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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at Daybreak Early Edition II  NBC  December 1, 2016 5:30am-6:00am CST

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next at 5-30: plus... why ?some are pushing for tougher punishments-- after a rare deer is shot --- during the hunting season. and...hack attack: how cyber thieves comprimised millions of ?smartphones -- and what ?you should do now-- to avoid becoming the ?next victim. you're watching live at daybreak on today's tmj4. i'm ann sterling.and i'm vince vitrano. let's start with a check of weather and traffic together... here's storm team 4 meteorologist brian gotter. after a great sunrise, clouds quickly moved into the area with temps in the mid 40s, and sprinkles and isolated light rain by evening. patchy flurries and drizzle continue to fall in spots this morning
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afternoon remains cloudy and breezy with highs near 40, and a westerly wind to 20 mph. wind chills will be near 30 all day. incident freelight traffic speeds at or drive times starting this morning... counties across wisconsin will begin re-counting the votes from the november election. pete zervakis is live with
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republican donald trump beat democrat hillary clinton by about 22 thousand votes here in wisconsin. the recount of those votes begins this morning. milwaukee county will start recounting ballots at 9 am. about 30 of wisconsin's 72 counties plan to re-count their ballots exclusively by hand. in milwaukee.... machines will be used. candidate jill stein - who asked for the recount - wanted all counties do it by hand. a dane county circuit judge denied the request...saying stein didn't show any evidence of machines not working - or being tampered with. the recount is scheduled to be finished at 8 pm december 12th. federal law requires it
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wisconsin g-o-p filed a complaint with the federal elections comission... alleging stein and clinton illegally coordinated on the recount effort here in wisconsin. today is a momentous moment for our democracy for a number of recounts are underway in michigan, now the third state to have the election results challenged. green party presidential candidate jill stein made a formal request wednesday for a hand recount in michigan.a job that three million michigan donald trump beat hillary clinton by more than 10-thousand votes. president-elect donald trump is hitting the road this morning --- for what he calls a "thank you tour". he'll make stops in ohio and indiana today ... to meet with voters who supported and voted for him on election day. while in indiana-- trump and vice president-elect mike pence will celebrate "carrier's" decision to keep a thousand manufacturing jobs in the state.
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year-old "laylah petersen" could be looking at decades in prison. this past september, "carl barrett" was found guilty of first degree intentional homicide. he's in court this morning for sentencing. prosecutors say.. it was a case of mistaken identity... barrett and another man were targeting someone who ended up living just a few blocks away from a boy is arrested for a bomb threat... prompting a west allis school to be evacuated this week.police say the threat was written inside lincoln intermediate school. in search of the building. police in germantown are investigating -- after a possible ?bomb threat? forced the evacuation of nearly 60 people from a warehouse. this was the scene wednesday. officials say they took a call from an employee at "gehl's foods" saying someone may have entered with an explosive device.police and deputies from the milwaukee county sheriff's department searched, but did not find an explosive device. people in one wisconsin community are calling for
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deer was shot and killed. the deer... who residents nicknamed "whitey" was recently killed in sauk county. it is illegal to shoot a white deer in wisconsin. despite the fines hunters face, locals say more needs to be done. deer all the time the d-n-r says its completed its investigation court system. washington county deputies have a warning for hunters: "when in doubt don't shoot." this--- after a bullet tore through a woman's home in the town of trenton.the bullet went through a patio door, across a sunroom and into a closet.thankfully, nobody was hurt.the shooting is under investigation. making a comeback: the golf legend making his first tournament appearance-- in more than a year. plus: saving a seat. why every milwaukee
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spot-- reserved today.more live at daybreak-- on today's
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after a great sunrise, clouds quickly moved into the area with temps in the mid 40s, and sprinkles and isolated light rain by evening. patchy flurries and to fall in spots this morning with lows in the mid 30s with wind chills near 20. this afternoon remains cloudy and breezy with highs near 40, and a westerly wind to 20 mph.
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beyond wisconsin - the ashes of former cuban leader -- fidel castro-- are on their way from havana to castro's final resting place in the eastern city of santiago. the more-than 500-mile procession started in havana yesterday. the route traces in reverse the route castro rebels took after overthrowing the government in 1959. castro's ashes will be interred on sunday. thousands of soccer fans filled soccer stadiums in brazil and colombia last night ... to honor the players killed in a tragic plane crash... that crash virtually wiped out a brazilian team. in unison-- the stadium sang out the names of the players killed and shouted "champions." the disaster on monday killed 71 people and sent shock waves
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"your job is to ring people up and tell them to have a nice day."in a youtube video that's gone viral...that female shopper got upset with an employee who she says tried to "force" her to purchase a one-dollar reusable bag. it all happened a week ago at a michael's store in chicago. a bystander who witnessed the scene posted the video online and launched a gofundme page for the employee in hopes of making her holiday season brighter. the goal was to reached 400-dollarbu donated over 32-thousand dollars. golfer tiger woods makes his long-awaited comeback -- later today in the bahamas.woods spent the last two days getting his game in shape for the world hero challenge -- , a select tournament that opens later today.tiger has not competed since august of 2015... and has had two operations on his back since then.woods says he's feeling
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coming up on live at daybreak on today's tmj4:psychedelic benefits! the surprising drug-- that could help keep cancer patients in a positive place. then -- lack of sleep can make you cranky--- irritable .... and unpleasant to be around... and it's costing america some major cash, too! how getting less than 8 hours a night is ?affecting the econ
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milwaukee county buses are saving a seat for rosa parks. today a seat will stay open on each bus in honor of the civil ri sign with her picture and one of her famous quotes.parks was arrested after refusing to give her seat to a white man in alabama on december first, 19-55. the arrest led to a landmark supreme court ruling outlawing segregation on public . brian has another look at your weather and traffic together...
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quickly moved into the area with temps in the mid 40s, and sprinkles and isolated light rain by evening. patchy flurries and drizzle continue to fall in spots this morning with lows in the mid 30s with wind chills near 20. this afternoon remains cloudy and breezy with highs near 40, and a er wind chills will be near 30 all day.another cold front arrives tonight, and friday morning will be in the upper 20s to lower 30s under a cloudy sky and light breeze. get used to the dreary clouds as friday afternoon is cloudy, breezy and chilly with highs in the mid to upper 30s. saturday has a little more sun with highs in the 30s, and
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noon, and rain in the
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incident freedamp roads light traffic speeds at or above
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a strange sign of the times... the next cyber threat could come from the drones we're seeing more experts are warning about 'drone-jacking'. mcafee labs just put out a report saying hackers can target drones because they don't have good security. that makes it easy for someone with the right equipment to take control. they're now calling on drone makers to update their software to make drones more secure. hackers have managed to infect more than one- phones through illegitimate apps...those are apps not downloaded from google play. the malware installs malicious advertising software that tracks says it has blocked 150-thousand versions of the cyberattack-- it's warning consumers to stay away from uncertified apps. a lot of us don't get enough of sleep and that's costing us a lot of money. according to a new report from the non-profit research organization "rand
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billion dollars a year! that's because we're missing a lot of work because we're not getting enough sleep. just one extra hour of sleep a night could make a big difference. researchers found if everyone who sleeps less than six hours a night right now started sleeping seven hours a night, it could add more than 220- billion dollars to our economy. trending today: psyche-delic mushrooms aren't just for concerts anymore. two ?separate studies ?just came out this morning ... and found "magic mushrooms" reduce depression and anxiety in people with cancer. get this-- a single dose of the stuff -- can keep patients in a more positive mindset for ?six months. now-- researchers are pushing for ?more studies involving the also trending this morning: get your caffeine buzz .... and a sugar rush-- at the same time! you're looking at the "limited edition" dunkin donuts flavored pop tart! the grab-and-go pastry comes in two coffee-inspired flavors --- including frosted vanilla
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be in ?your local grocery store this month! still ahead on live at daybreak on today's tmj4: streaming now! the artist breaking records with just ?one song-- in 20-16. plus: - justin bieber-- and even ?sir paul mccartney-- couldn't touch taylor swift this year.
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wash in the wow. and taking a live look outside the bayshore town center. in a few short minutes meijer will deliver thousands of donated toys there.. for their annual toy drive. 20-16's been good to pop princess taylor swift. forbes just revealed it's list of the
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million in profits! the 19-89 singer pulled in more money than one direction, adele, madonna and rihanna-- if you're wondering where beyonce fell on the list... she's at number 17. that's because her visual album and tour for "lemonade" came out ?too late to be lumped in with this and just because t-swift raked in a ton of cash-- doesn't mean her fans streamed her music all year long. spotify says that honor goes to ''drake!''he's the most streamed artist on spotify for the second year in a row ---- with over 4.7 billion streams alone this year.he's also the most streamed artist of all time on spotify!rounding out the top three----- justin bieber and rihanna - the top streamed female artist,
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fans played drake's "one dance" the most with nearly 970 million streams... making it the most popular song ever on spotify. much more ahead after 6:00 -- on live at daybreak. including...government lead---- hack attacks? the ?new rule-- that'll let the feds tap into your computer or
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and taking a live look outside-- happeng now-- now at 6-- hacking your
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access your personal devices. me protect you. -vastation nti in tennessee.... as residents begin to pick the pieces --- what is heing firefighters douse the fl . and taking a live look outside-- e'si'm e an with mrogist brian gott


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