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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 430  NBC  November 22, 2016 4:30pm-4:53pm CST

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now at 4:30 - trying to make peace or causing more trouble. the revelations from a meeting today between donald trump and members of the new york times. president-elect donald trump is heading to florida for thanksgiving, but not before finishing up some business in manhattan.this afternoon ... the man who's made it clear he's no fan of the media, went to the new york times for an extended discussion.the big
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to another investigation of hillary clinton. whether he was there to throw down an olive branch or a gauntlet ... president-elect donald trump visited his media archenemies - the new york times./nats cheering/booing// the paper was a favorite target of his criticism during the campaign.nats:"i call it the failing new york times, i mean its loosing a fortune!" onaffers who live-tweeted twitter graphic he began with m treate... but suggested he respects the paper anwants to make peace.among the many headlines ... he said hillary clins suffered enough ... and declared he doe th wdisant the s supporters who delighted in the battle loup! nats: chantiock her up, lock her up sot: rudy giuliani, former n mayor, trump advisor :43-:49"lock, there's a tradition in american politics that after yowin an ele ctn,you sort of put things behind you,"
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extremists othe rniv ght ... but diissed criticism about steve nnon - who will be his and fended breitbart news.he also acknowledged his dc hotel is suddenly worth more - and acknowledged that his brand is quote - hotter - but played down concerns about conflicts of interest ... and said the law is on his side . the president-elect also told the times he's leaning toward general james mattis as defense secretary ... hours after he twitter-teased ben carson as attorneys who won a ruling that wisconsin's legislative boundaries are unconstitution al say it's too soon to think about a new round of elections. a panel of three federal judges ruled monday that the boundaries republicans ew u in 20-11 discriminate against attorney says it's premature to discuss the prospect of another round of elections using new boundaries. attorney general brad schimel is expected to appeal the
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governor ott walker's administration said wisconsin faces a lymilln dollar budget shortfall by's aproblem that the republican-controlled legislature will have to tackle after it reconvenes next month. the estimate fr e state department of administration is the first to take into account spending requests made by state agencies for the next two year here's some news you don't want to hear right before thanksgiving... hundreds of cases of gravy are recalled.the fda says the roughly 500 cases of heinz homestyle bistro au jus gravy are being voluntarily recalled because some of the jars may be mislabeled as heinz pork gravy and may not show they contain milk and soy. oonly hei product being recalled. no her size or flavor has been mislabeled. homelessness in wisconsin declinedy more than double the national rate th year-at
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department of housing and urban development. holessness was down about sipercent this year compared nearly six-thound people without rmanent homes across the state. a little more than 300 of them are youth living on their own. storm team four now...not exactly a forecast you want to gobble up before hitting the roads tomorrow.meteorologist jesse ritka joins us with the weather.... slightly into southeastern wion with aurn of the 40s but the clouds are back as well. those clouds will bring light rain showers to the area mainly after the dinner hours with a few snowflakes mixing in out west. little to no snowfall accumulation is expected in southeastern wisconsin thanks to a warm
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temperatures at or above freezing overnight so any flakes will be melting. waukesha native gwen jorgenson will be back in the area today. jorgenson will be signing autographs in glendale from 5-30 until seven at david hobbs honda. she took home gold this past summer at the olympic games compeiting in the triathlon.
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focus bett.the condition many children d besufferg tnot
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most adults do not need to be that's according to new recommendations from the u-s preventive services task force. the panel found that for people with no symptoms of thyroid cancer-- the harms of screening and treatment are likely to be greater than the benefits. unnecessary suery can affect thyroid function or damage the nerves that control speaking and breathing. many children with high blood pressure are not receiving proper treatment.researchers at children's hospital of
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kids with abnormal blood pressure than a researchers from boston children's hospital analyzed dust samples at 37 inner city schools in the northeast.the good news -- allergen levels for rats, cockroaches anst mites were low or undetectable. however -- mouse allergens were most common and were associated with increased asthma symptoms. overweight teenagers may end up with brittle bones-- that according to a new study from the massachusetts general hospital. specialized c-t scans suggested high amounts of fat and low muscle mass put teens at risk for weakened bone authors say adolescence is the time
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musical training might be helpful in helping kids with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder-- also known as a-d-h-d. 23 healthy children underwent special m-r-i scans-- then took music lessons for 9 months.afterward -- new m-r-i scans showed changes in the brain in the form of increased fiber connections.prior research has linked a-d-h-d and autism to decreases of those connections. the late night host that will be hosting the grammy's next year.but first, here's a live look from port washington. meteorologist jesse ritka is back with the latest on our
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scattered showers will nt the day on wednesday with many locations picking up a quarter to a half inch of rain with a seasonable high of 43 degrees in milwaukee. the closer you get to highway 29 you will watch the rain change over to snow, locations north of there could see 2-4" of snow with isolated higher amounts possible through wednesday night. take it easy on the roads, especially overpasses and bridges as there may be
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with the temperature dropping close to the freezing mark. we'll be thankful for more quiet weather on thanksgiving despite mostly cloudy skies, highs will reach the low 40s in milwaukee with a light westerly wind. late thursday night and into friday morning a quick pulse of energy slides across the state to bring a brief wintry mix that will not accumulate to more than a dusting but there could be some slippery looks nice with the sunshine returning for a day and seasonal temps in the low 40s
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a clothing company says it will donate 100-percent of its black friday sales to environmental groups. the company 'patagonia' came up with the idea after the election. the vice president of environmental activism said the country is divided but the environment is something everyone can come together on. more than 800 organizations will benefit from the black friday event. bob evans and the emily post institute want to make this
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and painless as possible. the two have teamed up to offer a holiday helpline to answer esti table or sadout the perfect diusg political conversation.. you can call their helpline. the number is 855-4 my-table or tweet th at "hastag be holiday help". dave chappelle is set to release three comedy specials exclusively for the announcement comes fresh off chappelle's su gig hosting "saturday night live." chappee and director stan lathan will team-up to produce unseen concsprom two ?o?? showsimultaneously in 17. late-nig lk sw host jacorden has been chose to host next year's grammy awards.the recording academy says corden is extremely passionate and enthusiastic
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"carpool karaoke" segments-- when he sings with some of music's biggest stars.corden says he is "truly honored" to be hosting the grammys.the 20-17 grammy awards take place february 12th in los angeles. a new feature coming to instagram.the photo-shing app is introducing live video users will now be able to broadcast their lives in real time.instagram's parent company facebook already has a similar live fee. one-billion-dollars back in 20-12. coming up next...heading back to court.the former university police officer that will be tried on murder charges once
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cincinnati police officer in th ray tensing shot sam dubose during a traffic stop in july of 2015, theincident recorded by the officer's body camera. a jury deadlocked on d er luntary manslaughter charges,ite dge thutorprecsay al ea wiprecn. ing iving an stedor the ambush shooting death of a san antonio ce now speaking out. 31-year old otis mckane said he was upset over a child custody battle involving his son.mckane also said he lashed out at someone who didn't deserve it and he apologized to the detective's family.detective benjin anheshot in s nd squad car ayfter matrc stop demonstrattakingstand agt a pipeline in north dakota-- take a seat to
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resignation after protesters weayedprwith water sunday- in sub-freezing temperatures. law rct officers said the protesters stard throwing items at authorities, who in turn used thhoses to control e crowd.
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thanks for joining us at 4-30.nn e s with live at five. at 5. this system could make thanksgiving travel .. il see rain showers in your storm . right now at five: the family of a young man killed in a car crash this weekend says they are angry and frustrated at the woman who caused the crash. it happened saturday night at 27th and capitol -- when police say an 18-year-old woman fleeing from officers crashed -- with three
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of one of those passengers, who died at the scene. she's live now at 27th and capitol. the family of 19-year-old shawn oliver says his mother was very overprotective -- which meant he often went to school or work --and then came home. but on the rare saturday night last weekend when he hung out with one of his friends -- he ended up in a stranger's car -- and died at this intersection. shawn oliver was less than two weeks away from turning 20 years old. instead of week -- his family will be holding his funeral. he w like prtor of the familyjackie oliver is shawn's aunt. she says shawn's mother isn'st eugh to talk about what happened -- but the entire family wants to know why the 18-year-old driver ran like ofaci fic wheshe was ticket. thats what all young kids do trying to show out impress their other friends you drive crayz why not stop let ouwhy not ing him homeacrding to police -- officers attempted to pull er a chevy impala saturday
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license plates. the 18-year- old driver sped off -- eventually crashing into a nissan altima and a concrete light pole at 27th and capitol. oliver died at the scene -- two other passengers in that car including oliver's best friend were seriously injured --along with three people in the nissan. he was a very genuine person he should not have been taken away because of someone else's senseless behavioroliver had recently survived an accident and according to his family was afraid to ride in cars. woman driving and was just going with his friend. his family believes oliver likely begged to get out. he gon be ssed he died at a young age miaukee police presented the case to the district attorney's office this afternoon for possible charges. police said there's no indication the car was stolenin the meantime -- oliver's family has a gofundme page set up to help with funeral expenses. that link
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