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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 500 Sunday  NBC  December 4, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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>> right now from milwaukee, this is today's tmj4, "live at 5:00" o'clock. >> now at 5:00, it's not over. taking a look at our waukesha camera, first blast of the evening is i'm julia nell fellow. katie crowther has the night off. >> our winter weather advisory has been extended to 9:00 tonight. >> brian. >> definitely away from michigan, that's where we have higher snow amounts. you can see the back edge of the snow start to go clear through madison. we have a couple more hours to go of the snow in milwaukee.
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night fall settles in, the snow will stick to the pavement. let's zoom in on southern spots, kenosha, racine, these darker blues is where we're seeing the heaviest of snow right now, working across our southern spots. i think most of the area will see another couple hours of snow and maybe an additional inch on top of what you've already seen. most of us will fall in that two to three inch little less along the lakeshore. winter weather advisory extended until 9:00 p.m. because that snow arrived a little bit later, will continue a little later. couple more hours to go in milwaukee. snow at 6:00, maybe a still few flurries at 9:00 but i think things will be over with. 33 by 9:00, 3 it by 11:00.
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graft on fire sends out a strong reminder to slow down and take your time. this car spun out and crashed into the median. this driver was taken to the hospital but is expected to be okay. dpw has 102 salt trucks on city streets right now. they're working on side streets now that the major roadways are clear. veronica has been riding shotgun in today's tmj4 storm veronica, where are you right now? >> we are on i9 4 westbound, julia, i can tell you the roads are slippery. it's coming down pretty good in brooks field. we just passed more land road and it looks like people are having a tough time on the roads. there is traffic and people are taking it slow. earlier in the day we did see a few fender benders that were
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snowfall of the season. >> it's ace thetically pleasing, beautiful. >> wouldn't normally come this late in the year, so people are enjoying strolls through their neighborhoods where they are finding beautiful wintery scenes. >> children covered up from head to toe and headed outdoors and while it wasn't much, only one to two inches in places like wauwatosa a, it was enough t pad into a slushy snowball. >> love to makes things out of it and throw it at my dogs. >> in slinger, traffic came to a crawl after a car lost control, caused other collisions. dot reported several accidents around southeast wisconsin, officials reminding drivers to take it slow.
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were hitting the slopes. on sunday only two runs were you open as they prepare for a week long of snow making, opening completely up on friday, the three to five inches of the role stuff is drawing skiers to the mountain. >> this is awesome, nothing is better for business than a little natural snow. >> the seasons first snowfall meant skiers on the ski team could practice. >> i've always been a fan of going outside and skiing or building a snowman is my favorite on the first snowfall. >> you ca can't nt /* /* can't deny it was beautiful out there. remember to take your time, though, we don't want anymore accidents. reporting live from i-94
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>> thank you. >> you can track how many inches are falling in your neighborhood, it costs $2.99 to down you load. >> we asked you to send us your photos and you delivered. >> judy shows us light snow covering her driveway and jonathan shows us how his land chair is only good for checking out how much snow has we love to see your pictures, post them to our tmj4 facebook page. packers got a texas sized win in green bay today. >> the packers get the win today over the houston texas at a snowy lambeau field. >> aaron rodgers hits randall cobb with a nine-yard touchdown in the first quart, packers up 7-0. >> rodgers would find his
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in the end zone, he was wide open, nelson with eight catches, 118 yards, 21-13. >> let's go live to lance allen. lance, important win for the pack today. >> they've just got to keep clicking off the wins. the lions won today so they remain two games back, but packers 6-6, making baby steps here in december to make a little bit of a run. aaron rodgers, mike mccarthy pleased with the effort. >> a lot of fun to play that way in lambeau field. good victory for us. obviously we know where we are in our season, importants of december football, importance of this win today. >> offensively we've got to find that rhythm we had last week a little bit quicker. obviously i fumbled the ball on
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game like today you knew if you got two scores you were in good position to win. put together a couple good drives. >> and that 98 yard drive in the fourth quarter huge for the packers. showed dominance, got them the victory. lance allen, today's tmj4. rod, still looking beautiful up here, like a snow globe. >> we'll see you in about 15 minutes. >> thanks so much, rod. the badgers are going bowling. big red will face off with western michigan in the cotton bowl in dallas on january 2nd. last night penn state dashed the badgers play off hope with a 31-38 victory in the big 10 championship game. >> fidel castro was laid to
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>> you're watching today's tmj4, with katie crowther, storm team 4 meteorologist scott beal and rod burks, spofrts. >> welcome back.
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blaze in oakland. >> officials say only 20% of the building has been searched. they expect the number of lives loss to increase. they say it could take weeks to identify the victims. they're asking for the victims' families help. >> we have confirmed the count of deceased at 30. that is an astronomical number. we're still not done. as you can hear behind me, they are working and pulling this it. so we're starting to get deeper into the building. as we do that, we're continuing to find more victims. >> the cause of this fire still remains unknown. the ashes of late cuban leader fidel castro were laid to rest yesterday after a private ceremony. people were briefly allowed in inside the cemetery to see castro's tomb.
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years old. coming up, shop of the cop, local police department putting a smile on children's faces.
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>> a special event to help children with autism and other special needs connected to santa this holiday season. parents and kids gathered at south ridge mall this morning. it provided a more controlled and welcoming environment to visit and get a photo with santa. >> much quieter, less people, less action, he feels more comfortable, less sensory stimulation. that really helps >> south ridge was one of more than 180 malls across the country that offered a sensory-friendly santa experience today. shop with a cop, glendale police officers giving back to their community and the department with the help of donations. they provided a select group of students with $100 to spend on themselves and their families today at kohl's department store. after the shopping the kids and
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our snow globe weather got families in the holiday spirit. we want to let you know how long the winter weather advory is in effect. >> until 9:00 p.m. here are snow totals for today. not a major winter storm but enough to make things messy. >> murt ton in waukesha count, three inches. lake geneva, t here at tmj4, inch of snow on the grassy surfaces. some of these totals could be higher. some of these are a good hour old and we're still seeing it snow. >> whether alert, again, winter weather advisory 9:00 p.m. this evening covering all of southeastern wisconsin, all the purple counties. the back edge of the snow clearing through madison so we probably have another half hour, hour to go for our southwestern
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of snow here in milwaukee. let's zoom in on heavier amounts of snow. you can see darker blues across racine and kenosha county, about to move into the city of racine. future forecast here, closed in view. we'll time out when the snow will come to an end. 6:00, maybe still light snow at 6:00 for far western spots, dodge and jefferson county. by snow clears through, maybe some of our lakeside spots at 8:00 still seeing a little bit of snow and then completely done after that, overnight tonight mostly cloudy skies. how much snow total? maybe an additional inch on top of what you have. most of that area will be in that two to three inch range. along the lakeshore, one to two inches on the grassy surfaces.
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temperature in west bend. currently in milwaukee, 34 degrees. southwest wind at 6 miles per hour and temperatures across southeastern wisconsin right at freezing or slightly above which has helped out the roadways a bit here in milwaukee. your weather headlines, couple more hours of snow, slippery roads and shot of cold air later this week. the wider view, you can see the snow blanketing much of the eastern half of the state but the back edge works really cold air the second half of the week. >> tonight, low temperature 31 degrees, snow ending, two to three inches here in milwaukee. patchy morning fog possible. otherwise, partly cloudy skies. here's your seven day forecast, 40 for a high on tuesday. so monday and tuesday, melting
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wednesday, 24 thursday, could see wind chill in the single dig its. >> look at those highs, in for the big chill. thanks brian. coming up in sports, how the outdoor elements at lambeau
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>> the packers hosting the texans on a snowy day. the question today was how aaron rodgers would play with the injured hamstring. aaron rodgers fumbled the snap and the packers waste a golden opportunity. the packers take over with great field rodgers rolling out, throws a dart for a nine-yard touchdown by cobb. texans tied it up in the fourth quarter. >> griffin gets hit for a touchdown and he has the never to do a lambeau leap in front of texans fans! >> aaron ripkowski is stopped short. defense is forced to punt,
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rodgers finds jordy nelson. rodgers, coming up, finding his favorite target again, jordy with a great target again. eight catches for 118 yards. that sets up aaron represent c rip cowboys kis /* /* ripkowski. the seattle seahawks >> for now, lance allen is out at lambeau field without a hat. >> definitely. it's not that cold out, rod, but winter wonder land. they needed contributions with all the injuries from younger guys. sack from dean lowrey. it was certainly noticed by the veterans on the team. >> it talks about where we are as a team.
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of injury and with where we're at, every game with a must win, starting last week. so to get this win with the conditions, on to seattle and we'll need to make corrections. >> obviously the snow and it didn't seem -- it seemed wet early, but got sticky late, keeping the cleats clean. it was a weird game, but we up and another big drive at the end of the game in the last quarter. that's what we talked about before we started. >> a big drive indeed, 98 yards, we're going to talk about that after sunday night football after 10:00. lance allen with today's tmj4. >> thank you, lance, see you at 10:00. >> packers looking from help today from the saints hosting the lions.
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going to do some work for a 66-yard touchdown. the lions beat the saints today 28-13, 8-2 in the season, packers still two games back. college football, badgers blew a big opportunity last night. wisconsin had no answer for the knit any lions quarterback trace, who torched the badgers defense for 384 yards and four touchdowns in penn state's 38-31 cotton bowl after the last to play western michigan. >> obviously -- i don't know, i'm in a blank place right now. just got to let it hurt and next week, let it hurt again, bounce back, get ready for the bowl game. >> move on to college hoops.
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today. marquette dropped 37-32. later on, andrews, bank home to triple marquette. houser is going to knockdown the triple, had 19 points, marquette beats george arcs 89-79. >> former brewers owner bud seal i can was voted into the baseball haufl fame today. college football committee has chosen alam
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>> all right, we're taking a live look outside here with the radar. >> winter weather advisory until 9:00 p.m. this evening, extended until 9:00 p.m. additional inch of snow
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roads. some that have snow sticking to the pavement after just wet pavement sflchlt a reminder to give everybody extra space out there with the first time driving. >> it's the first one people forget. >> looked good at lambeau field, didn't it!
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. on this sunday night, the soaring death toll from california from the fire that consumed the warehouse. tonight the victims, those survived the party and the trouin its safety. >> backing down after months of protests, the federal government says it will not permit construction of an oil pipeline on land in north dakota. alarming trend of the hateful speech and actions reported since the election as the president-elect trump condemns of what he calls bigotry and prejudice of all its form.


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