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tv   Today  NBC  December 6, 2016 10:00am-11:53am CST

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save big. hefty costs less than ziploc. ?? ?? this morning on "today's" take, get ready for hoopla with shaquille o'neal. then if you love tamron's style, own one of her hottest items. and we'll deck the halls with d a holidays all coming up right now. from n news, this is "today's" take, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello. >> al roker. >> it's tuesday morning, december 6th, 2016, and -- >> 26. it'd be past christmas. >> 2016, december 6. so we've got the thing going on right now.
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>> oh yes, well dylan is hanging with us today. we're super excited because we're kicking off it's already officially under way. our clothing for a cause. and so we went inside of our closets and we found things that we love, many of them that you recognize from events that we've done and we put them on the auction block. and -- >> work closet. this isn't your real closet. >> i do both. >> that's not work closet. >> i don't want people to think that's all you have. it's goes off of rooms. but every single dollar will be donated to every mother count. it makes pregnancy and childbirth safe for women around the world. head to for the items on sale and so we posted a few minutes ago, and we've been going on the website. so i dragged that alexander mcqueen dress which i wore to the golden globes. it's one of two. and it's already sold i'm told. >> it's gone. >> the dress is already gone.
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>> put another dress on there. i put tons of dresses, shoes, gucci handbag. it's all up there. >> nice. >> and if you want something for a bargain, you can go to my stuff. >> no, no -- >> everything's probably $50 or less. >> this is not about bargain shop lg. this is about a good cause. >> a good cause. >> yes. >> there are different price points. >> there are different price points. dollar for dollar whether it's 1,100 or 50 goes to a great cause. spent for them. >> exactly. and that was a dress that i had actually gotten in boston. and it was sort of when i first realized i can make the transition from business suits for women to oh i can show an arm or wear something with a waist. so that was kind of my transition dress. >> cute. >> i forget who makes it, bcbg, i think. >> the thing about that dress, you can wear it with heels, you can wear it with flats. jacket on it.
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>> party dress. >> i like that we actually went and got things that we wear and that we love. you know listen, we've all done that. given my cousin erica, oh, you can have this sweater, meanwhile i never want that again. >> sorry, erica. >> that are things that we love, most of these things are current, season or new because we wanted you to have something special if they are donation. these are not throwaways. these are things that matter to us. >> and unlike the stuff that erica gets. t the closet. >> wow. you were also on dr. oz. today. >> yeah, we're on dr. oz today. he was invite megafor the fun and families and survivors of domestic violence. the loss of my sister, but, it's on a powerful note and we're telling people who've asked me so many times how can they help? what can they do to help those families out there who will spend in many cases the holidays in a shelter, and they're
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clothes for a cause, fund for a cause and it's all a part of i think, who we are behind this desk. >> great. >> not that you want to. but we're going to help you. >> you can't see us. just call me, i'll come to your house. >> wow. >> okay. >> what did you just say? >> christmas cook kiss. >> i want to do a christmas cookie contest and whoever wins the contest, i want to go to their house. i'm in suchl a christmas cookie mood. >> do you have one you like to make? >> guys, let's makeha >> make your christmas cookie, i want to cook your christmas cookie in your kitchen with you and i want to the have a little cup of tea in there. >> can i submit myself? i have a christmas cookie that's been in my family forever. >> can we start that as a contest? >> we have to do it before friday? >> i've got to go to the grocery store. >> dylan's going to submit hers. and it's not because she lives a few blocks from me. >> we actually will exclude
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time. >> whenever you read the fine print, employees of nbc, comcast. >> what else do you got for us? nominations hot off the press. just announced. beyonce leading the pack with nine nominations. okay. so -- >> absolutely. >> formation. >> record of the year. >> okay. >> hello. >> these are the nominees. >> formation, beyonce, seven years. which is a good one. let everybody, catch up, beyonce. >> okay. >> and then it was adele. which we just heard. >> okay. and then seven years, lucas grant. >> i love that song. >> terrific song. >> yeah. >> he's from iceland. >> is he? >> really? >> yes. ice sland a terrific -- i've been there several times. it is spectacular. >> direct flight out of new york. >> what's great, on iceland air, they have a lot of great
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iceland far day or two and go on to europe. it's a great four-day weekend. >> they are not there. >> rihanna featuring drake. >> not the elmo version of work? >> when i is that true work was nominated, i thought go online, the video of the jeer elmo singing -- >> not there. scratched out by 21 pilots. >> song of the year. different record of the year and the song of the year. he record. >> and the song is the written, okay. so formation, beyonce. >> yes. >> come on ladies, let's get in formation. >> i took a pill. >> i like it song, but what does that mean? it's like a wild night. >> it's crazy. >> it's a wildlife. love yourself by justin bieber. >> i do love that song. >> that song gives me the chills. >> this album. >> and the fact that they spent
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>> seven years. >> it's great. >> album of the year. >> this is the big ticket. >> that's where i get confused. >> this is the big one. >> this is the big money. >> 25, adele. >> hello. >> that's right. >> it's me. >> lemonade, beyonce. purpose bieber. sailor's guide to earth. i don't know that one at all. >> i don't either. >> grammy's hosted by james cordon n and by our pal, we've never met him, but we >> and he's not even on the network. that shows you how much we love him. my opinion, this album category might be the hardest that i can remember. as far as music that i love. >> who would you go with? >> well, eternally afraid of the beehive, and i feel for me, formation, lemonade was -- i sat in my house and just cried because it was so powerful and hit me on so many levels. justin bieber dr.
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show. justin bieber's album is the best work he's done, but his personal issues distracted people from top to bottom, you put that album in, and it is phenomenal. sold four million copies, it may not be your genera, i promise if you put it in, you will hear the voice of why that kid made it to where he is. it's powerful. i'm also a big fan of justin bieber. question. >> it's like picking my babies that i don't have. that's a little -- >> apparently i'm just hearing from adam my producer that song of the year recognizes the write per. >> oh yeah. >> there you go. of course, you've got jimmy kimmel now going to be hosting the oscars. >> is he? >> when was that announced? >> yesterday. >> james cordon not hosting, but he'll be hosting the grammy's.
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>> it's all about late night. >> and jimmy and james. >> i love it. >> jimmy james, jimmy. >> jimmy red oak per. >> that's right. >> kind of cool. >> that's right. each network is putting their late night guy on. >> i think al roker should have a variety show, a prime time variety show, where he comes out, he talks like music. he has his little dance routine. that is your thing. >> it is just not on tv. i just do the show. >> just do nobody's watching. >> and i demand you recognize this. coming up, are you ready? it's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's shaq-a-claus. >> shaq in the house. >> nobody's better than shaq. >> and he's spreading cheer and we're going to have fun with the fans on the plaza. it is all for a good cause.
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colleen loves helping the environment. ...and dale, well he loves colleen. they have their differences. but they make it work, most of the time. and at least they agree one thing. new tide purclean it's the first bio-based detergent... with the cleaning power of tide. so you can actually clean your clothes and still... your part. new tide purclean. the first bio-based detergent with the cleaning power of tide. if it's got to be clean, we are back with more of "today's" -- i don't know what i'm just doing. >> we're back. >> hampster dance there. >> remember the hampster dance? >> and doing the hampster dance. >> what do we have going on here? >> i'm very excited about this. special guest, shaquille o'neal doing something big for the holidays.
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>> we have a instagram in the green room. we have the instagram pic. shaq, can you hear me? >> can you get in there. get in the instagram to see -- >> actually, that's the regular desk. >> can you -- i don't believe you can get in there. >> do you want to see me do it? >> we'd love to. >> all right. here he goes. >> he's come for it. >> he's so tall. >> really? i didn't know that. >> career in basketball. >> oh. >> well, he can pay for the whole set. the chair. >> impressive. >> well, the reason -- shaq is here. >> how'd you do that? >> oh, a little shoulder shimmy. >> can you get out? >> wow. >> i was a little worried about that chair. >> bravo, shaq. >> nicely done. he's here for a great cause. he's going to pick two people from the plaza to compete in a hoops challenge to raise money for toys for tots and you're going to help him.
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i'll just hug him. i'm going to go down. i'm going to go -- >> i'll move over here. >> thank you. i was going, but it would have been a whole process. >> you take it easy. >> help shaq out. this was crazy, now you're not old enough to remember the pet rock craze in the '70s. >> i've heard of it. >> it was around the same people that people had hermit crabs. >> i did have a hermit crab. >> and the pet rocks. people bought a rock and it just sat there. >> rock is one to do. well nordstrom selling the perfect holiday gift. it's a rock in a leather case. >> hmm. >> just a plain -- >> retailing it -- the medium stone goes for $85. there's a smaller tone, if that's too expensive for $65. >> that's a bargain. >> the website, a conversation piece, work of art, something that says you're an idiot -- it didn't they. >> it's interesting to me because it doesn't sound like a
10:15 am
>> you know like maybe amazon might do it or, you know, other online shopping things, but to come from nordstroms. although, that being said. >> it'll sell out. >> it's hard to find a rock in the city. >> you go to a park. >> well, yeah. >> i don't know. >> but like a good -- >> a good, solid rock. >> a good rock. >> maybe there's a market for it. >> okay. did tamron make it down yet? >> she had high heels on today. >> she's there -- >> not yet. >> this ought to be interesting. because i love the side difference between shaq and everybody else. i remember one year he came -- he stopped his car. he was in traffic and he literally walked over the barricade. they give you at one of the rap cd he had done. we're told that tamron and shaq are ready. >> he can't walk as fast as i do with my high heels on. he has this huge diamond ring. >> my hall of fame ring.
10:16 am
>> i was so glad. it's shaq-a-claus. the plan is we're going to pick two people from the plaza. >> hello, hello. >> okay, shaq. let's see, let's see, let's see. >> oh, oh, oh. >> yeah, come on. >> come on. we're going to bring you around. let's pick one more guy. >> pick a lady? >> ties to louisiana. >> you and you. >> and the competition after this. i guess. that's how it goes, right al roker? >> stand by for that. in the meantime, we are going to do weather while you
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good news and an update on the clothing for a cause. a lot of stuff going, but we're holding stuff back for our friends on the west coast so that they get a shot. >> they get a chance too. >> which is fun. thank you. all right. so should you go fresh or faux, fur or pine? we'll help you choose the perfect christmas tree and keep it beautiful for the holidays, ? ? with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, nutella adds a smile to any morning. one jar; so many delicious possibilities.
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? ? ? ? patti labelle?!? yep! patti pie!!! mmm-mmm! girl, that's $3.48! patti labelle sweet potato pie, only at walmart. $3.48 on rollback. save money. live better. walmart. all right. so maybe you don't have enough room for a 94 foot spruce like theockefeller center tree. fresh or faux, your christmas tree could be just as beautiful. here to help us make the right choice, thomas harmon, he was the founder and ceo of ball some hills. >> thanks for having me. >> thank you. >> i guess people fall into two categories. you like real or those who like faux. viewer heidi miller tweeting i love a fresh tree, mobile fur, i
10:21 am
i've tried everything. so what could be going on there for her? >> number one thing, get the freshest tree you can. i recommend if you can, go cut it down, if you don't live where trees grow well. order them online now and have a farmer, they'll cut it down, slip it in a box and ship it. that's the first thing. second thing and you'll appreciate this, if it's 20 degrees outside and 70 in your house. that temperature can be a temperature shock. get a fresh cut -- >> right into the water. if i since it's cut, new cut, and that helps the water keep the tree alive. >> what about keeping water in that base. >> the key thing people don't necessarily know is that tree's still alive. during the day when it's warm and sunny, water gets sucked up. it comes back down at night. you want to keep it fresh. fill it in the morning or else it'll flood. >> poskts of things, does that do anything? >> i don't think so. i don't. >> all right. so size. whether it's faux or real.
10:22 am
you leave between that and the ceil kpg. >> typically at least six inches, maybe a foot. the average house is eight foot ceiling. >> and people -- i think tend to forget about the lights. and the safety issue. we still have to be concerned about that, don't we? >> you have to be careful. you don't have a real tree for more than four weeks just from fire safety standards. if you want to put your tree up at thanksgiving, artificial is the safest way to >> i think this is kind of interesting. pat from louisiana, her daughter, amanda, worked here. last year pat wrapped her entire tree, lights, ornaments, and all, and artificial tree and stored it that way. what do you think. >> there's three things you want to do storing an artificial tree. store is in something that keeps from getting dusty. second, you spent all this time fluffing it making it look good,
10:23 am
that helps preserve it. don't have pinched light strands and don't put it too hot. >> i always remember, my dad, we had a tree from i think it was montgomery ward, it was in a box and put it together. >> aluminum one? >> it looked like -- it was supposed to look like a real tree. the technology, and they really look a lot different. >> it's changed a lot. this is a new type of plastic. and we actually use real clippings from trees from tree farms to make the molds for the artificial tree. they're much br >> how long should a good artificial tree last? >> really long time. there's trees from the '50s and '60s still in use. it's how you care for them. >> thomas, well thanks so much. merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> coming up, shaq is back ready to have a ball with the plaza fans. help kids in need and you could win a big giveaway after your
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i'm...julia fello alongside
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weather.. wisconsin assembly speaker robin vos is making the case for spending more money to fix and maintain the state's roads. vos released this video showing his ride through the streets of racine county in an ambulance.later today, a state assembly committee will hold a hearing on the state department of transportation budget request.lawmakers are debating how to plug a nearly 1 billion dollar budget hole. vos is among some republicans wh governor scott walker again responding quote :"when i ran for reelection in 2014, i made it clear i would not support increases to the gas tax or vehicle registration fee without corresponding
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. hey there, we're getting interest the holiday spirit with one of our favorite seven-foot friends. shaquille has joined forces with toys collect toys through the marine toys for tot tots foundation. >> four million toys to disadvantaged kids. >> do you love christmas? >> i love christmas. my mother created shaq clause a long time ago. we've been doing this for eight
10:30 am
up on christmas day without one single toy. >> how does that feel for you and your mom to know that christmas morning all the children will be impacted by toys for tots. >> they do a wonderful job of spreading cheer and getting toys for underprivilege children. >> brian, ye oregon. west wine comes from oregon. >> you get five chances to shoot the ball in the hoop. will you help me, please. >> yes, i will help you. get five shots and every shot you make, toys r us, toys for tots will donate $10,000. >> ladies first.
10:31 am
way. so you get five tries. each one is worth $10,000. big man, go. >> wait. wait. oh, there's the first one. >> in. in. >> he's so hot right now. >> you're hot. >> go ahead. >> and you did it again, stephanie. that's 20. you feeling hot? >> my >> you've got to hang out with an all star. you're hot, stephanie. >> the louisiana connection. >> now she's up to $30,000. >> come on, girl. you do it. oh, nasty. >> i was worried about that one. >> i'm being told by our producers you have to try this one on your own.
10:32 am
follow through. that's good. >> yes, you did it! >> come o big man. dylan, how do you feel. >> i'm not helping you out. ladies only, dude. >> nice form. that's okay. your form is there. relax. breathe it in. >> the ref is in. >> breathe it in, brian. >> oh, bend the knees. that's >> come on, buddy, you can do it. take a deep breath. >> there you go. >> come on, you're in the zone now. >> he has how many left? >> this the last one? >> think of oregon wines, the coolness. >> don't think about shaq standing right there. >> good job. nice form.
10:33 am
>> i thought it was 80. >> they told me 70. >> we'll do 80. >> oh my gosh, shaq, $80,000. here's some of the toys the kids will receive. this is incredible. you're such a class act. >> thank you. >> thank you to toys r us and the marine toys for tots. in our facebook page, go to don't forget to like us. let's not start rumors. >> i thought it was flowers. sorry. >> coming up next, check this out. we bet you've never seen a christmas tree on a car roof
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ith b vitamins, antioxidants, electrolytes plus more vitamin c than 10 oranges. why not feel this good everyday? emerge and see. . still have a few people left on your holiday list? well, you're in luck because we've got some of the coolest gifts of the year. >> tech expert katie is here with something for everyone. katie, always love when you're here. >> you look so cute sugar thing on your head. >> thanks. it's a family affair. my mom custom made my outfit. >> this is like holiday joy. this goes right on top of your car. >> is that legal? >> it is legal. i actually talked to a police officer. i won't put his name on the air in case it isn't. check out al. he's actually driving it around. this is a christmas tree on a car. as soon as you put it into the cigarette lighter t actually
10:39 am
>> you can go as fast as you want. i've been testing gad jets. this has been getting the most attention. it also collapses. if you have to get it in through the average. suction cups on the side. >> katie? >> yes, buddy? >> menora for this too. >> there indeed is a version. they were thinking ahead. >> i love this. >> would you have to call the people you're arriving toir home, everybody come out. you want them to see you. >> i love this. >> the only thing that can upstage a christmas tree on a car. a robot that makes pancakes. this is actually going to be -- heave a tamron hall pancake. it gets intense. if you have an engineer, somebody that loves to tinker around, you create these in a few minutes. they have a special batter.
10:40 am
>> there's a pancake painter program. you can draw the pancake or choose from the gallery. sponge bob, smiley faces, anything you. you name it. >> your own batter. >> they actually have a custom recipe and i highly suggest using it because it's delishs. >> these look like regular mugs but they are a unique giftte seconds, you can upload up to five images and instantly they appear. so what a custom creation you can make for mom or dad or grandma, grandpa. you can have all the kids shine through. up to five different pictures. >> dishwasher. >> in dishwasher safe. under 20 bucks. not bad. everybody excited for "rogue 1?"
10:41 am
control r2d 2. my niece and nephew have tested it and they love it. >> for the snow and for the sand, this is something you use year round. also it's collapsable, so easy storage. it's awesome because under $50 but also we used to go out with a pail and shove el. you have all the details. everything comes with to go outside and make an amazing snow castle. >> except for the kid that's challenged at putting things together like i was. perfect. i love that. >> and when you're playing out in the snow, you need to stay warm. >> alex is hooked up head to toe with some of my favorite heated gear. let's start with this jacket. this is a milwaukee jacket. it is my favorite heated jacket.
10:42 am
three different temperature settings. versatile. it will keep you protected from the elements but allow for mobility. >> how hot does it get? >> i am toasty roasty. >> why his hands are sweating, not only do we have a heated jacket, but they have bluetooth heated insoles that can control from my smartphone. three different temperature settings. and also they have heated hand an outdoor job. you can keep recharging it. >> how long does a charge last? >> hours. eight and a half to ten hours. it's incredible. >> that's amazing. that's the best kit i've seen so far. >> al is still under the christmas tree? oh, he's outside. hey, buddy. you got a tree growing out of your hair. >> oh, really? anyway, let's show you what we have going on for today.
10:43 am
some snow in northern new england. wet weather in the southeast where we could be looking at severe weather as well. for tomorrow we expect to see more mountain snows also northern new england. upstate new york may be looking at snow as well and expecting plenty of sunshine gulf coast on into the
10:44 am
tv out on the streets of new york, we got a ticket! >> al, you've been out there for about three minutes. >> oh, you got to love -- we got a ticket. >> i'm impressed you got one that fast, al. thank you so much. it's well worth it. coming up, you've teched the halls. now it's time to deck the halls with fes tiff for all the holiday guests. coming up next. (squirrel chittering) hey! hey! (tires screeching) hey! is this yours? yes. thank you! happy holidays. (vo) the real magic of the holidays
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?spread a little love today? ?spread a little love my way? ?spread a little somethin to remember? philadelphia cream cheese, made with fresh milk and real cream. makes your recipes their holiday favorites. the holidays are made with philly. we asked woman to smell two body washes and pick their favorite. they both smell good. i like b better. i prefer b. b. i would like to smell like this every day. but what was body wash a? ohhhh i love bath and bodyworks. i have this in my bathroom.
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this is suave. really? that's quite a bit of smelling good. suave three fragrances preferred over bath and body works.
10:48 am, and my sweethearts gone sayonara. this scarf, all that's left to remember. what! she washed this like a month ago! how's a guy supposed to move on! the long lasting scent of gain flings. . nothing can get you into the christmas spirit like decorating your home for the holidays. >> we'll hep you deck the halls with affordable ideas with our style expert chassie. >> it is time to get festive. >> you want to get people in the christmas spirit, hit them at the door. >> your home's first impression.
10:49 am
let's think unexpected. how about this monogrammed door wood hanger. this is a fun idea that is super affordable. >> this jumps out at you. >> it does. this is the cutest thing i've ever seen. i love him. this is a little faux deer bust. he is festive due to se quinns on his i want him on the door all year. $35. >> something a little odd about that. >> i love him, al. >> this is a little more traditional. >> this is slightly more traditional. i mean, this is fashion for your door. why not make you have an on trend door. these are from pier 1. $23. festive, festive, festive. three times. >> then afterwards you can play
10:50 am
centerpiece, i'm obsessed with feathers. they are -- >> i know, right? >> but look, they're so easy. they're super affordable. these are pheant feathers. these little smaller ones, if this is too much, this is from an etsy shop. starting at $10. ready made. these are from birch for the pair. that's a beautiful centerpiece. >> you cake your own? >> yes. these are just little do-it-yourself cones. you can get these ready made for 3 bucks at the craft store and crap them with wrapping people. you won't believe this. this table scape. guess what's not just for wearing.
10:51 am
setting. don't clie clean. you throw them in the washing machine. get some faux fur and you can use some scissors to make your own. >> i love these trays. al, do you have a lot of people coming for the holidays? >> nobody likes us. >> if you don't have a table big enough, these are from world market. $24. if you have a bunch of different trays, if you putit the same and you can eat on their laps. >> we've got table top trees with just as much impact. i saw this in "country living." >> watch out. >> dylan was going to pull -- >> i just touched the bottom one. >> this is such a cute idea. really the easiest tree i've ever made. ornaments in a mason jar. >> it's not jenga.
10:52 am
eventually. it took a minute. >> butterfly tree. this is like my tree in my house. the tas el tree, which is such a huge trend. >> i didn't know there was a janet, i'm giving you an extra week's vacation! oh, ah... nooo. what? no way. who says no to more? time warner cable's all about giving you more. like the most free hd channels and virtually unlimited movies and shows on demand, so you can binge all day. and don't forget the free tv app. switch to get ultra-fast internet with secure home wifi to connect all your devices.
10:53 am
free hd channels, 30 meg internet and unlimited calling.
10:54 am
. by mention before we get to you guys, it turns out our camera guy, jim, he's the one who took it from a truck and put it on the car. >> i don't know what you're talking about. >> you you wadded it up. >> we found it and put it back. >> now he knows who did it.
10:55 am
10:56 am
check of the weather.. wisconsin assembly speaker robin vos is making the case for spending more money to fix and maintain st roads. vos released this video showing his ride through the streets of racine county in an ambulance.later today, a state assembly committee will hold a hearing on the state department of transportation budget request.lawmakers are debating how to plug a nearly 1 billion dollar budget hole. governor scott walker
10:57 am
10:58 am
10:59 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockeer hello, everybody! it is booze day esday. it's december 6, and it's a good day, because not only do we have "sweet caroline" by neil diamond above us, "sweet carolina" neil diamond in our kitchen. >> hi, neil. >> merry everything. >> same back. >> congratulations on the new cd. >> thank you. >> the man is -- christmas, right? >> and the man is going on tour, baby. his 50th year.
11:00 am
you soon. >> if you haven't seen neil in concert -- let's listen for a second. ? santa claus is coming, it's almost day ? chickens crow from midnight, it's almost day ? >> that song will get in your head. >> i would screw up that lyric. that's -- an unusual lyric for a christmas song! [ laughter ] >> what? chickens -- >> chickens croak at midnight -- >> it's almost day. >> we love you, neil. when d >> i start the tour in april. >> okay. some time to get tickets. >> and hit 50 cities. >> hopefully take a little time off for the holidays before you get going on the road. >> yes. going to do that. >> you have a busy schedule. thanks for coming by to say hi. >> and sing for us, too. he's going to sing in our show. and how do you hint to your significant other you'd like a more sentimental gift this year? sometimes they give you a toaster, or an iron, or a -- bissell vacuum.
11:01 am
that's bad. >> or -- >> when you're the girl and he gives you a razor, it's not good. >> look at our panel. ah. >> hair removal. >> oh, my god. nair! >> that would be a nightmare. >> our guys, you're not going to learn a daggone thing, you guy, but have fun. no, come on. >> and guess what? >> what. >> our newlywed is here. >> yes, he is on the end. >> bob guinea. lasting so far. got the ring, the whole deal. >> so excited. >> and the and goodies. talking about the dangers of food allergies and kids. one family shares their tragic story in the hope of helping others and what you should know if you know someone with an allergy and show you how to use those epipens. a lot of people have them and don't know how to uses them. >> grammy nominations came out, that happened on cbs "this morning."
11:02 am
nominations. ? from the other side ? >> adele, beyonce, nine nominations followed by drake, kanye and beyonce, eight and adele, five. >> surprised she didn't get more. >> beyonce continues her run as "the" most nominated in artist and grammy history. >> unbelievab interested, which i always am. >> yeah, of course. >> record of the year category. >> recognize the artists performance as well as overall contribution of the producers, engineers. >> everybody. >> "hello." "formation, beyonce. "seven years," lucas graham.
11:03 am
they air january 12th on cbs. lots of great nominations. kelly clarkson is nominated for a song. >> good, good. >> carrie underwood, "church bells." if you want to listen to -- it's like if "dateline" were set to music, the song "church bells" you'll understand when you hear it. >> understand it. right. how many grammys have you won, neil? you must be leading the pack. one? >> for what song? >> for a song score of jonathan livingston siegal back in 1971, and i take very good care of that one. i polish it every day. >> you only need one, because then you're a grammy winner. >> yes, but he deserves about 20. gosh! by the way, everybody, if you've never been to a neil diamond concert. >> yeah. >> he's one of the greatest performers. you have such energy. such a delight. so connects with your audience. it you love every minute you're
11:04 am
>> i do. >> and still. yeah. that's great. >> and you cross all generations. ever saw the movie "saving silverman." ever seen that? great movie. neil's in that. funny different generations get to know neil diamond. >> do you find your concerts are very intergenerational? >> it is. we're on our third generation. mothers bring their kids. mothers and daughters, single most popular husbands. it's amazing. isn't it? [ laughter ] something for everybody at a neil diamond concert. we love you, neil. >> love you neil. guess what? a new milano cookie flavor. >> from pepperidge farms. toasted roasted milano. >> like a s'more in a business kit. >> available at target, $3.69.
11:05 am
>> the official taster, because you're the sweetheart around here. >> hmm. >> i like this ba they're not too sweet. >> hmm. they are so good! >> really? you've been eating the last two hours. >> i can't stop eating. >> every time hoda walks by me. you have be a growth spurt? >> my coat wasn't buttoning and matt said something about a feed bag and i think that stressed me out and i just kept continuously. it's weird. >> and the sale starsed in the 8:30 half hour. the dresses featured on the mannequins sold out. so thrilled. the sale is still active. the real, real, luxury retailer, kathie lee,tailretailer. go to our website and we'll link you to that sale. >> and where i bought my dress. >> yeah! >> it's a cute dress. >> it's old now, but it's very cute. a cute dress.
11:06 am
years. that means it's well loved. every dollar goz goes to -- >> you keep wearing it. you love that. look. it's even in my twitter picture. >> every mother counts is an organization that makes pregnancy and childbirth safe for women around the world. good for them. all righty. >> all right. >> we're going to do a little victoria's secret. show it, because we have to. a big day. two hadid walked down the runway. >> first time sisters have done it. >> sisters have done it. yeah. they were cute. adorable. >> well, they're gorgeous girls. >> this is bella walking by, the weekend, ex-boyfriend. >> gave him a nice pat. that's nice. >> and gigi there, too, and kendall jenner, among the group. >> they all took their lovely -- gosh, they're gorgeous. >> by the way, bella and gigi, first sisters ever to walk the
11:07 am
emotional when they went backstage. sweet. >> and gigi won the international model of the year last night by the british council of fashion. >> a big day the hadids. >> lady gaga sang and put your hearts at rest. some of you thought that taylor yesterday was telling the truth when he teased about, he and me. right? >> dating? >> it was a joke, everybody. it's a joke! but thank you, even for believing it for a second! i'm going to take that as a compliment. what is he? listen, we are looking for another, "everyone has a story." a quick shout-out for them. ? everyone has a moment ? >> not the only singer/songwriter, neil. we lost him. five minutes ago. if you have a story uplifting or inspiring, fascinating and want us to know about it. especially if it has something do with sharing kindness during the holidays, go to and hit the
11:08 am
need to know. need to know. >> and an epipen, if you've got mastering irresistibly smooth. need to know. >> and an epipen, if you've got the lindor truffle. created with passion... by the lindt master chocolatiers. a hard outer shell with a smooth center. luscious.... flowing... welcome... to the best time of your day. unwrap... ? ? unwind... experience the melt. from the lindt master chocolatiers. just press "clean" and let roomba froirobot help with your everyday messes. roomba navigates your entire home. cleaning up pet hair and debris for up to 2 hours. which means your floors are always clean. you and roomba, from irobot. better. together. the humble potato. pudgy, dimpled and plain.
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11:11 am
chances are a child in your family or one of your child's friends has a food allergy. >> according to the food and education network one in 13 kids in the u.s. suffering from one, but if your child or a child you're responsible for suddenly had an allergic reaction, would you know what to do?
11:12 am
sure that never happens to you, what happened to them. take a look at their story. >> reporter: just two weeks ago, the debs family of west waum beach, florida, were excited for their thanksgiving day vacation. >> it started off amazing. it was a wonderful, fun trip. we were visiting my sister-in-law at her farm, and then on to maine for thanksgiving dinner, and a fun weekend. that was the plan. when 11-year-old oakley, one of the debs twins who suffered from asthma and a mild nut allergy ate a piece of poundcake covered in what he thought was chocolate. >> in was extract along with roasted walnuts on top of it, which looked like chocolate. >> we took our usual precaution. gave him benadryl. literally an hour to 2 1/2 hours later he came up said his stomach hurt.
11:13 am
the morning. we need to go now. i said, where? he said, to the hospital. >> that night oakley vomited and his parents called 911. the ambulance arrived but oakley had gone into annafa lactic shock. his heart tragically stopped. >> it feels half of our life is gone. >> the best kid i parent could ask for and i keep struggling with the fact that, you know, his life was taken so soon. >> i just was like, crying, because i knew that he was and -- and i -- that was just not -- it was the worst day ever. >> i realize in my heart of hearts, my son was put here for a reason. oh always was -- his bill smile and athletic ability -- and his friends were all very important to him. and this is the way i can pay back the loss of my son, to teach other people not to be in
11:14 am
>> reporter: just days after their loss it was oakley's bright shoes that inspired the debs to start "the red sneaker movement. >> we need to figure this out, and use my son as a way to help promote awareness. we don't know the difference between anaphylactic shock and allergic reaction, and that's unacceptable. >> reporter: their hope, save lives and educate others about nut allergies and the use of epipens. >> oakley always wanted to do down and every time i start feeling sad, i think about how this red sneaker movement is going to change and help other families. >> that family is so strong. the debs family has already received a note from a family in the uk thanking the debs for sharing the story about oakley, which helped saved the life of one of their own 11-year-old children. in honor of oakley, the miami dolphins will wear red shoes at
11:15 am
here talk about serious food allergies, our medical correspondent. >> you hear about nut allergies and know they can be tragic but you cannot drive this point home hard enough. can you? >> exactly. can't drive it home hard enough. sometimes people say, a child in a classroom, nut allergies, why worry about sending brownies with nuts if that child doesn't eat it? or airplanes doner or traces of it in food. >> the smell of it. >> can cause people to have anaphylactic reactions. in this case, a lot of people won't realize, a delayed anaphylactic reaction that happens 15 hours later. seem fine, things great, all of the sudden deteriorate. when they start deteriorating, that happens very, very quickly. >> the true tragedy. wonderful parents who would have had an epipen if they knew the allergy he had was serious.
11:16 am
swelling in his mouth and stuff and given him benadryl. it was fine. of course they would think den benadryl would help the next time. >> i'm glad we and the family are talking about this. you need to use the epipen if they had a reaction before. usually they get worse and worse and time goes on. a mild, net 1 moderate, the third could be severe. >> i didn't know that. >> anything around the mouth or very worrisom talk to your doctor about carrying an epipen. >> can you show us? sometimes parents are in charge of other kids. >> sleepovers. >> right. >> green for the child. 33 to 66 pounds. a little bigger than the baby we're demonstrating on here. >> the green one. how do you do it? >> basically, pop the top. take it out of the top. when you look at it, the saying, a blue cap and and orange cap.
11:17 am
orange cap ready to go. where the needle is. blue to the skies, orange to the thigh. >> blue to the skies, orange to the thigh. >> not in the arm. it's in the thigh. >> the big muscle of the thigh. take off the blue cap, once you take off the blue cap, children, a warning, hold the child's leg still, because it's a needle. it's going to hurt. put it basically -- hold it like you normally would and then just hit the thigh with it. >> supposed to look the child in the face and count they understand what's going on. >> how long are you holding that in? >> used to be 10 seconds. most labels say 10 seconds. 3 seconds they came out with a few months ago. changed the time to 3 seconds. it's still a long time. >> especially in pain and wiggly. >> take it out, the needle retracts and goes away. >> and now what happened? >> call 911. >> the confusion, call 911 before? call 911 after?
11:18 am
911 after. >> how much time for a child to be saved or anybody to be saved once they go into the shock? >> seconds matter. do this right away, soon as you can. some people try to call 911 first, have 911 tell them what to do. give them the epipen right away. >> you can't do it wrong. right? >> can't do it wrong. >> got to go in the much. >> long as you -- >> blue cap. blue to the skies, orange to the thigh. do it on yrs. >> hmm? >> do it on your thigh. there's no needle in there. >> oh. >> show you how you >> yes, there is! -- no. i'm kidding. hold it three seconds. >> the main thing. >> okay, all right. >> if it's a child they're going to move. >> got to run. thank you. all great advice. thanks. there are some people you should give underwear to this holiday. and there are some people you shouldn't . people you should. shouldn't. janice! should. shouldn't. yes. no.
11:19 am
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11:22 am
>> all: guys tell all. >> back again a single father and author of "the gentleman's diet." >> next dad comedian and actor rick younger, back to visit us from bravo's reality show "man zone with children" single author, chris manzo in the house. >> last, not least, previously divorced. >> many times. >> then longtime engaged and now newlywed! yeah! >> bob guinea. >> there's a picture of bob and his lovely bride. >> how did you talk that you, bob? >> it wasn't easy. a lot of wine. a lot of vino. >> where was the wedding ceremony? >> mexico. >> across the street, kids. >> okay. >> hi, i'm lori from omaha, nebraska, and i just wanted to ask, my husband and i agreed we weren't going to exchange holiday gifts this year. do you think i should still get him something? >> don't do it.
11:23 am
gift. he's not doing it. don't do it. >> i always say no gifts and i always buy gifts. i want to be the one. >> doesn't she feel terrible. >> that's the point. isn't it? try to make the other -- >> the doctor says you're all wrong. >> at least something small. i can't imagine giving nothing. kind of cold. >> yeah. >> that's mean. >> the thing you hand them, a dinner reservation, something like that. >> ah! >> maybe kind of -- >> i don't think it's necessarily cold. in my family we focus on the knee a gift you going to be upset when i don't get you a gift. >> everybody knows -- give me a beef something, a sausage. i'm happy. >> and a naked butt run! >> make christmas oh so bright! [ laughter ] >> just our little tease. coming back after the break. more from our guys. answering the questions. >> wouldn't learn a thing. >> who else is here? >> neil diamond's going to sing for us, everybody. you're going to love it. ? you open my eyes and a light
11:24 am
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we offered women a mystery beauty treatment. what made their skin more radiant? what?! wait! only dove has 1/4 moisturizing cream. smooth dewy skin. dove, your daily beauty treatment for radiant skin. well -- >> yes.
11:26 am
i'm... julia fello alongside brian gotter...lets get a
11:27 am
wisconsin assembly speaker robin vos is making the case for spending more money to fix and maintain the state's roads. vos released this video showing his ride through the streets of racine county in an ambulance.later today, a state hearing on the state department of transportation budget request.lawmakers are debating how to plug a nearly 1 billion dollar budget hole. governor scott walker promising not to raise taxes to fill the gap. a lot of traffic tonight in wauwatosa... as the holiday train will come through town right around the evening rush. the decked out-- canadian pacific pulls into the harwood avenue station at 4-45 before heading to hartland. the train rolled into milwaukee last night. it's 1-thousand feet long... has 14 cars wrapped in
11:28 am
blasting holiday music! we should mention, the train will also be collecting food donations for families in need. it then moves west... stopping in hartland at 6:15... and scheduled for
11:29 am
oh! it's a baby! oh. >> it's also booze day tuesday. don't tell the baby. we're ready for round two of "guys tell all." >> single dad larpy burchett, married dad and bachelor. >> it's a miracle. a christmas miracle. >> let's go across the street for a question. >> hi. beth from charlotte, north carolina and i was wondering how long should you be baiting someone before you take them home for the holidays? >> oh. good question. a great question. it's a big one. >> i will say this. a couple schools of thought. what i did, i took her home for new year's instead of christmas or thanksgiving. >> after how long you had been dating? >> the jury was out on that.
11:30 am
she was saying six months. a big problem there. >> i think at a time when you both agree you're in a relationship. you know? it's like -- ah, i don't think it's a specific time frame. >> too soon for me and taylor? >> it is a little too soon. >> bring people home quickly, some people do. i think it should be something meaningful, right? >> it's a statement. isn't it? >> it's a statement. >> when you're both ready. bob is saying, maybe too much to do christmas and the first me have you been introduced before? do they know your family? >> what do you think, with your mother -- >> you can't start with a holiday in my family. you got to -- >> lucky to have sunday dinner. >> you like a family karaoke night. how we did it. it's like -- my brother used to have a karaoke machine. bring them over while everybody's having a good time, and then just let it -- flow. >> organic. >> yes. >> a question from lisa from
11:31 am
would like a personal or sentimental gift as opposed to something else. >> we don't want an irish. >> iron. >> how do you suddenly tell your man that? >> just say -- >> just say, "don't want an iron." >> do not give me a gift that means you want me doing some work. >> same for you? if you got tools and you love brand new, shiny tools? >> see, i don't love brand new, shiny tools. >> does anybody here? it's only lou manfredini? >> ah, yeah! >> give me tolls every year. >> -- tools every year. >> the good doctor. >> bring movie stuff to cook or bring me actual food. >> okay. >> i feel like this is one of the similar says we say in a lot of these. just talk about it. why can't you just -- >> people don't -- obviously bob and his wife don't talk. >> sometimes you don't want to ask for something. you want him to come up with something. say, honey, i want that
11:32 am
>> it's not your idea a. few things you like and be surprises when you -- the one he actually picked out. >> i think it's something that develops over time. year after year you're getting -- gifts you don't like and it's, like, okay. christmas is becoming a source of tension and fighting, because you keep giving me stuff i don't want. >> socks. >> we got to have a talk. other than that, some people are simple. socks and underwear, i'm happy with socks and underwear. >> let's go >> jenny from portland, oregon. something i really want to christmas, tell the guy directly or use subtle hints? >> no, but that's -- >> a starting point. >> still on the same vein. >> i like subtlety. point me in the right direction. we're not mind readers. >> a little from column a and a little from column b. make sure the message is in there. gets closer, just do a little test to see if -- then -- >> go to smib think maybe that
11:33 am
that person can subtly come up to you and go, you know what, larry? >> by the way -- she solved the whole thing. instead of going directly, feels not great. tell a friend. >> tell a friend. >> a little birdie. >> kathie lee, the questions -- it's exhausting! >> you guy, thank you so much. >> we love you. happy holidays to all of you. have you have a question for or man handle head to klg and hoda -- this woman, and connect putten. connect putten. button. i use what's already inside me to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me... with once-weekly trulicity. trulicity is not insulin. it helps activate my body to do what it's supposed to do...
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11:38 am
in ilian families like so many, sundays are spent in the tchen pparing sunday supper using recipes handed down from generation to generation. on little teeny scraps of paper. >> three years after her husband's passing, al, it alissa -- co tan attention to do fill the void of her loss. >> wh the help herrable son a co-author, gathered triednd ted recip and turned to kick-starter raising $27,000 in 30 days to publish her debut cookbook called --
11:39 am
their love tovery table." >> how terfic is this? a great de. >>e to raise t weyky quickly? >> a 30-day campaign. i didn't know about kick-starter. her friend tolde about it. within days,p to six, seven, then eight, then nine, eventually 00$27, 810 suorters. >> do they get free cookbook? >> a lot of themrdered ltiple bookok recipes. >> 11,000 sold to date. >> your secret recipes are out. righ >> for the who world. >> what are we going to make today? >> chicken. >> what kind of chicken? >> prosciutto and -- >> and mozzarella. >> and some parmesan, some --? is receer in life. when i went ay to llege, i'd
11:40 am
the same food. >> a ltle bit. so i try to do something different. >> yes! >> she did this f me. >> let's make it. a so you made it yourself. ato you do? you a piecefchicken. >> all ofthis, explain all o this. >> we allthat. so we pothe chken. doi at. basically a pi what? >> comes out nice and even. >> don't toucht! [ laughter ] >> what do y put that in? >> that's chicken?z broth >> then what? >> gng toet isit. >> let it sit. >> make our stuffing. olive oil. olive oil. >> crum. >> bread crumbs, olive oil. >> put this in for you? >> okay. >> hold it, and you can -- >> okay
11:41 am
in her kitchen! that's true. >> safety zone in the kitchen with mom. >> garlic? >> red pepper. >> salt, pepper. y>> onl putting half of all of that -- >> yeah. doesn't want a lot. >> and come down here and we'll make it. mama is doing it her way and she will not be rushed. okay good for her. good for you! good for you, alissa cook it >> no. it's going to cook in the chicken. mom, you ready? mom,e gotove on. >> you got to move fast. >> you put it in the middle? >> put it in the middle. >> i'm watching what she does. take a spoon, put it right here, in the middle. then e go like that, okay. and then you -- >> roll it and stick in the do-dads. >> who what she does. look what's happening. roll it, roll it, okay. like she does. >> take the plastic off.
11:42 am
>> look. i'm doing it like she did it. >> then you give it some tohpic. >> say i did it. okay. all right. come on in the back. >> so you cook it, and let's taste it. >> this is -- >> beau can we taste it? >> yes! >> yes. >> areou sure? oithout thecheese. this is for me. >> can i give you a taste? would you likeoas t it? >> yeah. >> okay. okay. here. >>hank you. >> youe lcmm! >> oh, my gosh. it's good. >> is it li excellent, and then tell us about the cake, quick. we've got to go. >> cannoli cakes and pretty much got it done and usually just -- just usually give it is a quick little >> beauful. >> all of these recipes are on thank you very much. merry christmas. the one and only neil diamond is in our studio, right after this. >> oh, this is so delicious!
11:43 am
i'm hall of famer jerry west and my life is basketball.
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>> announcer: the citi concert presented to you by citi. there's no end to the list of accolades for the great neil diamond, but if there's one thing we know for sure, the man oladnd. e stopped create memories called acoustic christmas. here is our friend, neil diamond. >> for some people, christmas can be a sad, even painful time of year. when someone they love is not there to celebrate with them. this song was written for them. ? you're in my christmas prayers ? an in my christmas dreams ?
11:49 am
and every song i sing ? in every song i sing ? i see you standing there ? ? smiling down on me ? as i untie the gifts that lie beneath our chstmas tree ? then every christmas day ? ? i know i'llere find you ?
11:50 am
every christmas prer ? every chrtmas praye ? grandmas, grandp, fathers, mothers friends i've loved dear ? ? sisters, brothers sons and daughters ? ? i o uncles ? ones i stad with ? the story will beold ? ? as lg as love recalls ? it's christmas up inaven,
11:51 am
the greatest gift of all ? don't need to read the book of life behi a v of tears ? ?'ll always be rightere with ? in my christmasrayers ? here in my christmas prayers ?? >> beautiful. >> that is beautiful, neil. love that. you can catch neil on his 50-year anniversary world tour
11:52 am
>> one of santa's elves is waiting behind that curtain with gooies to giver for kids. >> but first, this is "today" on nbc.
11:53 am
? ? ? ?
11:54 am
la vie est belle. the eau de parfum, lanc?me.
11:55 am
we warrant to make this holiday season one to remember for all the kids across the country through our 23rd annual toy drive. >> and grateful for making it possible. who is behind -- >> all: kay jewelers. >> kim canary. >> two special guests from st. jude's hospital. john and jakayla, ? j akayla and john ? >> puppies and teddy bears available at kay jeweler across the country.
11:56 am
>> i think she did! >> that is so great. st. jude is such an important organization. tell us why it is to you. >> absolutely. this is our 18th year partns with st. jude, we've donated and raised $53 million to date for st. jude for the services in provide for children like kayl andjohn. >> how about you? >> 10. what do you want for christmas? >> money. [ laughter ] >> woman after my own heart. merry ristmas. >> merry christmas. >> don't forget to donate
11:57 am
next on live at noon-- new information. dozens dead in a warehouse fire out west... the people defending the illegal living arrangements. then - safety message. the three things the wisconsin state patrol wants you to think about... when you're behind the wheel in winter. and the breaks of sunshine brian gotter has the coldest days this week... and our next chance at snow in the storm team forecast. i'm vince
11:59 am
now at noon -- preparing for winter-- fi getting ready to take on several calls as we start dealing with snow and freezing temperatures. the winter months can be a tough time for first responders on medical calls. they can't put patients on hold due to snow... or cold weather. pete zervakis explains how medics are preparing accordingly. with temps. expected in the 20's this week emergency medical techs. here on the north shore are prepared for winter - ambulance driving


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