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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 600  NBC  December 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:21pm CST

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let's get meteorologist jesse ripka here. >> for the packers game tomorrow, the frozen tundra will (uq!? some flakes flying across the game. a winter weather advisory in effect for all starting tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. continuing until 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. mainly during the daylight urs. you're h upeaded to the packers game head out the earlier the b going to be moving on in, and that's going to be reducing visibility and this is the first accumulating snow of the season for us. it takes us to get into that winter-driving groove. down to the south in omaha. about an inch in som spots there. this is going to be moving into our neck of the woods later on tonight. that's going to continue to brinn the sno for tomorrow morning.
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west, but temperaturesosse stath to talk about the snow. 32 in madison. justbove the freezg mark om go miluk. our temperatures wl drop below the freezing mark overnig. ke a look at future snowfall here. it's 6:30 in the morningwe are still drive.if te earlier at lambeau field i think you'll be missing out on the if a jarty of -- majority of the snow.
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cousin with their care. >> reporter: defendant mary martinez walked into court today looking like she couldt hurt a e accused of horrendous acts. detail os of thi casere very disturbing. >> count one with child nlerein. >> reporter: mars accused of horr acts. appene acrding tona t?ein mp mtiz punched the child with a closed fist multiple timesn nembe28th. the next morni he s found e dendanteftrkansas andmoo marth hn arrived at the
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by the hands and neck. he was weighing only 44 pounds. his death was the resulfsere a a accord to defendant hughes she tk t him t hospital because martinez did notant her to call pol the morning of november 29th. >> she stayed to take him to the woods to not call 911 and to -- that she didn't want the cops at the house. tells me their mother now in milwaukee and try out what happened and why hughes didn't defend her two boys.port reg from milwaukee county mias,s tmj4. >> the nine-year-old boyemains hospitalized. that's his brother the woman's bond was set at $150,000. two men also arrest inside this case for failing to report the abuse. they haven't been officially
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killed at least nine people in oakland, california. a friend tells us a madison-based musician named joel shanahan was performing here last night. he's okay. the crew goes by the name, golden donna. the ballot recount continues across our state. many will continue to count into the night to meet a december 12th deadline. two counties finished the recount. donald trump's victory in our state. president-elect donald trump setting his sights on milwaukee-based company said to layoff workers. according to trump indiana is firing 300 workers and moving to mexico. ere tmp recently touted ins the this exchange for tax breaks. the family of aan shot and
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attorney on monday. jay andso was shot and killed while sitting in a car last mmer.? theffic o says he was reaching for a gun. police body cam video has not been released since the incident. anderson's mother, linda, is hoping to see the fbi-enhanced video of the shooting on monday. a wanted fugitive was captured just over the border in lake county illinois. the 20-year-old was wanted on milwaukee for aggravated battery. deputies say a registered gay member was living in a house in wadsworth, illinois. they booked him in jail. tod families took time to remember troops this holiday season by making 123 dozen christmas cookies. the cookies will be shipped to national guardbers in?a?< guantanamo bay, cub
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holidays serving our country. rtping after 4:30 this morning. >> he's my baby. he is never missed a holiday, and we've never been a part this long. we'rey family. i think hister a brothers an especially at christmas.ime, >> i'm sure ts helps. even though theyke phone today debbieayser son has no idea what they were up to. students got a chance to buy christmas presents for their families with the help of police officers entoday at wal-mart aftera cop picking out their gifts the students got to have presents fr. thousands of santas, check it out, invaded milwaukee today
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hustle at veter p runners dressed w inte hat and big, white beards and too part in a 5k. >> i think this is awesome. i can't believe there's not more parents out here watching it go by. >> how come you're not we did tt the santa -- >> doesn't count. >> fair enough. next year we're running it. >> benefit keep greater milwaukee beautiful and toys for tots. from running santas to biking santas. chec tkspome photosodayanta cyc- brewery in mwauk i spotted some of them in erwood >> still ahead le on at 00. the long l of items stollen fr a gas stion in dodge
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the lives of three people,
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you're watching today's tmj4 with kwthe storm 4 meteorologist scott steele and rob burks, sports.
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a u.s. marine recruiter and two iraqi refugees all killed in a head-on crash. laura has the story. >> reporter: on i-88 this morning the remains of the deadly wreck that claimed the lives of a u.s. marine, a car driver and his passenger. that passenger, 40-year-old sheva was returning from a busiss tp in california. he leaves behind a wife and young son. >> still news. i'm sure life will go on, but it's going to be different. >> reporter: sergeant dominic, a marine cps recruiter, was also killed in the crash. the 30-year-old seen here being honored by the cubs two years ago was heading westbound on i-88 around 1:00 a.m.te police say he lost control of his toyota. >> a witness saw that vehicle lose control, hit the wall as he
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turned the other way and went eastbound in the westbound lanes. >> he says his car then slammed into the chrysler driven by ali, a refugee from iraq trying to make a new life in aurora as a professional driver. >> he was the best. he think about everyone, and he care about everye. repter: his colleague, who was also a refugee from iraq, says he washot several times during anttack in b his friend survived that only to be killed in this tragic accident. >> in other news authorities investigating a fire that spread from a car to a building. the blaze broke out at about 6:00 this morning on johns street. firefighters say it spread to the attic space above the ceiling, through the roof. a hazmat team -- from draining into a nearby river. no one was inside. one dog was rescued, though.
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suspects who broke into a shell gas station overnight. an employee reportedinding glass-shattered doors. the thieves made off with cigaes, beef jerky and green y packersthin clo if you know anything ability -- about this crime call the sheriff's office right away. police in madison reach a conclusion aftere polic officer
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there's a new medicare plan in town calledetwork health.
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we make medicare person to person. we've been serving northeast wisconsin with a personal touch for more than 30 yrs d now we're here for milwaukee. call now and learn about plans that let you see any doctor who accepts medicare, either in or out of network. with doctor visits as low as five dollars and prescription drug coverage. network health. we're person to person. the madison police department says one of its officers was justified in using delyce whene shot and killed a man who ce at him with a pitch fork. hector seen here shot michael
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prosecutors declined to file charges. downgraded the government ratings of a veteran's home following the dth of a the wisconsin state journal d medicaid services ge itsicare most severe citation to the king the states i appealinghis tation. win-win situation in dunn county. the police department is allowing people to pay their parking ticket fines by donating canned foods toocal food banks. they can bring in a nonperishableoo item andff thei. they can donate multiple items and pay off multiple fin. they can feel like they're helping people out this holiday season and contributing to a need that's within our community. >> and so far the department has
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donations. the food for fin program runs until december 30th. let's switch gears now to the weather. jessie, you've been keeping an eye on this even from this morning t to afternoon. the snow total futures look like it's going to be bigger. >> yeah, looking like our temperatures are going to be a little bit cooler and a little bit more in terms of snow accumulation. really i planned out my christmas decorations perfectly. got the outdoor ones done today before the snow, and tomorrow's of those indoor decorations because the snow is going to be falling. it's going to be a light to moderate snow through much of the day tomorrow. there'll be a good six hours during the middle of the d when the snowflakes will be flying. it's quiet and cloudy out in milwaukee. our high was 34. pretty typical this time of year. the winter weather advisory
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this does include much of wisconsin. the winter weather advisory continues until 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. here's a look at the snow in omaha, down through lincoln. a little bit of rain changing over into the cedar rapid area, that's because temperatures are right around 40-degrees there. warm enough to be talking about rain. was hoping that would get into our forecast, but i think tomorrow our temperatures are going to be in the mid-30s. however there's some dry air. dew point showing dew points in amount of moisture in the air. it's going to take some time for this snow to reach us. even though it looks pretty close right now expect that to be moving into our forecast 00 tomorrow morning and really sttinging to pick up during that winter weather advisory at ??6. 10:3tonight, stillover, v light.
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southwest to the northst. visibility will be reduced and there could be some slippery spots. snow starts to taper off. generally snow totals between 2-3 inches. could see a little bit less than that along the lake front and see 3-4 inches closer to the madison area. for tonight, 30-degrees in milwaukee. a few flurries, 26 away from lake michigan.
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and snow showers likely, generally 2-3 inches across much of south eastern wisconsin, and there'll be snow up at lambeau. it's going to look like a snow globe up there. temperatures get a little bit warmer for monday. the snow stops by 6:00 p.m., 7:00 p.m. on sunday evening and looking at mainly cloudy conditions on monday. tuesday a cold front comes through, and that's going to bring a wintry mix and arctic air behind it. 20s for highs wednesday thr >> more to come. it's always that first snowfall where people have to figure out the driving. if you don't have to be on the road, stay off. and take it slow if you do. up next in sports, the bucs are at home today. and paul chris talks about the huge game against penn state in
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jiet will be the best offense against the best defense as wisconsin kicks off against penn state in indy. here's paul chris on the big opportunity for his football team. >> hey, this is a big deal that we're here, and i think one quality of this team that i've appreciated a t their ability to make the most of the m and they've done that, and so i don't spend any time trying to figure out or think about maybe what you're asking the question as far as big picture. i know this is a big deal for us and our players. >> the packers will be looking for their second straight win tomorrow afternoon when they host the houston texans at
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>> they're struggling, especially at the game's most important position: quarterback. the texansay have buyers remorse when it comes to their quarterback, brock. so far he's the league's lowest-rated passer. he isn't accurate down field. his decision making, poor, leading to 13 interceptions. his targets are caught 111 passes last year. but a wide receiver is sometimes only as good as the quarterback getting him the ball, and hopkins' numbers are down big time. the speedside is rookie will fuller a first-round pick out of notream running miller, a free theth-leading rushe in the league. he has top-eake it all the way. they've struggled against good
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the packers offense will face another defense with a formidable front seven. r the scouting rept, i'm wayne larrivee. il l forfo straight win. we picked ts one in t send quarter.?a matthew drives tohe rim. the bucks up 40-33. later on,oing g to knock down the jumper. things getting tight in the urth quarter. greg with the stutter-step move. he hits the foul st. bucks up 78-74. joe harris would hit the triple. 82-81 with under four minutes left to go in the game. a jumper that puts the bucks up 97-94. right now the bucks are up 106 to 98 with under a minute to play.
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afternoon, cole center. he knocks down the triple, but the sooners are up at the break 40-37. second half. brown find hayes inside with the bounce pass. hayes had 28 points today. the badgers outscored the sooners 53-30 in the second half. wisconsin wins 90-70. and that's sports.
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this week on sunday insight.... sunday insight -- 9 am on here's what tonight's prime time lineup. "it's a wonder of life" and more local news on live at 10:00. a wisconsin hunter befriends an animal that could have been his prey.
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hunting when he saw some of the ordinary, a small deer wearing a scarf. he was thankful someone was thoughtful enough to put a scarf on this deer. >> going to need that tomorrow. keep his head down. yeah, tomorrow you'll be able to e him miles away because we're going to have snow generally 2-3 inches along the lake front because there's going to be a little bit warmer by the spots closer to madison area. but first snow of the season take it slow,ut also it's going to be that wet snow, so good for making snowballs, snow men. >> so glad that it's happening.
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