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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1000  NBC  December 6, 2016 2:07am-2:37am CST

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this has been a paid program for the tummy tuck miracle
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cam video of a police officer shooting and killing a milwaukee man. district attorney the officer. the video is 28 seconds long it's grainy and graphic. >> they want the public to see the video by the family it is disturbing. the police department with more. rebecca. >> yeah, carol and george for the first time ever we see in dash cam video, exactly what happened between jay anderson and the officer. and we do want to warn you that it is very graphic video.
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joseph mensah was checking a suspicious vehicle in the morning in madison park and wah-wah society a. he saw him sleeping with a gun next to him. he radioed that information to dispatch for back-up. >> is that what this subject has a fireman. >> a minute after that jay anderson would be dead. >> shots fired shots fired. >> officer men saw he told anderson to hut his hands up. anderson dropped his right hand 3 times in. video you see his right hand go down, then back down, then back down and that's when fs otherser fired. >> the subject reaches toward the gun with his right hand. fearing for his safety the officer discharged his weapon as he disengaged from ts vehicle. >> officer men saw shot anderson five times in the head and once in the shoulder.
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system. >> the police officer had less than one second to make a decision. a trained officer who reasonably believes there is eminent threat of death or great bodily harm to themselves or someone else is authorized bylaw to use deadly force. >> under that statute the district attorney found officer men saw acted in self-defense and cleared him of any wrongdoing. >> we want them to investigate suspicious activity. he's on patrol and does what he's supposed to do. h best he could. >> now anderson's dna was found on the gun next to him. the officer is now allowed to return to active duty. reporting in wauwatosa. >> we have see the dash cam video that was recording. did the officer have a bodycam ra. >> reporter: the officer did not have a bodycam ra on. actually wah-wah society a police department doesn't have those yet for all the officers. they are still testing out that technology.
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officer joseph mensah has been with joseph pd since. last july he was comblerd in another deadly shooting. he was one of 2 officer who shot and killed a man with a sword. he returned to office arrest retained on duty. he hannon leave since then. >> jay anderson's family is in anguish over this decision. julia fellow is live from the courthouse. she has more on how the family is not giving up hope for now plan to call the fbi to look into this case. they are not stopping. >> let's stop playing games. let's stop playing games. my son was murdered by joseph mensah. he went there to murder my son. that's what he did. >> he should not be allowed to be back on the force. at all. >> a family in disbelief after the parents of jay anderson, mother of a young daughter, are just told before the holidays
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>> we want to see the attorney to take over, we want the fbi to take this over because we're not done with this. this can't go on. >> the family calls this dishonest for all the information to not be released on the same date. anderson's father describes him more enhanced version of the camera video. but the department of criminal investigation that includes infrared. >> his hands is flat out hitting the dashboard, putting himself back up because he was ep they are not showing that my son was not lunging for a gun. >> anderson daughters play on the floor. how she hopes to tell her young daughter what happens to her father. >> whatever happens to do i will fight for justice. my daughter needs to know. he wants the officer in jail because he killed her dad. >> they pointed you out several concerns that officer will be back on force immediately. they pointed out that anderson
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officer but within 11 months another man was also shot and killed while he was on the force. reporting live outside milwaukee county courthouse julia fellows. >> needless to say we've been covering the story. you can find all ours stories on the web side >> the judge declared a mistrial in the shooting death in south carolina. former patrol man michael flagman while scott ran the jury was unable to reach a verdict after deliberating 4 days. >> 50 men and women will become police officer 6 months from now. >> you are confronted with the most difficult challenges a diverse democracy can be asked. you will be asked to do stg under more pressure. >> the kneest recruiting class. this is the second class of 2016
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>> the coldest wlrnl is coming. it is coming whether we're ready or not. >> we have to do it, right. a quick look at the forecast. >> i'm glad you said that because it is coming whether we like it or not. today's high and the current temperature by the way, 36 degrees right at the average of 36. however, so far this is coldest high has been 34. we're not used to what's coming so coldest low temperature 24 degrees. highs over the next few days will actually be below that. we've been watching rain snow out to the north of us and out to the west of us with the cold front. clouds are sticking around. we could even see some fog develop under the cloud. you can see the 36 right now in milwaukee and out to the west where there is heavier snows were. temperatures right in the low 30s. when you wake up in the mornings hours 33 degrees. fog, cloud. and a mild day.
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and i'll tell you how cold it will get in just a few minutes. >> we knew it was coming. thank you john. >> little change in the presidential election mere in wisconsin. the recount now in the fifth day. the commission election reports no significant conditions. they expected the recount to be finished by december 12th. the recount now in michigan and pennsylvania. >> david clark will end in the donald trump administration. charles benson talked new chief. staff reince priebus and clark and trump's tweets. >> let me put you on the spot. is sheriff clark going to be the next secretary of homeland security. >> we haven't decided that yet charles. >> one week ago sheriff clark was at trump tower with an interview. >> he's definitely high on the list and someone that we definitely want to be involved in the administration at some level. >> so you do expect sheriff clark somehow to be part of the
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opportunities. >> on taxes and trade trump tweeted over the weekend that american companies could face dwoet retribution or consequence if they move jobs or build a plant outside the country and then try to sell those products in the u.s. >> i understand the goal here is to try to keep jobs in america. but why would mr. trump think that would be sound economic policy? >> well we have to take away incentives from companies that -- where they have an advantage to go overseas and ship sooens. we are not punishing companies. look, we're going to do things here in america so you won't want to leave to go to china or mechanics wroe. >> priebus says that includes lower taxes and better trade agreements. >> charles benson c nj4. >> you can see that on >> local news now stand out in a fighter and the milwaukee native anthony show time petroleum is has been in the.
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and robbers in his milwaukee home. >> he sat down with lance ale ento talk about his career and also his steak in his hometown. >> it is this is my hometown. >> martial arts store anthony loves milwaukee. >> precision par cher mack holloway. he started his milwaukee training camp. he experienced two attacked on his vehicles parked at the home. first cars were set ablaze. second incident one of ruj ag street tough combatants angry. >> it's sad to see the kids there is a better way out. there is a way you don't have to steel some stuff in the cars. there is other ways you can make a living and make yourself known than doing that. >> the earlier burning of his cars renans troubling to this modern day gladiator. but petroleum is isn't going any. >> i feel like it makes me grow stronger. so there is a need for some
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sthes are kids, 7th and 8th graders. going around doing stuff like this is sad times. make this community stronger. >> anthony pettis, 135 pound championship fight at the air canada center in electro. he fights in the 150 pounds class. and is the former champ of that division. >> holiday trainle milwaukee this evening. oh, yes piled inside amtrac to catch a canada train t. live dancing even a special appearance by santa. if you happen to miss tonts's train because wah-wah tote a hartland and watertown tomorrow evening. >> holiday shopping tonight. the kids got to pick out kids for themselves and their families as part of the meijer
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>> a lot of these kids are buying gifts for grandparents, brothers and sisters, not for themselves. >> and tonight's shop for the here e was in waugh key shaw. >> nice. >> a woman brutally carjacked zblg the car he took had a special meaning to her. >> could this be the play that guarantees the nfl hall of fame for another packer? but first. >> without you.
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murder charges are possible in a warehouse fire that killed 36 people in oakland. the blaze broke out at a dce party friday night. it's unclear how the fire started. the sheriff says tonight investigators do not believe they will find anymore bodies. milwaukee woman feels uneasy as two men robbed her at gun point dpanding her car at 81st and hampton. she wants the two men behind bars. she was cleaning out her car on the street out of nowhere they pulled um. pulled out and slammed down, she
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her grandmother left it to her and just recently passed away. >> please just watch over my baby and take care of my daughter. >> police tell tmj4 this investigation is good night ongoing and they are looking for the guys char let a car. >> men and women will be celebrating the holidays oversee. one mequon family are making sure the soldiers get a taste of the holiday here. >> a marathon cooking baking session, 150 pounds of sugar flour, cooking for troops overseas. >> we're baking 123 dozen cookies for the 123 soldiers that were deployed. >> ryan snokee is serving in
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mom cooked this up. toiling away for her son's entire unit. each will get a box filled with a dozen cookies handwritten notes of thanks. >> it wasn't just about him. it was also about the other 122 that won't be home with their families. >> and yes this space time conversation proves just how much this doting italian mom misses her youngest son. >> i miss him so much. this is the first christmas without you. >>ut best thing. mom and relatives dishing up delight. three generations doilg out cookies for his members and crew. >> no wonner keeping lieutenant will always be in the wisconsin homefront. >> what do you miss most about home. >> definitely with family. oddly enough i wouldn't mind shoveling the driveway. >> did you they're that k. lutz
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one year. return home for in may. thanks for cooking up the treats. >> good story. >> give a gift of a fresh holiday meal. tmj4 proud to partner on home for the holidays. it is a virtual food drive to provide our neighbors in need with one or all of the ingredients for a nice holiday meal. go to, you can donate a turkey, ham or for people at thank you for doing this. >> the wind chill will drop. >> perhaps that will extend this pit full snowman. tiny frosty is one quarter the size of a snow sculpture who imagined him. >> that was a nice little job. there wasn't a lot of snow for you to work with. i know where you live. but i won't tell folks. we're looking at our first
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and here is how it shaped up. our average date of the trace of snow is generally october 28th. it came very late, on the 19th of november. our first measurable was yesterday, well after the average date of november 14th. and our first one inches comes in december 2nd. came in on december 4th. so what do we have to talk about? our seasonal snow, once you get snow you have to talk about the new and that is what happened yesterday. and that is our new seasonal snowfall total. and if you're interested, it should be about 4.1. so we're below average so far to start the season. but it's very, very early. these temperatures, 39 in lacrosse, 40 at the twin cities, we're going to see mid to upper 30s tomorrow. 36 our high today. 36 is our current temperature still, with 37 in racine and low 30s out to the west.
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upper 40s. you'll see a little bit of warmer near the lake especially tonight with the south southeast wind we've been watching. a little bit of light snow and sleet and mixing with rain moving north. we're watching a little bit of precipitation along the cold front. push into western wisconsin. that's where our cold air is located. it rolls through very quickly over night tonight. generate a flury band 2:00 o'clock, you could see it pass through by pennsylvania morning. and then the cold air just pours in even though we'll see sunshine off and on for the day on wednesday. for tonight, lots of the dloudz patchy fog developing. mild 5 to 10 miles per hour, and for tomorrow, 37 degrees with patchy fog early, mostly cloudy skies. and then we see the sunshine on
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degrees with a strong westerly wind. that means we'll see wind chill in the teens. it gets colder in the week. 24 with some sunshine on thursday. 21 your high temperature on friday. and look at those lows right in the teens. and then into the weekend we start out in the 20s with some light snow on saturday. could see a little accumulation in saturday. 25, 30 and mostly cloudy on sunday. a back up to 34 on young lady, ava declean, 5, adorable, 33 degrees and she'll have to see a little fog around at 7:00 o'clock in the morning. >> highs are getting lower. >> way lower yes. >> next in sports, shows us how the bucks take it to one of the
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careerian is is the eastern conference of the week. he needs to back it up for the always consistent spurs and the great getting freaky tobt. gentleman misses and look out below. ian is also says get that shout out of my end of the floor. if you give him room he's starting to hit pullup 3's now scary. yannis called for the bucket
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toe let owevich, bucks falls 97-96 with a perfect 0 on the road. julius peppers with his back on the deck as he breaks a tie for the fifth all times in sacks with michael strahan, will he soon in be the hall of fame. >> not yet. not yet. that's somewhat out of my control. i don't really put a lot of focus or emphasis on it. but, you know, i know it's out see when the time comes for that in 10 years or so. >> i think he'll get there.
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imagine flying out of town nearly every weekend to fuel your racing dreams. imagine being 13-year-old and balancing the books to do that. we introduced you to rising star sam marijuana. >> during the week sam marijuana is a 13-year-old 8th greater. on weekends he turns into sam mayor the racers. >> wow, that's crazy, how are you doing that.
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>> i like to take to nascar. i am a development driver for georgia and a half tee. it is most likely that i will get to nascar. >> he's mature beyond his years. >> it definitely takes like the mental strength to do it. like to be confident in missing school and being able to keep up with it. >> he's a true student. >> getting used to answering questions without like stuttering or saying like. >> and >> my teachers are really good about keeping me up with my school work and giving me my homework before my trips so i can do it on the trips. >> people call my meijer. when i first called in the car, i was first referred to as meyer. i won 50 percent of my races. and in the news they said that i
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that got my name out there more.
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tonight's winning 1, 2, 7, 30, 38 and yes there is a doubler john. >> tomorrow is the mild before the cold. 33 degrees will start the day with maybe some fog sticking around through the morning hours. 367h36 at noon. in the afternoon about 35 at 6:00 o'clock that cold front is already through and temperatures
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>> one more. >> thanks for >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "todayth gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hello, everybody. hope you had a wonderful weekend. it's fun day monday, december 5th. we don't care if it's monday around here. >> we doan. >> that's "working girl" by train. >> love train. >> does that mean what it means? or are we working girls? >> i think we're working girls.


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