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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 400  NBC  November 21, 2016 4:00pm-4:23pm CST

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immediate changes, but said they would accept ideas on what to do within the next 30 days. the ruling can be appealed to the u.s. supreme court. also breaking.. parts of japan's east coast is under a tsunami warning following a reported 7-point-3 magnitude earthquake in fukushima. the national weather service says there's no tsunami threat to the u-s at this time. stores are stocking up... and shoppers are expected to spend billions on gifts for their friends, family and themselves. some shoppers who are already in line for the sales. 4 days before thanksgiving -- a group of shoppers are already camped out in front of the best buy in delafield 8.52.06 yea everyone thinks we're kinda nuts and we probably are a little 11.mike and his friends actually got here on thursday -- 7 days before thanksgiving... but right now mike's holding down the fort alone.8.49.25 like i said there's 7 of us total. tom went home last night.28 8.50.11 we take off for a little bit. we leave for an hour here or there, but theres
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leave for more than a few hours. last night was an expection it was cold last night. 20the group of die hard shoppers are now good friends, but they were strangers 10 years ago -- they met right here waiting in line.mike frankie8.49.05 - we still come out here for the good deals, but i met all these people 10 years ago and we've become a family 118.49.17 we do other things besides this. we do hauted houses together. we do chirstmas together. we do lots of things bu this is our big one 8.49.19 all the comforts of meeen bed, most importantly heaters. 50.35 this nmally the living hachairs, we have a coffee table. we play all of our card games in there, watch tv, eat dinner l that sorof thing 41 stand up 9.10.21- 31't amatuers they've been camping out at this best buy for 10 years. the rst year they came after thanng dier- now they're first in line.8.52.29 we're not mig out on t thingse want anymore so we came 7 days early the nextin
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de seasois ithe . 's gun and numbers are down.nter lledbout-hun75ed ?fewer? deer this year than last year according ate wildlife officials. weather conditions aw on saturday, too, with gusty winds and temperaturesin the ddle to lower 30s. storm team 4 now..the cold weather has been welcomed by hunters. the sun is out making itnot seem so bad. meteorologist jesse ritka tells us if we should expect
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week. wilill cold tonight with lows dropping into the mid-20s along lake michigan and even a few teens inland overnight.if you don't like this chilly weather, there is hope: a warm front approaches to increasing the cloud cover tonight and for deesite the ck into the low 40s for tuesday. there is a small chance for a light rain shower after suet but a much better chance to see rain s te police are investigating after a man is shot while walking down the street. police say
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three suspects near 64th and villard. one of them shot him. he's expected to survive. no arrests have been made. a former youth director in brn de is being sentenced today for allegedly raping a teenage boy.jermarro dantz-ler worked at a state-sanctioned youth home in brown deer when he allegedly sexually assaulted the boy at gunpoint nearly two years ago. investigators y tried to message e boy on facebook s er the tack. police say the mademanded ne. but the ier refused so he reached across the ?@counter and d grabbefr threat?@s were ndon ted.f enisyou se man, cpolice. farwelavenue is ba open afr debr from a building reetwitnesses say ews ntthe pulled the building into the street.. but it's uncar if demoliti. there have been no
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er texas vernor rick perry is the latest rson to meet with prident-elect donald trumfollowing a weekend filled with potential cabinet picks.there's a lot of speculation that perry could consideration r e olis r sonder retired marinegeneral mes mat-tis.. who met with trump over the weekend. hamilton star brandon victor dixon inviting donald trump to come see the show. xon arked a firestorm over the elect mike pence.. who was booeat a recent sh p slmed th and audience on twitr. an iortant messagbefore cook thi anving role ekins isthe nero with a thks charles d shannon lol man er?@ly dinner.. night.the impot lesson tokn an thinng of his daughter,
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trying igure things out.. e gree the packers lost to the washington redskins 42 to 24 last night. they'll be on e imetime stage once again when theylay thgles a we from tonight onday night footll. milwaukee mondays return mo harris bradley center tonight as the bus get set take on the orlando fa who purchase a special ticket will receive this wiscsin 'dead horses' will perform. tip-off is at 7 o'clock. oncompany is offering free phone battery replacement for some of their what one auto insurance business is ing p to le get where they ed
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4 your money th afternoon....
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?m?jno reason.the any says a ry small nuer of devices are affeed. they were de between september and october of last year. there's no safety concerns with the problem. allstate wants to help you get mp adside ksving destination me assistance for just two dollardnesday throh its n download the app fo you black friday is just da op, accordto w rveyth is arwo- miion more than last year. k f many of us are now ng ourack fr as you do, one nt me sts add t.stbut consum ?p?v mase found some catches, (john cam as u go
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upons as hi as 500 dollars.nperu yout wwant to kn: what's hanag coupon tt big? waof bck iday ads that are targeting sh rit ...jc penney st o beuse upof muc a anviy 500 s!(sot)"i think thatgreat lure to t peopout here." sho 500 bucks? !" jpenn will give rls foei 10 dolls f,10 dorsff t f sa ewi -a i
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need to read the fine print. aso cuase at yoin first see in the m nneya mind with any n mayou un )"a catche wayss, there?" hethosdos open in thecold (john on cam)0 doll and dosuri youris yoarre not t t,yoe ney. i'm john matarese (your station's stom sig out ). storm team 4 fee a ou. meteorologist jesse sid ritka inus nowto tell us thes30 will be around all ek.
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raernit but will stay abovfreezi along so ns will cbalo40on dnesy rai showers li y.quarter to a h of t sconn but ifouste
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to rain showers late friday morning. this system doesn't look nearly as impressive but it is something to keep in
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time now for asthe expert.... toy we're talking about how to thrive during thanksgiving and working off all that food. joining us live this afternoon is owner and trainer at
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got a question for our experts? email them at ask the expert at today's tmj4 dot com. you can also ave a voicemail. the number is 967-5253.
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call a controversial announcement about abortion. coming up at 4:30.. why driving through the zoo interchange will be a lot
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an update now to a story we toou abt earlier.. a former youth director in deer has been sentenced to 20 years for raping a enage boy. jermarro dantz-ler worked at a state-sanctioned youth home in brown deer when he sexually assaulted the boy at gunpoint nearly two years ago. storm team 4 now..this was the scene in upstate new york last night.. high winds and rushing cold air combined with lake ontario created a heavy lake effect snow. one to 3 feet of snow is expected in that
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the weekend looks more quiet with partly cloudy skies and highs in the mid-40s. there is a slight chance of a f rain showers late in the day on sunday. safe travels! tragedy strikes an indiana family just days before the thanksgiving holiday.. then at 4:30.. how milwaukee stacks up against other parts of the country when it comes to low
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house fire has claimed the lives of 4 children in indiana. the mother of the four deceased children was taken to a nearby hospital for smoke inhalation. the age of the children has not been released. so far, no word on what caused the fire. pope francis is allowing all catholic priests the right to forgive abortions. in a letter.. the pope wrote that there's no question abortion is considered a "grave sin" under catholic law, but that "there is no th mercy can't reach. by letting all priests forgive abortion, francis is further applying his vision of a merciful thanks for joining us today at four.there's more news


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