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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1200PM  NBC  November 18, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm CST

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now at noon -- calendar. the state's largest school district wants to start sooner and end sooner. but it's not a simple change. messing with the school calendar requires layers of approval... but mps is at least thinking about going down that road. superintendent derianne driver addressing that today... and our casey geraldo is live with what we know. mps wants to start the school year in august, ending it in
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they would then use june as what theyre calling a j-term. superintendent darienne driver says a student could make up an entire semester in that time frame.but, as you can imagine a change to the school year would impact other summer programming if the district wants to do this they wants to do district if the if the district wants to do this they have to ask the state for a waiver to start early in december.there are also financial considerations to this, i'll talk more about the costs at at mps todays tmj4 waukesha is pressing ahead with plans to eventually get its water from lake michigan. the great lakes states and provinces approved the plan
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creek.... pete zervakis explains where things stand right now. negotiations with oak creek continue about how to get lake michigan water to waukesha the two cities hoped to reach a deal on the price of water pumped to waukesha by the end of this month. but because final approval of waukesha's plan from the great lakes states and provinces didn't come until this summer... negotiations with oak creek will likely be extended six more months. we're hopefu we'll have those contract negotiations complete early next yearwaukesha's water utility says it needs a final agreement with oak creek to start planning its route for piping the water to waukesha... and sending the same ammount of water back into the lake as treated wastewater. that'll require more permits from the d-n-r and local governments. we'll need permission from the dnr for digging trenches maybe disturbing wetlands the mayor
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radium contamination... and a drying up aquifer ... mean the supply isn't sustainable. a court order requires waukesha to stop using that water in less than two years. but because of the long approval process... the city will ask for an extension. we believe it's going to take about 5 years the treated water coming back this way will go into the root river in franklin. along lake michigan, pz, tmj4 the mayor says lake was the best option for waukesha's water supply. but it's a pricey one. the total price tag for the project is still estimated at 206 million dollars. residents could see their water rate double - or even triple - under the new plan. yesterday was another november treat with hazy sunshine and record breaking highs near 72 thanks to a southerly wind to
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this morninmore than 10 degrees above the normal high temp. as a powerful storm system drops a foot of snow in minnesota, we will remain in the warm sector of the storm with highs in the mid to upper 60s, increasing clouds, and a few late afternoon and evening showers. the main issue today is the sw wind gusting to 40 mph. the wind shifts to the 40mph and temps dropping into the lower 30wind chills will be in the teens. there is a chance for a light rain/snow mix overnight and early saturday morning with no
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gun deer hunting season is just one day away-- the nine-day season opener starts tomorrow.deer hunters this year can now buy a license and even select and print antler home... through the d-n-r's "go wild" website. the d-n-r also launched a new app: called "pocket ranger." hunters can use it to check on permit and license details. two republican state legislators are again asking congress to remove gray wolves from the endangered species list in wisconsin, minnesota and michigan. that way the states can manage their population through hunting. republican legislators enacted a state wolf hunt in 2012 but that was blocked in 2014 when a federal judge places the
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the federal endangered species list. today-- city leaders are discussing the future of a street car running through downtown milwaukee. right now... the price tag is at least 1-hundred-28 million dollars. more than half of the money is expected to come from the federal government. the common council did approved more local tax dollars to expand the project the streetcar is expected to begin serving the third ward and downtown in 2018. should some jobs not be required to have a license from the state? that's the question a and some state republicans are asking.jessica arp explains what jobs they think may not need a license. somebody would bid, i need seven a halfthat auctioneer cadence comes naturally to a-g hawley.over 30 years, i've nejoyed every second of it he's been around auction goods his whole life...but he can remember when you didn't need a have to go to school now, thats one of the regulations in the
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fuerst has been working with sign language interpreters his whole life.for me it involves a feeling of trust,he can remember when they didn't need a license either... when he went to the hospital with his wife in labor. who is also deaf. my wife was pregnant and going into labor at the time and they told us to quickly go to the hospital so last minute they were looking to find an interpreter. someone showed up who was functioning in the role of the interpreter and pre license who really was only a basic signer who's still learning the language of sign language and at that moment it was a huge disconnect who were not able to communicate with the doctor but sign language interpreter and auctioneer are both on a list of occupational licenses one conservative, libertarian group would like to eliminate. ultimately this is about reigning in a system that has gotten far beyond its original intent of protecting health and public safety the wisconsin institute for law and liberty looked numbers over the last 20 years and
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84 percent increase in the types of licenses.we found that licensing cost about 1.9 billion dollars in higher consumer costs in the state of wi and probably aroud 31,000 fewer jobs each year the economic impact is something to be considered... but both fuerst and hawley say. so is the well being of those who use the services.i would say just like you wouldnt get rid of other credentials for other professions, its a matter of equality it just keeps people that are he little straight and makes it fair for eveerybody it's unclear what they'll move forward on. the license for sign language interpreters was only approved in 2010 after a long fight by the deaf community. some parents in franklin are skipping work today to send the franklin sabers off to camp randall in style. the
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in the state finals. they have 12 straight wins this season and have one championship game under their belts. but tonight they're playing kimberly -- the defending champs. a team that's on a 55 game winning streak and looking for a fourth straight perfect season. going to do this. i woke up this morning energized and ready to go. this is unbelievable. im just amazed. this is overwhelming. it's all coming together. its our year we're going to do this.inside the entire student body was crammed inside the gym for a pep rally. the game starts at four today in madison. with just two games left in the regular season... the badgers still in the playoff hunt with a chance at a national title. 'big red' ranked number six in the country now... heading to west lafayette tomorrow to take on purdue. the badgers expected to win this one. the boilermakers haven't beaten bucky in 10 years... losing by an average of 23 points per game. the badger's are 26
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packers extra now-- the green and gold is heading back on the road. they'll play against the washington redskins sunday night. the packers has won six of the last seven games against the redskins. this will be the packers third appearance this season on sunday night football. kickoff is set for 7:30-- right here on today's tmj4. still ahead... winter alert. the parts of the u-s getting pounded by snow today... and how the system will affect our weather. then... all aboard the polar express. we'll tell you where the stopping in wisconsin... and how your family can catch a
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the first significant snow storm of the season has moved into the west-- blanketing colorado, utah and wyoming and hitting the dakotas as it heads east. the storm is expected to dump eight inches on parts of colorado. in rapid city, south dakota-- forecasts are calling for two to three inches of snow. parts of the state are under winter stor back here at home-- no snow storm, at least for now, but it'll start to feel more like winter this weekend.taking a live look outside-- with temps in the 60's. meteorologist brian gotter joins us now with a look at your forecast... yesterday was another november treat with hazy sunshine and record breaking highs near 72
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20 mph. the southerly wind kept temps in the upper 50s this morninmore than 10 degrees above the normal high temp. as a powerful storm system drops a foot of snow in minnesota, we will remain in the warm sector of the storm with highs in the mid to upper 60s, increasing clouds, and a few late afternoon and evening showers. the main issue today is the sw wind gusting to 40 this evening with gusts to 40mph and temps dropping into the lower 30wind chills will be in the teens. there is a chance for a light rain/snow mix overnight and early saturday morning with no accumulation.after the light wintry mix in the morning, saturday afternoon will have sunshine, but it will be very
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nw winds gusting to 45 mph. the wind will be miserable for everyone, especially hunters in the woods. if you are looking for accumulating snow, areas north of wausau could see 1-2" of snow by midday saturdayo accumulation in southern wisconsin. sunday is sunny, breezy and cold with lows in the 20s and highs in
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tickets are now on sale for the first two headliners
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hot chili peppers will perform at the marcus amphitheater, opening day of summerfest, june 28th. and pink will perform on sunday, july 2nd. if you haven't bought a ticket yet to get into the big gig, you can do that now-- just head to summerfest's website. the milwaukee holiday parade happening tomorrow. highlights include 15 marching bands, full-size floats, huge balloons and live animals. the parade starts at 9:30 tomorrow morning. it begins on kilbourn avenue and continues to old world third street-- it'll end in front of the avenue. the polar express rolls into wisconsin this weekend! grab the kids and head over to the national railroad museum in green'll be able to board the train bound for the north pole. the train will be at the museum every weekend until december 4th. tickets range from 17 to 30 dollars. waukesha getting in the holiday spirit. the annual tree lighting is happening tonight at 5-30 in downtown waukesha. the mayor is will be there. you can enjoy some hot
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cheer! plus santa is expected to make an appearance. coming up... the cost of shady business. how many jobs a major automaker is shedding following an international scandaland -- serve yourself. the plan a fast food giant has for getting customers burgers
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volkswagen will shed about 30- thousand jobs, as the automaker tries to recover from its huge emissions scandal.most of the job cuts would come from germany. but added that volkswagen would create nine-thousand new jobs in new technologies like
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cheating on emissions tests. the scandal cost the automaker tens of billions of dollars. mcdonald's wants to be more modern. it's updating its restaurants with self-service ordering at kiosks, mobile payments, "smart" menu boards, custom sandwiches and table service. mcdonald's will pilot mobile ordering in the first half of next year, with a national rollout in the second half. about 500 stores in florida, new york and southern california have already made the switch. rech developing an app that would help veterans suffering from p-t-s-d.the app would monitor a vet's heart rate and alert them if a p-t-s-d attack is coming. the technology would then tell them what they need to do to get through. among other things, it could walk veterans through breathing exercises or connect them to a help line. "it intervenes by asking a question: 'how do you feel?' based on that answer, it connects them to some sort of
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texas a-and-m university have enlisted 45 volunteers who will start testing the app. police have alcohol breathalyzers to test suspected drunk drivers. but what if someone is suspected of driving stoned? pot breathalyzers could soon become available to law enforcement. hound labs developing a breath test that can detect both alcohol and marijuana when the person taking it exhales. if they smoked pot recently or are stoned, breath is much better than urine or blood. "we have tremendous interest from not only law enforcement, employers, who are struggling with this problem, but also the cannabis industry who knows you can't be driving stoned. everybody really accepts that."the breathalyzer could become available some time next year. its price tag is expected to be under one-thousand coming up... a real stunner. how many millions one of marilyn monroe's dresses just
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was so special. and -- marching to new york. the local band appearing in the macy's thanksgiving day parade... and... how you can see their show before they
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- it's just blowing my mind that we're going i just love every second of it in the midst thanksgiving day parade in new york city... you'll find the greendale marching band. they're one of seven bands asked to take part this year. you can catch them in the second half... they'll be performing to a mary poppins medley. the band is having a dress rehearsal tomorrow at noon at the football stadium. you're invited to watch them practice. northwestern mutual just revealed its float design for the 20-17 rose parade.the float -- themed "waves of hope" will feature a mother and daughter who defeated
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girl -- named emily -- will be able to continue her passion for riding waves on her surfboard. buckingham palace is getting a face lift. the british government will spend 458-million dollars to refurbish the home of queen is expected to begin in april and will take about 10-years to complete. the palace has 7- hundred-75 rooms. the upgrade will improve visitor access to the palace that attracts millions of tourists each year. a million dollars! marilyn monroe's dress she wore during her "happy birthday" song to president john f. kennedy sold thursday evening for 4-point-8 million dollars. the dress was purchased by ripley's believe it or not. the dress cost 12- thousand dollars when she first wore it in 1962. live at 12:30 is up next-- on sale now... the two huge summer shows you can already buy tickets for today... also... travel nightmare. the
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workers are threatening a strike right before the busiest travel time of the
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thanks for joining us this afternoon. i'm vince vitrano. if ye your top stories today. a big change could be on the way for milwaukee public schools. they want to start the school year in august and end in may. they would then use june as what theyre calling a j-term. superintendent darienne driver says a student could make up an entire semester in that time frame. the change will require approval from the milwaukee board of school directors and a waiver from the state department of instruction. gun deer hunting season starts tomorrow. and this year deer


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