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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1230PM  NBC  December 2, 2016 12:30pm-12:54pm CST

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thanks for joining us this afternoon. i'm vince vitr and i'm julia fello. if you're just joining us-- here's a look at your top stories supporters of president elect donald trump filed a federal lauit moing... tyring to put end ?to the recounin wisconsin. the suit... being brought by two political action committees... and a wisconsin voter. meanwhile... at request e jiof th stein campaign... the retabulating of nearly 3- million ballots ues contin across wisconsin... with menominee county already finished. the deadline to complete the process is december 12.
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the lowest since august 2007. the economy added 178-thousand jobs last month. unemployment has been at or below 5-percent for nearly a year-- as more people returned to the job market and hiring has maintained momentum. the badger football team is staring down the road at a possible playoff birth.but they have to beat penn state first. bucky... making his 4th appearance in the title game. if the badgers win... there's a chance they could be to be one of the four teams in this years college playoffs...
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milwaukee police are investigating a reported sexual assault of a female victim.police say it happened around 5:30 yesterday evening, near clement and st francis. the investigation is still in its early stages. stay with tmj4 for the very latest on this governor scott walker says milwaukee county sheriff david clarke could serve well in donald trump's administration but says quote "it all depends on what area."walker was asked today about whether he thinks clarke is qualified for a law enforcement-related post. walker says head of the department of homeland security is "certainly one option" as is serving as an adviser on terrorist-related activities. clarke met with trump in new york on monday. more news now--the latest on the deadly flight in colombia... that killed nearly an entire brazilian soccer new images of the wreckage-- providing clues to what may have caused the crash. n-b-c's keir simmons... hiked through the dense colombian jungle.. to brg us acloser look
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reach... we trekked through colombian jungle... imagine the rescuers emerging at night and facing this...twisted metal... the entire wing flipped over... trees torn from the ground by the force of the crash.colombian police escorting us closer.simmons standup: 'just down here ther to e's a the 71 who died... beyond ithe broken plane, a life vest strewn around, ngled seats, complete destruction.'that six people incredible... the loss of life here overwhelming... almost an entire soccer team wiped out. there is no sign of a fire... supporting the theory that the plane n out of fuel.locals told us the pilot was st 4 minutes from the airport... and we found another clue to what happened.we've climbed to where the tail of the plane hit the top of the hill. and this is just le. rribe pilot flew across this valley trying to reach the runway. he
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days later but still no one here can comprehend how th plane aprently deits without enough fuel. so many lives shtered. one local man ldthe wreckage he found a cell phone with multiple missed calls, he doesn't know who that phone belongs to. back to daflorida's governor announcethe state is of local zika transmission.the area is located in the northern part of miami beach. th health says it has been 45 days since any cases of loca trsmison of the zika virus were found there.officials believe the southern part of miami beh still "the southern part of the beach that's still impacted is 1.5 square miles. we're gonna continue to do everything we can to be able to lithat area hopefullsoon."the governor urged residents to contin to be cautious by getting rid of standing water, wearing bug spray, and wearing
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protesters block the doors at a wells fargo building this more than half a dozen eapolis. protesters held up a sign that read "wells fargo funds genocide," gihat the bank playa the controversial pipeline project. at one point, protesters hooked arms to prevent ?we employees from using the elevators.some workers had to force their way through the protestersbefo police showed up. a community outside of ned thld studenrandomly pricked more than a dozen of a need. the stent struck at leas17 classmates. some of the students reported they were struck more local news now--new police recrui will on bso sworin to protect ane.d serv milwaukee police department is holding a swearing-in ceremony on monday at the lice academy.??l58-recruits will rgo desix monthsf training and are scheduled to graduate governor scott walker is looking to provide reliable broadband internet to rural areas. he's asking the state
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th allocates about 35 llion dotohelpis cause.some of thmoney would go to the "teach program" which allows rural schoools to upgrade their still ahead - we'll get a look at the markets this and -- holiday events where you and your family can t weekend to check out some
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taking a look at the market right now...dow:nasdaq:s and p: the holidays are the most popular time to catch a show inmilwaukee... and there are plenty around town.joining us now is kristin settle from
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you can find more information on all the holiday events happening in milwaukee at our website. that's t-m-j- 4-dot-com. here's a live look outside at... meteorologist brian gotter is back with the storm
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here's your prime time lineup on tmj4. the now milwaukee at 6:30. followed by "caught on camera with nick cannon" at seven and "dateline nbc" at eight. then it's more local news on check this out-- a christmas tree made out of sand in west palm beach, florida.the creation.. named sandi... consists of 600 tons of sand.a group called "team sandtastic" created the tree... which is mother nature holds out and doesn't ruin the holiday fun. thanks for watching.days of our lives is next.our next
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