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tv   Today  NBC  December 2, 2016 10:00am-11:44am CST

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?? hey, holiday honchos. i'm going to be a little on my steals and deals quota today. >> that's all right. how many deals did you get? after all, this is the "steals & deals" show ever. >> i only got five. ooh. that puts you way behind schedule. and it's almost christmas. >> why don't you just say it? i'm a cotton-headed ninny-muggen. the worst gift-getter, in the world. >> we have time for the big show. we have just the place for you to get the rest of the deals.
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?? santa, i know him. hey. ?? i'm so excited. i got all of the "steals & deals" for the big show. my work here is done. >> from nbc special edition of "today's take," the biggest "steals & deals" ever. live from studio 1a, in rockefeller plaza. ??
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>> wow. hey. what a way to kick off the weekend. an hour-long "steals & deals" on a friday, december 2nd, 2016. i'm al, tamryn, buddy the held f, and the fantastic rockettes. is nd don't forget.pectularinge running now throu janua 2nd. ey will be hut tere throug morng, helping us for our "steals & deals." >> are we getting out? >> we're getting out. >> help us. oh, no. here. help me, bill. oh.
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>> god bless you, man. thank you to our crew. you guys sye all night doing this. this is incredible. haimpressive. everybodyere so l st ni your first time in arslei thing? yes. i didn't grow up in santa claus it's not m first time close to a horse because i'm a texan a th gese t out tous but this is incredible. >> you get on you're >>ou get one when y'rebo our crewyed up until 3:00 a.m., putting this together. but the best part is that jill has come armed with "steals & deals" that will last the entire hour. >> now, we also must say. it was fun doing the homage to "elf" of course. >> i didn't realize that was an homage to "elf." >> did you see the movie, "elf"? >> i did.
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familiar? >> i said who is playing buddy. we want to thank the folks at bank of america winter village, bryant park. that's where you saw, santa, i know him. >> it was funny. we were filming this. and people were coming up to me, where can you get a battery? where can i get a drink? they thought i was information. one of the santas. there's a best buy, make a right. then a left. d we really, everybody did such a good job. and i want to thank dana on my team for putting this together. this took about six months to put together. >> six months? >> to put together this hour-show. >> this is your scroll. >> i've been on the north pole for a while. just got back a little while ago. >>o "steals & s" wee a great deal to
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you don't know i'm doing this. my cowboys. come on. cowboys nation and i say that because our co-host on monday is a fellow texan. and "american idol" winner who is a texan, who is an "american idol" win center kelly clarkson. >> no one seemed to know that. that worked out well. kelly clarkson, will be our we want all all of the superfans to come down to the plaza. >> a trivia quiz. >> who is the texan? >> kelly clarkson. >> now, we know. >> kelly clarkson will come down. meet kelly in person. and we're going to play finish the lyric. >> uh-huh. >> you're an evil elf. >> like, i don't know. we don't know. let's get started. okay. you got what? over 25 products?
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>> we have an unbelievable stat here. about $10,000. >> wow. >> in product. available for nearly $3,000 today. an overall 66% savings. you c do all of your holiday shoppi wit your feet up, coffee in your hand. >> what do you have for us? >> this is mine? i'll model it. >> youil like this. gold plated or silver. the retail $1 deal $39. 79% off. >> i got time for another one. >> oh,ou do? >> youave a second? >> iave asecond. this watch from invicta. >> watch in. from invicta, $495 to $895.
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go on to they come in this box. retail $495 to 8$95. up to 95% off. >> get one for somebody else and one for yourself. >> wow. >> and this is nice. hi, guys. >> when you travel back to texas to visit kelly clarkson, you can use this. >> this is the olympia usa flee-piece spinners. $700 to $760. $179 for all three. up to 76% off. >> i'm a black suitcase. but i love these persons. i like them. >> my mother puts the crazy ribbonsut because she knows which one is hers.
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>> i'm not too tired to tell you about this one. >> with the jokes, man. >> this is appropriate for you because you drive -- you drive. you ride your bike every day, in your suit into work. we thought this would be good for our viewers. bikes from diamondback. $180 to $450. there's six stiles with the 12 inch for girls, ages 2 and up. go to to see the different ones. we have four here. retail $180 to 50% off. >> on a review quickly, everything. >> the cklaces. with initials. i love that. invicta watch. the suitcase set. a lady said i need one of those. >> the diamondback bicycles. go to for all of the deals. >> we're just getting started. we are looking at the kids on your list. jill has you taken care of. wait until you see the hot, new toys we have for a fraction of
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>> they must be freezing. >> you know what, i saw the show r the first time last year with my nieces. i've seen that sign and wondering what it was like. going in. you've been many times. it lives up to every bit of the hype. >> my first time seeing it, 1963. my dad and my uncle. >> the mike is dead. >> maybe you can do a "steals & deals" on microphones. >> theree go. can you hear us now? >> yeah. >> let's start off with toys. >> the awesome toys you have for us. >> hi, guys. this is the virtual reality headset. it retails $59. a headset for smartphones. it's a 360 experience. you download the content from the app store, and, guy e the ride. is it cool? yeah? >> do you like it? what do you see? >> you have video of what this is? >> you can see a concert? >> the retail is $59. the deal is $15.
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>> you can say it. >> you can't see your thumb. don't worry about it. >> it's in 3d. that's a good buy, jill. >> hi, guys. this is the robot dinosaur. retail $119. this is an intelligent dinosaur that responds. and you can control it with your hands. look how she's doing that. very cool. >> i've never seen that. u can ed it steak. it does everytng. toys "r" us, best buy and other fine retairs. $119. the deal, $35. >> that was awesome. >> next up, hi, everybody. >> this is the motor train set with smoke and sound. it gives you real smoke and sound. the 20-piece set. the retail is $69.99. the deal is $21. >> that would be great to put that around the tree in the morning. >> and it's great to put
10:14 am
>> i think train sets scream christmas. >> you're doing a good job, elves. >> such a good job here. the baking or cooking set. hi. the retail is $75. what are you making here? >> making cookies. >> making cookies. has en out all night.the dough we can't cut this dough. it's frozen. this is not your fault. >> they chill the dough before >> it's four sets. the bakers set, the pizzset, the chinese cooking set. oar the santa cooking set. retail $75. the deal, $23, 69% off. >> some of the books that are always fantastic. >> these are classics. my favorite books as a kid. the books. the retail $97. it's three different sets. you can go on to see the different ones.
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you can't go wrong. retail $97. the deal, $29 for a set t books up to 71% off. let's recap everything.?c?%?' >> hit iill. >> il do it. okay. we srt with the virtual reality sets. and then, we move on. >> we have the robotic dinosaur from wowee. the 20-piece train set. the baking or cooki kidshand from and kitchen. and dr. seuss from penguin random house. to get them, head to >> we started off strong. i don't know how you can finish out. i know you have good stuff to come. whilan roker, the forecast. >>has right. let's chyour weather. if you need to watch out, if you do, whenou're down sth, this weekend, we have a rainy ern. we're going to be watching a lot
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and then, as a low pressure develops, look for the heavy rain to start firingte up la this afternoon, into tonight, on into tomorrow. saturday and sunday, we're lofor oking avy rain from texas, oklahoma, arkansas, missouri and parts of the lower mississippi ver valley. rainfall amounts, from five to sen inches, texas into louisiana. by tuesday, we could see two to three inches ar east as atlanta. that's what's going on around
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>> that's your latest weather. go to the weather chanl on cable. > don't go anywher we're t close toeing done with the deal. next, something for the fashionistas. deep discnts on everytng from shoes, ans, to handbags after these messages. from shoes to jeans to hand i'm hall of famer jerry west and my life is basketball. but that doesn't stop my afib from leaving me at a higher risk of stroke.e thvas. i tookr wfan over 15 yes then i made the switch. xarelto? sigficantly lowers thrisk of stroke in people withfib not caused by a heart valve problem. it has similar effectiveness to warfarin. warfarin interferes with vitamin k and at least six blood clotting factors. xarelto? is selective targeting one critical factor of your body's natural clotting function. for peopleith afib currently well managed on warfarin, there is limited information on how xarelto and warfarin compare in reducing the risk of stroke.
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absolutely graceful. the radio city music rockettes. the next round of "steals & deals." are you ready? because it's all for the fashionista or fashion lovers on your gift list. >> everything is 70% off. let's start, jill. >> pencil jeans from melissa mccarthy. 77. the retail, $89. this is chloe. she's wearing the j s available in three other washes. there's three other washes. sizes 2 to 28. retail $89. $26.70. 70% off. >> i like the stitching. i like those a lot. melissa mccarthy. >> and that capri length is in now. >> that's hot. >> do they come in other colors? >> yeah, three other styles. >> okay. >> this is the jessica simpson collection.
10:22 am
this is a shootie in suede. the retail is $110. simone is wearing the shootie in the honey brown, but it also comes in taupe. it's a 3.5-inch heel. retail $110. the deal, $33. >> i know what a shooter is. >> a shoe and a boot. a shootie. i could feel al's energy change. >> that's one of the terms that you did the her day that nobody knows. they're great, right? >> the other thing is a shoe, right? >> a shoe and a booty. >> thank you so much. this is our third deal, the malia shoe by jessica simpson. the retail $59. we missed the black patten. >> the other thing is a shoe. >> where is the black patten back. >> please. >> that's my fault. this is the black patten. this is kelsey, our "today"
10:23 am
this is four inches with a half-inch platform. the retail is $59. the deal, $17.70 that's 70% off. >> that looks great. you can wear that to the cocktail party or throw it up with some jeans. next up? >> and these are super fun. a lot of '70s here. the '70s in right now. the denim with the leopard. >> i'm obsessed with this shoe right now. >> you're wearing open toe. >> the nadine shoe from jessica simpson. retail $119. this is jade. thanks for modeling. it's a 1.18 platform with a 4.9-inch block heel. you have to like high heels. >> these are smokin' high. >> the retail is $119. the deal is $35.70. 70% off. >> the shoes are $35? >> yeah. >> those are smokin' hot. >> let's bring everybody back t. >> we have the bag. >> we have one more here. this is the mini cross bag from jessica simpleson.
10:24 am
also. it has a removable strap. the retail $5 ge this, the deal $17.40, 70% off. >> love it. >> going to run through the products. we have shoes and a bag from jessica simpson collection. jeans from msnbc lis melissa mccarthy 7. >> we just taught you what a shooty is. >> amazing. up next, jill helps out a deserving family with an unbelievable home makeover. and you'll be able to snag some of the ims inside for a steal. head to and we have two more deals. gorgeous scarves and jewelry trays. you can only find on facebook live. we're back with more deals for the home and kitchen after your
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the presidential recount is set to resume this morning in wisconsin. things got off to a shaky start in waukesha county.. it took them more than 13 hours before counting got underway at 10-30 p-m. thursday, workers were sorting and verifying ballots. if there is an issue on a ballot it goes before a 3-panel board to vote... then they decide if the ballot ivalid. the county decided to start counting an hour earlier today
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> all righ rockettes. you need to come up with a fitness video. you're iucshap >> >> helpi us celebrate an entire hour of "steals & deals." >> and go to our face page he srf that jill is wear pg and the fabulous jewelry trays. you can g on the facebook page
10:31 am
>> since the holidays are all about giving. jill is so sweet. a really nice surprise for a deserving family. >> i know they are watching. you get to see the rooms they transformed. so happy now. it was amazing. meet the nabori family. yep. you are seeing triplets. wendy is a stay-at-home mom. and the 5-year-old taken over this three-bedroom house. you had challenges? >> one of our boys was diagnosed on a spectrum. i'm going to get emotional. i feel like i'm not doing enough for him. only because my oth two are more verbal. they do take me away. they come home with homework. i'm tryi sitng toith them the and at the same time, francesco
10:32 am
picasso has loved to color on the walls. >> what wendy doesn't know is that her friend, stacy, wrote us, with hopes of much-needed room makeovers for her boys. >> tell me about your sleeping situation. >> the boys have been sleeping in our room since they were born. >> we heard about that. we are making over two rooms for you. >> you're the best mommy ever. >> i get my bed back. >> i fixer-upper, lou man ferdi. who happens to be ace hardware's spokesperson. beautiful new furniture, check. thanks to kohl's. we got to work on two rooms. one for sleep and one for play. then, it was time. look at your new room. >> whoa. >> look at all this.
10:33 am
>> my god. >> climb up there. ?? >> everybody has a big boy bed. >> everybody has a big boy bed. >> francesco, do you want another surprise? your new play room. >> whoa. >> this is awesome. look at that. >> are you happy? tell me what you think. >> awesome. >> my partner in crime, lou, ve the boys a demo. you know ho you like to draw? it's chalkboard paint. >> a special treat for this home's picasso. >> thank you. >> i'll take a hug. >> good job, buddy. >> what a beautiful family. >> i love that family. we want to thank barbara kimmel,
10:34 am
analyst, who specializes with children on the autism spectrum. we got feedback they were enjoying it. they were livinin the parents' bedroom. >> love the lights. >> oh, it's so great. they go from day to the night, to become a night light. the retail, $65. they come with the stickers, as well. you can form different -- >> and they're battery-operated. >> that's 62% off. this is great. the bean bag chair. choice of two stiles. the obvious two stiles. they come in different colors. and the covers are machine-washable. >> that's a great idea. >> the deal $45. 70% off. >> i love these pillows. >> is this fabulous. the oversized throw pillows. there's different templates.
10:35 am
the retail $95. the deal, $19. 80% off. >> peppermint pajamas. >> and the bed? >> great bedding sets. the retail $120 to $140. children and teen comforter sets, ten styles. go to tl $120 to $140. $39, up to 72% off. >> let's recap the deals. the wall decal the bean bag share. the photo pillows and the bedding sets. go to our website to check it out. >> what a great thing you've done for that family. a beautiful family. and it's great to see them smile. and the kids have so much fun. coming up, things get cooking. we're going to head into the kitchenen for a steak deal.
10:36 am
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10:40 am
rockettes. >> we're digging in. >>, guys. >> we're going to make a lemon seth garlicy putter for our steak. >> you're going to use the knives for our "steals & deals." it's a seven-piece set. how are they cutting? >> they are cutting well. lemon butter is a great way to add something extra to your sauces. you take some of spices, whatever you want. the herbs, put them on this. and a little lemon zest. >> using the skin on the lemon. >> and you will mix tha together. and you will wrap it up and put it in your refrigerator. >> that's this. >> that becomes this. >> the knives are $99. $30 for seven pieces. 70% off. >> spectacular. this is the steak part of this. tell us about the steak. >> omaha steaks.
10:41 am
there's a few deals. a dinner for six, for 16, or for 24. that has 48 tatar tots. go to to see everything. it gives you everything. >> these are great. these are going to cook up quickly. only need to do them two minutes per side. maybe three tops. you wi flip them ove then, we have seasoning dry rub you're going to put on. once it's done, you have to take it off. and add a little flavor of the yotter there. let it rest. and the juices come back in. and look at this. >> that looks great. >> $186 to $681. the deal is $39 to $150, up to 80% off. >> let's run through the products one more time.
10:42 am
here. >> that's right. >> and these are the -- >> the platters. >> two more to tell you about. the cookwear set. that's the tepiece set with the pans. the retail is 350 on that. stainless steel, the deal, $99. that's 72% off. and you get everything there. and then, to sve it on, your finished product, the platters, all different ones on $72 to $150. the deal, $24. up to 84% >> we'll run through them. the stokes knives. the party packages from omaha steaks. cookwear. and the platters on >> that's so good. >> good meat. good weather. how about your weekend? the weekend outlook. we're expecting to see plenty of rain through texas on into the lower mississippi river valley. we're looking at a lot of sunshine in the mid-atlantic states.
10:43 am
southern california. they die down tomorrow on sunday. but more heavy rain stretching from texas into the river valley. lake-effect snow. and heavy snows make their way into the cascades of the intermountain, the bitterroot and the >> that is your latest weather. you think the deals couldn't get bigger or better? oh, you're wrong.
10:44 am
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ding connections. learn more at ?? all right. now, for the grand finale of "steals & deals." your one-stop place for shopping. behind these panels are the biggest the rockettes are back to help us with the big reveal. let's get a drumroll. are youread ladies? rockettes, do the honor and reveal our biggest deals to date. >> wow. >> man. >> i want to dive on it. >> there you go. >> i think i'm comfortable. >> something for every room in the house.
10:49 am
mattress. $900 to $1450. the deal $450 to $725 up to 50% off. >> that's pretty cool. and while you're in bed, you can watch tv. >> you can watch us as elves. >> oh. >> this is the 43-inch roku tv from tcl. the retail 4k resolution. and it comes with headphones for private listening. >> a remote finder feature? >> find elf and it looks for elf and tells you what channel it's on. >> i love this. > $699. the deal, $299.
10:50 am
>> what can go wrong here? >> the cardio hit trainer. retail $1,999. >> i need one. >> i thinkit's in a locked position. >> go, go, go. they're chanting. >> i'm trying. >> it takes -- >> it doesn't he power. thank you. >> it takes up half of the space of other elliptical machines. 32 workout apps. it shows you different >> more important. >> free shipping is a big deal. >> let's run through the product. >> the deal, $827. >> that's pretty good. >> 59% off. >> that's cool. going to run through the deals. we got the bed. and we got a 43 inch l.e.d. tv. and the hit trainer from
10:51 am
mattress. for all of the information, check out the "steals & deals" page at >> you outdone youf with is, lady. we're not done. back in aoment.
10:52 am
10:53 am
?? wow. >> what an amazing hour. go to for all of the deals. we are not done. we have not forgot about all of you who stood in the plaza. we are giving away free stuff. >> free stuff for you guys. >> help us out. help us distribute some of the
10:54 am
>> there you go. >> all righty. >> who wants it? >> all ofhe best. let's go over here. >> there you go. >> you need that, too? >> you're turning 13. happy birthday. there you go, sweetheart. >> giving away- >> you take this. you get this. >> let's get people down there. >> whoa. >> here you go >> we've got more. >> hold on. ?? >> there you go. >> gave away that set. you keep going. >> how about some luggage. there you go. there you go, bud. there you go. >> wow. >> fun, folks. >> okay.
10:55 am
>> there's some luggage. that's for this young lady here. okay. good. >> we have one more thing. >> okay. >> we got one more thing. >> get out of the way. >> how much time do we have? okay. one last thing. >> who gets the tv? >> we are going to give away -- >> come on. >> the tv. >> all right. this lady right here. there you go. >> for information. there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. jill martin, thank you so much. fantastic. jill martin, nice stuff.
10:56 am
10:57 am
i'm... julia fello alongside brian gotter...lets get a check of t weather.. this morning we're learning the name of the seven year old milawaukee boy killed after being severely abused. police say trevion winningham died from those injuries tuesday. charges are still pending four four people arrested in connection with his deatt.we do know two women were booked into jail on charges of physical abuse of a child.two men are accused of failing to
10:58 am
and here's a live look outside. john, we're giving you a raise. that's fantastic! but i'm gonna pass. who says no to more? are you ok? time warner cable internet gives you more of what you and those little data hoggers want. like ultra-fast speeds up to 50 megs. that's 8x faster than dsl. this internet speed is sick. get 15 meg internet with no data cap starting at $39.99 a month. call now. i don't think so.
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11:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hodaotb live from studa [ laughter ] hey, everybod it's a great try day friday here in new york. december 2nd. our wonderful hoda is off. she so deserves it. and from "the blacklist." that is "emotions" from mariah carey. >> quick look. >> incredible interview we did with mariah yesterday, that's coming up and we kick off your weekend talking to her the
11:01 am
about her personal life and more, even if it's -- it's not as much as miss piggy does. a run for her money, you, miss piggy. the "muppet" maeving here to tell us about her new collaboration with a big time design right? >> yes, yes. kate spate new york. >> why she's the talk of the internet these days. as if you aren't always the talk of the internet. >> um, it's just know day for mahwah. >> and another update from you and kermit -- >> oh, yeah, sure. him. right. he's history. >> now that the kermit thing is over, i was wondering maybe what you were up to, miss pig. >>. >> i'm going out to dinner with you. >> you know what? for pork and sauerkraut. >> it starts already, folks.
11:02 am
>> miss pig. i'm such a huge fan of yours and really we've had our differences over the decades, like about five of them, but in honor of our country coming together amp this election and in honor of good will and spirit i am going to be loving and kind to you today. >> ah -- it's about time! >> all right bep will have our way with her in a little bit. last night you were invited to think, but were reading a book. >> i got in too late. nothing >> what kind of television star reads a book -- >> i lead a dangerous, exciting life. >> you sure do. hoda and i had our annual favorite things, event, makes great things for those you love and elvis duran, an artist who sings from her soul.
11:03 am
you're reading? >> it's heavy. race relations in the country. great -- >> you love the direct thing these days. a couple times -- >> yeah. i worked on a film i'm going to tell you about later, that i want to tell you about. >> in the meantime, you have played tom kean on "black list" four seasons when we met you. >> can you believe it? four seasons. >> most amazing thing, your own spin-off series, "the blacklist: redemption." has this hit you yet? this is huge? >> it hasn't. it will, once we start grinding away. we're starting very soon. >> you keep things very close to the vest. can you tell a lot about it. >> high-paced a lot of spy craft and "mission impossible" meets "jason borne." >> quite different than -- a different genre pretty much than "black list"? >> i think so.
11:04 am
more fast paced, that -- >> all right. so maybe miss piggy could do an arc? >> there's maybe a spot for miss pig. >> are you doing most acting these days? >> i'm available. i'm available. absolutely. >> all right. >> i think she's excited. and what -- what would be your dream? romantic interest with our friend? >> oh, well, if i must, yes. >> i'm going to speak to the writers and get right on this t. would be fascinating. >> oh, boy, thank you, thank you! >> see how nice i'm being to you? he blistu new episodes on january 5th. >> i can't believe it. four seasons. >> i'm really proud of you. you couldn't even describe what you were going to do and here you are. >> here we are. >> premieres early. jit early in the next year? >> it does. we come back right after the
11:05 am
>> can you do both? >> a little of both. back and forth. so i'm going to be a little tired, but it wl be >> beats theunemployment line, baby. >> that's right. that's rights. >> the big thing. two amazing things in something called the most indulgent dessert ever. you've beeno my house but don't seem to be auge sweet eater. >> not a huge, but i actuay d ve brownies. i do. >> well, all kinds of brownies. you learned that in college. didn't you? all right. so these a red wine >> yes, i do. >> do you like browes, miss >> yeah. can you get the platehere, please? >> yes, of course. ryan will bring them over to you. you can get to know each other a little better -- i want to see this. >> this is important. all right, miss piggy. we need you to get one, or i can feed you, if you like. just a little. >> i would like -- hmm -- hmm! i like you, fed by you, ryan.
11:06 am
this show is taking a turn today. >> you melt the butter and chocolate in a mixes bowl over a pan of boilinging water. mix in my wine followed by sugar, vanilla, eggs, coffee and bake tween 30 and 40 minutes. what do you think? >> i think i could do that. >> yeah, yeah. it's try day friday, and these are cool. do you know what your state smells like? >> oh, gosh. ocean, maybe? surf. i'm from california. >> okay. we have a california sitting u second one. these are homesick candles created, a scent for each state. okay. we were going to go to new york first but let's do you. >> here we go. >> what do you smell, some you smell this, besides the red wine. >> i smile browny. >> and my perfume, probably. >> i think -- a hint of lilac. no -- is it ocean? is there ocean? >> no. there's pear, redwoods and vineyards. >> red woods.
11:07 am
happening. beautiful. >> unbelievable. >> the most beautiful place. new york, a smell of the adirondacks. apple orchard and a pumpkin. smells like fall. oh, my gosh. that's beautiful. >> that smells better than california, i admit. >> can i smell connecticut? my hometown, please? where i live, maryland people get mad at me. okay. yeah. as frank used to say, that's god's country. you go visit your family in connecticut. >> smells great. what's happening in there? >> i don't know. but it smells like home. >> what about that one? >> you're aware of what's been happening in gatlinburg and pigeon forge with the wildfires. dolly party, wednesday night, her movie "christmas of many colors," a follow-up to last year's "coat of many colors,"
11:08 am
2011. produced by my friend sam haskell. i have to say that. now dolly is trying to help the people affected by the fires, in the great smoky mountains. listen to what she's doing. she says, charity begins at home. she established the my people fund through the dolly foundation and look what they plan to do. it's awesome. >> we want to provide a hand-up to all of those families that have lost everything in the fires, and to recover, we want to make sure that the dollywood month to all of those families that have lost their homes in the fires, until they get back up on their feet. >> hmm. >> you have to be a fan. right? >> yeah. >> of dolly. do you know her at all? >> no. i did meet her, saw her play live. she's incredible. >> i've known her 30 years and you'll never meet a better human being. you never will. got bless you, dolly, for all of
11:09 am
have ryan deliver, or do you want me to? a cold read, mr. actor? >> okay. here we go. >> okay. >> one night a couple was sitting down for dinner together, and the man asked his wife, what would you do if i won the lottery? okay? >> uh-huh. >> and his wife immediately responded, take half and leave your butt. >> ah? >> it's not over -- the man replied -- >> the man replied. >> took me a moment, but -- >> you're so funny. >> the man replied -- punch line. the man replied, i won six, now get out. what did you think? >> did i laugh too early? >> that's called a jokous interrupus. >> all righty. i think my stand-up career is well on its way. >> yeah, yeah. keep your day job. last night was our favorite things party at the refinery hotel. ever been there? could have come last night. >> i was going to.
11:10 am
new york. we love it. it's just gorgeous. linda rackareeno brought her mom. she was adorable. linda is in charge of sales and department affairs at nbc. we love her, and bunch of people got in there. >> a little sittion whe i was supposed to be. >> we made space for you. you would have been the only man there except for don nash. anyway, baby, we got -- are you ready for mariah carey? ve this morning? >> i hear about these. >> hope you've all had it, because it's mariah's world and we're just living in. >> it a new project and a lot to say here. >> oh, yes. >> oh, yes. we're going to we're only human. we rely on our courage. the kind of courage that shows up when we need it...
11:11 am
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11:14 am
cardiovascular system delivers knew me ? >> this is "mariah's worl impressive. fimmyawards, 1,800 bits more than8 million records sold. we did know grow up this way. okay? >> pulling back the curtain revealing for the world for the first time some of her most intimate moments. >> let's talk about your docuseries, shall we? >> this is a docuseries. >> yes. >> you're a public figure. people know you. >> iconic. >> you're an iconic woman, and why more exposure? >> for me, it was more about -- you know, the process of, like, here we are behind the scenes.
11:15 am
when i'm going to do this again. that was the whole thing of documenting a tour. i'd never done that before. >> in the middle of filming the series, mariah and fiancee james packer calmed off their engagement. >> what did you think about pulling the plug on it, when your relationship ended up not working out? >> oh, i can't give somebody that much power. are you kidding me? no, no. you've got to keep on pushing. >> mariah has adorable 5-year-old nick cannon. they joined her on other world tour. >> do you hav any problems having the kids in the douk cue series? actually i did. i wand to make sure they were comfortable as all times. i ner wanted to be ata mom. that's n me. >> or exploithem for career. >>ot aall. actual i wasn't going to have them in the docuseries at all, activities, so many different ir things they're learning while on
11:16 am
lesson >> diffeind of education. >> hado you tet ni's pern addition to have them a part of this? >> yeah, and nick also, he mak as couple came yohhatt' turban? he loves that turban. >> i ruse to comment on the turb >> onehing thing, but he loves the turban. >> we just saw each other for thanksgiving. >> were together for halloween, too. >> it's important for the kids. >> that's the important thing. we want that, both because he's part of their lives forever. >> he's a good father. >> yeah. >> so you want them to have that. >> ds have a cru on her. what are you going to do with him? >> you saw it, he's not leading easily. >> pictures out and about with you. >> frolicking. >> tell us about -- >> i refuse the answer on the grounds it may incriminate me. >> in other words, guilty of all get out. >> he's cute, by the way. isn't he? you pick cute men.
11:17 am
did you decorate that tree to match your ensembles. >> i really didn't have it in me you the usual,e nice to everybody thing. >> what would you like to reveal and express about you by watching this series they would be surprised by? >> i had fun. i'm coming here today, obviously this is not morning attire. for most people, well what do i do? i don't want the ladies to feel like i didn't care. >> this is mariah. >> theeq that's it. honestly, i just want people to watch and see the behind-the-scenes of all that. you're doing the show for the fans. ? and just sing to him ? >> yeah. it's really kind of fascinating. >> yeah. >> you know, mariah is known as this diva, this diva, but u're with you, tre a vulnerability and a sweetness and a playfulness about her you
11:18 am
>> was it fun hanging out. >> yeah. we hang out all the time. our sisteretworks e! and bravo. >> from one to another, going to the original diva herself, miss the original diva herself, miss piggy. ? go paperless, don't stress, girl ? ? i got the discounts that you need ? ? safe driver ? ? accident-free ? ? everybody put your flaps in the air for me ? ? i got the discounts that you need ? ? safe driver ? ? accident-free ? ? everybody put your flaps in the air for me ? i can't lip-synch in these conditions. ? savings ? ? oh, yeah ? my budget used to be hard on me. especially around the holidays. i wapihin' iemore t but thanks to, now you can shop over 700,000 items
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11:21 am
so what actually is the polite way to introduce a pig? >> well, if it's miss l-arou diva. >> yes. and the talk of social media lately after her appearance wit legendary tony bennett at the macy's thanksgiving day parade last week. >> and hear she's a designer working with designer kate spade. >> yes, and the status of her rlgsship with kermit has got people talking again. miss piggy is here to fill us in on all of it. what a year you've it, miss pig know, i know. tell me about it! and here we are.
11:22 am
relationip with kate spade new york. >> and wearinger right now. a yes! >> looking sharp. >> yes, yes, thank you. >> luvgly. >> how didhatom to be? because'r fashion icon anyway? >> pretty much, yeah. yeah. pretty much. bu no, deborah lloyd, of de new york called me up, said i am so inspired by u, hav?@?e to do something with yo i said, okay. all right. it was just --t was a match made in heaven. i knew it was going to work out the minute she [ laughter ] >> that's the way it goes. >> yes. >> we're excited. when can we expect to see the new campaign? >> it's happening. it's happening right now. go to right now. you'll see all the accessories, handbag, ready tro wea a and a short i made. >> a gisele going to be really jealous when this whole campaign starts? gisele bundchen? >> oh, yeah, yeah. her? yes.
11:23 am
you know? you've got to see it, and, yeah, then this film. it's hilarious. hilarious. it's me, sasha and the empire state building. >> wow. can't beat that. >> yeah. >> i'll watch that kermit is not going to be -- there. it's going to make him so long for you and what used to be. >> i know! isn't it great? going to make him so jealous. >> what is it that went wrong? if you two can't make it, i don't know who can? >> what about brad and angelina. ha it's in the air. >> in the same year. >> what? don't tell me they broke up? oh! >> yeah. >> i'm just -- i'm living in my own world, i guess. >> did you have higher hopes? did you think that it would be forever in your heart of hearts? >> well, of course, naturally. a girl always wants that. >> yes. >> but now that it's over, i'm moving on. i'm moving on. i am dating as many men who are not kermit as possible. see that?
11:24 am
>> as many men as possible. preferably not at the same time, though. that can get messy. >> gee, i sense a bit of bitterness. i've got say. >> once i dated a, a flash mob. [ laughter ] that was a mistake. >> get in line, baby. okay -- not just becau there wer so many of them, but because they also were all dressed at santa claus. >> oh, that one, yeah. we have qs in a blanket for you, miss piggy, in our remaining time. when was the last >> i ran into matt lauer's car in the parking lot this morning. is that what you mean? >> name a movie that made you cry. >> "titanic". i was so sure they weren't going to hit that iceberg! oh! >> what is the worst thing about getting older, miss piggy? >> i have no idea >> because you're young and -- don't get older. just young. sething you're gladou grew out of? in ten seconds. >> spandex! >> all righty. we'll be back cooking with
11:25 am
you look beautiful in your kate spade. >> glad you're cooking with chicken and not -- you know. >> yeah. bobbie you love the soft feel of your feet when you take care of them. and at amop? we love it too. but that annoying hard skin just keeps coming back. and always way, way, way too soon. no matter what you do. amop? presents pedi perfect... a new level of hard skin removal. it removes hard skin thoroughly yet effortlessly and reveals the silkiest and lasts, and lasts. this holiday season give the gift of long lasting smoothness. amop?. love every step. should we put a jellybean on the top? purple? absolutely. ?? ?? ??
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11:28 am
the presidential recount is set to resume this morning in wisconsin. things got off to a shaky start in waukesha than 13 hours before counting got underway at 10-30 p-m. thursday, workers were sorting and verifying ballots. if there is an issue on a ballot it goes before a 3-panel board to vote... then they decide if the ballot is valid. the county decided to start counting an hour earlier today at 8 a-m.
11:29 am
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11:30 am
uh-huh. it's try day friday. hoda is off off today so ryan is keeping me great company today. last night we held the annual favorites at the top and that was many of the famous things that we're featuring this past year on the show. >> i could not make this part, and i'm particularly excited to check out the goodies. >> who better to review them with us other than style editor. >> yes, i'm excited because they're favorites of you and hoda here in our house. another favorite is donna and
11:31 am
sun glasses made in daytona, florida. this is a great option if you're looking for a new pair of sun glasses for the loved one on the list. >> they always win the best. >> yeah and then make up is a fun thing around here. glam squad loves urban decay. one of the naked pallets sells every six seconds. >> >> i do make up for the living. >> we use this all of the time and mary kay is the make up artist. >> everything is naked and perverted. >> yeah. >> the girls that were there last night. >> and then danny joe jewelry. it's fashion jewelry with high end. it won't turn you green. it's something that you will
11:32 am
it's two sisters. >> they're darling. >> yeah, great design team and used to borrow the medical tools and who knew it would be a hot item for a lot of people. >> yeah we're all wearing it and going to wear it on monday. >> yeah, i'm going to go over to you. >> yeah, i discovered this, and you see it all the time. i was wearing it last night. it's a mother daughter company, and everything is york and it's all washable and light weight. this is the cardigan that we gave away last night. thank you ryan. >> yeah. >> check out the website. it's just amazing stuff. >> the fabrics the signature. thank you. you can put it in the purse and don't wrinkle. ryan, don't be afraid. alex is sha up the fantastic martini shakers.
11:33 am
but they're chocolate covered almonds. this company is a favorite of so many people and they have also won your heart over because they figured out how to take spirits and mix them with sweets. it's a 20,000 wait list to get the gummies. they look beautiful on the table. >> yeah, it's better if you put a martini in it. >> yeah, that's >> i will let you go. >> one of my personal favorite is minted. it's a favorite around here because they do really special personalized one of a kind designs, and they feature independent artists. they do everything from reversible tree skirts to tepees and maps and more. >> yeah, baby showers. >> yeah. >> thank you so much.
11:34 am
down to see us last night accept for ryan. >> i'm sorry. >> i'm fine. it's the only chicken recipe that you will ever need and mark is here in the kitchen right now with all that you need. a song that will inspire you all month right after this. >> thank you. ?? fresher. more flavorful. delicious. only one egg with better nutrition- like more vitamins d, e, and omega 3s. and 25% less saturated fat. only one egg good enough for my family. because why have ordinary when you can have the best. eggland's best. the only egg that gives you so much more: better taste. better nutrition.
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11:39 am
knock the socks off anyone who ever eats it? >> we got the recipe for you. a simple roasted chicken with potatoes and vegetables. >> and marc murphy's go-to meal, chef and partner of gray salt and landmark restaurants. i saw him this summer a the greenwich wine and fooft festival this is the meal he said he would make for me if he came to my hoe. >> it's a great story. every time my kids come home from camp a lg trip or vacation. what are we roast chicken. it's comforting, it's home and everybody likes it. >> but you made it first, were in love with this woman, had to impress her parents and he won her heart. >> coming for dinner. i'll make roast chicken. >> and he's been in the family ever since. this is your way. >> simple ingredients, olive,
11:40 am
onions, a chicken obviously and some mustard. this is es xrol. i love to cook with es carol. >> of course you do. >> throw a lemon in there, throw some -- >> an entire lemon in there go ahead. >> take herbs, shove the herbs in there. >> the chicken doesn't mind. >> i would hope not. [ laughter ] >> no. it's perfectly >> you have to truss. >> like a figure eight. boom. push the lengths in like that, put the wings over there. flip the little guy upside down. it's a good thing. >> what's the point of that? what's accomplished by -- >> what's happened, it keeps everything together to cook more evenly. >> i'm glad miss piggy isn't here to see this. i really am. she'd be very upset. >> not making pork chops. i was getting worried. oh no.
11:41 am
>> toss this guy over here. do you have the olive oil. clean up after you touch the chicken always got to make sure. >> a little olive oil on there. look how happy it is. >> not difficult. >> so far, yeah. >> something i could do, marc. which is great. >> are you sure? but you still want to go to restaurants. don't stop going to restaurants and stop cooking. that's not what we need. oh. we need a sip. here we go. put this in the oven 15 minutes. >>t >> about 450. >> toss that in the oven. >> crank that baby up. >> moving along with television, go right along. here it is. >> did you -- >> 15 minutes -- did i put one in there? >> no. >> i think i put one inside. i might have forgot, but it's okay. >> onion goes in there, too. >> you can, if you want. here it is. >> yes. >> happy, happy, as it can be, for about 15 minutes. throw vegetables in there. basically a one-pot cooking thing going on here. >> yes. >> and then throw this back in
11:42 am
>> and extremely simple, too. this i throw back in about 45 minutes. same temperature. 450. go see what it looks like back here, though. >> oh -- [ speaking in foreign language ]. >> [ speaking in foreign language ]. >> yeah. what's in there? >> drippings, all the stuff -- >> it's all about the drippings, isn't it? >> they call this a reduction? that's not a reduction. , it's reducing. call it whatever you want. >> you're a big tv star. call it wha buddy. >> okay. >> and. >> oui. >> a little mustard and thyme. >> and ends up looking like this. >> like that. exactly. >> then you put it on -- where are we? >> here it is. you've got to taste this. >> here she is, right here. >> have a bite. for me. >> chicken breast and you've got the leg and thigh over there. >> great. >> these are leeks vinaigrette, another of my family favorites.
11:43 am
so tender and so -- >> i'm so happy you had all of us on from that greenwich thing we did. told everybody and here we are. >> accomplished it. >> nice job. >> thank you. >> god bless. >> thank you, for this recipe and marc's leek vinaigrette, go to should we put a jellybean on the top? purple? absolutely. ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ? i was born a dreamer... ? ? i was born a dreamer... ? i'm hall of famer jerry west and my life is basketball. but that doesn't stop my afib
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11:46 am
no harsh rubbing, no rinsing.
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11:48 am
series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. oh, great. all righty. today we have a special member to add to the growing list of elvis duran's artist of the month. >> her name, marina morgan. >> transforming her story into a wonderful album called "paralyze" here with elvis, our good friend to tell us all about it. welcome, hon. >> fantastic. different than usual. usually we bring guests already
11:49 am
have a career, really, really, really going. even though marina is working very hard from staten island, singing in a lot of different venues, her story is what caught my attention, and now it all begins really big time today on the "today" show. >> that makes it exciting. listen to her story. you were a little girl? >> yes, i was a little girl with an autoimmune disease that left me bound to a wheelchair and i had to live in a children's hospital for months to relearn how to walk and i did, i was doing great for about the past 2015 when i started having issues with my walking again, with my eyesight and es sof gis gis esophagus testing. after a year of testing i was doeg niced with lyme disease back in may and was inspired to make the song based off these experiences and help bring awareness to the cause.
11:50 am
>> wait until you hear this song. >> i heard it during rehearsal. it's fabulous. >> this is fabulous. watch this. ?? ? trapped in the dark can't even feel my heart beating ? will i fall apart or is this just phantom feeling, but i refuse to lose my mind ? ? i'm not giving up on my life ? what's wrong with me i can't breathe my mind won't be paralyzed ?
11:51 am
'cause i won't be paralyzed ? oh-oh ? wake up in pain will this be the day it changes ? oh, ? more nightmares than dreams ? but i refuse to lose my mind i'm not giving up on my life ? what's wrong with me i can't breathe ? ? but i won't be paralyzed ?
11:52 am
'cause i won't be paralyzed ? ? oh-oh, 'cause i won't be so afraid of falling back to ? ? who i was before ? back when i was beat the odds one more ? fight be back all my fears ? ? what's wrong with me i can't breathe ?
11:53 am
fighting back, all my fears ? ? 'cause i won't be paralyzed ? i won't be paralyzed ? ? oh-oh, oh-oh-oh i won't be paralyzed ?? >> beautiful. wow, marina. that is so great, and such an inspiration, honey. >> thank you. >> i'm so glad you're doing so well. >> thank you. >> thank you, elvis. you bring the best. >> you did a great job by the way. >> fabulous. >> to hear all of elvis' list, find them on our website, and elvis will host the z-100 jingle ball next friday. i hope i'll be with you. >> me, too.
11:54 am
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> soar this week we've collected nearly $4.5 million from corporate donors not ingincludour donations. thank you, everybodmuch for your generosity. >> what you got for >> stop it. >> basilly, sucti cups o their heads and feet, can holds a pose, you can see here. >> cute! >> and kids make stop-motion movies and share on youtube. 150,000 videos by kids. 200 million views. make their own movies, take pictures and share. >> how many have you given to the kids? >> $150,000 worth. >> josh, you're a good man, and i love the hat. merry christmas to you. >> you can donate on the plaza
11:58 am
for details go to our website. next on live at noon-- suing to stop. elections officials across the state are still recounting the ballots. the federal lawsuit filed today to stop the effort...and who's behind it. then - recovery. new employment numbers are out today. the two signs that point to growth in our economy. and winter temperatures moving in. meteorologist brian gotter lets us know how cold we get this weekd. and which day we might even get a little ow. . i'm vincvitrano.and i'm julia fello. live at noon
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now at noon -- fighting the recount. two political action committees and a wisconsin voter are suing to stop the daunting ess... already underway across the state. the two pacs support donald trump... and are trying to get a federal court to shut down the recount of the presidential election in wisconsin. the suit was filed this morning... but so far has not affected the recounting of nearly 3-million ballots. that process is entering its second day. pete zervakis is live in


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