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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at Daybreak  NBC  December 5, 2016 6:00am-6:53am CST

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now-- let's get to tatiana cash for a look at the roads incident freedamp roads building traffic speeds at or above posteddrive times are on time from 11 to 4:30 several ramps in the zoo interchange are closed looking north from the zoo to washtingon county near slinger speeds at or above posted and same thing
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a shorewood man opens up his garage to find his car gone. someone was able to get itit happen ov the weekend. pete zervakis is live wi invest this morning. according to police... the suspect - or suspects - broke into a ?8hoe me herthrough the ba dsaturday night. then used a garage door opener insideto open up the house's detached off with a dodge charge as of now: police have ?no description of the suspects. this all ha at a near morris and to identified beyond a first name. he says he and his wife recently moved to the area.... and are so shaken up trouble sleeping. luckily...
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happened. zac says police were able to lift fingerprints home. so he's hoping that leads to an arrest. live...pz... this morning crews will ben recovery efforts in oakland after a massive fire in a the death toll is expected to rise... with crews possndinmore morning. the fire started during a dance party at the warehouse which was also an artist collective locals as the "ghost ship."the fire department says the building dt ha a id no sprinkler system or smoke alarms. we're learning this morning that building did not have permits for residential living, but those who who lived there y it was home to re than 2 dozen artists happening today... the family of a man shot and killed by a wauwatosa police officer is set to meet with the district attoey. jay anderson was shot while sitting in a car last summer.the officer says anderson was reaching for a
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yet to be released. anderson's ther, linda says she is hoping to see the f-b-i enhanced video of the shooting during the meeting. the milwaukee police department is swearing in 58 new recruits today.this is the second class to go through the academy this year. the recruits will undergo six months of training and are scheduled to graduate in early june. this class includes 46 men and 12 women. a number of new lunc downtown today. 5 new restaurants are opening this morning at the former pabst brewing co. bottling house.ann sterling is there with a look ahead. you could say this old brewery right here on juneau ave -- between 8th and 9th is getting a facelift. the grand opening of this new food court is at 8 this morning. it's called the restaurants at
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american comfort food -- a chinese eatery -- a japanese and asian bakery -- pizza and meat on the street, which serves filipino foods.we're told the cafeteria is 8 thousand square feet and can seat 250 people.this is the 2nd major project in the old bottling house. earli this year -- a portion of this building was converted into college features theater --- garage pag ana conv to the entire project has cost more than $40 million. more plans -- these are long-term plans include brewery operations -- a tasting room and a beer garden." as the coldest part of the football season draws near... the packers are heating up. the pack hopes to keep their playoff hopes alive this weekend against the seahawks.
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sunday against the texans.... with their second win in a row. it was defensive battle heading into the fourth quar offense took over...scoring ice two long drives. final ore to 13. sth us....tmj rao hee in st50... giving us an insidelookthpackers win... and what they have to do to makeheplayoffs.
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brought to you last week about a salvation army bell ringer in mississippi.jamie richardson has accomplied s goal..y breaking the world bell ringing record . richardson stood outside is -hour wal-mart in biloxi for a week straight, rain or shine, collecting money and ringing those iconic bells for
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almost no sleep for seven days times the rain was so bad richardson stood inside a tent and continued ringing, even whenobody was there. there'still time to sign up here in milwaukee to become a bell ringer this christmas. if you're interested ... head to the salvation army's website on the bottom of your screen. if you have bought a christmas tree... watch out for some holiday hitchhikers... like aphids... which can destroy your tree and plants. w into the house... remember to inspect it... from top to bottom. if you discover an infestation, vacuum the insects... and remove the tree from the home. the dangers associated with decorating for the holidays are growing. we're up to about 200 americans a day... suffering decoration-related injuries. becuase of that... home repair companies are offering safer alternatives to decorating yourself. you can call and ask them to hang lights or just work out the electrical problems you might
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up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4--pack your bags.... the badgers with their sights on a holiday bowl. which bowl game they landed after a disappointing loss. it's time that we start living in freedom with the rest of america." also-- victfo front lines of the north dakota pipeline. the historic
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the badgers hoping to end after a heartbeaking loss in the big ten title game. the team will take on western michigan in the cotton bowl. it's a game that's is not bringing a lot of hype... with ticket prices as low as 20 dollars in some seats. penn state dashed the badgers playoff and rose bowl hopes with a 38 - 31 victory saturday night. and don't be left out in the cold this off season. tickets for the brewers spring training games in arizona go on sale today. you can pick
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at the bottom of your screen. now to your weather and traffic together... with meteorologist brian gotter. now let's get a look at the
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incident free damp roadsbuilding traffic speeds at or above posteddrive
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we have been suppressed for so long and it's time that we start freedom with the rest of america." cheers and victory this morning as the u-s army corps of engineers denied an easement for the dakota access pipeline.the secretary of the army corps of engineers told the standing rock sioux chairman that the current route for the controversial dakota access pipeline will be denied. tracie potts joins us with whats next for the easement. ... no captioning available the u-s army corps of engineers said on sunday it
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the dakota access oil pipeline to be built under lake oahe. the lake is a missouri river reservoir - where construction of the pipeline has been on hold because of protests. the standing rock sioux tribe and others have been saying the pipeline threatens their water supply and cultural sites. federal authorities had ordered protesters to leave their main encampment by today - which is on land and close to the construction site.
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up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj 4 --a famous television house gets a new owner... why some residents in that neighborhood aren't too happy about it.also-- the force is with one police department in texas.the hilarious tatic they're using
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the force appears to be with the fort worth, texas, police department.officials are looking to recruit their next police academy class with a little help from "star wars". :13-31"you're still jerking the ig "hey, it's not as easy as it looks."nat soundstormtrooper: "well, you're closer to the target than i am." it's safe to say that storm tropper should
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the famous "full house" home will stay in the family.the show's creator actually bought the house for four million dollars.he plans to remodel the home to match the orginal set design... and then possibly rent it out to the public in the future. however... the neighbors aren't too thrilled... they say the home is a tourist nightmare... causing serious parking issues for the locals. up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4 --protecting your packages. the ei boxes right off the front porch... and two easy ways you can keep your stuff safe. also-- breaking overnight: another ?pick-- for president elect donald trump. the ?former rival-- that ?could become a member of trump's
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now at 6:30-- no package is safe this holiday season. the warning are police are sending to the community this morning after a string of stolen packages then -- christmas is coming early. the must see attraction coming to milwaukee later today. and taking a live look
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welcome to live at daybreak. it's i'm susan kim.and - i'm vince vitrano. let's get a look at your weather and traffic together-- with storm team 4 meteorologist brian
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now-- let's get to tatiana cash for a look at the roads incident 43 south at 13th street two seeing minor delays from the plainfiled curve towards the mitchell interchange damp roads building traffic speeds at or above posteddrive times are on
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new this morning: more packages stolig front door-steps in the milwaukee area. the national retail federation says more than 108 million people logged on and shopped-- black friday through cyber monday... and many of those items are being intercepted by thieves. pete zervakis is live in whitefish bay where ?more packages have been reported stolen! according to whitefish bay police... the package thefts here started on november 25th. over a period of a week...
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of the packages may have been taken at night. but police say others were stolen during the daytime - like in the afternoon. if ?you're expecting shopping online this holiday season... consider shipping items to work if you're not home during the day. or ask neighbors who ?will be around to keep an eye out for your delivery. it's also helpful to track packages onlineyou can even sign up for email notifications from fedex, ups, or live...pz... tmj4 new this morning... ben carson has accepted donald trump's offer of to become the secetary of housing and urban developmentcarson was a formal rival in the republican primaries... but dropped out
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his pick for secertary of defense, general james mattis. in wisconsin... county clerks are still leading vote- recounts. today green party candidate jill stein plans to plead her case for a recount in pennsylvania in front of a federal court. she also plans to make a major announcement today outside trump tower in new word on what the announcement will be. right now election officials in michigan getting ready to begin their presidential judge rejected an effort by state officials to delay hand counting four point eight million the judge sided with jill stein who claimed a delay in the recount could cause irreparable harm. in november's election donald trump beat hillary clinton by two tenths of a percentage point. today's recount must begin by noon. all three state involved in the recount are standing by their november results. now that the first snow of the season has arrived -- it's
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christmas .and that means it's time for the canadian pacific railroad's holiday's fast approaching. ann sterling is live at the intermodal station downtown with a look ahead. holiday train is rolng through townmaking stops in milwaukee, wauwatosa and beyond this week. this 1 thousand -foot train has 14 cars -- decked out in hoday lights and you can hear e live music.this train travels from canada and midwest covered in those festive gling lights and decorations. its first stop in wisconsin is at the sturte- vant amtrak depot at 5:25 p.m. tonight ... before it makes its way to milwaukee's amtrak depot for a stop at 6:50 p.m. on tuesday-- the train heads to wauwatosa for a st at the harwood e. crossing ---- before moving on to hartland. and beyound.each stop is about half an hour long and is free -- although donations encouraged ris are not avlable on traie but it is lighted
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glimpse of it between stops. with just four games left in the regular season... the packers are trying to run the table to make it into the playoffs. they're on a two game winning streak... but face their old foe... the seahawks... next sunday. until then.. we can celebrate yesterday's win against the texans. the packers came alive on two long drives. it snowed through most of the game. aaron rodgers threw for two touchdowns... and the defense was again.. good enough. packers squeezed out another one... 21 to 13. our packer coverage continues later this morning. wtmj radio voice of the packers wayne larrivee will be live in studio at 6-50... going in depth on the packers win and just how far away they are from turning thier season
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up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4--a welcome fit for a hero. one by one.. 75 pearl harbor survivor will are honored this week. where.. and what events have been arranged
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more news now.... residents in gatlinburg, tennese are preparinfor a ng rebulding process after a massive wildfire last week. the wn is still closed to the outsiders, but some sideres are allowed to go and wildfire burned hundreds of homes in the resort town last least thirteen people were killed and dozens more were injured.officials say they are still searching the victims wednesday pearl harbor.this week dozens of survivors of the attack are in honolulu for a week of events. today the second largest group of of pearl harbor survivors will meet a luncheon in cafornia wednesday.. survivors will gather at pearl harbor for a memorial service to those who lost their live up next-- on live at daybreak on totmj4das take it tside. how a couple minutes of taking care of a nicotine
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incident freedamp roads building traffic speeds at or abe posteddrive times e on what looked like a season to forget... has all the makings for a st season miracle for the packers. wtmj radio's voice of the packers wayne larrivee joins us with a recap of yesterdays huge win against
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our packer coverage esn't op here.... wae and vince be taking your coen...questions and ncerns about the packers up ijust over a half hourth weekeen 's
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stahead live at dareak-- thin you need to know before y start openg-- and why the location
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i iehardo quitki how. at t.max marshalls anhogood we'velways believ the holidayshould be about joy. where da are filled magic, not mas.
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now it's time for your "four to know" this morning.we start with pete zervakis-- with a warning to anyone doing some holiday shopping online. according to whitefish bay poce... the package thefts here started on november 25th. over a period of a week... ?seven of them were reported stolen from residences. some of the packages may have been taken at night. but police say others were stolen ring the daytime like in the afternoon. if ?you're expecting sh shipping items to work ifre not y. or ask neors who ?wilbe around to keep an eye out for your delivery. it's alsohelpful to track packages onlineyou can ev sign for notifications from, up fedex or websites like live...pz... tmj4 a judge has ordered a ha esidential resu tobegin
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ying to rca fel courr for statewide recount in pelvania. th count continues day in wisconsin. president-doelecld trump's cabinet positions are filling up. trump's team just announced this morning... doctor ben carson has been tapped as secretary of housing and urban development. trp is also expected to formally announce his pick for secretary of defense-- retired marine general james 5 new restaurants are opening this morning at the former bst brewing co. bottling's called restaurants at eleven25.. and you can find it on juneau ave -- between 8th and 9th. the grand opening of the food
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friskies. for cats. by cats. d mning. breang er theeath toll climbs to 33 peo from theassive fire dur e party in oakla. >> it s a set o fire w jus rolling towards the door. w this man whosed the building resnsible f eating a danrous situation? and dity officialsurn a blind eye? this morning, criminal inigs thecene >> pizzahonith? a rifletorms id th suspect inod > tieewo t


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