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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1000  NBC  December 9, 2016 10:00pm-10:19pm CST

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snowfall of the season will arrive on a weekend. >> some streets are pled. 'll tell you about the cities plans. snowstoris on the way. ere this h't for thees othe winter season. had a first small snow last sunde picked up couple of inches. the cld air is here. it will not be heavy wet snow it snow star to push in with a low pressure system, probably after 6:00 o'clock, or 7:00 o'clock milwaukee time. and have a snowy sunday. this will continue on for 24 to even 30 hours. it starts at 6:00 ock on saturday, the winter storm watch, all the way from greenway down to chicago,llf southeast wisconsinxtendg west into western wisconsin and ends at midnight sunday night. now, nothing going on right now
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push out of the mountains. it will be io the plains by the morning hours and heading in our goin to the packers game it will yr up, sno on your way back, and iwill snow during the game. if you're tailgating around 11:00 o'clock, noon, snow will be falling 26 degrees throughout the game. again, kickoff snow, 28, 25 snow for the remaind of the game. wake up in the morning hours, 20 degrees. chores orhris cas showers do it before the evening because at's when the snow hits. snow total time line coming up. >> the cold w ahallenge for the emergency screws searching a lake for a man who broke through thin ey. after several hours of 5:30.t wh case i shares the nd critical ice safety information
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>> reporter: the alcorn fire chief says the man was 7 football fields out on to the ice when he fell through that distance and how cold it is required dozens of crews. by air, and water, rescuers from three dozens departments spent hours on lake cuomo for the 34-year-old man. >> they can only go in the weighter for short period of time. >> around30 the town of geneve a police department says the rescue turned to a recovery. >> at about 5:30 p.m. today a body was located in the lake. >> they tell us the man walked from a property in geneve a national on to ice rescuer say wasn't save to walk on. >> we've had an unseasonably warm and fall season here in wisconsin. ice is incredibly unstable. >> rescuers say when people fall
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guidelines, 4-inches for walking. >> there are certain recommendations but i certainly don't subscribe to those. >> rescuers on this tragic scene pether will listen to their warning. >> ice is save. no ice is safe ice. i wouldn't recommend being on the ice at any time. >> police aren't telling us who the man is as yet as they have to inform their family. in lake again err a case i today's tmj4. >> the w already been pretreated with salt brian. crews begin salting and putting it on the streets before they put it on the main roads. 175 garbage and recycling trucks unted with plow blades are ready to go when the to fall. if we get the higher limits of sw predicted, we will have a snow emergency in all likelihood. that is declared by the commissioner of public works.
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look for those signs again whenever you park. >> now if you are parked in a snow route during a snow emergency you will be ticketed and toed. snow emergencies somes schools make playgrounds for overnight parking. list of those schools and also the city winter parking rules as remember it's now the law in wisconsin it turn on the headlights if it is snowing or any condition tat limits visi, wrijs and elevated roads can be good condition. go posted see limits a for dry pavement. by the end of thendeeke powdery sw could coathe entire landscape. >> that means a lot o us are gearg up for the first for ainto snow survival. >> live at the rock and franklin with look at the personal lok. corinne. >> reporter: george and carol, this is one of the placesl you'l find snow in southeast wisconsin
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their friday ening getting ready. >> some look forward to a big snow. >> we need some white on the ground. >> others don't. >> no, not really. >> differences aside, most agree on waiting until the last minute to prepare. >> same thing every year. >> it's human nare. >> reporter: phones ringing off the hook at switsers calling to put their name on the three week wait list fornow blower repairs. soppinme sto in. >> parts getting the snow blower going for the weekend. >> sometimes dining the gas out, putting some fresh gas in. >> lots of track at harry's ace hardware in franklin. >> we've been busy. >> the owner thankful for the boosts in sale. >> we bought a new snowmobile. >> we bought something for ice
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>> snowman. >> the rock plans to open next saturday if all goes as planned. georgie know you're looking for packing snow to build a snowman. just so you know it's powder out here, you'll have to cross your fingers for this weekend. >> reporting live in franklin corinne tmj4. >> johnd a moment ago snoer sn tundra of lambeau field. it could impact your driver to and from. layer up and give yourself extra time to get there t. check?x travel conditions of this map from current road conditions. green means gao. no major weather related issues right now for most of the state. you will find a link to the map anytime on our bsite, all the links we've mentioned about winter parking, the current
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resources section right here on our home page. >> the presidential recount is nearly 90% complete in wisconsin. 64, 72 counties have finished and sent the results to the state elections commission. this is video from waukesha counting. the counting is still. looking ahead every county must be done by tuesday. account to make to certify the recognizes 10 electoral votes. a driver distracted by his dog is blamed for a county sheriff's. the deputy car was rear-ended and roeld over. the deputy was not seriously hurt. the police are asking for a help. 30-year-d sabrina aenast been seen sinc esy. he has health problems. district foint 5937251
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i-94 northbound is shut down through the zoo interchange. this is a stretch from greenfield ave to watertown plank road it's closed so they can put the bridge gerters. >> a milwaukee teacher could be walking the red carpet. >> choir director finalist for the music educator awar. >> striking the right chord in the classroom. >> school choir room and you'll feel the energy not only coming from these young voices but also their leader. this week erika breitbart found her passion landed her on a short list for a major award. >> it's a great honor i'm more excited my students get that recognition because they spend day in and day out practicing. >> emanuel rodriguez.
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nominated for a award. >> breitbart for pushing him out of his comfort zone. >> who else derves this. >> i all starts when breitbart was nominated by raegan staff. they put together video followed by rounds of interviews. >> it's friends family students parents community members. >> she says an 8 year uphill imb sets her apart. >> there is no program here. d the pncipal said you should build a program. we started it from scratch. it grew f 50 400 students who everyday. iave never had a teacher who cares so much about like her students. >> a sentiment that rings true throughout this room. helping her make the cut fro 290 quarterfinalists down to 10. >> good. >> reporter: if she wins she'll have a night with the stars with a favorite all right already in mind. >> i would le to meet bee yons?( yea th will be gre
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>> s will find out in late january. if she wins $10,000 prize and another $10,000 for her program. good luck. it's an honor to be denominator dated. >> in case you missed this the holiday season is here. >> coming up tangible evidence of this festive sign. filledit the ft of animals and te to warm your heart zbloosh add a little fall to take you to a party certain to warm >> an ideat rocks. a local doctors plan to capitalize on goof ball craze. this docto wants to benefit the 6 children's he serves. >> the shows next here is jimmy fan wpreser ys bla johnson is my guest tonit.
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. ispins b e heard going around, in order stroms aoc in atherpouch. soldout. a doctor children's hospital couldn't belve it. gave him a idea to help the kids at spal. david march goal is has campaign.e roc a rean
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from now until december 31st. he will send you a rock from lake michigan in exchange for a donation to help kid children. >> instead ofoe d mate l85 f a ret failer a rock, send us $85 a i will be happy to send yo a the beaut ores of lake michigan.>> rn doc. nyou ca donate on lock. [ music ]. >> a cal ia athe scene yor cr is one we singers have acebration. lan arica christmas eve tradition. >> hardotfeive. >> holidaymagic. here is a lt m attractions.
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exis lobbyank abtitors?? cck talk withank clr know, mye akids,y parentsma
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owcoll details you sreis?? auprtholida. l t do around reot s treein odoo foa fr gh h positive carol. you can do - anay watch folks for nig t stat
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of southwe sin.nidnit syni heres yo t line, the snow begins to move in around 6he wef theie a around 7 ntoc30 milwaukee county. from 60 o'clock 2 ing thas the 6 mo4 tedu lac,hes there. another 2 t 4 fond duac sunday ear, t sunday ern. 4 6 in the southern portions of the viewing area. to ourouth 4 to 6 towsome 8.
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thicke the low is moving across colorado and into the plains start to generate new aa snow over nebraska that will be he temperatures are going to stay cold right through tomorrow and through the weekend. so 21 right now milwaukee 19, racine 15. and ken oesh too 18, walk e sha with the clear skies. this is the powdery snow. so 11:00 in ra sheen 5 is the wind chill factor in kenosha, 6 in beaver dam. computer model showing the cold in place. high pressure moves out of the way, we'll still see some sunshine in the morning hours and watch the clouds come in first and then the snow starts to push in. in the evening hours and then the thicker part of the snow, the heavier parts of the snow, until 8:00 o'clock tomorrow
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on through the day. by 10:00 clock sunday most of the snow will be ending and we'll only see a few flurries after that. so for tonight mosley clear skies, early increasing clouds, 11 inland, 14 at the lakeshore. windchill zero. increasing cloud tomorrow, snow begins after 6:00. 22 degrees. morrow night 21. all day. we'll see some temperatures rising before the morning h 2 to 4-inches of snow on the ground. by mid-morning on sunday, mid-morning right through the rest of the evening into the evening snow continues on 30 degrees and those total anywhere in the 5 to 10-ish range. from monday left over flurist 31. and then the cold hits. tuesday mosley to partly cloudy skies. 20. look at wednesday. and high of only 10 degrees. 13 on thursday.
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george, on thursday. >> well now that will be nice. >> that will be a zero. >> that's the first zero i've seen. >> an 18 with a 5 in the morning on friday. so cold air to end the week. this storm will drag down a little bit of polar air. winter is here. >> coming up in packers extra
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>me a aeaw th only teams to the playoffs each of the p fou seasons and now their paths
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s??? decber tampa remberamly even had ofomes sond could get 6 8 inches of ? een y. e mt in aegular season contestn. terback russeiln ys bring it on. >> we waough ennment. we look forrdhose types and'm hoping it's comingdown, snowing, hoping it's a down pour t.
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welcome back. be theoinn the?? spurs, team a a head scratcher. and le the buc getting off to a great job. jabbar parker had great start. atlanta roors back from a denni.
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th matit is inedible. , you ?rknow, usll i- i was one of these basket fresh man's and and and, yno-o u and down, it doe'te ty're bad. itucevel than high school. as good as marcus is one of th st
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it's s big fference dir tytu they show up evyday. aon i pettis makes weight. max holloway 206. notor the feather weight title. he cld be in a super fht with jose aldo or connor mregor. >> conno mcgregor is out there at 145 pounds right now.
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. meghan millions 19, 27, 47, 6867, >> tomorrow is the ca before the storm. you should not see a snowflake before 6:00 o'clock in the evening. temperatures will be cold. snow follows that and it will come down.
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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- dwayne johnson.


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