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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1200PM  NBC  December 2, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm CST

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now at noon -- fighting the recount. two political action committees and a wisconsin voter are suing to stop the daunting ess... already underway across the state. the two pacs support donald trump... and are trying to get a federal court to shut down the recount of the presidential election in wisconsin. the suit was filed this morning... but so far has not affected the recounting of nearly 3-million ballots. that process is entering its second day. pete zervakis is live in
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an election official here tells me the lawsuit does not stop the recount... saying "we'll do this until a judge tells us not to." federal law requires the recount be finished by december 13.
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one wisconsin county is already finished with its recount... th memi county. out of 13-hundred-and- eight votes cast... the recount added 12 votes for gary johnson and another 17 for ji stein. the county blames that on human error-- two votes were subtracted from donald trump... one from hillary clinton. michigan's elections board will consider presiden donald trump's request to block a hand recount of all 4-point-8 million ballots cast in the state. right now-- arguments are being heard on the pennsylvania, a hearing is scheduled for monday on jill stein's push to secure a court-ordered statewide recount.recounts aren't expected to flip nearly enough votesto change the outcome in any of thehree stat. a chec the weather now-- definitely feeling more like winter. meteorologist brian gotter joins us now and is
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the u-s unemployment rate drops to 4-point-6 percent, the lowest since august 2007. we've also just learned the economy added 178-thousand jobs last month. unemployment has been at or below 5-percent for nearly a's the first majo surprise victory of president- elect donald trump. speedway is looking to hire more than 150 new employees acrosshe badger state. it needs to fill positions like shift leader trainees, customer service reps and food service specialists. it's hosting open interviews at dozens of store locations next wednesday from 11 to three. we've got a full list of those stores in the links section of tmj four dot a proposed bill would force wells fargo to face its
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the company from using fine print buried in customer agreements to derail class action lawsuits.the fine print, known as forced arbitration agreements, require customers to resolve their claims in closed-door arbitration instead of u-w system schools admit they do not have the power to make campuses safe havens for people in the country illegally. school leaders at uw-milwaukee and uw-madison say they can ?not? legally declare their campuses as sanctuaries for undocumented students.they're responding to requests from students, worried they'll be deported under a trump presidency. a statewide summit happening this weekend to highlight how many people rely on public transportation.several hundred community and faith organizers, transit riders and community leaders will gather tomorrow in milwaukee.the summit happening at m-a-t-c's downtown milwaukee campus, from nine to five.there will be a listening session, keynote speakers and workshops.
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staring down the road at a possible playoff birth.first things first... the badgers have to win the big ten championship game... and to do it... they've got to beat penn state.itny t nlions... the only team to beat ohio state this year. bucky... making his 4th appearance in the title game.if the badgers win... there's a chance they could be picked to be one of the four teams in this years college playoffs... playing for a tl l to packers football now-- with a win sunday... the packers will slide into a virtl tie with the minnesota vikings... whst thursday night football. both teams would be 6-6... though minnesota does hold the tiebreaker. regardless... we're both behind the detroit lions who lead the nfc central. the packers play the houston texans sunday. kick off at noon at lambeau the brewers kicking off their annual clubhouse sale today.. the team is selling game-used items and other merchandise with savings up to 75-percent off.the racing sausages also making an appearance. plus customers will receive a free 2016 brewers yearbook with
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so i got an italian sausage shirt, got the italian word for brewers on the front, so super cool" "we saw these in the store during the regular season and they were awesomeif you can't make it to the sale today-- there will be another one tomorrow, from eight to five. the brewers the brewers catcher is donating coats to help keep kids warm this winter.every student at kagel school will receive new coats from marcus hanel and his foundation "koos for ds "they gave us coats so because some little kids don't have coats and its winter "it was super cool because it has a sweater and its a coat and all of my friends are jealous hanel launched hanel hanel launched "koos for kids" in 2005 as a way to help terminally ill and disadvantaged children in
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foundation has donated nearly 4-thousand coats to children in the greater milwaukee area. still ahead... controversy-- the book on sale about the fort hood shooting and what one of the victims is saying about it. then... in danger-- the amount of money australia plans to spend to help save
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shouldn't knee and ankle supports comfortably fit your knees and ankles? dr. scholl's new custom fit wellness center measures your leg in 3d... ...and rommends our cut that's right for you. new dr. scholl's custom fit ankle and knee supports. find the nearest kiosk atdrscho. more news now-- investigators are trying to figure out the cause of a fire that burned
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the blaze started just before 8-p-m in allentown.officials say it burned six homes on the block.fortunately, there were no reported. australia will spend nearly one billion dollars over the next five years to improve the health of the great barrier's in an attempt to site from being classified as "in danger".australia said it will spend 965 million dollars to continue the "good progress" it has made in improving the world's largest living ecosystem. sut "we are concerned about climate change, it's the number one threat to the reef and that's why we are working through the various funds that we have to support clean, renewable innovation, energy, to support innovative techniques."earlier this week, australian scientists said two- thirds of a 435 mile stretch of coral-- has been killed in the past nine months, the worst die-off ever recorded on
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under a blanket of cloud cover. meteorologist brian gotter joins us now with a look at
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a victim of the mass shooting at fort hood someone wants to profit from her pain. as jessica willey reports-- there is a call for a federal law to ban the sale. "it's still a work in progress."it's been 7 years almost to the day that dayna ferguson was shot--3 times- of 32 injured and 13 dead at fort hood. the physical and emotional wounds are still there and any news of major nidal hasan cuts deep. "it ings up a lot of emotions for sure a lot a lot
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the former army specialist turned yoga instructor was emotional when she met us tonight...hours after learning someone is trying to profit from her pain. a so called murderabilia dealer out of state is selling a 51-page book said to be handwritten by hasan...the going price more than 1300 dollars."i would hope no one would spend that kind of money on it."ferguson had never heard of such a thing "for all his victims it's got to be sickening and maddening," andy kahan sp fighting it."this opens up a whole new ball game on this." kahan is houston's crime victim advocate who says this highlights the need for a federal law banning the sale of murderabilia if the killer profits. texas is one of only 8 states with a state law. "the issue again how do you enforce a texas law on a washington dealer."on the website, the seller claims he got the pages from a hasan pen pal. hasan's attorney told eyewitness news 'i think someone is just tryign to make
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this is not being done at the direction of major hasan.' dayna is starting treament for ptsd soon and would rather not have this as a distraction."i dont really understand why anyone would want to read that, i don't." that was willey reporting. coming up... new restrictions-- what air-b-n-b is promising to do in cities struggling housing shortages.and -- a game changer-- the new product that's helping kids with autism to calm down when they
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air-b-n-b has promised to quit clogging up cities that are struggling with housing shortages.the online home-sharing platform announced new restrictions on london and amsterdam listings this week-- barring homeowners from renting their places to visitors for more than 90 and 60 days a year.air-b-n-b's decision could bring some relief to residents struggling with soaring house prices and rents. work with big cities to ensure it wasn't exacerbating a shortage of long-term ford is recalling more than 680-thousand midsize sedans-- because the front seat belts may not hold people in a crash. the recall covers certain 2013 to 2016 ford fusion, 2013 to 2015 lincoln m-k-z and 2015 to 2016 ford mondeo least two people have been injured from this seatbelt issue.
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and chairs are being recalled due to a drowning hazard.the recall involves all lexi-book baby bath seats and chairs intended for children six months of age and up.the product fails to meet the feral safety standard, including requirements for stabilit.. and can tip over while a baby is in it. a new product stimulates the nervous system to help those with autism calm down. nohelani graf reports on how the product is making a big kids. it's the small make up the big picture."i'm really into the origianl twilight zone, the series from.."these are the little things...that make up jacob holma's story."that's arizona, that's stan from south park" another piece...jacob has autism."every day of my life there's a story going on in my head, a litteral actual story with a plot and everything." those stories get inis wa he'll start cing...can't focus...would leave his classroom."just agitated, it's a constant strugle with the teachers to say 'hey jacob,
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therapies...medications...a small, new piece..."do you hear that? wait for it"fell into place."buzz, buzz""haha, it's like, what is that"that is the sound of relief.jacob's nervous system being "zzies."his mom sherri, calls it a game changer....and says the change is instant."for him to be calm and doing his work is amazing." buzzies are the brain child of doctor amy serin."i feel like a stumbled on a cl want more people to know about."she took a tried and y.. stimulation..."buzz, buzz, buzz"and mobilized you wear buzzies like a watch...or in your pockets...and control it with your phone."it interferes with your bodies stress response"she saw the need...not just for her clients...but in her own home. "i am the mother of two children who are twice exceptional and they need the buzzies"and with results...came a vision....possibilities
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saturday through decemeber 17th. after the tour you can then head inside to sample the private stock of frederick miller's chocolate new rankings are out for the best "sports cities" and titletown looks pretty good. the personal finance web site "wallet hub".. looked at the cities -- regardless of season -- comparing things like performance level of the team.. to average ticket bay ranks number one in cities for football fans and 13th for overall best sports city. new york city was nuer your band could play at the big gig's ?fiftieth? birthday. summerfest is again offering future stars the chance to take the stage at the worlds largest music festival---it's free. all you have to do is fill out an online application now through march-first--. you'll find a link at tmj4- dot-com. live at 12:30 is up next-- possible new job-- what governor walker is saying about sheriff clarke being
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clues-- where the investigation stands on finding the cause of a deadly plane crash in columbia. when you find something worth waiting for,
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thanks for joining us this afternoon. i'm vince vitr and i'm julia fello. if you're just joining us-- here's a look at your top stories supporters of president elect donald trump filed a federal lauit moing... tyring to put end ?to the recounin wisconsin. the suit... being brought by two political action committees... and a wisconsin voter. meanwhile... at request e jiof th stein campaign... the retabulating of nearly 3- million ballots ues contin across wisconsin... with menominee county already finished. the deadline to complete the process is december 12.


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