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tv   Morning Blend  NBC  November 28, 2016 9:00am-9:56am CST

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good morning. today the inventor of a new kitchen gadget that's getting lots of national attention. plus, easy ways to bring the chmapirit toay from their famil. and not every evergreen is >> next on the morning blend. ? it's a great day to make it ? everything you want it to be ? it's yours and it's mine ? it's a great d to shine? ? moving for two reasons. first, holly is in for is off.
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always moving bec ye ercisi. uhyllr house, right? >> that should b my middle name. moving. literally always moving. right now i am moved. >> you're moved. >> we are in the process of doing all the logistical stuff afterwards, but we are officially moved. because i hate to be in the boxes we're almost completely out of boxes. i'll stay up all night to put things away. i don't like clutter. >> i totally get that. that's how i am when i come back from the way completely out. congratulations on your move. i know it's a lot of work, especially before the holidays. speaking of which teddy is how old now, your son? >> he's almost three. >> he's old enough to say, this is what i want for christm? >> he's had a list made for probably the last month and a half, two months. we're a break from moving and we went to the mall and looking to
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realized santa claus was there right beforehanksgiving. i didn't realize was going to be the case. >> before thanksgiving he's already taking requests. >> yeah! so we decided there was no line, and we decid to go and let my son, teddy, visit with him. so he walked up and santa said, what do you want for christmas this year, little boy? and he's just looking at him, stwo months he wants aus r the he's pbabl seen thi >> thomas train. he looks asanta clausnd says, legos. >> and my mom -- we're all standing there. what? legos. because santa claus has been doing work already, and santa
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>> it's aot to take in for this elf and this elf and santa claus and he's unfamiliar. anyway. >> say everytng you wot like that m theayset it., he s ftb d i sayyn >> iov sy t in a second here. i want to show heidi. i was away for a night this weekend, and my oldest daughter on the right, my youngest daughter's on the&s i love her almost as much as our pi tree, but my surprise was when i came home it was delivered before thanksgiving, but it was lit and they had decorated it. >> it's beautiful! >> thank you. you do that all the time? >> i've
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who deliver my tree. pink isn't the most requested color that you have. >> no, i think white is probably because it's familiar to people, but this year we've had black. >> you have. >> so i brought a black -- >> oh, wow. that really pops. put some red with it. some yellow to spice it up. live that. >> it's like super mod. it's chic. very cool. >> sometimes we prelight them for people. we had a lady i love lights. lots and lots of lights on her black tree. >> that is really cool. what other colors do you do in flocking? >> the light blue, and we do the turquoise. >> looks great with pink. am i blocking it? probably a little bit. >> and then i have red. red was pretty popular a couple years ago. >> okay, i like red too. >> red is very pretty depends on how you decorate it.
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instead of mustard. >> i like that. it's a really pretty, especially with the red flag there. that's gorgeous. and the poinsettia right in front of you there. that's one of your specialties is doing this fabulously-colored poinsettias, and a lot of times you spice it up with a little glitter. >> we're doing turquoise. purple is big. behind you is the packsettia. you're new to the area. [ laughter >> i love that. >> there's a game tonight. and then -- right, so we can do any color that really you're looking for to match your decor, and those are kind of the fun things we do. there are the natural-colored ones, the little calico red with the yellow and green leaves and the natural pink behind you. so a lot of people still do the regular. >> so is that what we'resc"s%p??
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going with the traditional or the standard, only what's available or what people have been used to years and years. >> sure. i think it's great. you probably feel now that thanksgiving has come and gone the season is fully underway in terms of christmas decorating. what kinds of things are you seeing people like most to decorate their homes? because we've shown a lot of the different trees and the poinsettias. you've got pillows here, and there aretu bit of fun or a little bit of tradition, so they're mixing it up. for outside we're seeing, we do a lot of hand-made garlands, so garlands for over the doors. and spicing it up with a little pillow. if you don't have a big space. if you want to throw a pop of color in there for something fun. large is very big, so large things, large pine cone from last time. >> yes! >> and birch is very popular too. something a little bit white
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decorations. >> and this one right here. i've seen this a lot in some of the high-end magazines to do a birch log and use it as a planter. it's a low center piece then. you can see see people across the table if you want to decorate that way. >> [ laughter ] >> now, gifts too. you're doing a lot, and you have events before the holidays. this is a great opportunity for people to come in and get ideas. >> it is, and we're having a class this weekend. this is why we smell really good this morning is we're doing a hand-madeeo 4 soap. gardners if you want to know what to get gardners, they get so dirty all the time, so these soaps you can make them, we're having a class on sunday, and they smell good, right? >> this is so cool. hand-made salted soaps, fresh lemon basil is the scent on that one. >> that is so cool. i love the way it smells too. >> that would make a really good who hostess gift.
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>> here's this on this side. she liked it because it said meow. and on the back it has her name. that's awesome. >> a couple other things we have is the gardening knife. >> i'm going to hand this to you. you love this. >> i love this. >> it's one of your favorite tools, right? >> it is. because when you're digging in the garden. it isn't too late to clean up in the yard. this is a good way to get in the garden because it has a nice, sharp tip and a blade on the side. >> ts weekend? >> this sunday. >> okay. and one of the things we teased earlier was getting that natural christmas fragrance in your home. is that through things like the soap? >> the soaps and the natural green, so the cedar. i have a little wreath that has almost everything that smelled good. we have the boxwood, the cedar, the juniper and the double balsam. those are all things to use in the home.
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bit of christmas fragrance from the house. >> this is probably a really stupid question, but if you have something that's real like this do you have to do anything to it? >> we colt wit a wilt proof and it should last through the holidays for you. >> there you go. this is my kind of plant. [ laughter ] >> mine too. and i will say my pink tree does not have to be watered! i love that. [ laughter ] >> shady lane, still time to order a tree and have it delivered? >> this is a up. >> still a lot of time to do that. from trees to wreaths to poan set yas -- poinsettias, and you've got great holiday hours going on too, which is fun. >> and the train is going to run right for the train fanatic in your family, holly. >> i do have that! >> we have a thomas train running. >> you do?
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>> i love it. thanks, heidi. great to see you. we have a lot more coming up on today's show. the add adventure of a kitchen gadget. it's designed to make life easier. why it was recommended by weight watchers. also ahead, she can swim, bike and run. she's also blind. we're going to hear how one woman overcame adversity and the common condition she almost overlooked. when your child is sick there's nothing more important than the right medical care. after the break we're going to tell you about a place that of support the kids but rather the whole family. stay tuned.
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welcome back to the morning blend. well, when a child has to be hospitalized there's so much more that goes into taking care of them that goes medical care. it's making sure the entire family is supported. >> joining us now is maggie butterfield. she's the director of patient amenities and services at children's hospital of wisconsin. >> so grad to be here. thank you so much. >> nice to have you here. i've been to children's with my kids a couple times, and it's wonderful we have a world-class hospital specifically for our littlist patients here close to
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out and the support of the families that happens every day is an amazing place. it's just an amazing place. >> talking about supporting families. when a child is sick it really isn't just about that child. it's about the entire family from the mom and dad all the way to siblings and extended family, and some of the services you are able to offer are dependent on the community. talk a little bit about it. >> they absolutely are. the department i lead has the opportunity to support families in clinical support, but the support families need when they're away from home, when we're trying to keep the family connected. i cannot imagine how difficult it is to have a child in the hospital and balance your work life, your home life. all of those things. so our community supports our fami services department in so many ways s tha we can bring a little bit of normalcy into a very abnormal situation. >> it's great that you acknowledge that, and it is an unusual situation, and some of
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of meet kids needs and kind of make it as pleasant an experience as possible is through some really cool things like pet therapy, which i'm sure. adults love it too. i'm sure kids absolutely love that. even have art therapy. you have valet services when people come and use the hospital. >> we have our animal assisted therapy program puts the smile on the face of the child, particularly if they have an animal at home able to be with, but it is an encouragement for the child. they move a little bit more when there' an animal around them. we have special events that support our children and familiesithin the organition, and we do have special programs and partnership were parking, and different partnerships that allow us so many wonderful things. the programs allow the kids and the family to tell us what's th.
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prom. first surday of every june,. and, again, think about this. prom is one of those rights of passage that so many of us have, however sometimes because of illnesses or whatever the issue mit beebody might n be able to participate in their own prom, so we have put together with tremendous donations of time and energy and dollars from the community a children's hospital wisconsin prom, complete with a disco ball, a dance and fun and allows again some sense of normalcy in an abnormal situation. we offer a family lounge area for the parent who is sometimes have not been comfortable being too far away from their kids. we have a family reception at the same time. so the kids can be the kids at prom and families can still be supported and this is all through my program and tremendous amount of support from our volunteers withi our
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>> that is fantast. >> igotten to be invved inms t t ike l to have this be? >>at you do for a livin kno i've bnithdren's hpital win for most of my life. i have the privilege of working for unb ornizaove to d fn on i love to work for. nothing's better than that, and also being able to put together uniquely-different programs that really meet family's needs and place and really focus on what those families need atny given time. its been an unbelievable opportunity. >> i lov that.ay the hospital's able to provide the incredible serves. likeinter carnival a state fair and some of the other one of thehing i want m toe sure that people are aware of is going on withtone cekbecausy' da percentage of website orders to help your cse,nd that's why
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face of ahild and it' soin they're dog help and give people the opportunity to have some great coffee. >> really do allow us some g contributions alohe to help suppo those pare gramthndfe do. our perks are kids, the partnership with stone creek coffee so that any purchase between now and will donate 20% o tho purchases to children's hospital wisconsin. the code that has to be put i c. er visit online.
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all website orders to children's hospital wisconsin, go to all the way through christmas and into the new year which is a great way to support the important work that children's hospital does for us in wisconsin. kids9= deserve the best. you can visit them online to make a donation as well, that's >> tnk me. the best of holidays. >> you too. still ahead on the show, it is being called portion control perfection. we're going to tell you about a new kitchen gadget to help you count those calories. after the break we're going to chat with these two guys. every year these military veterans threw a big party for fellow vet who is can't be home with their families, and we're going to tell you how to help them throw this year's bash
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welcome back. most people just want to be home for the holiday, but a lot of military veterans can't, so that's where our next two guests come in. >> every year for the past 29 years they've been hosting a huge christmas party for veterans who can't be home with family and friends. doc dentice is the coordinator
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also wayne cisewski who helped put on this show. doc needs a lot of help to pull this off. >> we are getting it. >> good. and i love seeing you every year, and this is crunch time because the party is in 12 days. it's on december 10th is what you need is not so much volunteers to be there for the party. >> no volunteers. >> what you need is donations to make the party happen. >> when you say party social security actually not -- it's actually not. it's a party for the vets, but it's a christmas holiday show because it's such a huge undertaking. there's two shows going on at the same time. all the wheel chair vets on the ninth floor and the auditorium where we pack them in by the hundreds. it's a show. >> how long have you been doing this again? >> 29 years. >> my goodness. >> gets better every year i'm guessing. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> it's challenging.
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the hospital? this is the va hospital. >> this is the va hospital. you're looking at the ninth floor, spinal cord, 70-80 wheel chairs up there for the show. and we have the big auditorium. >> when you say show is it musical? >> irish dancers, dante's bop, they're there every year. the trinity kids love, love, love, to dance for their veterans. >> that's awesome. >> you must be right because the event keeps growing year after year. what brings them back? >> people are still understanding, yeah, we're still in war, and we've got all our wounded warriors warriors warris coming back. a lot of them are being treated. and when i'm looking at the crowd its come full circle. now after all these years i'm seeing all the iraq and freedom veterans. whoa, you know. >> wayne, you already served your country in vietnam.
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don't you think you've done enough? >> no, it's never enough. you can never forget your brothers and sisters. it's not just gentlemen, it's women too that have served our country, and when they don't have a place to go over the holidays we're bringing them some cheer. holiday cheer. and if it wasn't for the people that watch your program and reach out to us to help us make that much tougher. we thank everybody. >> you never can brothers and sisters and we talk about people wanting to be home with their friends and family. having served the country, in general, you are a family. this is a family. and it must be amazing to see the connections that are built between veterans from wars past and ongoing wars. >> yes, it is. every year we meet new people and the people that we've known over the years, and they become a family. so you look forward to an end.
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the va, they look forward to this. that brings a smile to their face. it's amazing. >> why do you do it every year, doc? why not hand it onto somebody else? you've been doing it for plenty of years now. >> hopefully i'm going to be up for a bumping more. >> god willing, and so it's just a really -- it's an excitement for me. i do many veterans events. i'm in all veteran stuff year round, but this is my favorite, favorite, favorite and it's adrenaline. the people i pick up the stuff from, dropping it off, they're smiling. i'm smiling. it comes from the heart. how can you beat that, you know? they don't expect that. we love our veterans. what do you need? >> so what do you need? >> we need -- i have updated my list. we still need the -- all that homemade stuff. homemade cookie, cakes, pies, treats, and we still need sweat
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vets on the ground. and you go online, it's listed there. the flier's there. you can call me. we'll make the pickups and come right to your house. have about five or six vets running all over. >> and we have a few examples here. our executive producer, kim, her mom made the camo scarf. this is just a small example of the things that they need on the list, but, again, we want to make sure you have the information. if you go to this website you can find out exactly what they need. it's christmas that's for the list. they will pick things up. if you've got the homemade goods or anything you can pick up that's on the list, doc and his dies will come and pick it up. just call him at 414-218-3030. let's make his phone ring. you can e-mail him. and one thing that i was talking to holly about, something cool that our staff does, is sometimes instead of giving each other gifts we'll collect
9:29 am
each other and pool that money and then donate it to a cause and maybe just have a brown bag lunch or something in our office. we bought a few thing this is year with our money for you guys, so we have some fleeces that are insulated. >> thank you very much. >> we have about 15 scarf that is kim's mom made, and there's some beanie hats and examples are there on the table. we hope you guys will take those things. >> those are wonderful because i'm putting together 30 lady vets bags, bags and all really pretty, and that's for all the women vets when we get out there. that's a chore in itself. [ laughter ] >> and holly being here, i can almost say have a molly-holly christmas. [ laughter ] >> i love it. i like it >> have a molly-holly christmas too. >> we're looking forward to it. and thanks to all morning blend viewers. help us out, and we really appreciate it.
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too until you have your party, doc. love you. thank you so much, wayne. appreciate it. still ahead, the incredible story about how a young woman lost her sight but kept her motivation to become a world-class athlete going. up next, did a woman from the midwest change the world of bakeware forever? we're going to tell you about her invention and how it's
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they say necessity is the mother of invention. well, last month molly and tiffany had the opportunity to chat with one mom who found a way to make life in the kitchen a little easier and more practical. >> many agree you shouldn't deny yourself your favorite foods, but just in moderation. >> inventor. perfect slice bakeware. it allows precise portions and endsless options. >> good to have you here. >> good to be here. telling us about it. how does it work? >> well, this is a portion-controlled baking system, and i invented this for several reasons. one, i had just moved from texas to michigan with my 13-year-old daughter, and i don't recommend doing that. and i was throwing parties all
9:34 am
coming, so sometimes i had to cut nine brownies and the next day 12, and no one wanted to be without one and no one wanted the small one, so i was so frustrated. so one day i just got my pan out and drew inch marks all around it, and i realized i couldn't cut a straight line. you can't draw one, you can't cut one either. wow. with up those inch marks and cut nine servings or 12 servings or 18 servings, whatever i needed, and i was also a weight watcher at the time, and i realized when my recipe said there's 12 servings in that pan i wasn't stuck with a casserole dish and a spoon. i could actually cut the size i needed for my diet. >> it's true. you think about how many times a recipe like you said says this
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servings. you rarely control that on your own. >> that is so true, and this gives you that control. >> the other thing i will say, cutting brownies. you're showing a quiche there. sheet cakes or pancakes. they're hard to cut sometimes, so i feel like this not only does a great job of portion controls and getting equal slices, but takes kind of the hassle out of cutting it. like brownies in particular. they get sticky and hard to cut. >> that between looking like an amateur and looking like a professional is making sure that every piece is uniform, and people used to think when i threw my parties that i had hired a caterer. >> really? >> i never told them any different. [ laughter ] >> nor should you. >> just by cutting two by threes in the cookies or triangle shapes from three by threes and all of a sudden people think, wow, she's spent a lot of money
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sometimes the best inventions are almost the simplest in theory. what does the industry think about it? everybody loves it, and they probably thought, why didn't i think of? >> i have heard that over and over. weight watchers wrote a whole blog about this calling it portion control perfection. >> really? >> yes, been on the doctor's tv show. it's great for dieters and diabetics as well. and i can't tell you how many people have compared ice maker. they say how mice -- how ice makers revolutionized a refrigerator. if this is possible to buy verses one without portion control why not buy it with portion control. >> why wouldn't you buy it -- >> that's what i wanted to talk about because as tiff said options. what sizes and shapes do your pans come in? >> that's an excellent question.
9:37 am
are round and square. >> uh-huh. >> we have a pie pan, which is a deep dish, and if you're planning on making a pumpkin kin pie or me meringue pie this is it. then we have our cookie sheet, which is on the end. let me tell you this is a 12x14 pan and it is absolutely perfect for cookies. >> you cut your cookies in squares? >> i do. i make cut the number i need. >> i love that. >> i'm done in 15 minutes instead of 40. >> you don't have to adjust it. you can make it and sell the pan. >> fill the pan. >> i know people right now are, like, okay, tell me where i can get it. i have to buy one or three. so where can people find it? >> i'm so glad you mentioned gifts because our best seller is actually this pan right here.
9:38 am
slicer tool. this one comes with a lid, and that's why it's our best seller. it's so strong. will not fall out. >> and pull up the slicer again too so people can see you do that too. >> it just pops in. so you'll never get to your party without it. >> that's so cool. what is in there? >> this is apple cake, and for instance this has 220 calories per slice if you got it right. up and down. then you can choose to cheat if you want. [ laughter ] >> you can have two slices. >> the inch marks, again, it makes it absolutely easy. >> all right, you can only find perfect slice online go to order it up, have it for the holidays as well. >> by the way it comes with a
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>> whoa, that's awesome. i love it. it was fun. that apple cake smells good too. really fun to meet you and congratulations on your invention. i like that. so awesome. up next, we're going to meet a blind triathlete and how she pushed forward through an eye disease to become part of the u.s. national team john, we're giving you a raise. that's fantastic! but i'm gonna pass. who says no to more? are you ok? time warner cable internet gives you more
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that's 8x faster than dsl. this internet speed is sick. get 15 meg internet with no data cap starting at $39.99 a month. call now. would rex pass up more beef stew? i don't think so.
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welcome back. our next guest has an incredible story of overcoming adversity. amy dickson lost her sight when she was 22 years old. later she learned she had irritable bowel syndrome. despite all that she's a triathlete and a motivational speaker. an us. >> thank you so much for having me. >> absolutely. let's talk first what inspired you to become a professional athlete? >> well, thank you for asking. i was undergoing treatment for my eye disease which is an autoimmune condition, inprogram inflammatory autoimmune condition that took my eyesight, and the treatment for that was steroids and chemotherapy. i gained 70 pounds to be exact,
9:43 am
this and decided i wanted to do something about it. i decided to get back in the pool because it was one of the few things i could do safely on my own. i lost a little bit of weight in the pool and hopped on a spin bike. my friend invited me to a spin class and started running on a treadmill while holding on the sides. hey, you're swimming, biking and running, why don't you think about doing a triathlon? sheig be my guide. she was my eyes for the waist. we were tethered during the race, and we road a tandem bite. that was three years ago. that was three years old, and i had so much fun. i lost the 70 pounds and i'm on the u.s. national team. >> amy, that's incredible. good for you. that is really impressive. do you see anything? can you see anything like light even? >> i have 2% vision out of my
9:44 am
it's like looking through a keyhole. i have 98% of my vision is black, and then my guide dog who's laying by my side is in charge of that 98%. i surrounded myself with a really great team of medical professionals who have worked hard to keep that remaining 2% of vision. >> good for you, and your attitude also is awesome. let's talk about ibsd and how that's affected your life. >> yeah, so about years ago i was experiencing abdominal pain and diarrhea and tried ignoring it for a while to where it became so disruptive in my life they started talking to one of my friends about it in the locker room. i scolded myself because i was so good about advocating for myself with my eye disease that i let this slide for a long time and tried to manage it on my own
9:45 am
medications medications and diet changes, but nothing seemed to be working for me. i went and saw a special itself, and it was by far the best decision i'd made on the road to treatment, and he did a series of diagnostic tests and discovered i had ibsd. at first i was upset about the diagnosis, but i was releed to hear there were 16 million patients in the u.s. it was really frustrating and happy to put a namit so he suggested we try a variety of different medications, both over the counter and prescription. and finally after finding what did not work for me i was grateful to find that did. >> and has this changed your life significantly and improved the quality of your life, finding the right medication? >> finding the right medication to manage my symptoms was so important in order to get the right treatment, and having my doctor be a partner in that.
9:46 am
managing the abdominal pain and diarrhea i was experiencing. this drug may not be for everyone, but it's worth talking to your doctor about. there's some great resources out there. we live in a wonderful time as far as medical discovery and research is out there. you can go to and tools on how to talk to your doctor and rip that band-aid off and have a frank discussion. it can be a little bit important because why suffer longer than you have to. >> it's great to talk to you, amy. congratulations on your success athletically as well as maintaining a positive attitude. really appreciate your openness. >> thank you so much for having me. i'm very grateful to be here. >> absolutely. thank you again and the website amy mentioned is to find out more about her story and the treatment that's worked for her. and now let's head over to holly. >> thanks, molly.
9:47 am
mot and you may have noticed a few men with a little more facial hair than normal. november is movember and even the green bay packers are teaming up to raise awareness about prostate cancer. at the beginning of the month wide receiver davante adams got a clean shave approximately one in seven men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during his lifetime. if found early prostate cancer is one of the most treatable go to the greengoldandgrowing facebook page to check their beard progress or submit your own photo. grow your support on twitter, and you don't even have to have a real beardover mustache. they will accept fake facial hair too. up next, bladder issues aren't just a female problem. after the break, the common symptoms and some non-surgical
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welcome back. let's take a look at today's arts cameras plus picture of the day. >> i love this one!?7>a? tim mccormick sent us this amazing photo from his daughter, katie's wedding. they are high school sweethearts. i love stuff like that.
9:51 am
east, and tim says the bride and groom are each other's best friend and were truly made for each other. that is a great picture. they look so cute there. i looks almost like a high school dance, doesn't it? thanks for sending it, tim, and we miss you. he used to work here. >> oh, okay. if there's someone special in your life and you want to see them featured on tv e-mail to pictures at the morning blend each day millions of americans struggle with t impact of bladder conditions. even simple sneezing, coughing or laugh can go create problems and have a negative impact on your quality of life. dr. kathleen discusses some of the signs, symptoms and solutions to an issue most people are too embarrassed to talk about. >> well, it is very important to take an active role in your bladder health. the you you urology care foundan wants to raise awareness about taking control. there are a lot of things that can be done for a variety of
9:52 am
of life, and there are a lot of very successful things that we can do to treat your bladder health conditions. well, millions of people around the world, in fact, suffer from a variety of different bladder conditions that can range from leaky bladder, so when you've got to go you have to rush to the bathroom or coughing, laughing, exercising-induced leakage all the way to tracts infections or frequency at night. all the serious like bladder cancer. not only do these things affect your quality of life, but it has been estimated that it costs upwards of $70 billion to the healthcare system ere every year. some of the common systems include leaky bladder. when you got to go you can't get there in time. once you start going you can't stop the bladder from going. exercises or coughing or laughing to burning or pain when
9:53 am
things like blood in the urine. if you have a drop of blood it's important to talk to your healthcare provider about that because it can represent something for serious such as bladder cancer. if you're talking about something like urinary leakage it can be something as simple as lifestyle changes. avoiding things that irritate the bladder. dietary changes, pelvic floor exercises. sometimes we just want to do something to avoid or prevent you getting the infection in the first place, of course treat infections on an episodic basis. how you take your fluids or sometimes medications you take will cause you produce more urine. it can be as simple as that, and there are operation that is we can do if the simple procedures don't work or the simple
9:54 am
there are very successful treatments that are available for each of these conditions. of course talk to your healthcare provider if you have any of these conditions, but the urology care foundation has a website for patients. it has great information for patients about any of these questions you might have. >> thank you so much. and after the break we're going to have your responses to our soundoff question. what's your most unusual holiday
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so on facebook we asked to responses to this question. i love this. the first one on the list from jenny. ice cream for breakfast on christmas morning. i love it. you pick your pint and when they have out of town guests they include them. then christmas morning green bay they have ice cream for christmas breakfast. >> this one is from valerie. i don't know if this is unusual i grew up with a christmas 'dinner of oyster chilly. you got new pjs and watch a christmas movie. and everyone would -- okay, and then her husband makes chocolate-covered cherries for her. take notes, honey. my grandfather would give me a
9:58 am
her father passed it onto her husband. >> it's so cute her husband kept it going. >> thanks so much for all your responses. thank you, hollying for being he for tiffany. tomorrow, an important conversation with an author about her transginnedder son. and you're invited to a christmas celebration. we'll have details on that tomorrow. >> have a great monday, everybody.
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this morning on "today's take," cyber mourned. we'll show you the hottest online deals, including a big give-away. then we've got a super soup to warm you right up. and from america's got talent tur grace vanderwaal coming up. welcome to a monday morning, november 28th, 2016. i'm al, along with tamron and good buddy of ours, co-hosting today. fred graham. >> thank you so much.


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