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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1230PM  NBC  November 17, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm CST

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breaking news now-- brendan dassey will remain in prison pending the outcome of an appeal. the u-s court of appeals in chicago just made that ruling. pete zervakis is
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overnight, and a se breeze with a warm front kept the temps near 50. we get another november treat today with more sunshine, and highs in the mid to upper 60s. the record is 69 from 1953...we will be close. a to 25 mph throughout the day, and will remain windy overnight with lows in the mid
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championship dreams are in reach for four southeast wisconsin high school football teams vying for a state tite in madison. this afternoon-- the rockets of cedar grove-belgium take on the defending champions in division five-- amherst. tomorrow, catholic memorial-- brookfield east and franklin all get a shot at be at camp randall stadium for all the games bringing us the exciting highlights. the dream playground in kenosha re-opens this afternoon. it sat unused for months while crews worked to fix faulty rubber flooring.the all inclusive playground is welcome to kids of all abilities. the official re-opening is set for one o'clock. a special donation to help the homeless in waukesha. a parishioner of st. mark's church made 50 fleece blankets. she made the blankets because quote "she
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child and wants homeless in our area to know that they are in people's thoughts and prayers." the waukesha police department will be working with representatives of nami waukesha to distribute these blankets. a famous fan of muhammad ali is making a major gesture of support for a new museum exhibit honoring the boxing star lebron james, his foundation and his business partner are donating two-point-five million dollars to the exhibit. it will be at th museum of african american history and culture in washington d-c. lebron joins a list of famous athletes who've donated to the museum-- including michael jordan and magic johnson. more news now--new statistics released from the national highway traffic safety administration. highway fatalities this year are on a rapid rise-- fear there's a direct connection to the apps many of us use on our phones and distracted driving.miguel almaguer reports.
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applications that let users post photos with their current speed ...the very apps designed to making driving easier - and more enjoyable - may be making the road more dangerous than ever before ... yes i am guilty of using the mile per hour filter on snapchatchris hinds admits he's driven distracted ...but was shocked to hear of a deadly and troubling new trend: nearly 18 thousand been killed on highways in the first 6 months of this year.a 10 percent spike in deaths compared to the same time last year.some experts fear the rise is linked ... to the rapidly growing use of apps behind the wheel ...when i look at my phone, i try to think would it be worth it to be looking at my phone for that snapchat or that text message or that facebook notification and the answer is typically no so i try to
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out my phonethe sobering news on fatalities comes as some shift their attention away from the road and to their phones.but some of the most popular apps - like snapchat ... go say their features are designed for passengers not drivers.waze - the gps application - tells nbc news "all core functionality can be performed hands-free by voice input and audio directions." it's not just apps that can be distracting. most new cars let you integrate your cell phone with your vehicle. right here on the dash board, music, maps, and text messages at your fingertips. nats: "who shall i text?" hands off the wheel so much as it's your the most used driving apps are designed to get you from a to b quicker and safer. many have options you can eliminate or silence in your settings. the new jersey transit operator involved in a deadly train crash in september has been diagnosed with sleep
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says his client was diagnosed after the crash. gallagher was found fit for duty after a physical in july. the train slammed into the station during the busy morning commute, killing one person and injuring more than 100 others. still ahead - we'll get a look at the markets this afternoon... and -- finding families. it's national adoption awareness month. coming up... the large number of children in our area who need homes... and the signs that your might be that loving
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up in the sky... the world's largest commerical aircraft.. the airbus a-380 will land in milwaukee today!the airbus will land at mitchell international airport and will be in town for a few weeks for testing. fun fact.. the airbus has the capacity to has the
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has the capacity to carry 853 passengers.
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continue to spotlight the need for new parents in our area. children's hospital of wisconsin helps connect foster parents and adoption families with children in right in our community. paulette drankiewica and brad schlaikowski are both with the foster parent program... and here to tell us a little bit
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breeze with a warm front kept the temps near 50. we get another november treat today with more sunshine, and highs in the mid to upper 60s. the record is 69 from 1953...we will be close. a southerly wind will increase to 25 mph throughout the day, and will remain windy overnight with lows in the mid 50s. this weekend is the d storm for friday and saturday that will bring some rain and very gusty winds. friday will have a few afternoon showers with highs in the mid 60s and a sw wind gusting to 40 mph. a chance for scattered showers is possible friday night with lows dropping into the 30s with the cold front. saturday will have a few rain/snow
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clearing, very windy and much colder with nw winds gusting to 45 mph. if you are looking for accumulation snow, areas north of wausau could see 1-2" of snow by midday saturdayo accumulation in southern wisconsin. sunday is sunny, breezy and cold with highs in
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thanks for days of our lives is next.our next newscast is
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[soft dramatic music] ? ? >> nicole: philip, what is chloe hiding from me? >> philip: most people say hi when they walk in a room. >> nicole: hi. did she tell you we went to see her in chicago? >> philip: "we"? she finally took an honest paternity test. >> philip: how'd that turn out? >> nicole: he's not the father. >> philip: sounds like good news to me, especially for that kid. >> nicole: chloe told me it was just some random guy, but i think there's more. i mean, she started to tell me something, and then deimos walked in the room and she just shut down. >> philip: well, do you blame her?


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