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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 430  NBC  December 8, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm CST

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now at 4:30 - violence breaks out overnight in milwaukee, as three seperate shootings leave four people dead. one of those shootings, near 107th street and appleton, left a man and woman dead inside a home... also in the home... two children.. found hiding from the gunfire. ann sterling with more now: around 1:30 this morning. neighbors say they heard screams followed by numerous gun shots and that's when they called police. isley rogers/ cousin that's our cousin and they just confirmed he's dead and i see our family outside mourning. isley rogers says her cousin lived inside this home on the city's far northwest side. he was discovered dead early this morning. police say a man and woman were shot multiple times and 2 children were discovered hiding in another room. kylin
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hide in a closet and hear the gunshots. hear the commotion and not knowing what's going on until they came out of the closet. kylin banks lives next door. he says the family just moved into the house last summer. it was a real good family. they took care of their kids, kept themselves up. police say the children were not injured.neighbors believe one child is around 10 years old. the other is a teen. rogers says her family lost touch with her cousin. her mom was too emotional to talk on camera, but she says sh or kids were that were found inside the home. to have a tragedy like this happen in my family is totally unexpected. it's very shocking. he's a great guy. he's a family man hard working. he goes to work, hard working man ann: right now police are still investigating. they are confirming they have not made any arrest but are not saying if they are looking for a suspect at this time. today's
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one of the men accused of killing 5-year old laylah petersen has been sentenced to 30 years in prison. arlis gordon had pleaded guilty to the charges against him. police say the . 24-year old and one other shooter targeted the wrong home... when they shot and killed the little girl in november of 2014. the second shooter - carl barrett - was convicted by a jury and sentenced to 65 years. the battle continues over transporation funding. the top state senate democrat says republicans problem of coming up with a way to pay for improving the state's roads. senate minority leader jennifer shilling blaming her counterparts for the one billion dollar transportation budget shortfall. shilling says its not up to the minority party to have all the answers. u-w system officials today approved raising tuition for out-of-state, graduate and professional school students by hundreds of dollars at more than a half-dozen campuses. the move comes as they grapple with a republican-imposed
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undergraduate tuition. the plan calls for increases at uw-eau clare, uw-green bay, uw- la crosse, uw-madison, uw- milwaukee, uw-stout and all the system's two-year institutions beginning next fall. milwaukee's downtown skyline... getting another new addition. bmo harris bank announcing plans today to build a new 25-story office tower. these are renderings of the projectt. it'll be built across the street from city hall signing on as an anchor tenant of the building, the law firm of friedrich. we believe this development will bring a renewed energy to the surrounding blocks and reflect the areas rich history both figuartively and literally construction is expected to begin next fall with completion in december 2019. the total price tag: 137 million-dollars. time to get our first look at the weather at word:
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ritka joins us with the weather.... the sun didn't help much today, it is chilly with temperatures in the 20s and a nasty wind making it feel like temperatures are in the teens. more bringing a few flurries but the cloud cover will help keep it not quite as frigid tonight with lows near 20 degrees in
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adding in the wind it will feel colder, more like single digits when you wake up on friday morning. milwaukee council members will discuss the water quality in the city tomorrow morning. they'll talk about an ordinance relating to shutting off water for those who of water filters.more than 500 hundred people lined-up to get a water filter last week but more than half of them walked away empty-handed.there just weren't enough to meet demand. the milwaukee bucks looking to build a better future for local workers.. coming up new on live at 6. not only are they looking for local workers to help with the new stadium, but the team wants to create a sustainable future for people in need of jobs.. tonight.. how they plan to achieve that goal.. that's
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illinois... on his future plans... now that he's come into some ?big? money... just aheadand customers at a texas home improvement store are getting tag-team service from a military veteran... and his
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a high school janitor from
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millionaire. dave martinez won two-million dollars from a scratch-off lottery ticket. he described the feeling when he realized his good fortune: (("when i started scratching off on the dining room table, i thought it was just one hundred thousand at first and i looked at it again and it said 100-thousand times twenty and i just... mind boggling.")) martinez plans to visit hawaii, take in a nascar race in daytona and begin some home improvement projects. he has no plans to quit his new treer high school. photos of a disabled military veteran and his service dog, working together at a lowes store in texas, have gone viral.amber treybig tells us about their their recent
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"come on sweet heart..."and he recently served out country... (sot: clay luthy, disabled veteran & lowes employee)"3 deployments out of uzbekistan and then two out of cuter..." after multiple knee surgeries.. including a reconstructive surgery...(sot: clay luthy, disabled veteran & lowes employee)"then they wouldn't let me reenlist."but that didn't stop clay and charlotte from getting a job.. (sot: jay fellers, lowes human resource manager)"we were interviewing people for his position and he was one of the applicants so he showed up for his interview and he had charlotte with him.."clay wanted to make sure that charlotte wouldn't be an issue..(sot: clay luthy, disabled veteran & lowes said on no absolutely he said we've got service dogs at work all throughout lowes.."and a few weeks later...(sot: clay luthy, disabled veteran & lowes employee)"they offered me the job.."clay has been working at lowes for 2 months and happier..(sot: clay luthy, disabled veteran & lowes employee)"im just a disabled vet and i cant stand to be sitting at home.." charlotte comes to work with him everyday..(sot: clay luthy, disabled veteran & lowes employee)"instead of medicine i have charlotte."and the management of lowes makes working part time very easy.. (sot: clay luthy, disabled veteran & lowes employee) "scheduling me in an area at least for a few hours where charlotte can get a good break."the best part about the duo is that he made his
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(sot: clay luthy, disabled veteran & lowes employee)"well i made her vest.."charlotte has been by his side for 10 years and is currently training lola, his other pup! (sot: clay luthy, veteran & lowes employee)"im training lola too for about a year or so.."the customers love charlotte..(sot: jay fellers, lowes human resource manager) "and clays been so friendly to allow charlotte to sit down and pet and enjoy uh our customers that are coming in on a regular basis.."although it may seem fun to have your dog with you everywhere you go, clay is thankful to be able to have a service dog get him through the toug veteran & employee)"no she alerts me before i have a clue of anything that's going on and that's what's so good so i don't have clay hopes his story can be an inspiration for others with service dogs, who may be going through some tough times. new developments, after a pair of classic novels were pulled from school bookshelves, just ahead. but first, here's a live look from downtown milwaukee. meteorologist jesse ritka is back with the latest
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breezy and still cold with a high of only 24 degrees in milwaukee and wind chills close to 10 degrees. saturday will start out cold with temps in the teens and the clouds will be increasing during the day, keeping temps in the low 20s again. a brings snow showers to southeastern wisconsin mainly after 5pm, snow will continue to pile up overnight and into sunday morning bringing generally 3-4" of snow . there will be a brief period of clearing out midday sunday
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another round of snow moves in sunday evening and into monday to bring more shovel-able snow. stay tuned to the forecast as each part of this storm system could change directions and thus change snow totals. after the snow temperatures will be dropping back into the mid-20s.a reinforcing shot of cold air follows the snow on tuesday with highs barely making it to 20 degrees in milwaukee, lows will be in the single digits
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with us for wednesday through the rest of the work week with highs staying only in the
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a new addition for 73 year old mick jagger, when we come back. but right now, a live picture from arrowhead stadium in kansas city, missouri... the scene of tonight's thursday night football match-up between the oakland raiders and the kansas city chiefs. kick-off, right here on today's tmj-4, set for 7:30. shouldn't knee and ankle supports comfortably fit your knees and ankles? dr. scholl's new custom fit wellness center measures your leg in 3d... ...and recommends our custom-fit support that's right for you. new dr. scholl's custom fit ankle and knee supports.
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a woman who competed on "jeopardy!" while battling terminal colon cancer has died, ?one? week before her episode was set to air. but cindy stowell's prize money has gone to cancer research as she wished. her appearnce will air on tuesday. two classic american novels will return to public school library shelves in one virginia county. that's after
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huckleberry finn" and "to kill a mockingbird." the books were suspendefollowg a formal complaint by a parent over their use of racial slurs. mick jagger is now the father of his ?eighth? child... at the age of 73. his girlfriend, melanie hamrick, gave birth to the couple's son today. jagger's seven other children range in age from the teens to the 40's. he's also the grandfather of two children.
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thanks for joining us at 4-30. the news continues with live at five. next. a mall santa finds himself out of a job. the fat shaming remark he made to a nine year old, that landed him on the unemployment list. live at 5 is now. the big story at five, it took a long time to get here, but
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milwaukee river. scarves, mittens and hats aren't optional accessories anymore. they are mandatory! and those of us who have endured more than a few wisconsin winters know we haven't even gotten started. john malan is in the weather center with a look at our plummeting temperatures. the sun didn't help much today, it is chilly with temperatures in the 20s and a nasty wind making it feel like temperatures are in the teens. more clouds are bringing a few flurries but the cloud cover will help keep it not quite as frigid tonight with lows near 20 degrees in milwaukee with teens inland. adding in the wind it will feel colder, more like single digits when you wake up on
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remember -- for all things weather -- go to today's t-m-j four dot com for our live radar and interactive maps, and the weather light and knowledge you need. the presidential recount is wrapping up ahead of schedule. in southeastern wisconsin, it's down to two counties.ben jordan is live at the milwaukee county recount room with an update on the progress. it's all down to west allis within the next few minutes. nat machinesmore than 4- hundred 40 thousand ballots down to 0monica schultz - west allis clerk28:23 "it feels like a real achievement that we're able to conclude on such a high note."west allis got the grand finale treatment as the last municipality to be recounted here the state's largest county.28:30 "for a process that really was put together very quickly, not
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their ballots all went through these two high efficiency machines - that recount 10,000 ballots per hour.(nat machines) but the process hasn't all gone according to plan here there was a mix up last night with greenfield in which more than 400 ballots were accidentally left behind.16:45 "those ballots were retrieved, brought to the recount, those ballots were counted and the city of greenfield votes were all included in the recount." there was another issue this afternoon with 70 absentee ballots from the city of milwaukee.those have been been matched with the original. joe czarnezki clerk15:40 "absentee ballots haven't been filled out properly so votes have been disqualified." overall, county clerk joe czarnezki says the variations here have been very slight after a week of countless hours for tabulators like chris dahl.chris dahl - tabulator30:10 "it actually does feel pretty good to verify that the elections is the way it turned out on election night." waukesha is still working through their final municipalities the clerk's


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