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tv   Morning Blend  NBC  December 5, 2016 9:00am-9:59am CST

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good morning today urgent we're going to tell you about how it is called on demand. great gift ideas for your pet. and live holiday music a capella style next on the morning blend. ? ? [ music ] ? ? ? ? good morning everybody. we're going to talk about christmas season just a second, but first, ap is in the house that's what i say whenever she walks in filling for tiff. amy taylor. >> we like to be together during
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you. >> it lifts mine too. i think about you having triplets. do you buy all three of your daughters the same thing? >> it's the challenge of a lifetime to do christmas for them. a as you all know it's costly right? >> the older they get the more expensive. >> and they say they want all of these different things, but if one gets something and the don't have the same thing for the others it is bad. >>is didn't think you wanted that that's what your siste likes, but even so mom. >> are they very different the three of them? >> within the group i have two identical twins they tend to have the same taste, but their personalities are substantially different. it's just like tee siblings. absolutely. today is bathtub party day. [laughter] >> on that note. >> moving along. do you take baths or showers
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that i love me a good bath. i do. i have this new stuff i put in that has all of these scents and smells. then you start those jets because i have one of those jacuzzi tubs e tubs. don't make the mistakes i did and start the jets because i had bubbles coming out of my ears. i love the bath. >> today is bathtub party day it's a way to encourage people to t as americans we have shifted to being a community that showers. >> i did not even realize that. i hadn't given it a lot of thought because i still love the bath. i used to take a bath before i would get up for the morning shower in cedar rapids, iowa. at 2:30 in the morning. i think because i was so tired i would be just like okay i will get up. >> here's a question. this is an item that will be touched an average of 25 times before it is purchased.
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>> i have no idea it kind of grosses me out. it's not my sweater is it? >> not your sweater. >> eh. >> it is greeting cards. >> oh, my god. it looks so fresh. eww. >> the one i buy i have picked up and read and put back five or six times. i just bought my brother a birthday card. i probably looked at at least 25 to 50 of them. i can't share what it said because it was totally awesome perfect for him. i think it's funny how many times people will read and reread a greeting card. >> i had no idea. >> 25im on average. our soundoff today what do you prefer christmas tree real or fake? people have strong opinions on this. did you know there is an american christmas tree association. >> i had no idea, but it doesn't surprise me. >>? it's big business. >> there is and they say there is very few debates that are more lively or spirited than the
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or fake. i just, i absolutely love that. there i actually prefer real, but i had fake for 12 years because of the mess. it's just, now this is our first year with a real tree in like 15 years. >> what percentage of people do you think have a fake tree? >> i would say fake would be 65%. >> organization wow. -- oh, wow we'll give you thean. we'll tell you later. we're going to keep you in suspense. first we have to the day. heather kiefer from genoa city loves how this shows the innocence and curiousty of her 15 month old daughter camry. camry keeps going up to the tree and saying oh, itty. she is pretty sure she is saying oh, pretty. she has two older sisters that she adores and loves to imitate. there you go. >> it's that time of the year i
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looking at the train. so cute. if you have someone special in your life make them our picture of the day email their photo and story to first up today doctor house calls were common a long timing a, but now they are making a come back. >> sounds like a nice thing. our busy modern lifestyle and a challenged healthcare system has created a need for convenient and complete care. joining us this morning is dr. danish siddiqui and nurse practitioner joan remedynow. they provide on demand house calls at your home or office, and welcome to the morning blend. i apologize it was the name of the little girl that got stuck in my head. >> a lot of different names there. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having us. >> this is exciting. a thing that a lot of people think is in the past. talk about making it convenient and comfortable for people. i think it's wonderful and it has been a really long time
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in the milwaukee area. talk about the business the partnership that you have established and why. >> i think unfortunately, the healthcare system right now is quite fragmented and broken and various common problems for common patient. common person. and if someone gets sick and, you it's very difficult to find a primary care provider of your own what do you do you want to go to the urgent care emergency room. emergency room unfortunately you have to wait for hours to be seen. once you have seen the appointment, you are often rushed for this appointment. >> and that doctor doesn't know you and your history. there is not a relationship established. >> absolutely and so remedynow is trying to break and transform delivery of healthcare and bringing the convenience and the basically, in terms of the house
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you can do is you can download our app and you can request an appointment through computer through your computer or just pe or just call us. one of our experienced health professionals can come to you right in the comfort of your home. i think that is huge. >> uh-huh. >> shorter wait times and longer appointments. i think that is the key. relationship that we are losing the patient physician relationship so i think that is bringing it back. >> huge. >> so transforming the delivery of healthcare is what you are looking for. >> joan this is one of the great frustrations is actually getting a person calling and getting immediate response. so one of the services that you provide is also attention to urgent care. tell me how you would address some of those things? >> we provide urgent care, so we
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say you have bronchitis or infection or a cut you're not sure if you have to go to the emergency room for or we also provide we can come to your home and take care of that right there. we have our little take our equipment with us. and then we have primary care. a lot of people don't have a primary care provider and, so we can provide that. we do annual examines and school physicals. and provide primary care for you. we aalso do chronic care. people with diabetes or high blood pressure. the exciting thing with remedy now is we have the integrative wellness piece so a lot of these medical problems, you should be dealing with with lifestyle changes. so, we have, we work with people
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home, acupuncture, physical therapy, right in your home. >> you have coaches that are really focusing on prevention. >> uh-huh. >> correct. >> emphasis on prevention. >> to have all of those disciplines available to you and to think it is in a house call is truly remarkable. i wonder how do you see your urgent care and primary care differing from other services out there. >> we provide most of the services that typical urgent care would provide. with the difference we come to you. the healthcare is coming to healthcare. in the comfort of your home. there certain conditions that can be managed by quick chatting. the various health companies which are around. what we are different about is the fact that look the certain commissions that can be helped by a visit, but if you think this visit needs to be prolonged
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assessment or clinical exam we will send someone to complete that visit. i think that is different because we are locally situated. primary care. we just talked about primary care. think primary care you go to a primary care physician you have about 15 to 20 minutes. during this time if you have hypertension and diabetes, the primary care provider actually takes care of your diabetes and off yo but, often we have seen, that this person is 60 pounds overweight, doesn't eat right, doesn't exercise, doesn't good sleep well. stress and depressed. what does this person do? either do nothing, and continue to have these issues, or seek out individual services on their own. so that's when the ingrated health coaches comes in. then we can determine and customize.
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needs what is the chronic illness or wellness we need to first find out the needs for you and then develop a program for you. and then since we have the medical providers and the integrated providers they talk to each other and form a customized care for you. a personalized care. >> you're treating the whole person. >> the whole person. having a wholesome experience for someone not just providing stopgap situations. that focus on the whole person rather than the individual is really incredible. the fact that people can make appointments in their own home and have the convenience and comfort of that is incredible. right now you're offering morning blend viewers a special opportunity. if you mention the morning blend you can have an appointment for $50 off, and that's for the first 50 appointments booked now through the end of the year. through december 31, $50 off an
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people who schedule that. and the wait to do that is go to their website or call this phone number for an appointment (262)312-9095. again (262)312-9095. great to see you both. >> thank you so much. what an exciting service you provide we appreciate it. >> have a healthy holiday. >> you guys too. we have a whole lot more coming up including a tour of a local community that will put you in the full holiday spirit. a lost pet again. we'll tell you about a gps device to keep track of them at all times. before we go to break a little holiday music. after the break how high this local barbershop quartet ranked in a world competition, but here is midnight croon with cool
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? ? [ music ] ? ? welcome back everybody. the midwest vocal express is a large male a capella chorus that specializes in story telling through song. they also put on one heck of a christmas show. >> yeah. you can tell from the song we just heard they are incredible. the chorus is made up of several individual barbershop quartets. incl croon. we're here with the members jake, josh, tim, and cody. nice to see you guy. who sings the high notes? >> that's me. >> what's up with you? the high notes at 9:00 a.m. >> i know i had to get up early this morning to get ready. >> are you, you're not a soprano. in the male what are you? [laughter] >> it's tenor. yeah. >> that's debatable. [laughter] >> that's debatable. i always wonder with guys like you who sing and love it and
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think about young boys who are in choir and they get pressure from their friends about singing what age were you honestly when you were like i'm okay with singing and putting it out there and i feel good about this? >> i started singing 15, 16. i was in a band before joining a cappella, but i have been singing all my life, but joining this organization 15, 16-years-old. >> i think he actually came out of the womb ready to sing. >> you were singing in the hall wain say. >> yeah. >> probably about middle school, high school yeah. >> i would say my whole life. joined a boy's choir when i was about 7. >> tell us about your group. you had an international show in nashville too. >> yeah this year we got to compete at the international convention for the barbershop harmony society. a world contest. we were, we placed in the top 40 basically this year. >> awesome. >> good for you.
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nashville and compete in the arena there really neat. >> do you work with somebody. do you all have vocal coaches who is your critic? >> critics we have lots of them. >> i set myself up for that didn't i? who is your helper? >> we have a couple coaches throughout the country that help us. we'll either go to them or we'll fly them into milwaukee so work with us or the larger ensemble. >> how do you pay for all of this? >> very good question. >> trave about that see if we could work on that. >> go fund me. >> a little campaign. [laughter] >> that's how we pay for it is being able to do the show like we're doing this weekend. >> awesome. >> that helps support what you do. we're going to give people some information step out of your way so you can sing again for us. have you a great show coming up saturday december 10 at 2:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. at greendale high school. you can go to mve .org to find out more about this great
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is their now here they are singing have yourself a merry little christmas. take it away guys.
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holidays are supposed to be a time of joy, but they can be stressful. today a few easy steps to stay healthy during the hustle and bustle. it is terra wellington editor of simple moms hi tara. >> hi molly how are you? >> i'm doing well. i'm trying to stay calm the i know you can identify with that. let's start with this cold and flu season that we're in, family gatherings come up we're around a lot of friends, kids are out and about i think people want to know how can they keep staying healthy top of mind? >> i know. i'm so glad you asked that question. and i'm partnering with several companies today, we're going to give you some really great tips and the first one is, that you
9:26 am
and they are really simple like washing your hands on a regular basis with soap and water. also, not touching your face like your eyes and your nose and your mouth, when you have unwashed hands because that can spread disease. if you do get that throat tickle or a sniffle that would signal a cold, well one of the things you can do is look to something like homo pathic cold remedy with its ultraberry lemonade this can shorten the length of the cold. it comes in portable yummy convenient grab and go pacts. of course, if you do get the cold you want it to be short right? this is all the help you get back to what really matters. >> one of the things people struggle with is eating differently during the holidays. so many rich holiday foods we love. how does your diet in your opinion kind of effect our overall health especially during this season? >> yes.
9:27 am
research it says that your overall health and wellness is affected by your gut or your digestion. so pro by outics are tools that can help with that to give you the good bacteria you need to strengthen your immune system. this can help us battle that cold and flu season. this helps to keep digee tract healthy by giving you good bacteria. also organic prebioutics it comes in this convenient powder pact. no pills you just pour it into the morning smoothie or your go yurt and you're good to go. >> i think this season can be really tough on our hair. how do we keep that healthy? >> it is true you know because we can have dry winter hair
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you come indoors and then you have that forced heat to keep the room warm, and that can zap the moisture out of the hair as well as the air. and so, one of the things we have on simple moms are natural diy oil treatments to help your hair. now i have been blessed with a lot of great hair really healthy, but maybe your friend or mom is experiencing hereditary hair loss which is actually really common all throughout the year and so luckily there are treatments for this routine like women's rogaine. the first and only fda approved once daily application for hair regrowth treatment for scalp in women. it comes in this beautiful bottle. and of course our hair is a great confidence booster also i'm glad there are solutions. >> i think so too. quickly how can we keep our stay healthy tactics going all year-round? >> yes, and so one of the things i recommend is a wellness
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can check out a personalized program. it's go 365. this launches january 1. it motivates you to make positive lyle style changes and gives you rewards for achieving your goals. if you would like more information go to simple mom's and we have links for everything i have talked about. >> great talking to you terra have a wonderful holiday. after the break this morning from shopping and dining to entertainment we're going to take you to put you in the holiday spirit. and if you have a topic you would like us to talk about on the show email us, send us your
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welcome back to the morning blend if you are like meou presents for the people on your list. >> you can up your shopping game with a visit to bayshore town center. it is beautifully decorated now. they have all different types of shops and movie theatre, bowling and great restaurants. just last week molly went there to check it out and see what is happening this holiday season. >> there is something for
9:33 am
as well. not just shopping, diningobject tapement. >> if you are just thinking for something to see and do this is a great place to walk around with the family. >> absolutely you can get outside, feel that nip in the air that puts us all in the season. we have made it into winter wonderland so people can enjoy. we have great restaurants and cafes, bowling, movies that i pick. something for everyone beyond just the shopping to get your list filled. >> i know santa is here so he is >> santa is here to help make sure his list is covered. his hours are available on our website. >> holiday shopping hours are ever-changing right? so the closer we get to holidays the more you are open. >> we have extended hours they will continue to extended right up until the holidays for all of those last minute shoppers as well and everyone can find those hours on our website. >> a lot of people love giving gift cards because then people can shop for exactly what they
9:34 am
so we offer bayshore gift cards good throughout the center. a lost times people like to give that opportunity to pick your present at the holidays. you can do that here. >> bayshore i think has done a great job of demonstrating that it cares about the community. you have a lot of philanthropic things going on people can participate in too. >> it's really important to us to give back. we want to be part of the community that we're in and our neighboring areas. so we have a few different things going on throughout the month of december. the boys here to do a wrap party wrapping gifts for children that otherwise might not have gotten one. we have a minora lighting a lot of great ways to get involved and give back. >> what do you think it is about bayshore you know it better than anybody that makes this the place you have to visit during this holiday season? >> it's more than just a place to shop. it's a place to spend time with family. get in the holiday spirit, a lot
9:35 am
than just the shops. everybody knows barnes and noble has tons of books, but this cafe is beautiful. great place to hang out, have a cup of coffee. >> it's awesome. we have a lot of holiday beverages are thank are seasonal for this time of year. you can stop in for a break while you are shopping. you can get a croissant with a coffee. we have cheesecakes that are cheesecake factory cheesecakes. >> yup. >> there that whole lot going on. i feel along withre every genre you could buy a gift for everyone in the family. >> you can come in and get what we're known for which is books. we've got our signed edition copies books for every person, on your list. we've got a new nook that just debuted at $49.95 that's our cheapest ever. the activity bands and the smart watches. we have a really nice music and dvd department. educational toys and games for kids from 0 to 9 through 12.
9:36 am
games area. there is really something for everybody. >> as well as fun events throug. >> we'rexcited on the 9th of december at 7:00 p.m. we've got our you'll ball for harry potter fans. it's free. we'll have activities, games, probably trivia. ballroom dancing it's going to be a lot of fun for everybody. >> a lot of things for kids too like story time. >> yup we have our wednesday story time at 10:00 every wednesday and we'll have >> you do a lot of charitable things also. in the community to reach out. >> yeah. most recently we have for holidays our holiday book drive. this year we have chosen the sojourner family peace center as our recipient. we're hoping to get 6,000 books this year. so we're well on our way to that. anybody who comes in to make a purchase, feel free to donate a book. they are going to be brand-new books that will be delivered to the sojourner family peace center and the kids can open new
9:37 am
? ? [ music ] ? ? so katie what a beautiful cozy place to relax and unwind after a day of shopping. >> yes thank you. we love that we're in the heart of the bayshore town center very convenient for anyone getting that holiday shopping here. >> how do you describe for people who have never been to devin with you are all about. what you serve? >> we pride ourselves on the freshness of the food. all of the seafood is flown in fresh every day and our really meticulous in that he takes everything, makes everything from scratch, creates entrees that are composed by him so it's something you can't get any any other restaurant. >> you are open for happy hour every day of the week. >> every day. monday through saturday we do drink and food specials. sunday in addition 2 to 9:00 and half price wine bottles under
9:38 am
it's a great day to get food, drink and wine specials. >> you have a fantastic selection of wine. another thing i love is the biscuits. >> this is our signature white cheddar pepper corn biscuits they are addicting yes. >> i will agree with you on that one. talk if you would about the private rooms and the space you have here. it's a wonderful way to accommodate bigger group o >> we have three semiprivate rooms that can accommodate as many as 12 and we also have our banquet room that can accommodate as many as 45. we can taylor the menu to whatever specifications you are looking for. >> i love it. cheers to you and happy holidays katie. >> thanks molly. ? ? [ music ] ? ? >> i love being there and it is absolutely beautiful this time
9:39 am
bayshore town center already has he can tended hours for the holiday. they will be open even longer the closer we get to the holidays. you can visit them at bayshore town you can also buy gift certificates online or visit their management office which is located above the food court. the phone number is (414)332-8136 they are also on facebook and for more information on hours and special events at nobles there is a list at i had a blast there amy it is beautiful this time of the year you can do everything at one place. >> i think they have done a nice job making themselves part of the community. we don't want to lose that sense of going to a place and seeing friends and being able to participate in things together. >> absolutely you can go all day and have breakfast, lunch and dinner. and shop too.
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my moderate to severe chronic plaque psoriasis made a simple trip to the grocery store anything but simple. so i had an important conversation with my dermatologist about humira. he explained that humira works inside my body to target and help block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to my symptoms. in clinical trials, most adults taking humira were clear or almost clear,
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there are certain gifts that are too good to wait. today try treating yourself to the gift beauty that helps you look younger in a few minutes. tia leslie is here with the amazing results you can expect with plexaderm. >> this is such an exciting product.
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>> exactly. we all want to look great for the holiday that is coming up and look and feel our best. if you have any visual signs of aging. bags under your eyes the crow's feet, the expression lines plexaderm can reduce the fine lines within minutes. >> this is ritchie. >> this is ritchie. this is a time lapse unedited video. ritchie is a good sport. he has a little bag going on underneath there. jusjustdabbed a little of the pm on that bag. within minutes will see the circumference of that bag disappear. will you see how it works and that's why i like plexaderm. >> we let it run you can see it transform right before your eyes. there are other before and after clips that demonstrate how well again that this product works and how quickly it works. >> it's amazing.
9:44 am
products that work this quickly. there is a lot of products on the market that work cumulatively you might have to work them day in and day out week in week out. with plexaderm you can use it immediately and you will see a result right then and there which is pretty cool. >> this is a cream not an injection. no doctor's visits no waiting for the results you just apply it on your face and that's it. >> exactly. it's not an injectable. injectables can be costly and you might not g you want. you wake up in the morning you apply it to clean dry skin and let it do its job. let it sink in do your hair jump in the shower come back. if you want to put moisturizer on over it you can. make sure there isn't any oil in it it will counter affect the plexaderm. if you want to put makeup on over it you can. we have a serum that works beautifully for moisture. if you haven't used it pick it up.
9:45 am
away. >> some people are predisposed to having that puffiness. >> you can't really contour or you know make a bag go away with makeup. if you're a young mother or executive, and you have those bags, as you can see ritchie within minutes, it's 2:08 right now the circumference of that bag as just diminished which it is pretty exciting. i just don't know another product that works this quickly. >> absol puffiness and the bags that can be difficult to get to disappear. a lot of people will head to the doctor to get injections for wrinkles you mentioned few effective it is for that. >> they can be costly. you are running to a doctor's office. i like this because you're in control for it. you apply it in the morning. this is the technology that is amazing. they have taken shall rock. they have extracted the nutrients from it they are infused it into the plexaderm so
9:46 am
to clean dry skin it helps pull up the moisture from your skin and tightens simultaneously to really give you that beautiful smooth appearance you will look amazing for the holiday. >> you mentioned makeup that's the thing. you use a product like this and then i would think your makeup applies so much better you get so much more of the benefit of makeup. >> absolutely. so if you do wear makeup you are going to look even more flawless, but you don't have to wear makeup. apply it to clean dry skin you want when you put makeup on you will look more flawless and beautiful out the door in five minutes. >> it's great. we've been looking at ritchie on video. we had a few other video and picture examples with weather you see it in person that's when you really get to cease how remarkable it is. >> it's truly stunning. we don't really use actors or models for our testimonials we like to use every day people. your aunt, your sister, the executive across the street that
9:47 am
bag has just diminished. i think that's a real testament how well the product works when you have your customers coming in with photos and sending in video. there i agree. as we look at ritchie in the final minutes of the video you can just see the dramatic results i live how he doesn't smile so you get a very accurate look at the improvements of bags and circles under his eyes. a lot of us waste money on beauty products that just don't work. this one does. you saw it in the video. right now plexaderm is offering 50% off for morning blend viewers. you can also take advantage of this great special buy two get one free promotion. order yours by going to you can also give them a call at (800)865-8214. or go to be sure to mention the morning blend and that special when you call plexaderm or go online 50%
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serum and buy two get the third one free. great to see you. thank you so much. >> thank you so much molly. great to be here. up next on the show did you know four out of ten dogs will suffer from some sort of hereditary disease? after the break, a great way to
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? ? ? ? la vie est belle. la vie est belle. the eau de parfum, lanc?me.
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welcome back. are you hoping to find the perfect gift for a fury friend? >> or maybe you need a paw some idea for your best present? friend. get it? we have dara foster founder of pup >> thank you for having me. i have some great holiday gift ideas for your pet. 63% of american households has things youcan do for your pet ty season is keep them safe. i love the whistle gps tracker. it is also an activity monitor all rolled into one. think of it as a fit bit, plus a gps location monitor. it works with an app in your phone. you can set parameters, and if your dog leaves the house goes out the door and goes outside of the parameters you have set
9:52 am
notification on the phone which is going to help you bring your dog back home and keep them safe. it's really, a neat high-tech product and very simple to use. i just love the whistle. and, keeping your pet healthy, is another way to spoil them rotten this holiday season and prolong their life. that's why i recommend holly. happens to be the same name at my own dog so it is cute. ollie taylors each feeding plan specifically to your dog and made are human grade ingredients so you are not giving your dogs fillers and biproducts. you are feeting them healthy nutritious food that tastes so yummy and it will prolong the life of your dog again, and actually deliver it right to your door so for me i'm a busy mom and i have two dogs, so this is a total life saver for me. and, you know when we go away for the holiday season it's scary and stressful when you have to leave your pet with
9:53 am
almost want a dna test of whoever is watching my dog. dog vacation makes it stress free and make you feel secure. they vet every single host. they book millions of overnights every year and they have 30,000 hosts and with each reservation, you get 24-hour vet care, emergency support, and you also get vet insurance, and then they send you daily photo updates of your dog. that's great. let's say you can't have a has borrow has created the joy for all companion pet. it's so life like, it moves and feels like a real cat and dog and it is so soft. and it is perfect if you don't have the time to care for a pet or you have an allergy. it was originally designed for our older aging loved ones, but grandkids love to come over and see this pet too. it's also really important to know as as much as you can about
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the embark dog dna test is one of the most comprehensive on the market. four out of ten dogs will suffer hereditary disease. this test looks for over 200,000 genetic markers and 160 different genetic diseases. you also get the great reveal, the best thing about this it prevents diseases so you can plan in the future for your dog's health. for more information, please check out thunk mentioned is thunk news.pets. stay tuned we'll be back to read your responses to today's soundoff question. christmas tree real or fake?
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>> loved here. we have family four pack happening december as well as two cd's. call us right now at (414)799-4444 that christmas show is december 10. so on facebook we said christmas tree, real or fake? i asked you how many people, what percentage of people had a fake tree you said -- >> an outrageous of 65%. >> it is actually 60%. >> it is not.
9:58 am
unreal. we heard a lot of people say fake or real. lisa and cassandra said fake. kim said she's had hasn't had a real tree in 15 years does not miss the watering and upcare. >> a lot of people complain about allergies. >> good reason for a fake tree. >> thank you so much for being here. always have a good time. thank you. >> i love it when you fill it. tomorrow on the show we'll tell you what is new on the streets of old milwaukee. we'll take you to the winter
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first this morning on "today's take," a grammy winner super star, it's kelly clarkson. then how would you like to dine in this gingerbread house? a sweet and forget take-out, fast and fabulous, right now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey, and welcome to a very special monday morning. december 5, 2016. we are so excited to have one of singing star's biggest singing stars in the world, kelly clarkson is our co-heft. >> yes! >> this is so exciting.


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