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tv   Today  NBC  November 17, 2016 10:00am-12:00pm CST

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this morning on "today's take," an italian stallion. tony danza is our celebrity co-host. then from the perfect table to the perfect portions for each guest. we've got thanksgiving we can expect a sequel. coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on this thursday morning, november 17th, 2016.
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country, in fairfax, virginia with "today's turkey trot." we'll check back in with our main man in a minute. but we have a very special co-host from the boxing ring to the big screen. a tv icon from "taxi" to "who's the boss," now to the stage, the one and only -- the tony danza who has a song >> i feel like i'm going ten rounds. >> this is the song, "hold me closer, tony danza." the classic that blew up the charts in the late '70s, elton john sang this about you? >> well, you know, elton and i go way back. the truth of the matter is, i've never actually come clean about this.
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shouldn't talk about it. >> when you first heard that song, did you think tony danza or is that just the rest of us being -- >> you know how it is. on "friends," phoebe said i like that song, elton john's song about tony danza. i said, what are you talking about? i have incredible experiences with this. i was in philadelphia, walking to a restaurant with a friend of mine and three young girls came up to me. i thought theyan they got around me and they launched into this song. . they just started singing "oh how it feels so real." >> let's play the moment when "friends" told us what the lyrics were. >> best song ever was "the way we were." >> i think the one that elton john wrote for that guy on "who's the boss"? >> what song is that? >> "hold me close young tony danza ??
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>> that's so good. >> speaking of songs, we have a special one to play. you performing, as long as i'm singing from your show "standards and stories." ? ? >> in the show we try to pay homage to the guys who wrote the allen brant. people are obscure. >> everyone knows them. >> is music in your wheelhouse? your wheelhouse is television, film. seems like you don't have a wheelhouse, you have a whole car house? >> i always wanted to be a song and dance man. this is something i always wanted to do. in the '90s after -- i had an accident and i was re-evaluating my life what i hadn't done, what i had done. one of the things i wanted to
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together. i had been tap dancing for about ten years at that point. so that also gave me some license. i figured you could stink and then break into tap. >> everyone loves a tap dancer. >> it's been an incredible journey because you have to learn. you aspire to do it but in order to sing publicly, make that connection with an audience when you are doing the act, and also writing the act. then perform it. but what's great about it, when it connection with the audience. you tell personal stuff, stories about showbiz. so many years i've been out there and i was lucky enough to get out of there when a lot of the older idols of hollywood were still around. but stories about my mother. i introduced my mother to frank sinatra. my mother was the biggest frank sinatra fan in the world.
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he was so great to her. i tell the story in the show. but it is one of the greatest moments of my life. >> how did she react? >> well, not like you would expect. she was just frozen. she just couldn't -- she just couldn't. she couldn't move. she couldn't bear he was in the room with her. >> i heard you had a "who's the >> it was amazing. i was a little bit -- i was reluctant to do it. didn't know how two look, who wants to go back. but we all got together. the great katherine hellman and judith so wonderful. we were at patsy's restaurant on 56th. the official italian restaurant of the tony danza show. >> i was obsessed with "who's the boss."
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on alyssa milano and a lot of girls had a crush on you. >> i hear people saying, i wanted you to be my father. that's a wonderful compliment. >> he was so loving but cool, disciplinarian, but let you get away with stuff. >> not only that, why i'm so proud of that show, it wasn't proselytizing. we were preachingy. but we really tried to send a good message. >> look >> just to have that hair again. look at that. >> you could grow it out. >> wouldn't look the same. trust me. >> that's your throwback thursday moment that we presented to you. dylan has become the unofficial queen of throwback thursday. apparently she has a vault of pictures her parents took. >> i have a box of pictures my mom gave me. they are full of doozies. there are so many things to comment on this picture.
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>> bigger glasses than any kid i've ever seen. >> i was blind like since the age of 1 so i've always had glasses. the older i got, the bigger the glasses got. but i thought this was a baby alive when i posted it. it pooped and did everything. i never got the baby alive. santa brought me the wrong baby. >> but you didn't know pop. >> i still loved it. that's kind of my practice. >> what's the stereo behind you? >> >> they used to play cassette tapes. every single night i would go to bed listening to a cassette of buddy holly. >> and the lamp? >> my mom was big into stenciling. we had stenciling all over, including lamp shades. >> that captures such a moment in time. >> it was a moment in time, for sure. >> you guys got to come out and see the show. i'm going to be in brooklyn college.
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sunday, brooklyn college. 3:00 in the afternoon. walt whitman performing arts center. i get to do that act. i get do that attempt to make a connection. and i'm going back to brooklyn. that's my neighborhood. >> brooklyn is not the same brooklyn. you see the guys with the like hipster brooklyn beards and dinner jackets. >> there he a always been eclectic group. but brooklyn is a very special place. >> number one thing about brooklyn you love. >> all i can think about is the great community. my father was a garbage man in the neighborhood. he worked on the school we lived on. my first day of high school he let me ride inside the truck -- no. but i'm telling you, i think about the community. i really think about the
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corner grocery guy that played corner crosser guards for all the kids in the neighborhood. beat cop who strongly suggested i should try the police athletic league. that kind of thing. >> i feel like i can visualize all of these people in my mind. community was important for me last night. loreal paris women of worth awards. i was so honored to present to kathy tilipson. retiring, i'm taking all of my money to help homeless use. not just giving them a place to stay. this picture is missing a very critical component. there is eva longoria. you see the great diane keaton, the list goes on and on. just super stardom. carly klaus, the super model
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>> wow. >> wait a minute. now, wait. there's two beautiful women there but what's wrong with this picture? >> eva longoria, actress, producer, texan, all things great. i am standing next to them. i got out of that photograph. i could not stop laughing. eva says her plan in life is always to stand next to the shortest person on the red carpet. didn't work out that way. you met her. >> yes. i was like a dope. i was in a telethon. we were taking doe was sitting next to me answering the phone. i think it was the sandy concert. i didn't know who she was. tall. i said so you are a model. she went i'm carly klaus. i'm like, oh, moron. congratulations to all ten honorees. and congratulations loreal paris. you break the mold making women feel empowered.
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>> no, a sweatsuit. >> -- a sweatsuit to the office. tony would. up next, the new way to dress for success in your workplace. we're also getting you ready for thanksgiving with the right amount of food, to the table decor. >> don't fill up on the can't see it. can't taste it. but there's so much more to it.
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we're back now having fun in the commercial break with our super special guest co-host, tony danza. you are a big cook. >> yes, i love to cook. my father did all the cooking in my house. my mother cooked twice a year. she made "the lasagna." not "lasagna." "the lasagna." >> those are big ones to take on if you don't cook the rest of the year. >> what do you have? >> the italians have to have a total italian dinner because want to hold on to her heritage. so you have the antipasto. then the lasagna. then you had the full american thanksgiving dinner with turkey, all the trimmings. that's why they tell you when you walk in the door, don't fill up on antip. asto. >> i got this sent to me
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turkey. >> i think it's already been carved. >> is it solid? >> it's cracked? >> ooh, it's hollow. >> oh, look. oh, look! >> it was delivered to me. it was not cracked. >> i just collapsed the turkey. we're not carving it, we're collapsing it. >> our producers cracked my turkey! >> here's the thing though. >> look. >> that's a good sign. >> it's >> you know around easter you get the chocolate bunnies? i don't like the solid chocolate bunnies. first thing i do is squeeze them to make sure it cracks. >> i would like to squeeze my own turkey! >> the thought of it is nice. >> my turkey! >> i'll just pick it up. it's now a bag of chocolate. >> it's beautiful.
10:16 am
>> they are telling us to open it now that they've broken it. while tony is carving this broken turkey -- fruit of the loom -- >> here, have a breast. >> what was coming in my brain is finally going to end in my unemployment. okay. here, dylan, have a breast. coming up -- >> fruit of the busy casual to the next level with a professional collection line of sweatsuits. tony, what do you think? is there this is hysterical. this sounds like an italian fantasy. a sweatsuit that looks like a suit. >> there used to be the t-shirt that looks like a tux. >> that's a sweatsuit? >> they've got the cowboy corporate. seersucker or country club. starting price for you gentlemen -- $49.99.
10:17 am
that nor christmas? >> on mulberry street there would be a lot of guys wearing that. >> and it's fruit of the loom so you know it is comfortable. let's go down to fairfax, virginia to check in with al roker. al, would you wear that? >> i would not. i don't wear the sweatsuit. no, i'm not. i've got -- no. i don't have a sweatsuit. i don't -- >> why? >> why not just wear pajamas outside? >> well, yeah, that's the point. >> that's ridiculous. come on putting a little effort into it, for gosh sakes. anyway, we have all these nice folks. bonnie mcdaniel was surprised by "today's turkey trot." mack helped us with the advice. we've got all the kids and all her friends. we're in the city of fairfax park. cutner park. we had the big "today's turkey trot" featherlite bus in the
10:18 am
everybody say hi, new york. >> hi, new york! >> that's what's going on around the >> of course katie lee was here. >> we had a blast. >> thanks so much for coming down. all right, guys. we got one more. one more. i'll give you a hint. we're going to be somewhere in
10:19 am
>> we'll be in a new york state of mind. thank you, tony. i wish -- i wish i was there with you. you know how much i love you. >> i love you, too, al. >> he's got a fruit of the loom sweatsuit for you. >> oh, boy. oh, boy. >> thanks, al. we can't wait until tomorrow. up next, how many pounds of turkey should you prepare for each of your guests? >> that's a good question. >> we're going to help you figure out the perfect portion so you don't overspend -- >> or over ? get up for black friday. starts thursday, 6pm.
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10:23 am
would normally take on a plate and we'll see just exactly how right you are about how much you should have. people tend to take either too much turkey or they don't get enough turkey. what you need is 1 1/2 pounds per person which will give you leftovers. that's your turkey. you think that's the right amount of turkey? >> by the way, i'm on tv. i'm not eating like i normally would. >> is this how you would you're going to eat some of that now, then the next goes into your turkey sandwich the next day. you need to be sure you have the leftovers. >> this much if you want leftovers. and the leftovers are the most important part. >> cranberry sauce, take the gravy. the amount that you would normally do. thing about cranberry sauce, you think do you need leftovers? think about the turkey sandwich with the mayonnaise and you need the cranberry sauce.
10:24 am
important part. gravy. >> open faced hot with the gravy? >> it is amazing. i don't think i took enough of either. >> that looks good. then you guys took about half as much as in there. that is perfect amount to have leftover. so you are doing really, really well. >> moving on to stuffing. >> i love stuffing. >> stuffing, what do you do with the stuffing on the next day? you like to put it in a sandwich? iik get it crispy, butter in the pan and egg on top like hash browns with stuffing. so good. >> gravy on the stuffing. >> you know what? maybe this is one cup per person. cranberry sauce, you need half a cup of cranberry sauce, half a cup of gravy, one cup of stuffing. now mashed potatoes. you have to fill your plates quickly before everyone else gets in here.
10:25 am
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police this morning in several suburban communities looking for a suspect who shot someone inside a cell phone store in west allis. this was at the cricket wireless store at highway 100 and national. west allis police tell us: one person was taken to the hospital by ambulance -- and that the victim was shot during a robbery. that person expected to survive. brendan dassey remains locked up this morning. the convicted killer could ou by tomorrow night... unless an appeal to keep him there is successful. dassey was convicted with his uncle steven avery of the rape and murder of theresa halbach ten years ago. a judge overturned that conviction and ordered
10:29 am
10:30 am
one week from today, your guests will be sitting down to thanksgiving dinner, and nothing makes a better impression than an impressive dinner table. >> so we've got some festive ideas for the adults and fun ideas for the kids, and here t show us is our youtube star, brooke mahan. >> what's a vloger? >> video blogging. >> i should have known that.
10:31 am
vlogger. >> the best part about this thanksgiving table is that it is really all diy elements, stuff that's easy to put together. this is our centerpiece. we actually repurposed our halloween pumpkins, gave them a coat of white spray paint and just added in some other white elements like the flowers, these antlers. if you don't have faux antlers, you can use tree branches. it took five minutes to put together and it looks russ continue and elegant. >> i love the pumpkin idea. it is so smart. >> yeah. because the the next thing was you might notice there is a lot of gold. >> i love this. >> do you like gold? >> i love metallics. >> tony is taking it all in. >> this is incredible. >> one of my favorite things to do is repurpose -- i think gold spray paint can make anything look like a million bucks. we took some leaves from outside and literally -- they started like this. we sprayed them with some gold spray paint. wrote the names down with a sharpie and you have a super elegant place card.
10:32 am
which are not plates that you're going to eat off but it is just a decorative plate. mine were all beat up, again, coat of gold spray paint. tame thing on the stemless wine glasses. they look pretty. it ties that all together. >> love it. love it. >> then the last element, one of my favorite, these napkin rings. these are toilet paper roll. >> you're impressed. >> i'm telling you. >> he's going to take it apart. >> that's great! >> now we know what you'll be doing this evening. >> then finally, my favorite element of the whole table, it is so nice to send your guests home with something.
10:33 am
made these cute little to-go boxes with -- >> otherwise you have to give them all your tupperware. >> we just printed all these labels out at home. super easy to do and they have a little take-away from the night. >> tony danza, come on over to this in you-found profession called vlogger. >> i think the kids table should be the best seat in the house. we're making it really fun for kids and interactive. put something down that these big giant printables are from an amazing shop called caravan shop. parents can download them. they have all sorts of placemats. these are my favorite du yichlt diy kits. you can make things like the
10:34 am
napkins. we made it fun for veggies. i decorated these double shot glasses, some dip in the middle. i created these with black paper cups. for your cran holders. let your kids get active at the table. because they will get more engaged. this was so simple. we covered this table with butcher paper. we all have these sitting around this is an xs and os for tic-tac-toe. we've also created these -- >> take it easy, kids. having too much fun here. remember when we were kids, they'd say go sit down and eat. >> no! we're giving them games. just give them something to do after they are finished eating. >> on you can get this. >> at dessert time, they finish
10:35 am
there is no carpeting. get them some sugar cookie dough, easiest thing to do. this never gets old. >> you always assume you've seen everything in these diys. these are all awesome ideas! coming up, she's known for comedies. now actress isla fisher takes on a dramatic role. we'll talk about ?? going t happy thanks for giving! thanks for giving lien the strength to outrun her brother. thanks for giving victor the energy to be the rowdiest fan. and joseph, the ability to see monsters. when you choose walgreens, you choose to make a difference... like how every vitamin and flu shot you get at walgreens helps give life-changing vitamins and vaccines... to children in need. so, really... happy thanks for giving!
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the hit big screen comedy, "wedding crashers." >> now the new movie already getting rave reviews. this movie is unbelievable. "nocturnal animals." >> she and her fight find themselves protecting a trio of troublemakers. >> don't come any closer. >> it's all right, sweetheart. >> please, just get back in your car. >> lady, calm down. we got an accident to report. that's all. >> calm down. hey, lady, lady. >> it is just a flashlight, sweetheart. it is all right. >> isla's here with us this morning. >> we filmed that in the mojave desert. it was a night shoot that lasted for a week and half. normally i end a movie and i miss everybody and i want to
10:41 am
>> it was just so emotionally training to do that kind of material and have it look real. you have to really commit to it and there is a physical element. this movie is really about emotional violence and not physical violence. but my scenes which are basically the fictitious -- they're a book that amy adams' character is reading, it is still just a lot to take on. >> that's what you said. you were surprised we were talking about it on morning tv because it is such an intense film. >> what's tom ford like? such a great guy. i knew him as a fashion designer but to work with him one-on-one as a filmmaker, he is an incredible icon. he is approachable even though he is so dapper and clever. he seems like -- he's just a really great guy. >> you show up for work in your clothing and it is tom ford, do
10:42 am
what do you do when tom ford is there? >> there was once i was caught in the makeup trailer had ugg boots on and i thought i can't have tom know that i even own ugg boots. i sort of slipped off that shoe, kicked it away and way care foot to work. >> amy adams is also in this movie. how often do you get mistake for each other? >> so much so that one year my husband and my holiday greeting card i cut and faced amy's face over mine. said season's greetings. no one noticed. "your card was so cute." it was a joke! >> what's it like being married to sacha baron cohen? >> we've been together for 15 years. he's just great.
10:43 am
comedians, when he commits to something, he commits. >> "wedding crashers" sequel. what's happening? >> the first i heard of it, i bumped into vince vaughn at a party and he said apparently we're going to be making a sequel. i am interested to see what's happening to gloria. >> a done deal? >> well, maybe not. ho national television. >> that's breaking news. vince vaughn ran into her. we've got ourselves a sequel. congratulations on this. brilliant film. "nocturnal animals" opens nationwide on december 9th. have a glass of kathie lee's wine before you watch it just to calm you down. taking a look at the weather across the country, above normal
10:44 am
into the weekend, some rain into the great lakes, stretching down into the gulf coast but not where it is needed across the southeast which could really use some help with the drought. instead of rain avoids that area, moves into the northeast. we'll likely see snow on the back side of the front, especially across upstate new york. it is getting to be that time >> and that's your latest forecast.
10:45 am
nevada produced by matt damon already getting oscar buzz. "manchester by the sea." hey girlfriend, how's your cafe au lait? oh, it's actually... sfx: (short balloon squeal) it's ver... sfx: (balloon squeals) ok can we... sfx: (balloon squeals) i'm being so serious right now... i really want to know how your coffee is. it's... sfx: (balloon squeals) hahahaha, i had a 2nd balloon goodbye! oof, that milk in your coffee was messing with you, wasn't it? yeah. happens to more people than you think. try lactaid, it's real milk, without that annoying lactose. mmm. good right? yeah. lactaid. it's the milk that doesn't mess with you. ? ? ? snowmen with buttons, snowflakes with icing ?
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with nearly 100 tv shows and movies to his name, tate donovan has graced the big and small screen for more than three decades. >> his credits included "the oc," as well as the 2013 oscar winning best picture ""argo"" bested by ben affleck. >> now tate's starring alongside another affleck, ben's brother, casey, in a new movie that's getting incredible buzz. "manchester by the sea" is about a hockey coach who reaches out to a player after his dad passes away. >> when i was your age, i lost my dad, too.
10:50 am
through. if you want to come in and talk, want somebody to spill your guts to or throw the ball around, the door's open. >> tate donovan, the only time i want to lose my texas accent when i hear your boston accent. you are getting oscar buzz. the praise this film is getting is tremendous. the film is getting oscar buzz. how does it feel to be part of something that seems to have the momentum? >> well, oscars and stuff like that but it is brilliantly written and directed and acted movie. i feel so lucky to -- really small part but i would have done like craft service for this. it is such a beautiful script. >> "entertainment weekly" called it a masterpiece. "rolling stone" said it was one of this year's best movies.
10:51 am
really gut-wrenching. just really human for lack of a better word. it's got a little bit of everything. >> casey affleck we know from that jesse james movie, the coward. he was so great in that. it was like a revelation to see him. >> he is amazing in this movie. he is so understated and he gives such a -- wait until you see it. you're just going to be aw, forget it. first time i saw it, i just started hugging he barely knows me, he's, all right, take it easy, pal. back off, dude. >> you also want to direct or do direct? >> i do. i directed a couple of documentaries. sports documentaries. i won an emmy about arthur ashe. and i direct a lot of television. so if you guys want to be on a tv show -- >> we have a morning team.
10:52 am
>> what's the difference for you between -- between being in front and behind the camera? >> it's surprisingly similar. i know that that sounds ridiculous. but you're using the same muscles but just in a different way. like does that feel right? is that right? maybe we should try this. i'm so glad i started directing, because i really have fallen madly in love with acting again. because acting is like a vacation after you direct. especially television. it's like, a grind. th done. actors just saunter in. you got to learn your lines. >> really. you just saunter in? >> aren't people so nice to you when you are an actor? >> no, it is true. it is amazing. especially like a half-hour show, our show, the writers go
10:53 am
really great. wish you the best with the movie. >> "manchester by the sea" opens nationwide tomorrow. back in a moment.
10:54 am
10:55 am
>> now that i'm leaving, the wine comes out. that's all i got to sa around here. you can take that. colin quinn is with us.
10:56 am
10:57 am
i'm...vince vitrano alongside brian gotter...lets get a check of the weather.. traveling through the traveling traveling through the zoo interchange is about to get a lot easier. the dot is removing the last zipper merge next week. this is for eastbound traffic on i-94. drivers coming into milwaukee from waukesha county have had to squeeze down to two lanes for months. work crews hope to have that cleared and a new traffic pattern in place by wedensday. up in the sky... the world's largest commerical aircraft.. the airbus a-380 is landing in milwaukee today!the airbus
10:58 am
fact.. the airbus has the capacity to carry 853
10:59 am
i... i... i wanted those... no you didn't... hefty slider bags cost less than ziploc. you'll thank me later. oh...
11:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. rockefeller center. >> hey, everybody, welcome to thirsty thursday. we're so happy you're with us today. it's november 17th. >> already. >> who is that? >> kenny chesney. he's taking a trip around the sun. >> he does that for a living. you know where we're going to have some fun? right here. colin quinn is with us. he's got a new netflix special. we'll find out why he's been spending a lot of time with amy
11:01 am
people versus o.j. simpson." now sterling k. brown has another smash hit on his hands. everybody's talking about it. the show is call the "this is us." about his wife who he says rocks his chain. we're going to talk about them. >> and no thursday would be complete without our ambush makeovers. we have our everyone has a story. today's story proves the true meaning of family. >> oh, can't wait to see that. >> and they' >> awesome. all right, tonight is the night the stars of thursday night football. >> on nbc. >> on nbc. >> this is a new thing and we're all excite about it. >> the new orleans saints are playing the panthers. >> carolina panther. >> it's going to be a great game because the panthers are 3-6 and the saints are 4-5. >> i wasn't going to put on the jersey because you know, i only wear a giants jersey. but look at the back, that's
11:02 am
middle name. so it's just fine. >> cam newton, baby. the game -- what's on the back of my jersey? brees. >> brees. love him. >> coverage tonight at 7:30 on nbc. it's going to be a fun game. >> so mandy moore was on james corden's "late late show" this week. she talked about touring with n sync when she was just 15 years old. she was the group's opening act. and then something happened. while they were hanging out backstage. which each sure she couldn't believe it. he said something to her that she never forgot and not in a good way. take a look. >> but justin timberlake was there and he was -- somehow there was a conversation about feet or foot size, comparing shoes. all the background dancers. and i stroll up at 15, like, freaking out that justin timberlake is there and he's
11:03 am
girl. and i -- i'm sure he doesn't remember this at all. but i was so impressionable. i thought the world of him. 16 years later, it stuck with me. it really scarred me emotionally. >> she wears -- >> a size 10, which is fine. if you're tall like she is. >> and you are. >> people often go, well what size? well you're really tall. how much do you weigh? i'll say 152. well, that's because you're tall. but you still know. >> a little judgment in there. >> i think it's weird. >> in proportion in you know what i mean. >> you don't forget. think about a cruel thing someone said to you when you were a kid. >> you never forget the cruelties. you never forget the kindnesses. you try to forgive the cruelties. you do remember. >> you remember. >> but you can't forget. >> so this thanksgiving when you guys are all sitting around the thanksgiving table and someone's about to say something, think twice before you blurt out something that might not be
11:04 am
we have a bachelor update. >> come on, amanda. >> to tell us all about it is our guest, the beautiful amanda avery. >> so there's drama in bachelor world. i'm going to take you back to a year ago when ben higgins was the bachelor. remember him? he looked like peter brady. that's how we kind of remember him. he ended the show with a proposal to lauren. they were going to live happily ever after. they got their reality show that we've been -- i've been following. and they're planning their wedding. full-fledged wedding planner mode. she's picking out dresses. this week on the show, the show brought in a therapist to kind of talk to them. it was supposed to be funny. and to kind of check in and play like newlywed-style games. the topic of the wedding came up and all of a sudden he burst into tears. >> don't do that, guys, oh, don't do that. >> take a look. >> i don't want us to rush it.
11:05 am
something we're both still figuring out. like maybe somebody involves knowing what you're getting into. there's still things we need to know. >> i have no idea what just happened. i had no idea that ben was feeling this way. and i feel completely blindsided. >> i feel like to figure out that it's hard for me at this point to, like, really feel comfortable getting married. >> so you're saying the wedding is off? >> yeah, i am. >> wait, should have postponed. >> yeah, so this is the big wedding, like they were going to
11:06 am
i think there's hope. >> what do you think? >> i watched the show and she has been so gung-ho with the wedding and you can see him pulling back and getting glassy eyed. this was a bombshell though. for him to say -- because they probably have some kind of deal going or this was going to be a televised wedding. they did go to chris harrison the host and say officially the wedding has been called off. >> oh. >> now saying that, there's two episodes left of this reality show which follows the ups and downs of the relationshio >> some people do get that way when it gets close to the wedding. the girl's planning and planning and the guy's retreating. >> the crying thing is -- >> no, i believed his tears. >> i believed it too. he did break down. they even went wedding cake shopping and she picked out a coconut wedding cake. he's like, i'm allergic to coconut. shouldn't we know these things before we get marrieded? >> i love when amanda visit us. we love you amanda.
11:07 am
>> that's right, baby. all right. this is the time you've been waiting for. you're about to make your bird or it's coming up next week. we have the people who know how to cook a turkey better than anybody. butter ball is going to be on the fortunate. we have to take care of her. we have a woman on the phone named phyllis cramer. phyllis cramer from butter ball call center in naperville, illinois. okay. all right. hi, phyllis. >> hi, good morning. we're talking tur >> we are talking turkey. would you do answers and questions from our viewers? >> sure. >> all right, christy asks this, which is better for a juiciness, an oven bag or foil and a roasting pan? >> the one thing before i answer that is to tell you the most important thing is to be sure your turkey is not overcooked. and if you get yourself a good thermometer, that won't happen. so either method.
11:08 am
oven just like the picture. perfect gorgeous bird. that's what most our callers are asking about. it's our favorite actually. and the turkey is just brushed with oil, put it in the oven and close the door. >> oh, so don't use a bag? >> you can put it down, colin. >> so if you use a bag, it's a little different. it's more steaming than a >> we hope you guys can hear at home -- >> i'm sorry, we're having a little bit of issues with the call breaking up a bit. but she said don't put it in a bag, stick it in the oven. >> use the butter ball and when the little temperature thing pops out, it's done. there you go. presto. >> we prefer if you have an oven thermometer. >> see, an oven thermometer.
11:09 am
>> no, 170 in the breast, 180 in the thigh, get a good thermometer. >> phyllis, thank you very much. >> sorry we couldn't hear you well. >> what is colin doing? >> getting really to serve the turkey delight. i like she said, a good meat thermometer. and you go, what about the other one? you went against her whole principle. >> you did. >> because have you ever had a -- >> oh, you're so principled. did you ever have a butter ball turkey? >> what? >> ner >> all right, it's time for a little music, colin. >> already? >> an oldie but goody. this is blues traveler. who doesn't like a little blues traveler. "run around," baby. doesn't this put you in an instantly good mood? >> yeah. >> come on, colin. ?? he dances like a guy, right there. >> i'm dancing with three
11:10 am
woke with something in my head ? ? i couldn't escape the memory of the phone call ? >> all right, a little blues traveler. >> thatty like, hoda. >> there's a shout-out, right? >> oppenheim, the senior vp in charge of today is -- >> yes. >> look at that man. >> he's not here and he's not watching but we wish him the best birthday ever. to noah. we are going to in celebration of you. >> sharp tongued and sharp witted as she drinks, he's the quintessential. >> colin quinn stops at his old 30 roc stomping grounds. after this. coming up on "look! famous people!" we catch flo, the progressive girl, at the supermarket buying cheese. scandal alert! flo likes dairy?! woman: busted! [ laughter ] right afterwards we caught her
11:11 am
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11:14 am
which basically means no one outside this city really likes him. >> we do. it's actor and comedian colin quinn. >> he became a household name -- i bet my mother doesn't know him. in 1998, he began hosting "weekend update" on "saturday night live." >> i was a household name in the '80s on "remote control," but go ahead. >> starring alongside amy schumer in the movie "train wreck." now he's back with a netflix special. a taping ofis broadway show the new york story which retells the great history of this city and residents. take a look. >> everybody from new york thinks they're better than anybody else. everybody. we think we're smarter. rich people, poor people, middle class. this is the only city that has blue collar snobs, you know. you could take somebody two years of high school, put them in a room with m.i.t. professor, after an hour, what did you think of them?
11:15 am
>> when you're right, you're right. welcome back. >> thanks, ladies. >> last time you were here actually i think it was because you were off broadway with this show. >> yes, i was. >> you did have great success with it. >> ridiculous. it was a juggernaut. >> was it? >> no, it did good. >> and it did well. >> it did well. remember those commercials, do like i done. >> do you mix it up every time you get on tuesday, is it close to the same deal? >> i mix it up. >> you add some extra stuff? >> yeah. >> i got a feeling stand up you is you because you're the same commercial breaks as you are on camera. >> remember you talked about your boss? >> yes. >> what did you say? >> i was just annoyed that i came up with a great concept which is the empty chair for the whole show and people waiting in anticipation of who's the next guest. >> what does that have to do with noah? >> he's supposed to be the
11:16 am
like that. instead, he's off writing screenplays. >> he might win an oscar. >> day time, oh, yeah, haven't heard that story before. >> all righty. >> can i be john connelly in the movie? >> it's too late. the movie's coming out. >> all right, let's talk about the rest of your life. you and amy schumer are pal, right? >> yeah. >> that start before "train wreck"? >> started before "t wreck." >> what quality do you like best about her? because people are fascinating by her. >> what do i like best about her? she's sarcastic. >> she's a you. >> she really is. yeah, she's a real ball -- you know whatever. >> that's all you got to say about amy? >> she put this instagram thing on the other day. nice time, we all see each
11:17 am
i made an accidental -- i saw this fake gossip item about her, i said, amy, don't worry, i don't believe that nonsense that you would buy a tacky five bedroom apartment like a kazakhstan warlord when you're only one person and it turned out to be true. i didn't know it was true when i read it. >> you can't know what -- hey, where do you get most of your -- the fodder for what you do? >> your material. >> do you go to watch people, ride the subway, what happens? >> yeah. like all the comedians. i rode the subway here today. thanks for sending that car. >> all righty, well, noah wouldn't let us. noah's like no. >> he's like, guys, we need this for the wrap party for jackie. we got to tighten our budget. >> colin quinn. the new york stories available on netflix available tomorrow.
11:18 am
luck of the irish. two lovely ladies are about to have their own new york story once we reveal their ambush makeovers. >> from the new hit series "this is us," sterling k. brown, right after th ?? tomorrow's the day we'll play something besides video games. every day is a gift especially for people with heart failure. but today there's entresto?- a breakthrough medicine that can help make more tomorrows possible. tomorrow, i want to see teddy in the largest heart failure study ever, entresto? was proven to help more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine. women who are pregnant must not take entresto?. it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto? with an ace inhibitor or or aliskiren. if you've had angioedema while taking an ace or arb medicine, don't take entresto?. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high
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11:21 am
[doorbell rings] fingerhut man's here! oooh! maybe he brought you some defense. 'cause that's a touchdown, buttercup! ? ? ? ? oww! ? ? sterling k. brown was studying economics but he was bitten by the acting bug and he changed his major to theater. >> it hasn't worked out very well. >> we're so glad he did because he has a knack for picking some incredible shows like his role as burton for seven seasons on the military drama "army wives" and most recently his emmy-winning, may i add, turn as
11:22 am
simpson crime story." >> now sterling stars in one of the best shows on television. critically acclaimed nbc series "this is us." he plays randal who was adopted as a newborn by the pierson family. nothing says family like teasing your siblings. take a look. >> excited to meet your girlfriend? >> olivia is not my girlfriend and you're going to be cool. you're going to be cool, right? 'm of the pillow, you feel me? >> yeah. here's the thing. you're not allowed to talk to her. >> because she'll want me? she'll want me so bad? >> oh, yeah. you're having fun, aren't you? >> you are. >> great time. >> what a great character. >> wonderful. >> this is to play, right? >> so complicated and interesting. he's successful but flawed. like on the fringes being in this white family but try to figure his way as a black man.
11:23 am
>> the very first episode if anybody saw it and if you haven't yet, please check it out. >> you could not stop talking about it. >> you literally -- your jaw dropped watching the end this. when you read through the script, could you believe what you were seeing? >> he signs often his end of the script as m. knight fogelman because it's his little joke. i remember reading it flipping out. and then watching it and you see -- like they light the cigarette in the hospital. you're like, why is he smoking in the hospital? >> maybe had to almost. >> then you see all the costumes er everybody's wearing and it's like early '80s. it was great. >> you guys seem to get along like nobody's business or else you're great actors. >> you know what it is, you can't fake camaraderie. we have a genuine love and affection for each other. we're great people that enjoy each other's company, that's it. >> did you have any idea it would be this massive a response? >> we knew that from the
11:24 am
from the trailer because the trailer had like 95 million views, something like that. but until people actually watch it, you never know how it's going to be received. >> it's such a crap shoot, isn't it? >> it really is. >> well, you came off that emmy win playing christopher darden, which was amazing. just reliving you up on the stage receiving your award and what you said in the end about your wife and how she -- what did you say, rocks your chain? >> hottest chick in the game. >> something like >> am i close? >> the hottest chick in the game rocking my chain, yeah. >> and then every other person who came up started to say the same thing. >> that night, do you feel like it's one of those life. changing nights for you? >> yeah. it was an out of body experience. >> yeah, inbet it was. >> when i walked up on stage. first of all, they said my name, which you don't know if that's going to happen or not. my cast mates who are all fantastic who are nominated as
11:25 am
people were standing up applauding me. >> they don't do that unless it's deserved. we're so happy to have you. glad bless. >> "this is us" beatbo, what do you know about rabbits? i don't know anything about rabbits, but i do know that when you get your coupon and spend $75 at toys"r"us, you get a $10 gift card to use in december. cool. it's not like there's a whole bunch of rabbits about to sneak up on us. you're funny! uhhhh, eh... there's a rabbit behind me, isn't there? just a few.... last chance to get your coupon, spend $75 in store, and get a $10 gift card to use in december. toys"r"us ...awwwesome! we invited women to a spa to test a new body wash. dish soap. you may not feel it, but some body washes can contain cleansers found in dish soap. dove body wash is different. it has only the gentlest cleansers. it just made me feel good. this is dove.
11:26 am
? holy night ? ? sleep in heavenly peace ?
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11:28 am
police this morning in several suburban communities looking for a suspect who shot someone inside a cell phone store in west allis. this was at the cricket wireless store at highway 100 and nation west allis police tell us: one person was taken to the hospital by ambulance -- and that the victim was shot during a robbery. that person expected to survive. brendan dassey remains locked up this morning. the convicted killer could get out of prison by tomorrow night... unless an appeal to keep him there is successful. dassey was convicted with his uncle steven avery of the rape and murder of theresa halbach ten years ago. a judge overturned that conviction and ordered dassey's release. up in the sky... the world's largest commerical aircraft..
11:29 am
milwaukee today!the airbus will land at mitchell at noon today and will be in town for a few weeks for testing. fun
11:30 am
it's thirsty thursday and we have two lovely ladies ready to walk the red carpet. >> time for ambush makeovers. >> gorgeous new looks in time for thanksgiving. working their magic as our team of "today" contributors from the licari cutler salon, louis licari, la, la, la. >> and jill martin. >> kids, how was it today on the plaza? >> here i am with my favorite ladies. we found two of the sweetest makeovers to date. >> kim is our first lovely lady. she's 60 years old from harrisburg, pennsylvania. kim's birthday happens to be today.
11:31 am
makeover. she hasn't done much with her hair and makeup for six years because she's been taking care of her moms who has parkinson's. her mom's watching from home right now. now with kim's daughter brittany. take a look. >> you just whispered to me this is the best birthday i've ever had and you're already crying. tell me why you want this. >> because i've been taking care of my mom for six years. like 24/7. >> you deserve this. >> yep. >> aw. we're going to make you and your besty seems so excited for you. >> i am, you have no idea. it's amazing. i'm so happy for her. >> we're going to take care of you. >> thank you so much. >> oh, wow. >> and sharon's here. she's like, i am so happy for her. keep your blindfold on for just a sec, okay. here is kim before. all right, kim, let's see the new you. wow. unbelievable.
11:32 am
see your girl. she's right there. that's her. oh, my god! >> she's liking, where are you? >> all right, kim, you've got to see yourself. >> all right, ready. >> you look like a model. >> you got it. >> look at you! >> you look gorgeous. oh, my. look again. look again. wow. >> you look fantastic. >> you >> louis, tell us about the hair. >> first of all, this is such a great color story. because her other hair was a bit highlighted and it made her look grayish and brown together. this is warmer. just brightens right up. then of course took her curl, kept it and just used it for body. >> that's an arson cut, boy. >> that's an arson cut. she can do this with her fingers or with a blower. >> what do you think? can you even handle it?
11:33 am
>> happy birthday. >> that dress looked like it was made for her. >> could you believe this body? >> yes. >> so we wanted to give you something dressy you can wear for the holidays. this is maggie london. i love the built-in jewelry. >> gorgeous, gorgeous. >> just beautiful. >> you look great. >> a big round of applause for kimmy. kimmy, come join your friend. >> our second lady is shelly, she's 42, from lan cast, kentucky. she's an eighth grate teacher for three years. she went to college at 35 to sh h attainable and important. she wants an ambush makeover because she feels like this is the first time in her life that she's okay with herself. and it's time to look like she's okay with herself. let's listen to her story. >> so your nickname is bun lady. >> bun lady. >> so tell me about that. >> well, i'm a school teacher and every day you don't really have a lot of time to get fixed up so i just throw my hair in a bun and go to school. >> so you're ready for a glam new look and we can do whatever we want? >> whatever.
11:34 am
>> are you ready to see an unbelievable makeover? >> she is adorable. she's here with her hustony and kids morgan and logan. >> is she going to get in trouble? >> apparently she calleded in sick. >> she called in sick from school. anyway, life goes on. >> let's take a look at her before. now let's bring out shelly pluckett. what? oh. >> bun lady no more. >> no bun lady anymore. that's t. okay, take it off. oh, my god. >> oh, my gosh. >> wow. >> you don't even look like the same person. >> you want to turn around and look? >> take a look. >> you got scared. you're going to love what you see. >> oh, my god. >> oh, you look beautiful. >> wow. >> okay, we're ready. >> we need it. >> thank you. anybody over there? yes, the daughter, the daughter.
11:35 am
to worry about school, i'll write the letter saying i'm dr. louis, no problem. again what we did here, i lightened her hair. she had some very white pieces on the bottom that we just took off. and, again, the side part and the color. finding the new lipstick colors for both ladies. it looks so beautiful and natural. >> this whole group. >> i know, what do you think? >> so good. >> >> kentucky, right? >> you went to the game? >> i wondered. >> tell us about the outfit, jill. >> the outfit is from chicos. and a statement necklace from marlin chef. >> why don't you step out? big round of applause. louis has a present for you. >> here's your color -- >> -- in it the most difficult of time, everyone has a story,
11:36 am
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11:40 am
? everyone has a moment ? oh, boy, everyone has a story. this one is all about family coming together when the going gets rough. >> yes, shawna is from minneapolis, wrote us about the very tough year she's had after
11:41 am
life-threatening bicycle accident. >> there was a long road to recovery which opened shawna's eye to the true meaning of family. >> my husband brian was riding his bicycle home from work when someone hit him. he had to be airlifted to the hospital 45 minutes away where he was admitted to the icu for internal bleeding and a broken pelvis and back. my parents were driving from wisconsin to florida where they had rented a condo. they were in nashville when i made the dreaded ll and drove straight to our house in minnesota to help out with our two kids, griffin and alis. brian was in the icu for six weeks undergoing multiple surgery, procedures and dialysis. the road to recovery was very uncertain. with the hospital so far away, i couldn't commute back and forth either day. my parents stayed the entire time so i could be with brian 24/7. they took the kids to school, to all their extracurricular activities. they helped them with their
11:42 am
griffin said it best, meme and papa took us to school a little late the first day back. after that day, it felt pretty normal. as the weeks went on, my mom kept reassuring me, you need to be with brian, we have the kids. knowing they were being so well taken care of, i was able to concentrate on brian's recovery for his entire three-month hospital stay. my parents put their entire lives on hold. there is no real way to thank them or express how grateful we are for all they did for us. they truly of family and the sacrifices parents make for their children. >> beautiful. now we get to meet shawna, her husband brian and her amazing parents, luanne and jim are here. so great to have you all here. this was recent, so how are you feeling now, brian? >> feel great. >> yeah. long time in that hospital. >> it was a long time, yes. >> i mean, when you think about your parent's support, because you always wonder what we woulder do when we got into this
11:43 am
that your mom and dad would be there lickety-split, huh? >> absolutely. >> describe what they meant to you during the time. >> just being in the hospital, there was just, you know, minute to minute things going on with brian. i didn't have to worry about the kids. i just knew that everything was fine. they were being well taken care of. >> i love the line about how we didn't get to school on time the first day but then it got normal after that. what wast dad again? >> really? >> to little ones. >> we needed naps every once in a while. it was, you know, we had our joy in being able to become a hockey grandma, gymnastics and everything else that we did. we had told shawna just don't worry, we've got your back on this. you know, it's -- >> jim, how was parenting the
11:44 am
ones? >> well, i think griffin and i ended up being sports addicts. we bonded pretty much. be able to follow him playing hockey. >> there he all are by the way. >> the whole family is here. >> you go through these things as a family. if you're blessed enough to have a family. and a close one that takes good care of you. well, when we come back, we've got a very special song just for all of you. >> and a performance by one of broadway's brightest stars coming up right after this. ahh...still sick, huh? i'll take it from here. i'm good. i just took new mucinex clear and cool. ah! what's this sudden cooooling thing happening? it's got a menthol burst. you can feel it right away. wow, that sort of blind-sided me. and it clears my terrible cold symptoms. ahh! this is awkward. new mucinex fast-max clear & cool. feel the menthol burst.
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i... i... i wanted those... no you didn't... hefty slider bags cost less than ziploc. you'll thank me later. oh... save big. hefty costs less than ziploc. we're here with our new et everyone has a story honorary. >> now it's time for you to hear the song that david friedman and i wrote for you and your whole new, everybody.
11:50 am
recovery." laura lee from the new irving berlin musical "holiday" currently on broadway. ? in this life we will travel many roads ? ? some of them easy some steep ? ? and we'll bear many things ? ? and sometimes we'll laugh sometimes we'll weep ? ? but perhaps the hardest road ? ? is the road to recovery ?
11:51 am
? in this world we'll discover when we fight ? ? when we go through trials through pain ? ? that during our darkest and deepest night ? ? we will finally see the light through the rain ? ? on the hardest of roads ? this road to recovery this long road to home ? ? home sweet home there is no place quite like it ? ? there is no place that matters anymore ?
11:52 am
god help us fight find it ? ? it's everything on this road we're praying for ? ? on this road to discovery ? ? this road to recovery this road to restore our hope on this long road to home ? >> so sweet. wow. beautiful. gorgeous. david. >> we're going to be back in a little bit with something special for the entire family. >> but first this is "today" on nbc.
11:53 am
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11:56 am
special family in our everyone has a story series. they were treated to a very special performance. also with us, composer david friedman and our dear friend david wild. now we have a surprise for you. >> first, what did you guys think of the song? >> it was beautiful. >> it was the best one. we have almost 100 of them. >> can we talk about how great of a singer? that was just amazing. gorgeous. >> well, it's is so beautiful so thank you. >> i love the way you included the people in your performance. a lot of people don't think they should or don't or are uncomfortable. >> well, when you guys were talking, brian, you were getting so emotional. so it was hard not to include them, not not to include them. >> we have other family members here. your sister's with us and her kids. okay, the gangs an all here. we know you made this trip to new york as a family vacation. shawna, your kids, griffin and
11:57 am
we'll make sure you get to see asp sites as possible. you guys are going on at ride. >> an interactive tour of manhattan complete with live performances, comedy, karaoke. >> it's fun. >> it is fun, we've been on it. they're patented mobile theaters. >> not all. we know you're a retired dance teacher. tomorrow night, all nine of you have tickets to see laura lee in "holiday inn." 20 classic songs including blue skies andaster parade. >> a how does that sound? >> oh, great. >> god bless you all. happy thanksgiving. ya'll are awesome. >> so much to be grateful for. tomorrow, actors dennis quaid and diane lang are here. >> plus, how to keep the conversation flowing.
11:58 am
next on live at noon-- blown out. the alarming video of a neighborhood explosion... the frightening witness accounts... and just how much damage the blast caused. then - getting an f. just how many schools in wisconsin got failing report cards... and the five state school districts that are not getting a passing grade. today... the record that could be in sight......and just how quickly this is all going to change.meteorologist brian gotter has your storm team forecast. i'm vince vitrano.
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