will be here at well as free hot
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and it's going to get festive-- in ?waukesha tomorrow night. the city is holding its annual christmas tree lighting at 5-30 downtown! pack up the kids and enjoy hot cocoa, carols more live at daybreak-- on today's tmj..curious about your spouse's spending habits? you're not alone-- how many people are ?snooping on their significant other's bank statements-- plus.. charitable challenge!how some local high school students are making an impact in our community--
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after some patchy inland fog, yesterday afternoon was sunny and mild with highs in the mid 50s. just a few clouds moved in overnight, and a light se breeze with a warm front has
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another november treat today with more sunshine, and highs in the mid to upper 60s. a southerly wind will increase to 20 mph throughout the day, and will remain windy
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job available! village pointe commons is grafton is hosting a job fair today and they're looking to fill 150 permanent positions.the facility is grafton's newest senior community.there are two fairs... the nine to noon. and after a lunch break they'll continue meeting people from two to five p-m. college and high school students just wrapped up a contest to see who could raise the most money for charity. it's called the kapco charitable challenge.and the winners are -- port washington high school and wisconsin lutheran. judges determined their projects made the biggest impact with local charitable groups and people in need. i think everyone wants to think about other people .. a worthwhile endeavor to try and
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19 teams took part in the challenge. coming up on live at daybreak on today's tmj4:an opportunity to make sure local families in need have a meal this thanksgiving. then -- check your fridge. the types of cheese under recall this morning... and the illness it could cause for people who eat it.
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if you share your credit card account with someone and you've snooped on that other half's spending habits.. you are not alone. a new study by creditcards-dot-com finds 17-million-credit cardholders admitting they've sneaked a peek at anhe, it's not just spouses checking in on each other.. parents who shared accounts with their kids are keeping track too. if you'r thinking about taking a trip, 20-17 is the year. a new report by american express predicts airfares will fall next year, due to overcapacity and stiff competition between major and discount carriers. but, higher fees will help airlines offset those lower ticket prices. better economic growth in
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dollar.. and america's dollar hasn't been this strong since 2003.on wednesday....the dollar hit a 13-year high at 100-point-57.higher interest rates and more government spending are the reasons behind the increased strength of the dollar. more news now: west allis is on a mission to keep area kids lead free.tomorrow they're giving free lead tests to kids six months to six years old. the event is over at the west allis health department.. one o'clock until 3:30. here's your chance to make sure area families have a meal in front of them this thanksgiving.hunger task force plans to build 800 thanksgiving dinner boxes.. but they're in need of can join them at their warehouse in milwaukee tomorrow at 8 a-m. afterwards, the bins will be picked up by local food pantry coordinators and distributed to 800 local families facing the greatest need after 38 years of success as
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in wauwatosa will undergo renovations to reopen as a jose's blue sombrero restaurant... you can still visit the location through the new year... renovations start on january 14th and should wrap up by june... tatiana and brian have together... after some patchy inland fog, yesterday afternoon was sunny and mild with highs in the mid 50s. just a few clouds moved in overnight, and a light se breeze with a warm front has kept the temps near 50. we get another november treat today with more sunshine, and highs in the mid to upper 60s. a southerly wind will increase to 20 mph throughout the day, and will remain windy overnight with lows in the mid 50s.. this weekend is the deer
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tracking a storm for friday and saturday that will bring some rain and very gusty winds. friday will have a few afternoon showers with highs in the mid 60s and a sw wind gusting to 40 mph. a chance for scattered showers is possible friday night with lows dropping into the 30s with the cold front. saturday will have a few rain/snow showers before noon, then clearing, very windy and much colder with nw winds gusting to 45 mph. if you are in for accumulation snow, areas north of wausau could see 1-2" of snow by midday saturdayo accumulation in southern wisconsin. sunday is sunny, breezy and cold with highs in
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incident freetraffic building dry roads speeds at or above posted consumer alert this morning - some grated cheese brands are being recalled due to possible salmonella contamination.the recall involves "four-c" grated cheese, homestyle grated cheese, and cento grated cheese one's gotten sick yet, but the f-d-a ran some tests that revealed the cheese risk some sad news to pass along this morningformer u-s defense
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congressman melvin laird has died.he served as defense secretary under president nixon .. eventually overseeing the drawdown of u-s forces in vietnam .. and ending the military draft.laird represented wisconsin's 7th congressional district from 1953 to 1969.he was 94 years old. still ahead on live at daybreak on today's tmj4:major award.the reason why ?one local sports legend is receiving the nation's highest honor-- a civilian can receive. al heard of them? what they are and ?how they're helping the homeless in our community... next. let's take a look at tonight's prime time 6:30, it's football night in carolina -- bob costas previews the thursday night matchup between the panthers and saints.that game starts at 7-30that is followed by more
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a milwaukee bucks legend will receive the presidential medal of freedom... kareem abdul- jabbar will be honored tuesday... according to the
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highest civilian honor given to people who contribute to the national interest of the u-s.. more recently, abdul-jabbar has spent time as an activist when it comes to race in america. helping the homeless and helping the helping the homeless and the environment at the same time--some ladies in west allis are proving its possible thru an innovative idea called "mercy mats". " there are so many homeless people around and the comfots that the mat will bring them is really critical as well as helping the community by keeping these of the landfills" the ladies flatten the bags, cut them into strips, join the bags together, and crochet the plastic--instead of yarn they work with what they call "plarn". vounteers are welcome - no speacial skills needed - if you'd like to help with the mercy mats go to we have an e mail address where
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- "i've just felt numb. it's just hard to believe this could be a member of our
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out their community this morning.. why they say they're in disbelief after receiving that piece of mail. the viral letter now being shared on facebook. welcome to live at daybreak. it's i'm vince vitrano.and - i'm susan kim.we want to start with a check of your weather and traffic together with storm team 4 meteorologist brian gotter. after some patchy inland yesterday afternoon was sunny and mild with highs in the mid 50s. just a few clouds moved in overnight, and a light se breeze with a warm front has kept the temps near 50. we get another november treat today with more sunshine, and highs in the mid to upper 60s. a southerly wind will increase to 20 mph throughout the day,


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