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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1200PM  NBC  November 21, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm CST

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now at noon -- planning to strike-- workers at one of the nation's busiest airports demanding more pay and union rights. hundreds of chicago o'hare airport workers planning to strike next tuesday. for holiday travelers-- its not expected to affect the thanksgiving travel rush. about 500 workers committed to a strike. they're seeking union rights and a 15-dollar per hour wage. the workers include baggage handlers, cabin cleaners, janitors and
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the holiday rush has started. more than 43-million are expected to pack-up and head out on the highway. traditionally the busiest travel days during the holiday are wednesday .. and sunday.. the best day to avoid the crowds is thanksgiving. air travel will be up over last year as well. season in history." "the airlines are predicting their biggest thanksgiving travel season in history." the transportation security administration has added staff .. and new procedures since then .. are ready for this week's crowds.. new numbers from gas buddy shows what we can expect when hitting the roads for thanksgiving.right now-- the average price of gas across the country is 2-13 a gallon. the average here in wisconsin... better than that... just two bucks a gallon. and in the milwaukee metro-- better still-- below two dollars for a gallon of regular unleaded.
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winter temps this weekend, this morning was clear and cold with temperatures in the 20s, and wind chills in the teens. today remains sunny, and the wind is light, but highs will be stuck in the upper 30s. clouds start to increase tonight, and lows will drop to back into the 20s with a light se breeze.
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more news now-- police in san antonio are searching for a cop killer. a veteran detective was ambushed and gunned down while writing a traffic ticket. jacob rascon is in san antonio with the latest. this morning an all out manhunt for the killer of san antonio detective ben marconi - a 20-year veteran of the force.the cold-blooded shooting just yards from police headquarters.. while detective marconi was writing a traffic ticket. officer down in front of headquarters//edit//i need ems right now in front of headquarters.police this morning actively searching for this man, who they are calling a person of interest in connection with the shooting -- and this black mitsubishi caught on a surveillance camera driving away."went through of headquarters building..."police say detective marconi was sitting in his patrol car when the mitsubishi pulled up behind him - the shooter getting out - taking aim and firing twice hitting detective marconi in the head.marconi was rushed to the hospital where he died...authorities say they believe he was targeted for
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short of an assassination of a police officer..."the son of a police officer, marconi was 50-years old."he was just a good guy, everybody liked him. he had two children from a previous marriage and grandchildren. "most families will be celebrating the holidays, sapd will be burying one of its own because of an ultimate act of cowardice..." in san antonio, jacob rascon, nbc news. texas governor greg abbott has proposed a law making enforcement a hate crime and looks forward to signing that bill into law. milwaukee police asking for help in identifying a suspect wanted in connection with a robbery.police say this man robbed the associated bank, near 9th and mitchell, this past friday. the suspect walked into the bank and gave one of the tellers a note. police say the suspect implied he had a gun. he took off with an undetermined amount of cash. more cases of people having their credit and debit card information stolen at
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police have arrested two men in connection with some of the eleven cases in that city this year. they found numerous pre- paid cards containing stolen information--they also found ?skimming? equipment. (((det. pat green//madison police department, "we should be vigilant in knowing that these may not be the only two that are out there doing this. so we can't rest. we have to make sure that we're watching continuously for others to do this.")))investigators are looking into reports of credit card skimmers at gas pumps an including brookfield, franklin, elm grove and random lake. recall alerrt-- the hummus brand sabra is recalling some its hummus and spreads because of possible listeria contamination. the f-d-a says listeria was identified at the manufacturing facility, but not in the finished product. consumers are urged to throw away any product with a "best before" date through january 23, 2017 on the lid. milwuakee teens sharing their
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later today. m-p-s' new "cares program" is hosting a youth rally starting at 4 at the u-w-m library. the event gives students a chance to speak up and give feedback about issues they see in the community. super bowl champion and inventor of the lambeau leap, leroy butler will be visiting sojourner's family peace center today. butler will talk to milwaukee families and kids about being leaders and standing up to bullies. the event starts at six and there will be autograph opportunities as well. a pep rally held this morning at brookfield east high school. the spartans celebrating winning their first state championship. the team beat monona grove in their championship game at camp randall in madison... 42 to 32. . great football program." "a lot of ground work was layed by our previous coach... he just continued a great tradition, building up and continuing a great football
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they got help from their star running back sam santiago- lloyd who scored a record 5 rushing touchdowns-- despite suffering a foot injury last week. we are still 3 days away from thanksgiving, but a group of shoppers are already camped out in front of the best buy in delafield. yea everyone thinks we're kinda nuts and we probably are a little the group actually got there on thursday - thanksgiving. the die hard shoppers are now good friends, but they were strangers 10 years ago. they met right here waiting in line. - we still come out here for the good deals, but i met all these people 10 years ago and we've become a family we do other things besides this. we do hauted houses together. we do chirstmas together. we do lots of things bu this is our big one so what are they waiting in line for: 50 inch tv for 200 hundred, tablets
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still ahead... sick on the road. the surprising number of vacations that involve a trip to the doctor... and the two things you should never leave home without. then... fire truck. a brand new toy burst into flames. the damage it did to one family's car... and what a major to retailer plans
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the northeast getting hit with a snow storm. treacherous and
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to many stranded drivers in upstate new york. lake effect snow warnings remain in place for most of the state. one to three feet of snow is expected to fall over the region through here at home-- feeling more like winter-- we saw snow this weekend and a dip in temperatures. taking a live look at port washington and mitchell airport. meteorologist brian go a look at your forecast... after the first real shock of winter temps this weekend, this morning was clear and cold with temperatures in the
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teens. today remains sunny, and the wind is light, but highs will be stuck in the upper 30s. clouds start to increase tonight, and lows will drop to back with a light se breeze. tomorrow is cloudy with highs in the mid 40s, a se wind at 10-15 mph, and scattered rain showers around sunset. rain is likely tuesday night with lows
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travel day of the year is rainy across southern wisconsin with temps in the 40s. snow showers are likely in the northern portion of the state (north of wausau) with 2-5" of snow by wednesday evening. thanksgiving day is mostly cloudy and seasonal with highs in the low to mid 40s. another rolls into the area on friday with a rain/snow mix in the morning, and light rain in the afternoon with highs in the
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halting the sales of a toy truck that caught on fire in washington deborah horne reports-- the fire erupted on a highway - and burned down customers' pickup truck. "sparks and smoke coming from inside of the box, like fire, it was hot."this is what roxsane harden is talking about. the fire that erupted in the bed of their ford ranger on i-5 in smokey point friday night. she and her husband delmond were on their way home from toys 'r us in everett. they had just bought wheels dump truck for their grandson. incredibly, they realized it was on fire. "i said we gotta pull over, we gotta get out of this truck. so we pulled over, flames start shooting."the flames -- so intense and so stubborn -- even the fire extinguishers the washington state trooper had couldn't douse the flames. "the officer, when he looked on, he said, the flames looked, appeared to be fifteen twenty feet high. yeah, it was pretty shocking. "so i went to go, they told me to get
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car, like my purse. so i'm in the back grabbing my purse and stuff and as i'm leaning over, i hear pop. and all this glass shattered in from and then there was smoke and dust inside."they had to call the fire department to put the fire out. this is all that is left of their truck. based on this toys 'r us says it won't sell the toy truck to anyone else while it investigates. "that is the way to go. good for toys "r" us. that is perfect because the biggest shopping day coming up." no one was injured in the fire. but the hardens say they are lucky they didn't bring the toy home, because the damage would've been even worse there. six people were rescued from a sinking fishing boat on sunday. the 72-foot scallop boat was some five miles off the shore of new bedford, massachusetts when it started taking on water. a life boat and coast guard helicopter were sent to the area to rescue those on board. most important thing. "the
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pumps by helicopter. they were able to get some water off but they also told the crew to abandon ship. they got everybody off, a crew of six and that's the most important thing. the boat was towed back to shore and will undergo repairs. a new survey finds a quarter of vacations include some kind of medical emergency.doctors suggest taking medical information such as a list of allergies, prescriptions, or recent x-ray or m-r-i images with you. be sure and refill all prescriptions before you leave on vacation and luggage gets lost. never try and power through if you don't feel well. vacation is also a time when we're out of our normal routine. but doctors say, slow and steady is key. they're not used to.""we have people who do the excesses and maybe have gastric problems because of overeating or beginning to have vomiting and diarrhea issues because of the different types of food that perhaps they're not used to." one more tip-- if you are sick before you leave, and you
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home from vacation as well. coming up... at least they're not starting on fire... but there is a problem with some apple batteries. the iphones customers can take in for a fix. and -- changing tradition. it's not just the internet... and earlier hours killing black friday. what's driving the longer than ever
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apple is offering free replacement batteries to some i-phone six-s users whose phones abruptly shut down for no apparent said in a statement today that a
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october 20-15 are affected. the tech giant's announcement comes less than a week after a consumer watch group in china launched an investigation into the problem. allstate wants to help keep drivers moving as they head to their thanksgiving destinations. this wednesday, allstate will offer roadside rescues for just two dollars through its 'good hands rescue' app and mobile website. it provides roadside emergencies, including tows, flat tires, jump starts, lockouts or fuel delivery. the app also allows you to view and connect digitally with the service provider that's in transit to wal-mart is kicking off cyber monday a few days early, offering web-only deals on black friday. the retailer recently said it would boost its online inventory by more than half this year. the move comes as black friday is losing its importance, as early discounts and online shopping keep people from stores. this friday's supposed to be the kickoff of the busiest
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saying black friday is losing its color.chris clackum explains. a possible upside to less-hectic black friday shopping this year... smaller crowds than years past.but, black friday's definitely a few shades different than it use to be."so, gray friday is actually a term that makes some sense."villanova marketing professor charles taylor......says need for retailers to worry. "it's still going to be the biggest retail shopping day of the year, by a wide margin"but black friday shopping, he says, is losing its luster ...and ...other retail experts say... so is cyber monday. "cyber monday isn't especially dead, it's just extended." extended well before.. and after..the monday following thanksgiving......driven largely by millennials who have different shopping habits. "studies are showing that
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don't even seem to mind so much if it goes back a little before halloween"and again this year, men are expected to outspend women during the first official weekend of christmas shopping.chris clackum, nbc news. coming up... feeding families-- the local company that's providing thanksgiving meals today to those in need. and -- tis the season-- when candy cane lane kicks off its holiday lights campaign and how it helps the macc .
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the greendale high school band is getting ready to make southeast wisconsin-- proud! the students are in new york city-- right now, to perform in the macy's thanksgiving day parade. the band posted these pictures on their facebook and twitter pages. you can watch
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here on today's tmj4. more than 3-thousand area families will be able to celebrate thanksgiving thanks to some community compassion. aurora family service is once again handing out groceries to low income families today. families will receive a 12 pound turkey-- with all the classic fixings for a thanksgiving dinner. the food is bought through community a chance to check out some holiday lights while helping children battling cancer. candy cane lane friday in west allis. money raised go to the macc fund. the goal is to raise 100- thousand dollars. last year-- they raised 113-thousand dollars. candy cane lane will be lit up till december 26th. a reminder-- you can buy a macc star and help cure childhood cancer. the 2016 today's tmj4 macc star was designed by bailey dove. the theme is "shave away cancer". the star costs 10 dollars and is available at balistreri sendik's food markets and
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tallies-- the number of deers shot on opening day and how it compares to last year. also... marking his anniversary-- the events planned for former wisconsin governor tommy
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thanks for joining us this afternoon. i'm vince vitrano. if you're just joining us-- here's a look at your top stories today. hundreds of chicago o'hare airport workers planning to strike next tuesday. for holiday travelers-- its not expected to affect the thanksgiving travel rush. about 500 workers committed to a strike. they're seeking union rights and a 15-dollar per hour wage. the workers include baggage handlers,


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