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tv   Today  NBC  December 5, 2016 7:00am-8:45am CST

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friskies. for cats. by cats. d mning. breang er theeath toll climbs to 33 peo from theassive fire dur e party in oakla. >> it s a set o fire w jus rolling towards the door. w this man whosed the building resnsible f eating a danrous situation? and dity officialsurn a blind eye? this morning, criminal inigs thecene >> pizzahonith? a rifletorms id th suspect inod > tieewo t
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his? actions. estt-elp' l of ndidat forecre sry of state ows, wh ynoth me emergi, a tmp?& round angry t ythingrom china to "l." what hap??pened to this vow mad about his use of twitter days after t election? >>'mng to do very restrained, if i use a who t revealing "time" magazine's pick for person of the year. we're kicking it off with a short list. some of could surprise yo continue monday, decembe 5th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today,"ith matt lauer andnah savanguthrie, live fm? studio 1-a rockefe goomorning a
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morng. veg odd on th person heear they're pmurey in for ofne person. matt lauer along with savaut on gay one of tamron'sty leave. >> i tked to her yesterday. th>>appy tere. have let'tartn mday morni dnghouse brre tlalef thr that ildingy ehe the?.sthere.>>tt,epteooor are we search cou continueor a hours the deathls at 33, nbe?l tt ?gh, number thed
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exploding through the warehouse there remains no official cause but those who live here in survived believe the fire was electrical. >> a lot of people are hurting right now. the only thing i can think of is people who were lost. >> reporter: with a maze of cluttered wood furniture inside and a makeshift pallet staircase renters at the warehouse known as the ghost ship said the property had two access points, a main door and an emergency exit. witnesses say the fire started
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people were upstairs, where a dj played music and most of the bodies were recovered. >> i woke up and my room was filled with smoke, like a fog of smoke. i looked over and i could see an orange glow coming through the window. >> never permitted for residential living or parties, public records show neighbors complained of blight. a city inspector arriving at the property last month to look into illegal housingut inside. >> our district attorney, nancy o'malley, did activate a criminal investigation. the team is on the site. >> reporter: the building owner lls nbc news they never knew anyone was living inside. sunday night the man leasing the building was photographed checking into an oakland hotel in these photos from "the daily mail" this morning he tells us this tragic event consumes my
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now, so are many others. a horrific tragedy with a death toll still mounting. those who lived inside the warehouse say it was common knowledge here in the city and h h dole others paid upwards of a thousand. some tell ushis mning they moved out bause they were concerned the warehoe was a ckou guy readyxplo. >> ?a wey'rjo the oakland fire chief linon. anks for jningus. goo mni my pleasure. >> we have heard that the of this building is sl itow, is methodic, happeniy hand anhd wit buckets. can youiveee en checked and cleared at this stage? pmh?t 52 hrs intthe incident we think that we have cleared
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building. >> would you sayas the areas yet to b sea? rched you'r fear is the dol wo g higher? >> at this point we still have families at the victim center, and their family members are unaccounted for,oe rtunately b the fire fatality will go gher morenfmaon to tse ing fa dnaosble?b dta sohe coroner, once we lo, ong with the sheriff'sffice in the ilding,he is multi-pronged approh to vify ei tifion, including just, as you dnand the fingerprinting. because a lot of these young members of our c hadomni them, but able to that as the pure justification and assume that what w find is ity.real >> chief, a lot ofople
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fire sprd so ickly, proximity of the fire department, the fact that you were on the scene withi three minutes. how do you explain how it spread so rapidly? >> the incredible fire load in the building. again, we don't know exactly how the fire started. we are still at the area of origin. we haven't been able to get to that point to really do a thorough investigation. but as all the members have been reporting already, the peop warehouse building was completely filled with combustibles. and once those got started, it was very, very, very rapid fire spread that made for a tremendously scary situation for firefighters entering and people trying to get out. >> and chief, quickly, i know there weren't supposed to be residential uses for that andb livho sait tre was somhat of a well-known secret. wa knos it department
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someingikig membef the city tha i know thathe fireti it's ay, knows the building, wther or not they were ever able to deterne thatif the original pmitted use and? ocncy use as a wahoe is unknown to me. >> oakland fir cef mel drayton. know you have a ver of the fire coming up i our hxtf hour. to an alarming incident in washington, d.c. a man armed with an assault rifle opening fire inside a popular pizzaria. it's why he chose that restaurant that's become the focus of the investigation. hallie jackson has more on that. hallie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. police say the suspect identify
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carolina, tells them he came to this restaurant to investigate so-called pizza-gate, a fake conspiracy theory that made the rounds during the presidential campaign, fake news, now with real consequences. armed with an assault rifle, police say edgar madison welch sent terrified customers and employees scrambling when he walked into the d.c. restaurant comet ping-pong and fired at least one shot >> metropolitan police department has arrived on the scene immediately, set up a perimeter. >> reporter: this image taken by a witness shows welch surrounded by police with his hands behind his head. >> his demeanor was bizarre. in that, if you come into a place to eat, you ask for a host or grab a seat at the bar. he didn't make any eye contact or talk with anybody. >> reporter: the 28-year-old taken into custody, police saying he told them he came to the establishment to
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fake online conspiracy theory suggesting the local pizzeria was at the center of a child sex slave ring organized by hillary clinton and her former campaign manager, john podesta. in an effort to crack down on fake news, reddit banned the discussion thread on its site. >> you just think, oh, you know, people are very brave behind their keyboard, writing all these hateful messages. but you don't actually think that someone is going to do something about it. >> story went viral, the owner of the d.c. pizzeria says he has received hundreds of death threats. >> what happened today demonstrates that promoting false and reckless conspiracy theories do come with consequences, and i hope that those who are involved with fanning these flames will take a moment to contemplate what happened here today and to stop right away. >> reporter: police say at this point they don't believe anybody else other than welch was
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king a fresh swipe at china, on the heels of his controversial phone call with the president of taiwan. this as mr. trump expands his field of candidates for secretary of state amid a new cabinet pick this morning. a lot going on with the transition. nbc's kristen welker is at trump tower. >> reporter: breaking this morning, president-elect trump tapping dr. penn garrison carson. today mr. trump calling carson passionate and brilliant. all of this as deliberations continue into the biggest position of all, who will be the next secretary of state. president-elect donald trump widening his search for secretary of state. transition officials say he is eyeing jon huntsman, a former ambassador to china under president obama, the one-time utah governor was critical of mr. trump during the campaign. at one point even calling for
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tape sur surfaced. heidates,son, former mayor rudy uliani gen davetra an roey. >> who knows howal there be. 's a b decision. honodyd rush throughit >> ran's pertise in chinaould be an asset as the prid grapples with ongoing fallout fromades of policy by accepting a congratulatory c friday. since t civilar 1949.zed taiwan re a little too much all. hyr ventilating about this one. >> reporter: mr. trump did littleo quell t controversy tweeting on sunday d thr currency.okay to devalue vice preside-ele mike penc said? the call doesn't signa a shift in licy.
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was aen cur >> repid orr: petraeus was preedheths quali f after p guilty to classifiinformation. >> five years ago i made a serious mistake. i apologized and i've paid a heavy price and learned from it. >> he is a man of enormous talents, look, he made stakmi. he paid the consequences of those mistakes. >> reporter: notorious leaker edward sen lambasted the general. >> never spent a signal day in jail, general petraeus. who shared infortion that was far more highly classified than i ever did wh journalists. reporr: over the weekend another flare-up with "snl" over this opening skit. >> i just retweeted the best tweet. >> reporter: trump firing back on twitter. t watching "saturday
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tall bd. noun the balimpersonation can't ge a?ny worse. sad. the controversy with taiwan. ths trump was plannin es tomntorsresponding to t twee dut china ove the weekend. trum still thinks americas the number one in the wor. that's not t chinese perspective. noting we do not need tosk permission for every decision we make. expect fallout deliberionsg i?/ f k in cali eury sayinhey'ven unable to rea a unanimous gabe gutierrez is in the courthouse. goodt morng. >>eporteheur a jue to go hom for d.
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fray. in a rare development we're seeing some of the inner workings o a j befe t trial is over. lone jorending a ne t o the judgeineouot i conct michael?r slager. eyf walter stts bho eg m >> weoel within o hear that w wil see jusce >>eporter:ormer chon pice fi arlest ch murder insct'eao wait e'll w wait uil monday, see what ppens. >> rorte jurors goinge hom for the weekend after aourt whee locked. at sdo c the thetenot
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month-long trial slager told the jury he was in total fear for his life and shot scott in self-defense after scott ran from his car and grabbed the officer's stun gun during a struggle. >> i fired until the threat was stopped like i'm trained to do. >> reporter: previous jury questions seem to indicate that the jury was heavily considering a manslaughter conviction, not murder. it's not clear how long the jury
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judge can declare a mistrial. >> gabe, thank you very much. we have an update on a story we've been following for months. this is a huge victory on sunday for protesters in north dakota. the army corps of engineers announced it will look for an alternate path. for months members of the sioux tribe have been trying to block they say it could damage the water supply on their reservation nearby. the victory could be short-lived. president-elect trump has said he supports that project, and some experts believe he could reverse the decision. al is here with a check of the weather. interesting mix of things going on. how are you? good morning. >> doing great, not so great for the friends down south. we have also some snow to talk about. greenville, michigan. you can see parts of the great
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4 inches to a foot of snow. that is coming to an end. we have more wet weather. we have the risk of strong storms. 5 million people under a risk of strong storms through the gulf coast. the precipitation pushing up and through as low pressure develops. look for the system to move into the southeast. heavy rain. we could be looking at some severe storms. atlanta on into raleigh later today and into tomorrow. this precipitation moves into the northeast with some snow behind it. ok you get down south. some areas may pick up to 5 inches or more from louisiana on into the panhandle of florida. we'll get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. ??
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arfum. lanc?me. available at macy's, your fragrance destination. and that's your latest weather. guys. >> al, thank you very much. coming up, more on the investigation and search for more victims in the tragic warehoe fe inalifornia. we'll talk to two people who live there and survived the fire. then, emotional tributes to
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as we learn more about another altercation at the same intersection for the driver who shot him. but first, this is "today" on nbc. but first, this is "tod
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you're going to love that view. back at 7:30 on a monday morning. 5th of december, 2016. that tree provides the perfect backdrop for a great night on the plaza. to get out there in the rain, say hi in a little while. meanwhile, inside studio 1a, i'm matt lauer along with tamron hall here for savannah as she begins maternity leave. >> headlines, emergency landing caught on camera at the airport in san antonio. look at this united express flight touching down when suddenly the nose gear collapses and sparks fly.
7:31 am
injuries reported. the georgia man found guilty of leaving his 22-month-old son to die in the swelters suv will be sentenced today. justin ross harris found guilty of eight counts of malice, murder and felony murder last month and is facing a maximum rl thout parole. and the number ofpl killed in that fire durg a? ced to at ast?4 .le s to the fir cef cr are still70% of that dingily britoarou d? svivehe .goyo
7:32 am
i was hit with aia b wall of smot iediately rendered me unable to breat or to see and the the power went out. ki det b down toy inside ers ae t a gradmp. up m cat, h in my jacket and race outf the building. >> carmen, you lived therebout
7:33 am
extinguisher and we note this building was noted for people to live there. were you aware of that situation? >> i think the thing you have to understand about the bay area is that it is incdiblylt your cam crew wantsoo three b weslos of youin of pe
7:34 am
urn and we t he was inside. >> cmenndniy, w sorry for your lo, are happy you' ing us this mo rng. t >>hank you for having leorsni m?=> reporter: turns out
7:35 am
was released from custody early friday with no charges filed was arrested at the sam intersection a decade ago for another road rage incident. according to the jefferson's parish sheriff. the alleged victim told investigators there gasser followed to a service station after he tried to report him for unsafe driving and punched him several times. those charges weredismissed. a source close to the gasser mily tells nbc news, we send our thoughts and prayers to the mcknight family wait for the facts to come out. >> people can monday morning quarterback what we've done. . gasser isotoing anywhere. heas been completely cooperative. >> reporter: the news comes amid new details of the ooting. the shave saying mcknight was shot after he got out of his car and walked over to ronald gasser's passenger-side window. >> t three casings were located within the vehicle.
7:36 am
on the ground. >> reporter: facts that could call louisiana's standour ?hh, ground law into play if t osecutor es, in fact, decide to file charges. it says in part, a homicide is juifiable when c in self-defeny o who he ??isn ne danosing his save himself from reatod bndil at danger. bu f mcknight's family so fano consolation. >> i can't believe it. my child is gone. >> reporte polic say the is sho complicating efforts to determineself-dense or murder. again, noharges thi ta >> blake mccoy onha story. thanks. > o>>r toan alheee umbrellas o. we have some wet weather and that's going to move through here in the northeast fairly quickly.
7:37 am
england, you can see it' snow where it's a little on the chillier side. that low pressure system takes off and is out of here by tonight. then another round moves in tomorrow. keeps coming in from pittsburgh, washinon, new york, and then snow again up into upstate new york, and in new england, and it's a little more widespread. me areas up between syracuse anwatertown could pk to six to eight incsf
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get that weather ane need it. chutheeather chann on bl guys? >> thank you. omin,g try y'sma bh. ieavi s
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7:43 am
for political promotion and attacks. now as president-elect, mr. trump showing no signs of changing strategies still looking to capitalize on what he describes as a tremendous modern form of communication. weeks away from his inauguration as america's 45th president, donald trump will take his place as his country's tweeter in chief allowing him an unfiltered platform to amplify his views like sunday night talking tough on china tantalizing target. ? oops, i did it again ? >> mr. trump, please stop retweeting all of these random real people. you're not getting any work done. >> reporter: just minutes after "saturday night live" parodied the president-elect as a kpuls intweeter, trump proved the point blasting baldwin as biased and sad. before the show ended baldwin
7:44 am
>> reporter: days after winning the white house trump vowed to dial back his twitter habit. >> i'm going to do very restrained if i use it at all. >> reporter: how has he done on that promise so far? the last three weeks more than 90 tweets, some celebratory, praising tiger woods getting back to golf and others accusing a cable channel of supporting hillary clinton. cnn still doesn't get it. they'll never learn, he says. shortly after a focussing on a recent flag burning tweeting outrage, there must be consequences perhaps loss of citizenship or a year in jail. trumps aides publicly hail social media as an asset, not a liability. their boss reaching millions of followers on twitter and facebook. >> i can tell you firsthand that there are posts that he makes that otherwise would not be heard or seen by these 25 million people. >> reporter: are trump's casual comments on twitter dangerous? >> you need to be careful but
7:45 am
>> i think one of the reasons people get so concerned about the tweets is, it's sort of a way around the press. >> reporter: of course, trump's not without critics including one woman in the wake of the next president's showdown with "snl" unleashing her own tweet storm. you're the president-elect. pick your battles, man. you're embarrassing yourself. that tweet liked more than 65,000 times. showing even twitter is a two-way street. trump that plenty of fans, of course. one describing him as hemingway of 140 characters for all followers, president-elect trump follows 40 accounts. more than half of trump properties, trump employees or trump family members. tamron and matt? >> interesting follow list. peter, thank you very much. >> interesting how he always starts his tweets on "snl" saying, tried watching "snl" and -- advice would be, try not watching "snl." >> but he keeps trying. obvious reasons. dylan's in the orange room with an exclusive look who is in
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? ? guys, did you know that dylan's baby is due only two days aft is on maternity leave and dylan will be on the owe all week long. >> i didn't know i could take off a week early. we'll reveal "times" person of the year on >> yes. speculation is building over who "time" will choose for 2016. the magazine selects the person or idea who has had the biggest influence on the world and news this year, for good or ill. time's covers have featured protesters to non-traditional choices like the computer and planet earth. last year angela merkel held the title. let's get to it. in no particular order. who is on the short list for 2016.
7:51 am
donald trump, beyonce, hillary clinton. vladimir putin, the whistle blowers of flint, michigan, during the water crisis. nigel farage. simone biles. we also have india's prime minister narendra modi and the crispr scientists pioneering advancements in genetic research. head to to weigh in. we'll have the results exclusively on "today" on >> i think it will be a runaway. >> i think it will be vladimir putin or nigel farage. they were international. they could have impacted our election. >> my favorite is the mirror, you! >> we'll find out wednesday. dylan thank you very much. coming up, our series "winning at all costs." jenna bush hager exposes a
7:52 am
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say more with kisses deluxe. it's 8:00 it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, tragedy in oakland. new questions about who is responsible, after a massive warehouse fire claims the lives of at least 33 people. >> i woke filled with smoke. like a fog of smoke. and i looked over and i could see an orange glow coming through the window. >> we're live at the scene amid the search for more victims. plus, from athlete to addict. >> i was nervous to go to practice because i didn't want to let my coach see. >> i was kind of at a point where i just wanted to get high, like see how high exactly i could get.
8:01 am
after suffering sports injuries. what every parent needs to know about this dangerous epidemic. a star power. >> how is it going? i'm lady gaga. it's nice to see you [ screams ] >> a heartfelt surprise from pop superstar lady gaga tied to our "share kindness" campaign. while kelly clarkson is here to bring down the house with a live performance in studio today, monday, december 5th, 2016. ?? ?? ?? >> kings high school in seattle, washington. >> it's my sweet 16 at nyc. >> happy birthday, austin texas. ?? >> we're from north dakota, living it up.
8:02 am
>> i'm celebrating 60 sensational years! whoo! we are back now. 8:00 on a monday morning. it's the 5th day of december, 2016. scale of 1 to 10, probably not a 10 out here today. it's more about a 3. kind of chilly and rainy. but we have a nice crowd. >> we sure do. it feels like nighttime. we were just saying. evening hours. >> you know what they say. ain't no sunshine when she's gone. savannah, day one of maternity leave. here come the clouds and rain. we hope she is relaxing, sleeping in and getting ready. >> and watching! as we said, grammy winner and our dear friend kelly clarkson is here. she is very busy in studio 1a with a great song. >> she'll perform live. before she does that she is going to co-host with me and al
8:03 am
of how much do we know about kelly clarkson as far as lyrics. >> i was going to say -- >> here are your songs. all right. a lot to get to. first, a check of the headlines. it's time for the news at 8:00. we began with the deadly warehouse fire in oakland. i am miguel almaguer where the death toll now stands at 33. as firefighters scour a debris field like they have never seen with bodies covered in tarps, this morning officials say more victims are likely buried under a field of ash and debris, witnesses believe nearly 100 people packed this oakland warehouse for a party, when es exploded through the building. there was only seconds to escape the furious inferno. a teenager, this couple, so many young people among the missing and confirmed dead.
8:04 am
>> it's really sad. you have to keep hope. >> reporter: though the warehouse was not zoned for residential living, inside a maze of wooden furniture, antiques and a make shift pallet staircase filled a building some 25 people called home. >> we all looked out for each other. we all helped each other. like, it wasn't just like, oh, yeah, that's my roommate. it's like. this is my friend. >> reporter: with many calling this a tinderbox ready to explode the city had received complaints over blight and just last month an inspector could not get access inside. officials admit it was well known many lived in the warehouse. the city dropped the ball here. >> yeah. i mean, i -- all of us did. yeah. we dropped the ball on this issue. and sadly enough, it's -- you know, we lost some lives. >> reporter: with the building owner saying they had no idea residents lived inside, the
8:05 am
nbc news the tragic event consumes my every moment. my heart is broken. the city has now launched a criminal investigation. this morning the heartbreak is growing and soon the blame may too. with the youngest victim just 17 years old, many of those who have been positively identified are in their 20s and 30s. the fire broke out close to 11:30 p.m. this party was supposed to go until 4:00 a.m. officials say, had it gone on much have been even higher. tamron. >> miguel, thank you very much. sition this mni he trump president-elect trump announced that he plans to nominate d be rson as secretary of housing and urban development. at the same time trump is widening his search for secretary of state. according to transitn officials, he is considering jon huntsman, a former ambassador to china and former utah governor. other potential candidates for
8:06 am
rudy giuliani and general david petraeus and mitt romney. another milestone sunday for new england patriots quarterback tom brady. he became the winningest quarterback in nfl history when the patriots beat the rams 26-10. that gave brady 201 career wins, one more than peyton manning. brady said ter,la it's always been about winning. he said he has been fortunate to be on great patriots' teams over the years and said he is very gratef >> indeed he is. a southwest airlines flight had to be diverted sunday because of an unexpected baby on board. [ baby crying ] >> that's the scream heard on the plane during a flight from philadelphia to orlando. a woman on the plane suddenly went into labor, and the crew asked for any doctors or nurses to go to the front row. they helped the woman deliver her baby over south carolina. the flight was diverted to
8:07 am
parents were taken to the hospital. by the way, it's a baby boy. when you're close to orlando and you are a baby about to be born you're like where is universal. >> the plane was only one hour delayed, the most amazing part of the story. >> congratulations to the family. coming up, from athletes to addicts. jenna bush hager talks to teens whose injuries led them down a very dark path. then, what would you have done? okay. we're going to tell you the reason kangaroo in the face. we'll find out the back story. hoda kicks off our share kindness campaign with help from one of the biggest pop stars on the planet, lady gaga but first, on a monday morning, these messages. o m g ten years later, nothing's really changed. it's time to snap out of it. hello moto. snap on a jbl speaker. put a 70" screen on a wall.
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you shouldn't give underwear to everybody. but for those you do, give them fruit of the loom. well this here's a load-bearing wall. we'll go ahead and rip that out. that'll cause a lot of problems. hmm. totally unnecessary and it triples the budget. we'll be totally behind schedule, right? (laughs) schedules. schedules. great, okay. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? the citi? double cash card does.
8:11 am
double means double. all right. a good time to trend. ready, gang? >> let's go. >> it really doesn't snow in san francisco all that often. >> right. >> you can understand why some 49ers' players got excited t flay a snowy game inhicago on ay excited, when he scored a touchdown he dropped to the turf. at did he do? of course, you make snow angels. because it's snow, because it's fun. it's also a penalty. >> oh! >> the refs threw a flag for excessive celebration. tag injury to insult, insult to injury, whichever want, the touchdown was called back. >> oh! >> out of bounds. >> i lived in chicago ten years.
8:12 am
>> a light flurry. >> for san francisco -- >> why not celebrate a little? >> i don't get that. >> it's fun. >> you know? >> but the so fun to watch. >> i love the celebrations. >> watching celebrations. >> days where they caught a touchdown pass, flipped the ball to the ref and ran to the sidelines. >> that's when they had leather helmets. >> no helmets! >> right. back in the day some more, first, what do you do on weekends? plan? are you planners? >> iable not. according to a new study planning ahead of time actually drains the fun out of events like not celebrating in the nfl. even if it's inherent lit fun to do. researcher at ohio state found the more you scheduled an event the less enjoyment in brought to attendees. too much event planning makes the event seem work. spontaneity allows flexibility. that should be the rule of life. hoda you start off the show, what are we doing?
8:13 am
event i usually do plan it and i think i sap a little -- be ready by 8:00! >> i know. >> no fun. let's move on. >> sometimes i get like that. i know. >> so weird. >> on weekends i plan the mornings to get things done and whatever happens in the afternoon happens. >> tougher for parents, too. you have to keep soccer schedules, dance, whatever's going on. >> uh-huh. >> a bowl of kibble, let them do whatever. >> the kids? oh, that's nice. >> speak for yourselves. video. sh y the most australian video you'll see all day. out on a hunting trip a man's dog caught in the bang -- kang roone's mouth. think he's going to box back? no. bang. the kangaroo not injured, apparently said, wait, you hit me. stunned but did not go after that dog again.
8:14 am
there. that kangaroo, he -- sticks out his chest. >> a guy in a kangaroo suit. >> i don't believe -- hoda? >> no. it looked real to me. i think once the dog was out of the headlock, i don't see the need to punch the kangaroo. >> i felt bad for the kangaroo. >> i did, too. >> then the kangaroo went be after sylvester the cat. so it was okay. >> a wild animal. a shark or lion, they grabbed your dog, you'd be fine punching that thing, right? stralian kangaroos with a pouch, you all say, oh, that's not right. >> if it had been a shark! >> against "jaws"? >> you would punch that shark in the nose. >> they say in australia kangaroos are like deer. run wild. >> and can be aggressive,s you know. >> glad we didn't pla this. >> all right. dylan? >> okay. "pop start." >> here we go.
8:15 am
character from "friends." >> grabbing a dog again. >> dog and shark in the same place. so jennifer aniston's character from "friends" has long been lampooned on "saturday night live" by vanessa bayer. we got to see just how she feels about the impression. >> well -- yeah. i mean, kind of just sounds like all you're doing is, like, what? oh, what? oh, wow. no! what? >> is it like this? what? wow? >> well, no. >> yeah? >> what? >> no. i don't do that. >> what? oh! >> i love that impression. last night's "saturday night live" episode the first time she did it in front of aniston and nailed it. >> uh-huh. >> and friday, chris pratt's
8:16 am
the show. either show half her face, back of her head. fans spoken demanding a photo of j. lo. not want to disappoint, pratt posted this photo shot on to his body writing, my best buddy jennifer. sorry for playing with you guys. this year's awards, james taylor and the eagles among others. the president and fir received the longest standing ovation. the crowd, stephen colbert, letting them know hutch they'll be missed. >> i think we can all agree the last eight years the white house has given us a leader who is passionate, intelligent and dignified. [ cheers and applause ] sir, i don't know why you stood up. i was talking about michelle. [ laughter ]
8:17 am
so-called golden ticket to come back to the kennedy center whenever they like. that's your "pop start." >> can we go back to the kangaroo for a second? my favorite part. go to the video. i like when the guy confronts the kangaroo. kangaroo gets up, squares off, like, have you never seen a boxing kangaroo. okay. i wasn't ready. i wasn't ready! >> this is so crazy! look at him. he's -- >> okay. let's go. i can box you. >> it's on, it's on! >> and back, go back at it? >> like having a beef. i think he's -- >> oh, i'm going away. >> under what circumstance is your dog in the water with a shark? >> the dog falls into the ocean. >> okay. >> you know what can happen. what would you do? you'd punch the shark, right? nobody would be complaining. >> his nose turns inside out. >> dylan, check of the weather. >> no. i'm going to do the weather. >> sorry. al, check of the weather. >> i'm in the water with a shark! what do you do? what do you do?
8:18 am
>> save you. >> pop quiz. what do you do? >> save you! >> what is going on? >> oh, wow. best -- best trending ever! all right. so it's -- >> a cheetah -- >> that's great. >> turning frigid. cold air coming out from alaska. look at this. today, great falls 19. casper, 28, 7 degrees below average. tomorrow morning, the cold continues from seattle, only 31. to's high's in 14 below normal. amarillo, 41. making our way towards wednesday, the cold continues, and look at this later in the week. d.c. 41 by friday. 34 in nashville, mobile, 48 degrees. that's -- >> hey, al, no one forget, tamron thought it was a man in a kangaroo suit. all right? >> did you see a zipper anywhere? >> his head was too small! >> hoda's checked out. >> that's what's going on.
8:19 am
and that's your latest weather. >> all right, al. thank you very much. now our ongoing series "winning at all costs." this morning, youngth leetes athletes hooked on painkillers. >> jenna bush hager is with us. >> i recently sat down with three teens who sports injuries led to dangerous addictions. for john haskell, football meant
8:20 am
>> i loved it. i loved it. i put in 110%. >> reporter: the game provided life lessons on and off the field. >> instills a lot of skills are brotherhood what it means to be a teammate. >> reporter: and jess joined her first swim team at 6 years old. >> i love swimming. it is the most fun i've ever had on a team in my life. >> reporter: all student athletes now 18 who went from chasing a dream to chasing a high. >> offered up the idea of black tar heroin. >> i was nervous to go to practice because i didn't want to let my coach see. >> i was kind of at a point where i just wanted to get high. like, see how high exactly i could get. >> reporter: their love of the game drove them to play hard. at just 15, john had got in his fourth concussion. >> when i woke up the next morning i was kind of not hearing too well, and things
8:21 am
my head was in robbing, really, ly hurting. so my mom took me to the doctor. >> reporter: do you remembe the conversation you had with the doctor? >> i had the ct scan. he asked me questions, looked in my ears. checked my hearing, my eyes, and next thing i know, i'm at cvs getting vike kinn. >>eporter: vicodin a highly addictive opioid painkiller like the one spencer was described. >> i was predescribed hit really hard carrying the football and by mack bas killing me. >> reporter: it didn't just block his pain. >> i liked the feeling but the relief not for the pain for the mental effect that it brought to me. >> reporter: both athletes were soon hooked. how many prescriptions were written for you? >> one prescription with three refills. >> reporter: when that ran out, what happened? >> i will to find a dealer that would sell them to me. >> reporter: jess was also prescribed vicodin after shoulder surgery.
8:22 am
before, but never in this amount. once the prescription ran out, she started stealing from her grandmother's medicine cabinet. >> i would just take them and replace them with ibuprofen and she wouldn't notice. >> reporter: jess, john and spencer are not alone. in a cdc survey published this year, one in six students said they had taken prescription painkillers without a prescription. >> it's supposed to be for pain relief. unfortunately we see all too often the becoming seduced by this feeling. the release of dopamine in the brain, the feel-good center of the brain. >> reporter: john was spinning upwards of $200 a day on the pills. his parents caught him stealing money. >> i think that's what made him realize, oh, i don't have this unlimited funds. i better start finding what i can get high on that's cheap. >> reporter: the solution -- heroin. a fraction of the price of a
8:23 am
before his football injury was now a full-blown heroin addict. how did you realize you needed to get help? >> there was nothing else really for me. i was 16 years olds, using heroin. i was pretty much over, my life. i was depressed. i wanted to die. >> reporter: what's when his dad took him to newport academy in california, a teen treatment center where jess and spencer were also getting help after hitting rock bottom. >> i took vicodin, and i, like, blacked out and my mom called 911. >> reporter: dr. harold says both doctors and parents need to probe when it comes to drug treatment. >> as parent, take a more advocating role and ask your provider, why are they going in this route? why is it an automatically an opioid and a painkiller? the provider needs to ask questions like is there a family history of addiction?
8:24 am
had no idea if there was a family history of addiction. they had adopted john when he was a baby. >> we know now what these drugs do. >> reporter: they were never warned of the addiction of a drug. >> this is what the doctor prescribed. this is what we're going to take. >> reporter: founder of newport academy has seen dozens of teens go from athlete to addict with one prescription. >> at that age, to introduce such a narcotic drug to their system is only going to have damaging effects, and we know that the younger someone starts using drugs, the more likely they are to develop an addiction. >> reporter: john knows that one prescription changed his life. >> i really, really was really angry that this had to happen to me. this kind of manifested itself through something that i loved so much and it was really
8:25 am
>> reporter: these teens are now sober and living a full life. do you feel like in some ways you're the lucky ones? >> i would say, if we stick to this path and keep doing, continue to do what we're doing, that we're definitely the lucky ones. >> i couldn't ask for anything more. i'm so grateful for where i am today. >> i'm happy. i've got good relationships. i have trust with me family. my family trust me today. it's good. it's really good. >> john is two years sober, wants to be a drug counselor, jess still swims every day and also two years sober and spencer is six months sober. really, for parents, ask questions. these kids are too young to be addicted to these, to this medicine. >> and to give a prescription with three refills. >> wow. >> for a 15-year-old. >> formuortub. >> a great report, jenna. thank you so much. over to dylan. >> hey, guys, just ahead, one of our absolute favorites is here. kelly clarkson.
8:26 am
-- excuse me -- live performance. much better, also beautiful. >> all coming up an your local news and weather. what's the secret to clearing your voice? [ bird warbling ] [ whispering ] the new iphone's finally here. and you can get it on any network, but why would you?
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we are back now. 8:30 on a monday morning. the 5th day of december, 2016. our toy drive in full swing. that's victoria's secret angels. adriana and elsa helping us out. with that toy drive. serving as our elves today and we're going to talk to them in a couple of minutes. >> beautiful ves.
8:31 am
"hamilton" and kelly clarkson. here with a very special performance you won't forget. >> counting down the minutes for that. another music sensation, lady gaga, a new mission and how shows helping spread kindness over the holidays and beyond. this story is such a tearjerker. >> and one of our favres, octavius spencer on a new movie based on a remarkable new story and the new oscar buzz it is getting. >> all right. bring over those helping us out this morning. nice to see you. how are you? >> good morning. >> so -- this is the 16th time you've been in the victoria's secret fashion show. does it just become run of the mill? do you have to get psyched up for something like that? >> you know, i really get nervous. i thought it was going to go away, throughout the years, but i get more and more -- oh, my god. but, you know, she opened the show this year, and she did awesome.
8:32 am
that's hard. >> and we killed it. >> you did kill it. in paris for the first time. i'm curious when walking, are you thinking something? do you have a go-to thought to keep you focussed? >> i totally just feel the music, performers and energy of the crowd. it was in paris, sos it wa inevitable you just feel that amazing beauty of paris and energy of that. >> sometimes i'm always pointed out, like, to the people. like -- my family is there. so the time that i like, i'm saying hello to someone that i know. my mom -- >> you're already nervous. what's it like when lady gaga is -- >> walking next to an amazing musician is amazing. lady gaga looked beautifully amazing. your nging, by the way -- >> we know what it's like to be put in revealing outfits because you tried to get us to try on
8:33 am
>> did you try it after, like behind closed doors? >> no. didn't have to. ladies, thanks so much. >> thank you. >> thank y for being part of the toy drive as well. mr. roker, check of the weather. >> show what you we have looking at the week ahead. a lot of wet weather making its way through the southeast, the gulf coast. we're also looking at a wintry mix in the pacific west. the midweek period, skies clearing in the east. rain and mountain snows out west and as we get towards the end of the week, a real mess in the west. but here in the east, good. some rain around the great
8:34 am
and that is your latest weather. make sure you get the weather anytime you need it. go to the weather channel on cable. guys? all right, al, thank you so much. and "today's" "share kindness" campaign, celebrating self-less acts in full swing this morning. >> hoda in 30 rock in the brand new "share kindness experience" led b l foundation, empowering young people to create a kinder world. a great thing. hoda? >> i am so excited. right here, we are all about kindness as part of our "share kindness" we partnered with lady gaga. recently, a homeless center for lgbt. take a look.
8:35 am
family loves me, but a lot of times i felt like they didn't really get to see me. >> i was on the street actually when i came here. i was, like, sleeping on the train and in mcdonald's. >> hi, everybody. this is lady the center in harlem and here to surprise the kids. kindness, to me, is an action of love. or a showing of love to someone else. >> lots of gifts! >> and i also believe that kindness is the cure to violence and hatred around the world. >> how's it going? i'm lady gaga. it's nice to see you! [ screams ]
8:36 am
i'm thankful for you. >> i like to share kindness in a lot of different ways. >> i am here today. i brought presents for all of you. >> i love to give things to people that have nothing, or less than me. >> there you go. you're very welcome. >> t-shirts, socks, hats, comfy clothes. we have everything. >> all: thank you! >> you can have a gift, of course. honey! >> i love you. >> i love you. >> these c homeless, or in need. many of them are trauma survivors. they've been rejected, and in some type of way. >> when family was, like, kind of like pushing me away because i'm gay, all i had is you and "born this way" album. >> my own trauma in my life helped me to understand the trauma of others. >> thank you for being alive.
8:37 am
know how could you know ? until it happens to you ? >> meditation helps me to calm down. issu that you have, but i have a mental illness. and i struggle with that mental illness every day. so i need my mantra to help keep me relaxed. >> i told the kids today that i suffer from a mental illness. i suffer from ptsd. i've never told anyone that but the kindness that's been shown to me by doctors as well as my family and my friends, it's really saved my life. you are brave. you are courageous. i've been searching for ways to heal myself, and i found that kindness is the best way. one way to help people that have trauma is to inject them with as many positive thoughts as
8:38 am
breaking ? smile, even though it's aching ? >> what's really important to remind kids that are suffering from a traumatic experience or from abandonment to remind them a they're not alone, and that they're loved. >> oh, my, gosh. thank you, thank you. >> lady gaga's act of kiness was reminder that love system exists, and that there's still some for me. >> i am no those kids, and i'm no worse an. we both walk, our two feet, on the same eart and we're in this together.? ? you've given me a million reasons to let you go ? >> we, as a world, are suffering from war t chire whore homeless, famine. kindness is the way of becomg
8:39 am
? when i kneel dow?on to pray ? ? i try t make the worst seem better ? rd, show me the way ? to c t a this war ? >> and those of us that have, should give to those who have not during the holidays. do one kind act before the end of the year. just being kind. the act itself, it's free. and it's priceless. ? stay ? [ cheers and applause ] >> how much do you love lady gaga athis momt? as part of that meditation, you guys, lady gaga wrote a personal inspiration for everybody and gave one to me. mine says, i'm brave, and s signed it.
8:40 am
country? her mother, mother gaga, is what i call her. all of the people at all of these tables a doing acts of kindness. decorating holiday lunch bags for kids, and this is kindness is healing. you can also make holiday cards here. it's all about kindness. so come here to this area. check out these activities. participate. it's so awesome and can i say something? you raised an amazing girl. >> thank you. >> let me hug you. >> such a s hoda, tha you very much. by the way, you can contribute simply at home. just do good deeds. use the harekinded in, and help us get to 1 million acts. >> how many people have already been sharing. keep them going. up next -- the powerful new role that could land octavius spencer another oscar.
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
academy award winner octavius spencer, getting oscar buzz again for her role in "hidden figures" based on a true story of three african-american women who worked for nasa and had a significant impact on the space program. she plays dorothy vaughn, head of the west computing group and pushes women to go further in their careers, is not afraid to nudge them in their personal life as well. >> he's coming over. >> why would he >> too late. fix yr hair. >> hello, colonel. i'm dorothy vaughn. i believe you met my -- >> yes, ma'am. >> and this is -- >> she's not married. she's a widow, with three beautiful little girls. so well behaved, arrangeals on earth is what we like to call them. dorothy, slice of pie? >> i'd love one. excuse me. >> you already have a slice of pie -- >> i love that cast and octavius
8:44 am
good morning. >> good morning. you look beautiful. >> thank you. you look beautiful in your wonderwoman t-shirt. >> wonderwomen. >> and teaching us in this film about some women who certainly could be superheroes. i'm watching the film thinking, how is it 46 years of my life i have never heard this story. you had the same reaction. you thought it was fiction. >> i thought it was historical fiction. hi had just done "the help," well, four years ago, but when i read this, i thought, we would have known about it if it were true the fact we didn't know, it hurt at my core. you know? >> i think people -- i described it as kind of a grieving, because here you have this notion that girls don't like math, or black girls don't get this, and these are examples for girls of any background of what we're capable of. >> absolutely. you know, when i think about the contributions that these women made at such a tumultuous time in our nation's history and the fact they didn't complain, just
8:45 am
of what we should be doing. >> how critical to space program? >> very critical. without katherine johnson's contribution, we wouldn't have made it to space the first time. that's real and something we have to credit her for and all of those women. >> you play dorothy vaughn, she passed ay in 2008. >> uh-huh. >> when you are playingeowho is important impact, how -- deal with that pressure? >> well, you know, that there's screen, and you realize the, the profanity of that moment. there are families and legacies you have a responsibility to and none of us took that lightly. i have to tell you, the most rewarding thing, we did a premiere in washington last week and watching withe families one those hallmark moments for me. amazing. >> the cast could be a hallmark card of beauty and talent. taraji p. henson, janel, the
8:46 am
buzz. i won't jinx you. how do you feel about it? >> you know, i like living in the moment. right now, we're just opening the movie. all of that is frosting on the cake, but we all love frosting. >> definitely do. great at creating frosting! love you so much. >> thank you. >> "hidden figures" out in theaters december 26th and nationwide january 6th. we can't wait, kelly ks a cool song from a very cool show. >> it's very sad, so -- t.s. hopefully i keep it together. >> y will, i promise.
8:47 am
8:48 am
>> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. kelly clarkson has three grammy awards under her belt and now is taking on broadway.
8:49 am
released much-arp waited "hamilton" mixed tape includes songed from musical re/max and covering by poor lar artists including our girl kelly. >> i'm super lucky. >> how did you get involved? >> my new label. i was e-mailed the song at like 1:00 ntd morning. i was pregnant with my little boy and had not seen "hamilton." so really i'm just like a couple weeks away from having my boy and this song is about a boy like -- are you serious right now? i'm so worried about a miscarriage. it was so beautiful, so, yeah. >> i don't want to jinx anything, but we've been talking here, and it is a very emotional song called "quiet uptown," alexander hamilton's teenage son dies and you say even in rehearsing and practicing the song. >> i made it through once without -- >> it came over you? >> you want to be emotional, i was telling you, but so hard
8:50 am
legit, no sound would come out of my mouth if i started crying. it would just be like -- >> shall we try? >> yeah. good luck. >> "quiet uptown," kelly clarkson. ? there are moments that the words don't reach there are terrible to name ? ? you hold your child as tight as you can and push away the unmatchable ? the moments when you're in so deep, feels easier to just bend down and so they move uptown and learn to live with the
8:51 am
i walk alone through the storm, and it's quiet uptown ? i never liked to cry before ? ? i take the children to church on sunday, a sign at the cross at the door ? and i pray that never used to happen before ? if you see him in the street walking by himself, talking to himself ? have pity you knock me out, i fall apart ? look at where we are look at where we started ? ? i know i don't deserve you but hear me out ?
8:52 am
? if i could trade his life for mine ? right now and you would smile, and that would be enough ? talking by himself have pity ? don't you like it uptown, it's quiet uptown ? the see him walking in the park, taking in the sights ? look around, look around ? ? look around ? when you're standing in the garden ? ? standing there side by side she takes his hand ?
8:53 am
forgiveness can you imagine ? forgiveness can you imagine ? ? oh, look around, look around ? they are going through the unimaginable ?? [ cheers and applause ] >> you did it, girl. you did it. >> thank you, folks. thank you very much. kelly's going to come back in a bit. more music. >> you did fantastic.
8:54 am
8:55 am
oh, my goodness. >> too bad y dou't feelg en youg it? >> ever since i had kids, i cry at everything. i can't control. it's about a boy, i'm about to have a son. like, yeah. >> amazing. >> you did a beautiful job. beautiful. >> such a great job writing them. so, tearjerker. >> from tears to laughter.
8:56 am
co-host. fun things -- well, you may still be crying. >> may not be my goal was to finally get in shape.
8:57 am
so i made a decision to talk to my dermatologist about humira. humira works inside my body to target and help block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to my symptoms. in clinical trials, most adults taking humira were clear or almost clear, and many saw 75% and even 90% clearance in just 4 months. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. ask about humira, the #1 prescribed biologic by dermatologists. clearer skin is possible. i'm...vince vitrano alongside brian gotter...lets get a
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the family of a man shot and killed by a wauwatosa police officer is set to meet with the district jay anderson was shot while sitting in a car last summer. the officer says anderson was reaching for a gun. nearly six months later... the d-a has decision... and has yet to release dashard camera video from the incident. two wisconsin counties are already finished with recounts of the presidential votes... ...menomonie... and iron county. the 70 others are still counting. they have 7 days left until the december
9:00 am
good morning today urgent we're going to tell you about how it is called on demand. great gift ideas for your pet. and live holiday music a capella style next on the morning blend. ? ? [ music ] ? ? ? ? good morning everybody. we're going to talk about christmas season just a second, but first, ap is in the house that's what i say whenever she walks in filling for tiff. amy taylor. >> we like to be together during


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