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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1200PM  NBC  December 9, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm CST

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this time tomorrow snow will be in southeast wisconsin. let's get right over to brian gotter this afternoon... brian as this is getting closer... how are things shaping up for us this weekend? the wind diminished a little overnight, but with lows in the teens, wind chills remained in the single digits. we get to enjoy more sunshine today under a mostly sunny sky, but it will be breezy and cold with highs in the low 20s, and a brisk wind to 15 mph. tonight is mostly cloudy and cold with lows in the
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milwaukee police are searching for this missing woman. sabrina allen suffers from health issues and was last seen wearing a navy blue coat and black shoes with white stripes and pink lining. if you have information.. call police at the number on your wisconsin's presidential recount effort hits the home stretch... a federal judge has just refused a request by two pro-trump groups to stop the effort. this morning... as county clerks around the state are finishing up with counting ballots. pete zervakis reports from waukesha. the final votes are being tallied up in waukesha county tabulator that's a high speed tabulator. counting up the remaining presidential ballots at the waukesha county courthouse. tabulatoraccording to the county clerk... it can zip through 5-thousand ballots an hour... sorting and ballots into box compared to the 720 an hour that can be counted by
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a machine. "a total of 970" the counting should be complete this afternoon. then the board of canvassers has to review - and certify - the results in each of the county's 266 reporting units. we have 51, 52 reporting units that still have to be given a final tally we don't expect any problems there county clerk kathleen novack says the whole effort could be finished la results are then handed off to the wisconsin elections commission for publication. if there's still work left to do after today... workers will return over the weekend. the state has set a monday night deadline for the recount to be finished. they don't want to take any chances. live...pz... tmj4 the most recent update from the elections comission showed hillary clinton picking up 61 votes against donald trump in the recount. trump won the
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?thousand president obama has ordered a full review of hacking-related activitiy aimed at disrupting last month's election. a top white house official says the president expects the report to be completed before he leaves office january 20th. a court hearing in philadelphia will decide if the state's presidential votes should be recounted.court documents from green party candidate jill stein call pennsylvania's voting system a "national disgrace." donald trump won the state's 20 electoral votes on election night. new at noon.. u-s-a today reporting president-elect donald trump is expected to nominate representative cathy mcmorris rodgers as his secretary of's unclear when trump will make the announcement.. but the news follows a meeting between trump and house speaker paul president-elect donald trump is interviewing a democrat for a possible cabinet position today. there's still no word on what spot indiana senator joe manchin could nab.. but he would be the only democrat in
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u-s-a thank you tour -- is headed to the badger state. both he and vice-president elect mike pence will stop in west allis at the wisconsin state fairgrounds next tuesday. the event starts at seven. doors open at four. snowboarders and skiiers are welcoming the snowfall this weekend.. which signals the opening of two wisconsin ski resorts. little switzerland in slinger.. and nordic mountain in wild rose both open today. crews have been making sno holiday rush. u-w system leaders have signed off on raising out-of-state and graduate tuition by hundreds of dollars.the schools say they need the extra money to bring non- resident rates more in line with other schools and retain faculty. the move comes as the system continues to grapple with a freeze on in-state undergrad tuition which is in its fourth year. a home in green bay is now condemned due to dangerous levels of mercury contamination.the house is
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elementary school.. where a student brought a small vile of mercury. that prompted a brief evacuation tuesday and closed the school wednesday. more local news now.. a sheyboygan county sheriff's deputy is involved in a rollover can see the squad flipped over.. and broke through a guard rail. crews had to use a saw to get the deputy out. we're told the deputy may have been rear-ended. no word on if the deptuy was hurt. kohler police are investigating. we're continuing tll through a garage in waukesha county. it happened last night near sawyer road and highway 16 in oconomowoc. flight for life was called to the scene. no word on possible injuries. we'll bring you more information as it comes he was the last of america's first astronauts.. and now john glenn is being remembered not just for what he accomplished.. but for helping the nation believe about dreaming beyond the stars. we caught up with space veteran and milwaukee native -- jim
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glenn's legacy. of a new science17:40:36 john was a real straight arrow. he was really kind of a natural leader to take the groupbutt 17:44:29- i think the world should remember him as a pioneer as somebody who was did some of the initial exploration of a new science (:09) summerfest has announced tom petty and the heartbreakers will be joining the 50th anniversary party.petty will be headlining at the marcus amphetheater with special guest chris stapleton. tickets go on sale next fridt the all new 'a christmas carol' continues its run tonight at the pabst theater. the milwaukee rep says the new production is the best selling show in its 41 year history. susan will be there with a walk on role in tonight's show. a few tickets are still available. just add "tmj4" in the coupon code to get a discount to tonight's a local group of girl scouts has a lofty goal- trying to help foster kids.the girls found out foster kids often
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bring with them in garbage bags.these are the duffle bags two girl scout troops hope to buy for kids going into foster care.they all come with a teddy bear, a blanket and a coloring book. have to do that."16.63.36 they told us that they have to carry their stuff in trash bags and we thought that's just heartbreaking for them to have to do that."if you'd like to learn more about the duffle bags, or help the girls reach their 11-hundred you can find a link at tmj4 dot com a one of a kind donation at a salvation army red kettle in mukwonago... someone dropped in a rare gold coin.the south african coin could be worth up to 12 hundred dollars. the salvation army is gearing up for its biggest annual event.. the milwaukee christmas family festival. it's coming up in a couple of weeks. the feast will feed more than eight-thousand people on christmas day. it's the largest meal of its kind served by the salvation army
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lots of volunteers for this holiday season.there's a couple ways to sign up.... you can call the volunteer hotline... or head to ring bells dot org. today's tmj4 is also proud to partner with the hunger task force and raymond james investments on "home 4 the holidays." its a virtual food drive that provides all the ingredients for a holiday meal. just go to and look for the "home 4 the holidays" button. still tsunami alert out west following an earthquake near the california coast.then... big problems.. why it only took a light snow to stir up trouble on the roads in seattle.
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search and rescue efforts continue in indonesia after more than 150 people were killed in an earthquake earlier this week.the six-point-five magnitude quake toppled hundres of buildings.. and left it also flattened dozens of shops and rescue teams used excavators to pull out 23 bodies. the quake was the largest to hit the province in more than a tsunami warnings have been cancelled for several pacific islands.. including those in hawaii after an earthquake hit there yesterday. there were reports of some power outages in the solomon islands, although there were no immediate reports of widespread damage or injuries from the quake. the epicenter was relatively deep at 30
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officials in california are still trying to figure out if a deadly warehouse fire that killed 36 people could have been prevented. officials say the building hasn't been inspected in three decades. the city's fire chief says budget cuts and hiring freezes hampered the department's prevention after massive wildfires destroyed gatlinburg, tennessee.. people will be allowed to return today.the city is set to reopen to the public today. last week's fire killed more than a dozen people while injuring more than 130 others. two jule are facing charges of aggravated arson for the fire light snow is causing issues for travelers in the seattle area.. it was the first measurable snowfall to stick and accumulate in that area in nearly two years. anywhere between one to six inches were expected and more snow could be on the way this weekend. let's send it over to
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should expect the snow to start falling. the wind diminished a little overnight, but with lows in the teens, wind chills remained in the single digits. we get to enjoy more sunshine today under a mostly sunny sky, but it will be breezy and cold with highs in the mph. tonight is mostly cloudy and cold with lows in the teens and a light breeze. saturday is mostly cloudy and quiet for most of the day with highs in the mid 20s and a light wind, but snow showers move in after 4pm saturday, and become heavier and widespread saturday night. a
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effect for all of se wisconsin from 6pm saturday until late sunday night. there will be 3-5" of snow by sunday morning, and the snow continues into sunday evening with an additional 2-4" of accumulation by 7pm. highs will be near 30 with a light wind. light snow continues into monday morning, and accumulations from this storm
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south korean president park geun-hey is apologizing for her negligence of national security and economic concerns following her impeachment.she said "i deeply apologize to
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a big national confusion amid national security and economic concerns due to my carelessness". the constitutional court has up to 180 days to decide on a virginia driver is recovering after hitting the guardrail of a bridge, flipping his truck over a wall and plunging more than 50-feet onto the rocks below. the 20-year-old driver, who is a sailor with the u-s navy, is currently in the hospital with two broken ribs and a bruised lung. "i see this vehicle crash into the rap and flip back over. i thought it was a junked car getting put onto a barge so i came around the turn i saw that there was somebody in it and he was waving. he just said i'm ok this is crazy." authorities say his injuries are non-life threatening.he was ticketed for reckless driving. a man is arrested in washington state after leading police on a high speed chase
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police on a chase - reaching 60-70 miles an hour through residential streets. several schools were placed on lockdown. the driver eventually crashed into a yard totally destroying the fence and a car that was parked outside the home. no one was hurt. coming up.. why experts say now is the time to get into good sleeping habits.. and -- new technology.. how this headwear is helping people who go through chemotherapy
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for your health.. it's a busy
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forgo a good night's rest to tackle that to-do list. as ira cronin reports, now is a good time to evaluate your sleep habits. (sot: dr. charles bae, cleveland clinic)"it's more of a reminder to make sure that you're not sleep deprived and making sure that you get enough sleep. so this might be a good chance to kind of catch up on sleep, but then also make sure that you make sleep a priority."most of know the importance of a good night's sleep... but research shows that few of us get the recommended 7 to 9 hours a getting quality sleep... it's important to limit exposure to stimulants such as caffeine, energy drinks, and the blue light that comes from those tiny screens on our cell phones or tablets... that can interfere with your circadian rhythm -- or natural sleep- wake charles bae... is a sleep expert with the cleveland clinic... and says not getting enough sleep... or being sleep deprived... increases a person's likelihood for decreased alertn
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cognitive function, as well as an increased risk for a mber of other health risks.(sot: dr. charles bae, cleveland clinic)"linked to increased risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, also there's connections to increased risk of heart attack and stroke and that's all from not getting sleep." the centers for disease control says heroin now kills more americans than gun violence. data shows nearly 13- thousand heroin-releated deaths in 20-15.. slightly surpassing the number of shooting deaths. over deaths from all opioids -- including prescription painkillers -- topped 30- thousand for the first time in recent a specially designed scalp cooling cap ... may reduce hair loss caused by chemotherapy. the cap is worn during chemo treatments -- lowers the temperature of scalp and reduces blood flow to the hair follicles. when the system was tested on breast cancer patients ... half had little to no hair loss after four rounds of chemotherapy.
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you on the road.. and what you should have in your car if you don't already.and -- why people are being warned about leaving their cars unattended
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?? most people who sign up for health insurance on
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lowering their monthly premiums. ?? most find low-premium plans for $50 to $100 dollars-a-month. ?? these are quality plans that include coverage for doctor visits, no-cost preventive services and prescription drugs. ?? enroll at by december 15 for coverage starting january 1. with snow on the way this weekend triple-a is know... yet somehow rarely follow. experts encourage us all to put together an emergency kit for the car. they also suggest topping off your fluids, check your windshield wipers-- and always watch out for brake lights in snowy no matter how cold it gets.... police warning people not to leave cars idling this winter. cars left running are prime targets for theives.the city of milwaukee actually has an ordinance prohibiting people from allowing their cars to warm up unattended during cold
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live at 12:30 is up next-- winter weather.. how mother nature is causing issues in other parts of the country.. also... new video released from the day of the church shooting massacre in south carolina as the murder trial
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all at no additional cost. you have medicare. you have medicaid. you may be eligible for dual complete. so call the number on your screen now to see if you're eligible or to enroll... in a dual complete lp plan from unitedhealthcare. thanks for joining us this afternoon. i'm vince vitrano. if you're just joining us.. snow is headed our way this weekend. the wind diminished a little overnight, but with lows in the teens, wind chills remained in the single digits.


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