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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1000  NBC  December 8, 2016 2:07am-2:36am CST

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this has been a paid presentation for hair club,
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it doesn't look like we'll see our way >> the cold didn't bother me at all. >> way t the temperatures in the northwest part of the state. 19 at superior, 18 -- the colder air is rolling in our direction. here's the current windchill, 7 in waukesha. burlington, and racine, 5 in kenosha. 11 here in milwaukee.
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we have snow, these are ground clutter areas in the site. flurries are still possible in the morning hours, no accumulations, and you could see flurries tomorrow and the cold air continues to push in. we're talking about the cold air, snow for the weekend, and colder for next week. all that coming up in just a few minutes. >> thank you. the recount in wisconsin is winding down. greenfield. >> the recount revealed there were ballots that were not returned to milwaukee county on election night, but remained in the greenfield city clerk's office. they discovered that and the ballots were retrieved, and counted tonight and they matched up with the election night results. >> now a judge ruled today not to hold a recount in michigan and a court is considering
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friday takes place in pennsylvania. there's been four deaths in the county lock up. >> they're asking the federal government to get involved. >> we have exclusive information on the latest development. >> this letter to the u.s. department of justice, in it, she calls the jail an unsafe environment for inmates. she wants answers for the family members of those who >> i became increasingly concerned there was no one minding the store. so to speak. >> so moore reached out to the justice department, questioning the oversight of the jail. in this letter, she asked for an independent investigation of the jail. >> it was just the people died in the prison, but the aegregious nature of the death.
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inmates. the inmate found unresponsive in his cell back in april, the cause of death, dehydration. the water in his cell was turned off, due to destructive behavior. >> the first responders, have to identify someone is in distress. >> he says thompson was kept in an isolated disciplinary area of the ja since inmate has symptoms of mental illness. >> we're concerned with those aspects of the program. >> in october, a court ordered audit, found a shortage of medical staff. out of 128 positions 47 are vacant. some in the mental health program, which the report calls challenged. and there's a shortage of officer in the jail.
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careful monitoring of inmate thomas, might have altered the outcome. the jail is not staffed from 6 p.m. until the morning, officers just do checks every 30 minute. >> that increases the opportunity for someone who's in distress that nobody will be there to hear them. >> leadership at the jail, claims that early lock down with end in january. they hope the october report, leads to better communication between the staff. >> the family is asking unsettling questions, why is my loved one dead. >> moore feels it's time for an independent review by the doj. >> people need answers and i need an answer. >> the sheriff will not comment specifically on the inmate's death, but he did provide a statement of the letter. moore should focus on reducing the debt that the country is
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jump start the economy. >> the number of vacancies mean the jail and the house of corr tions is short of stf. ?k no, peoe are in thes, borut m weea%so andther are willi to nsghre rribo ofdp the middle school students and they
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a story new at 10. >> the parents of every student on this list were just notified and police say they were first told of this threat by the girl's own mother. according to this criminal complaint the mother ofhe 15-year-old girl, alerted a resource officer at the school yesterday. saying a conversation scared her, and he didn't sleep all night. this was this facebook message, of a kill list. do you want me to kill them all the boy asked? yes, t he asked for a list, and she gave the names of five class mates, and also wrote, my father. >> we're concerned of all the children involved. >> this e-mail to parents, he believes the concerned mother did the right thing. >> you're aware of something that doesn't seem right or sound right, inform the officials. >> her daughter admitted to
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say things to her. both of the students have been charged with conspiracy to commit second-degree intentional homicide. if convicted they could spend 60 years behind bars each. today's tmj4. very disturbing, thank you. new tonight the neighbors, remember the little boy beaten and starved to death last week. >> the guardians of the children, they vow tolo >> we're live to share the message they're hoping to send. >> even though they couldn't protect him, the people who came here to the memorial tonight, say they hope to send a message now that they're supporting him and his brother who survived. by the light of a candle. >> we want to be here for him. >> a show of support. >> we didn't know it was happening to him. we're going to be there for him
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milwaukee. >> the biker group, guardians of the children, plans to carry his memory as the women go through court accused of beating and starving the 7-year-old. >> make sure justice is prevailed for him. >> at a time the unimaginable happened just next door. >> it's hard to think that he passed away in that type of situation. >> his neighbors sayy but now they show up to moments like this one, lay a candle and say a prayer. >> maybe we're [inaudible]. he was just [inaudible]. he suffered from that. >> the guardians of the children hope people move forward with wider eyes. >> if they suspect child abuse, to please reported it. >> neighbors say even though
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they plan to do in the future. >> [inaudible]. >> his brother was also found severely abused, he's still in the hospital recovering. if you think a child is being abused, call the bureau of milwaukee child well fare at this number. live in milwaukee. today's tmj4. an important reminder to all of us, thank you very much. more news now, one of milwaukee's most iconic buildings, the is upgraded to a new led sign. the messages are still the same. it is a milestone no child should have to endure. looking forward to their last cancer treatment. we have a story of a boy doing
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>> 6-year-old leonard is surrounded by two of his favorite things, legos, and sea turtles. >> that's him too. [inaudible]. >> but a year ago, he wasn't on happy, he had a lot of headaches. >> i honestly thought he liked a new flavor of the children's ibuprofen, and i thought for a while, he was making it up. >> when the mom took him to the doctor. he passed an exam and went home. >> a couple of days after he passed that exam, he started to walk almost like he was intoxicated. >> her motherly instinct kicked in. >> i took him to the er. >> they found he had a brain tumor. they removed it, and found the
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kids. >> looked it up. >> it was a bad idea. >> it was just for the next few days, a fog. >> i also need a cart. >> several treatments in, he's fortunate not to have the worst side effects. >> i have a machine in my body. >> he gets scared at the hospital. >> i do have an i-pad that i bring every time. >> he has one treatment left. until then, he gets more play >> i asked if i could get a pet turtle, when i got out. and when i got out, i got one. right this. >> and his favorite thing of chase the turtle -- >> when we got her, she was smiling a lot. >> today's tmj4. oh, leonard's final dose of chemo is scheduled for right
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friday december 16, 100% of the proceeds go to the macc fund. you can buy an macc star, it was designed by leukemia patient, and it costs $10, and available at the food markets, and buddy's stores. and we're also ne with the rc foir fri.?; siolas mad
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well the cold didn't keep these intrepid chicken [inaudible] from getting chick-fil-a. they're camping out all night, waiting for the doors to open tomorrow at the new location. they get 52 free meals. and today is the 75th anniversary of the attacks on pearl harbor.
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to the uss arizona. >> we fought the fire for two days. and had to let it cool down for six, i forget, six or seven days, and we dove under the ship for eight or nine days. [inaudible]. three and four in the room, and bring the bodies out. >> the attack led to extra precautions here in eastern wisconsin. the police shared the union telegram it received that day. it was told to guard railroads, and tunnels, and docks. a pastor is on leave from his church, after -- we spoke to abuse survivors, and they said the church needs to encourage victims to come forward. >> they haven't said whether or not the pastor is getting paid or how long the leaders knew of the charges. before asking him to step aside.
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shows tom, who's been pastoring the christ reform baptist church for the past ten years. he's charged with multiple counts of child molestation, and aggravated assault. they're asking church members to take a stand. >> this is a crisis of faith for them right now. and we're concerned about how they're responding to it. >> in a statement, the leadership says that he's on a leave of church. our church is strong and our prayers and confidence is in christ. here on the website, is accused of molesting or assaulting five children, between 1995, and 2000, when he was a pastor at a church in prescott, arizona. >> we have to work hard to create in the church and is the community a culture that welcomes survivors, and encourages survivors to come forward.
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church, give the congregation a chance to speak up if nest -- necessary. >> it's always good news for me, and for survivors, it means maybe the next child will not get hurt. >> we reached out to him, but the woman who answered the phone, wouldn't let us speak to him. thank you very much, and the storm coverage, only one describe today, it's cold. >> the stars and stripes at half staff in honor of those killed in pearl harbor. arctic air alone is one thing, but wind? >> that's your windchill, and arctic, that's going on right now. next week, polar air coming in. here's the headlines, yeah that air has settled in, and it'll creep in over the next couple of
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then a low pressure system breaks off, and moves through late saturday, saturday afternoon to saturday night. several inches of new snow. details on just how much, and colder air moves in for next week. and that jet stream to the south, and as we put the jet stream in motion, the cold air is sitting on top of us through friday and saturday morning, and then we get a bit of a nudge to the north, that allows the low pressure system to come in and bring the polar air tuesday right on into the end of next week. should get a break friday of next week. the current temperatures, 19 beaver dam. 19 waukesha, and with the wind, that's still strong, 11 if is our windchill, or feels like temperature. your overnight lows drop in the teens, if you windchills are
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19 waukesha, fond du lac, beaver dam, and also in water town. the winds, stay up overnight tonight and through the day tomorrow. the wind are very very strong, the windchills will be in the single digits right through tomorrow, tomorrow night, and into friday. radar showing a bit of ground clutter here, but there's flurries reported in the area, just too light to be picked up. and on the green bay also, sullivan radar and in lacrosse. the clouds are sticking around and a bit of flurries action. we have the cold air rolling in, but a trough rotating around the low pressure system, northeast of lake superior and the trough is generating enough energy to touch off flurries and a snow shower during the day tomorrow, and then cold air settling in. the core into friday, and then
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rolling at us for saturday night and into sunday. second round of snow comes in unfortunately on a weekend, once again. 17 overnight tonight. partly cloudy, with a few flurries at times. west winds are brisk, windchills between 0 and 10. tomorrow, cold day, mostly cloudy, flurries, and windchills between 0 and 10 above, bundle your kids up for school and colder, into friday, even though there's sunshine, sunny strong, but a high of 21, windchills again are between 0 and 10 above. for saturday, we watch the snow developing late in the day, 24, jump up to 30 on sunday. the snow is early in the day, several inches overnight saturday night, and then on into next week. check out the drop in temperatures, 18 on monday, 14 on tuesday.
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and check out jackson brooks. what a handsome young man. a poster boy for cold air. 20 degrees with a few flurries to start your day, and at 1 years old, i hope you're bundled up at home. >> i think so, thank you. coming up, russell wilson
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the packers and seahawks face off. that one is the painful afc loss. >> the packer with another big game this sunday when they host the seattle seahawks here, and it's turned into a rivalry game with so much history between the two teams. >> it feels like a division opponent. obviously looking back to 2014, the way our season ended, left a bad taste in our mouth. able to beat them, i think it's two highly competitive teams, and guys it seems to be some mix up's on the field out there, and piles and tuszlys, that's part of football. >> and some good news for the offense, quarterback aaron rodgers feels better this week than last week, dealing with the injured hamstring. >> i know what it takes to get
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much practice i need, and we have a great staff. these kind of games are what you live for. playing for something that matters, and there's nothing to keep me off the field. >> the odd makers are picking the seahawks to win on sunday, the packers have to play four quarters of good football if they want a win. today's tmj4.
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welcome back the sign of a maturing team, lose a heart breaker to the spurs, shake it off, and depo out and -- go out and beat the trail the assist for the three, and on the drive, 15 point, 12 rebounds, 11 assists. and then inbound the ball, and flush it down. and inside of 40 seconds, tough drive, makes the shot, bucks beat portland, before the game the making of maker.
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moves. >> you have to find a way to get it to other people's mind and not your own. and make it a weapon. >> and the badgers beat down idaho state in a tune up before the show down. alley oop, throws it down, and wisconsin with four threes and 21 points.
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the winning powerball numbers. the powerball is 20, and a power play times two. >> john? >> it'll start out cold, 20 degrees and not get much warmer, a couple of flurries are possible, not accumulation until


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