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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 430  NBC  December 2, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm CST

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we are getting set for the weeekend... and this one's gonna feel more seasonal .... meteorologist brian niznansky... even throwing out the "s" word a little.he joins us now with the storm team forecast.. we kept a pretty thick cloud cover most of the day, but we didn't have the flurries and sprinkles we had the prior two days. temperatures only
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upper s, which is actually right on par for this time of year. tonight's forecast calls for mostly cloudy skies and temperatures falling to around
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there's plenty of holiday spirit to go around this weekend... in west allis... residents will be lighting their annual tree starting at 4. and in greenfield... their tree lighting is set for noon. finally in shorewood... the lights on their community tree check this out- an anonymous donor has set up a santa mailbox at kenmore and oakland in shorewood... kids can drop off their until the 22nd.... everyone who drops a letter inside will get a reply from santa before christmas. a christmas tradition comes to an end in michigan's upper peninsula. a nativity scene on city property was removed...just after being put leaders took it down after several complaints from the madison-based "freedom from religion foundation." menominee's city manager says the display violates city
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something of christmas and we all personally understand that, but when it's the government we have to take a little separation." a ?church? in meonominee confirms it will display the nativity scene. a tragic story out of minnesota, where a woman spent years trying to find her daughter.they met in an emotional reunion earlier this month. then this week, her daughter was killed in a traffic accident. here's
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marisa's brother hopes their story inspires other families to search for lost loved ones, and to cherish the time they have together. families on edge tonight, after a sexual assault in a south-side milwaukee's a story new on live at 6.... it happened near the tippecanoe park... mere steps from an elementary school! why the parents we spoke with are not on children's safety, but upset with the school. that's new at 6:00. santa will have a new look at one of america's major shopping malls this weekend. that's still ahead.and a joyride with speeds of more than 100 miles an hour... streamed ?live? on facebook. what happened to the driver...
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federal regulators want all passenger train operators in the u-s tested for sleep apnea. that follows september's deadly commuter train crash in new jersey. the engineer in tragedy was found to have the sleep disorder, which induces fatigue. a man live-streams himself on facebook, going over more than one-hundred miles an hour through traffic...but he's now in the but he's now in the hospital... after that journey
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rhode island state police say this video is perfect example of what not to do while're looking at the video onasi olio-rojas streamed live on his facebook page while he goes on a high- speed joy-ride on routes and 10 and 6 in providence.capt. john allen/ rhode island state police:"he's well over 100 miles an hour, in a congested area. several lane changes, in and out of traffic. in the break-down lane. back to lanes of travel.rojas does this all while filming the speedometer on his it's at 109 miles per hour. capt. john allen/ rhode island state police:"it's a grand slam of things not to do. phone in your hand. no seat belt. traveling at a high rate of speed. in and out of traffic. "state police verified the video's authenticity by comparing it to ri-dot traffic cameras. they're positive that's the driver you're seeing, video- taping his reckless driving moments before the accident. the video cuts out, right here... just before rojas hits a garbage truck and loses control.the accident
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an hour when it hits the truck, which was barely damaged.rojas' car was destroyed, and it took firefighters awhile to get him out.capt. john allen/ rhode island state police:"but i've never seen anything like that. and for other people to watch it. i would hope it's eye- opening for anyone else... " state police tell nbc-10 news, rojas has a lengthy traffic record.state police reached out to facebook directly, putting a legal request for the social media network to save that live stream.the video... will be used as evidence against rojas in court.capt. john allen/ rhode island state police:"how do you beat the think you can, i think it pretty much puts the nail on the coffin for mr. rojas." police plan to bring misdemeanor charges against the suspect. another weekend... nearly upon us. here's a live look from port washington. meteorologist brian niznansky is back with
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we kept a pretty thick cloud cover most of the day, but we didn't have the flurries and
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managed to climb into the upper 30s, which is actually right on par for this time of year. tonight's forecast calls for mostly cloudy skies and temp 30 lakeside and 20s inland.the weekend starts decent on saturday but ends messy on sunday. we should see a mix of clouds and sunshine on
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staying in the 30s. a disturbance moves into the area by sunday morning. this system is far from a major winter storm, but will likely pack enough punch to bring minor snow accumulation to the area, especially inland and north of milwaukee. the snow likely mixes with rain near the lake and south of milwaukee. most of the area
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around an inch of accumulation by sunday afternoon. if you're headed to green bay for the packers game sunday, you may encounter some slippery roads. down the road we're watching our first shot of true winter cold air midweek next week. highs by wednesday look to
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for the first , of america is offering families an option to visit an african-american santa claus. and as reg chapman reports, kids aren't the only ones
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visits with "santa larry" are by appointment only. some four-legged military heroes are home again... and will be looking for new homes. that's just ahead. first, your prime-time lineup: "caught on camera with nick cannon" is at 7."dateline n-b- c" is at 8, followed by more
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christmas. niagara falls is looking a lot brighter. they threw the switch, last night, on a new, three-million dollar l-e-d lighting system which projects from ontario across the river and onto both the falls. some 20 million people visit niagara falls each year. facebook is cracking down on fake news articles circulating on its news feeds. as part of a test run, the social media giant will put warning labels on those articles.. r of how facebook rolls out new features. an oregon man arrested for violating a release order, brought his pet with him to court.... his pet macaw. during his initial court appearance, he left the bird in a tree outside the courthouse. after being charged, court deputies allowed him to retrieve his pet. the pair were booked together, and the mugshot is
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( toss to weather ) we kept a pretty thick cloud cover most of the day, but we didn't have the flurries and sprinkles we had the prior two days. temperatures only managed to climb into the upper 30s, which is actually right on par for this time of year. tonight's forecast calls for mostly cloudy skies and temperatures falling to around
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thanks for joining us at the news continues with live at five. next at 5:00, the lawsuit aimed at pulling the plug on wisconsin's recount. and, even though it wasn't ?required?, one county is doing it all by hand. we'll find out why. live at 5:00 starts now. right now at five: court challenges to the recount in wisconsin and two other states.
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action committees and a wisconsin voter to immediately stop the recount in wisconsin. but the judge allowed the lawsuit to ?continue.? so the recount goes on... for now. michigan's elections board also heard a challenge from the trump campaign on that state's recount. but the board ?deadlocked? on the request. unless courts intervene michigan will recount its votes beginning on tuesday or wednesday. the trump campaign is also trying to stop the recount in pennsylvania. that case goes to court on monday. casey geraldo is live now with more on the court ?wisconsin's? recount. two trump supporting polical action groups filed this lawsuit asking to stop unt immediately. not even an judge shut that down... will keep so will the lawsuit. for every ballot, there's a set of eyes. it's going pretty smoothlyin milwaukee county... the says they'll each ballot it through machine until to stop.wisconsin elections commission has told us to continue counting."they're
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brent lowder, exec. dir. grt america pac "basically of time" the claim comes from two trump supporting political action committees, and a wisconsin voter...they believe this debate process in each county doesn't allow a fair recount. "have a vote that's counted in a different manner, by different people interpreting where or how that vote is, that's where the inconsistency also expresses concern that the quick timeline for the recount creates "too great of a probability of error into the process." of the stein campaign, who filed the suit, and a representative from the trump campaign...what they're saying coming up at 6 the recount continued around the state despite the court challenge. ben jordan reports from kenosha county, where they are taking an ?old? school approach to the recount. the kenosha county recount
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just ask tabulator judy lichter-summers "busy hand count, busy work, no time to talk." a process that takes much mortime "these are done." - with several sets of eyes ensuring each ballot is counted properly. "we count at least 4 times every ece of paper verifying that we're correct." schuch-krebs says they decided on the hand count method when they first heard about the recount. "i felt it was a good way to assure the voters that our machines are 100 percent accurate." although the cost - reflects the extra work - 178,000 have been budgeted for the county - adding up to around $2 dollars and 31 cents for each ballot. "right here it's working beautiful, so we have no problems." "although this is a tall task here in kenosha county the clerk doesn't have any concerns of making the december 12 deadline. in


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