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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at Daybreak Extra Early Edition  NBC  November 24, 2016 4:30am-4:49am CST

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here's a live times square in new yor??city! final preparations are underw for this morning's macy's thanksgiving day parade. go morning. i' and i'm ann sterling.let's start off with a check on the weather... with meteorologist brian gotter. foggwithscattered rain showers and highin the low to mid 40s. the diminished before midnight, and it has remaed oudy with lows in the 30s this morning. today is cloudy and
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another weak storm system rolls into the area tonight with isolated light rain and snow l early friday accumulation is expected. new this morning: a recount of votes cast in the presidential election in wisconsin, michig and pennsylvania is one step closer to actually happening. green party candidate jill stein plans to file for a recount, after it appears her campaign raised
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firsround. some election lawyers and data experts say there is evidence that results may have been hacked. although nothing will change for stein, it could impact hillary clinton. if the recount shows clinton actually won those three states, she could swing the election. the deadline to file for a recount in wisconsin is friday. president-elect donald trump is using twitter to wish people a happy thanksgiving. trump posted a video urging people to come together - as a country - and put their differences as tweeted "hay thanksgiving to everyone. we will, geth, make america great again." the riverwest community is still shaken by a seemingly random happened tuesday night outside the high dive bar around 7:30. seth schuster had been there for trivia night. police say someone drove up, shot him and then took off. in our neighborhood 17:42:43 "it just seems completely random and just not something you can expect to happen ever." :4818:23:23 "we really
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have a tight knit community and especially among people who are owners and operators of small businesses in our neighborhood :31 schuster is expected to survive. no arres have been made. more local news now.. family and friends ha been waiting since june for the district attorney to decide whether arge will be filed in the shooting death of jay anderson. a wauwatosa police ofcer shot and killed anderson over the summer. 7:11this brick wall that they got up, they have to take it down, they have to put th video out, wisconsin needs to see this video.the group took their questions straight to the wauwatosa police justice e!
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to boycott holiday spending in cityf wauwatosa -- which cludes mayfair mall. the attorney for convicted murderer steven avery says a judge has signedoff on new scientific evidence testing -- for avery's appeal.avery is appealing his lifeentenc for the 2005 murder of teresa halbach. earlier this year --- a judge overturned the conviction of avery's nephew "brendan dassey". last week --- dassey was ordered to remain in prison as the state appeals the decision. one mom says she has so though she's spending thanksgiving in the hospital with her sick child. malisa mireles has been iand out with her 10 y?ear old daughter elysia since february. e's in the i-c-u at children's a ocedure help with her ant, neuroblastoma cancer. be thankful for 16:53:48 even ough we're not at home and doing the exact things we traditionally do we're still in a good place and we still have a lot to be thankful for
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thankful for her daughter's nurses and doctors. many people are going home for the holidays. we camped out at mitchell international for a while where we caught some antsy parents excited to pick up their children. 24:13 - 19 how happy to have the family together? very happy. she's excited. of course she gets to go home and he me do some cooking. for many parents ... this was the --- since they dropd them off at college in august. we also caught up with more than a few reuniting couples. 19:10:52 - 19:11:00 "how do you feel right now in great. nostalgia is great, so, he always picks me up. it's awesome."despite it being a busy theday atairport --- delays were few and far between at mitchell international. utheast wisconsin will be represented during the macy's thanksgiving day parade this morning.dancers from the next
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high school. an eimated 50-million people are expected to watch the 90th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade..we all know some of the popular floats.. but as kristen dahlgren found out.. at happens ?before? they take flight is every bit as awe insping. ton the upper west sid today, child like wonde watching giant characters me to lifenata journey that starts macy's new jersey warehousejp: take a look at the size of just his ear at's charlie mi etting some last te patching to his enormous hand painted shir kd: how often do you have to do stuff likehis?ag: it's never ending. it's a ntinuous upkeep a year round operatio led by macy's john piper kd: it feels a little ke in we're nta's workshop here.(cover with brl walk shot?)for 90ears the ma's anks
4:37 am srted as the 'christmas parade'.. with animals from the central park zoo.a few years late giant balloons took flight and for charactersnatar- was one ??e orl asreplica jp evy one m has abthma ch an engineerg ?amaelthe red power ranger arm is the size of a ol onhe n trolls balln
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the para starts anine o'clock this morning... right heretoday's tmj4. up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4--deadly bus crash. update on the crash inthatclaim the lives of six ch now.. plus aush iled.. we show you ?the ]iam d cam video of a fight times square in new york city. just hours from now.. that place will be packed with parade-goers for the 90th annual macy's thanksgiving day
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yepsterday was shers hi thloera d ?it has remained dy wi al w lower 40s,lighana breeze lls tonit isolated light rain g.acmula
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tennessee, say a sixth ild has veeredff anarrow -winding n it road and flipped on its side... inthe end,t wedged around a tree. the iver has been charged with fiveount ofehicar homici. dash cam video shows a poce officer bringing down n idaho. when thofficer walks behind the vehicle -- the suspect the trunk-- armed-- and attacks him. the suspect was arrested and faces charges for aggravated assault and resisting arrest. police say he somehow slipped out of his handcuffs. up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4--find out which key players won't be donning
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of the season.. plus.. what's beer than thanksgiving and football? which teams are
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for the one minute drill, i'm lance allan. the promising early season hope lacy, are now officially over. as the packers officially declare that the running back, and sam shields will not return from reserve. officially ending their seasons.((mike well we'll eddie lacy is not part of it. em??tochhe ball 15 layker,want
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get the ballyour people through run and pass 50 plus, yoreoing to have a od t you really gotta look for in hoh oprtunities.e ou takat opportunities ve tgo to meonelse. or two or three her people so what they do really the key.)) thanksgierne. for e pgpy one minute drilli'm lance aln. it's thanksgiving which means an afternoon japackwi?ith wi get things started at 11:30 this morning.. both are siand four on the year and leading the nfc north, ahead of the packers. then at 3:30 it's n-f-c east showdown between the washington redskins and as the steelers and colts wrap things up right re today's tmj4 at 7:30. check out this woman whose jaw t the ground -when she realizeders star "ryan" s takin
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the other shocking thing might involve braun's future with the crew. ((ryan braun sayst ?v complicates things for sure. i think it does for ybody who has kids and everybody has things going on outside of the baseball field. but obviously as far as not 100 percent where we'll be playing, it definitely complicates things because you know, my top iority in life is them and making sure that they're obviously things come up. it's a part of the business. it's a part of the profession. and if something were to happen, then we'd figit there.)) yesterday was dreary, damp and foggy with atted rain showers and highs in the low to mid 40s. the rain diminish before midnight, and it has remained cloudy with lows in the 30s this morning. today is cloudy and seasonal with highs in the
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another weak storm system rolls into the area tonight with isolated light rain and snow until early friday accumulation is expected. friday afternoon is cloudy with highs near 40. this weekend is finally sunny and pleasant with highs in the mid to upper 40s. a few showers night, and rain is likely along with gusty winds and highs in the lower 50s.
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a texas community rallies around their police death of one of their own. hundreds of people gathered for a march and candlelight vigil honoring detective benjamin mar-coni. marconi was gunned down as he sat in a patrol car in front of the police department sunday. 31-year-old.... otis mc-kane s been charged with murder. families in san diego are sharing the holiday spirit by bringing refugee families their first thanksgiving dinner. each meal feeds seven people.. and comes with a letter explaining why
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thksgiving. nearly 49 million of us are expected to travel to see family and friends over this holiday weekend.the roads have been jammed in some cities.. and as tom costello reports, there's a big reason why. (nats/honking cars)if you're watching tv right now, look what you're missing:(nats - wtop radio)(over video of massive traffic mess in md/va) "outer loop of of the beltway still a mess right now..."the thanksgiving crush! it started on the west coast tuesday night......nearly 49-million of us are traveling this holiday.with gas now averaging just $2.13 a gallon, the vast majority are driving. tallahassee, dan litwack video blogged for us after picking up his son from college... (nats litwack)"ok am fired up about the gas prices down here in tally so lets get rolling." ....and driving up i-95... "...traffic is pretty light hopefully we will get that lucky in new york."(nats full/plane flies overhead)xx xx xx xx x xx xxmeanwhile, a potential record breaker in the air!....with as many as
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pass through airport security checkpoints both today and sunday.when the harmen family arrived at reagan airport this morning - -they found this! (nat/sot )(tom talks to family) tom:"have you ever seen a line this long at this airport?"mom: "no... i have not."son:"yeah never... never this long. (laughs)"fortunately it cleared fast.the tsa has been under pressure to avoid a repeat of the long lines that stretched for hours last spring.since then, adding more dog teams and thousands of new screeners...(nats/cmd ctr broll)(mix channels 1 & 2)(jfk airport "23,200 passengers went through our tsa precheck lane." ...and opening this new airport command center that tracks real time every tsa the 30 busiest airports.(nat/sot - tsa center )(daniel ronan/tsa performance director)"down here it many lanes they opened..."one hot spot today: a power outage in louisville that slowed things down for an hour.tsa chief, admiral peter neffenger:(sot-neffenger) (admiral peter administrator) "sunday is predicted to be the largest day of the weekend. that's when everybody comes home. so just give yourself time."as always, the biggest variable - weather! snow in chicago and la, mfort dogs
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up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4--turkey whisperer.. meet the woman who claims she can actually speak to the flightless while you're stuffing yourself today.. you may be surprised at how many calories you're actually eating. let's take a look at tonight's prime time lineup.. at 6:30 it's "the now: milwaukee" followed by "football night in america" at 7. then at 7:30 it's thursday night football between the steelers and colts.. then more local news
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another live look from new york city.. a woman from arizona claims to
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fact --she calls herself the "turkey whisperer".marcia lincoln started breeding turkeys as a hobby eight years ago. but.. she says she realizes the birds are prey to other animals. "if they're not trusting of you they think they're going to be eaten. i'm just thankful they're all healthy birds, and that they're doing well here for me."marcia also says turkeys can make great companions.. today is a giving thanks and stuffing ourselves with food.. but.. did you know the average american will consume more than ?45-hundred calories today? that doesn't even include... appetizers and drinks. experts suggest using healthier altern to balance out your meal. snap a picture of your thanksgiving celebration and
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seen it on airtoday. up nt on live a on day's tmj4--?3tragedy strikes a berlin.. what neighbors are saying after the horrific news.. plus.. some famous flys e prepping fo homecoming i20-17..
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happening now-- and late-- they're back a flying high. the navy's blue angels are heading back to milwaukee... we're breaking down plans for the 2017 milwaukee air and water show. plus.. police warning as you hit the roads this thanksgiving.the devices being spotted across wisconsin that's putting your personal information at risk. and what's without the annual macy's day parade. you're taking a live look from times square.. welcome to live at daybreak on today's tmj4. i'm ann sterling. and i'm susan kim. americans are hitting the americans are hitting the roads for what's expected to be the busiest


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