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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1000 Saturday  NBC  December 10, 2016 10:00pm-10:29pm CST

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10 inches of snow. at the peak of the storm, some parts of the area could see up to an inch of snow an hour. john is timing this all out with your storm team forecast. >> we have a winter weather advisory to our north, but up towards green bay, that advisory continues on. it could be tough traveling for folks going to the packer game. winter storm warnings from dodge co border and south of there, west all the way to the mississippi river. this snow goes all the way back to the dakotas. that's how much snow we're going to see and how long a prolonged period of snow we'll feel. from wisconsin back to the center of central north dakota or central south dakota, southern north dakota and through minnesota. this is going to continue on in our neck of the woods for a
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through. darker bands are the heavier snow bands. burlington has picked up two inches of snow. everyone between one and two inches on the ground already. lake geneva getting 2.3. you can see one moderate band went through. here's the second developing. right here north of waukesha county to dodge county. moderate bands move through and die out. another band generally we could see three to five inches on the ground by the morning hours. and another three to five after that. going to the packer games at 3:25, there'll be a lot of snow on the way up there. we'll see for tailgating snow and 27 degrees at 1:00 and light snow from kickoff through the 4th quarter might see four to five inches on the ground during the game and after the game. when you wake up in the morning
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you'll have three to five inches on the ground. 21. we'll warm up a little bit tomorrow, but the snow will continue on right through the day. more details -- a more detailed timeline coming up in a few minutes. >> looking forward to it. thank you, john. let's take a live look at port washington. the snow is coming down there. kind of slick out there and white covered roads on the side streets. difficulties of the storm will be our plow crews keeping up with t we're about to get overnight. 102 salt trucks just finished salting side streets in milwaukee. 16 salt trucks reported for duty at this hour. dpw will roll to a second shift of drivers at midnight. the city will deploy 175 garbage trucks mounted with plow blades. >> a snow emergency has been declared in pleasant prairie and one goes into effect at midnight
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it's possible a snow emergency could be declared milwaukee, meaning if you're parked on a snow route, you'll be ticketed or towed. some mps schools make may background and parking lots available for you to park. the winter parking rules can be found at for you. the snow has been falling for four hours in southeast wisconsin. ben jordan joins us live from stormchaser with how people are dealing with the first major storm of the down much harder than four hours ago when we spoke at 6:00. here's a live look at racine avenue. you can see the roads are partially covered as the flakes have gotten bigger by the hour. the pavement hasn't been slippery for us. just on 90-degree turns. here's a look off to the side of the road. you can see the snow is starting to build up.
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driving conditions as plow and crews try to keep up. >> it's getting a little slick. >> steve hit the road in four-wheel drive >> watch out for the crazies. there will be people not remembering what they're doing. >> reporter: several others stocking up to hunker down. >> getting groceries so i can go nowhere tomorrow. >> reporter: the pick and save managers have kept busy as shoppers target canned goods, eggs they say five to eight inches. that's enough for me to stay home. >> reporter: others are already doing just that, keeping pizza delivery drivers like andrew palmer in constant motion. >> don't feel bad for them. give them a good tip for coming out in weather like this. >> reporter: the frigid temps in the lower 20s makes some wonder how the homeless will make it through the night. >> terrible, especially during this time of year. >> reporter: the storm was enough of a concern for this
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weekend. they are providing them with a bed and warm meal. >> good people help the unfortunate. there should be more of it. >> reporter: while we've been out and about, we have yet to see any accidents here. we've measured just about an inch of snowfall with much more to come. ben jordan, >> transportation reminding drivers to be prepared for high winds and drifting snow. the posted speed limits are for dry conditions. take it slow. give yourself extra room, even for snowplows. call 511 to check for alerts for roads that you're about to take. head to through the night. you'll find the latest storm alerts and closures and download our mobile app for your phone
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more local news. eight fire departments battle a new berlin house fire during frigid temperatures today. a couple is homeless tonight, grieving the loss of their dog. the owners were not home at the time of the fire. they arrived later. neighbors watched from a distance. >> it's very sad for the dog obviously, but this time of year, it's really important for the family to be okay. >> one came home from the store. another came home from a neighbor helping a neighbor with the area, firefighters had to shuttle water to fight the blaze. a reminder about venturing out on the ice this time of year. firefighters in cedarburg rescued a dog on the ice that broke through this afternoon. a dive team and boaters went into the ice and saved him. he was cold, tired, but okay. coming up, a somber salute. how depouties in kenosha
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force. >> and let's take a look outside, getting a check of the roads to keep you safe. they're in muskego.
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welcome back. we're roads outside. you're taking a live look at waukesha from our waukesha cam. the salt is doing its job, but looks like the roads are very wet out there, so be careful and take it slow. a somber salute to bid a member of the kenosha county sheriff's office farewell at a veterinary office for a k-9 named klaus. k-9 klaus was draped in a
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five years he spent on hundreds of drug purchases, missing persons cases and tracking down fleeing suspects. >> how many officers or civilians are alive because a criminal with an intent to injure or kill heard his bark. >> he found countless illegal drugs along the i-94 corridor. >> i had to take someone in custody. he was in front of the car waiting. we don't have time to wait for >> reporter: the six-year-old had to be put down after multiple masses found on his spleen and liver. >> he will be missed by departments and kenosha county and his family. >> a plaque was given to his handler to thank both of them for protecting all of us. >> it's like a chapter of my life that i'll always remember. >> thank you for your service, klaus. he was laid to rest today at the
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>> we'll take a live look with ben and we'll take a look outside. i-41 at wisconsin 119. looks like salt is doing its job, but again, it's slick out there. please be careful. john is back with us.
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welcome back. let's take a live look at mitchell international airport. you can see from that light post there that that snow is coming down in that area, and there are probably a lot of plows on all those strips there trying to keep the planes safe. the snow has been coming down for hours now.
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where are you now? >> reporter: we're driving on i-43 north heading towards milwaukee. i'll show you a live look at the roads. the roads are partially covered right now, but we're driving about 50 miles an hour. it hasn't been too bad. you can see the flakes are coming down. they've progressively gotten bigger by the hour tonight, mainly starting in this area, roughly around 5:00 or 6:00. so far the pavement hasn't been 90-degree turns inside the city. now that we're back on the interstate, it wasn't too bad. most of the roads were pretty clean and good to go. another positive tonight is it hasn't been too windy for us. so it hasn't been blowing around creating those whiteout conditions. earlier we measured about an inch of snowfall with more to come. back to you. >> thanks so much.
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our storm team forecast. with our stormchaser, it's packed with the nooks and crannies. we're taking it slow. >> you should. the temperatures are so low. he said it was fun. we would be excited in the s stormchaser right now. snow totals, we don't have a lot yet. burlington, 2. dade inches. racine, one inch. ken kenosha, one inch. new berlin, .7 of an inch there. winter weather advisories run until tomorrow night. winter storm warnings run into tomorrow evening from dodge county, all the way down to chicago and west to the mississippi river.
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this radar and satellite together for you. it runs from indiana into south dakota. everything is moving east with a slight southeast motion on it. we have a lot of snow to come. the snow continues across the southern part of the state. where you see the darker blue, those are moderate pockets of snow. they extend in pockets to lacrosse. we had a moderate band. the second moderate band is southern part of dodge county, southern washington county, and now into the northern part of milwaukee county. a little later over racine county. by midnight, everybody gets one to three inches of snow. by 6:00 in the morning, three to five inches will cover all of southeast wisconsin. between 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., add another three to five inches on top of the three to five that's fallen.
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snow. the 10 mainly south of milwaukee. the six inches in f ofondulac. that four to six up to green bay if you're driving there. six to nine inches everywhere else. and maybe kenosha could see up to 10 inches of snow. temperatures staying cold. this is going to be a powdery, light, fluffy snow. 21 port there's no blizzard condition going on with this snowfall. that's good news. look at the future wind speeds. they stay in the 5 to 10-mile-an-hour range. tomorrow, 6 to 12-mile-an-hour. sunday night to monday, winds pick up as a front passes through. that could blow stuff around for
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morning. here are the models showing the show through 6 in the morning and until 5:30, 6:00, most of the snow starts to push out. we'll see clearing monday morning. a little trough could bring flurries monday night. this is a polar air mass. we're going to see highs in the teens and single digits. tonight snow continues on. winter storm warning continues on. three to five, three inches by morning. lows in the low 20s. tomorrow, 31. three to five inches. it will snow most of the day. and then into tomorrow night, we are going to look at the snow diminishing and then right into monday, it gets windier. it will blow some of the snow around. partly cloudy skies. you can see a flurry late in the day on monday. and then those temperatures start to go down. on tuesday, look at the high. 11 degrees on tuesday.
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morning low of 0. below 0 temperatures on thursday morning. 4 below to be exact. look at the high on thursday. 7. 7. >> ouch. >> 18 on friday. could see snow by saturday. this is really only the beginning of a long period of snow. yes, it looks pretty good on the roads. not too bad. it's going to get worse. be ready. thanks so much. coming u last team standing in the rivalry game between marquette and wisconsin? rod with the highlights after this break. let's look at our stormchaser. john just showed up we're going to get walloped for some time
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>> bucks on the road in washington looking for a win over the wizards. we'll pick this up in the 4th quarter. hit the triple for the bucks.
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hit five of them tonight and 25 points. this jumper put milwaukee up 94-88. the wizards come back. waugh hits the jumper. he has 24 for them. wizards win it 110 to 105. the wisconsin badgers will have the state bragging rights in college basketball after they beat the golden eagles at the bradley center. first half, they go on an 8-nothing run. badgers up 23-16. marquett back-to-back triples. marquette up 40 to 35 at the break. second half. howard drills the triple. he had 22 points for marquette. the badgers up 49-47. the 3 ball working for the badgers. showwalter and then hayes.
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then look at the outlook passing. badgers win it 93 to 84. here's the post-game wrap-up. >> it was a tail of two halves that ended for wisconsin who went on a 16-0 run. >> runs start on the defensive end. we had to get some stops and ran the guys up to and tried to make touches on the inside as tough as possible. the lead started to swell. we got up to our 17, 18-point lead. we just got to do a better job of closing out the game. >> for whatever reason, and i have to figure it out, you know, our starts to second halves have been hard. we allow a team to get so much momentum. when you're playing a team that
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run and you give them momentum, it's a recipe for disaster. >> howard lead with 22 points. >> he's had five or six bags of i.v. fluids from a horrible stomach virus. we weren't sure he'd what he did takes courage. the green bay packers host the seahawks tomorrow at lambeau field. the one player they want to contain is blackett. >> it brings a different dimension to this game. he's the focus. we need to win that part of the game. that will affect the field
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for us. i think really the technical focus, they do a good job staying on blocks. we can't let them grab us. we can't let them execute the blocks in the return game. >> lamar jackson was the youngest heisman trophy winner
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>> tomorrow the packers play the seahawks at we take you to january 2008 when they hosted the seahawks in a very white lambeau field. >> snow continues to fall here at lambeau field in green bay. the amazing thing is he kept his balance. >> he has running room. he might go!
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? let it snow >> the green pbay packers are headed to the nfc title game next week. >> smile so much. >> that was a record snowfall. let's hope the same result. we beat seattle, right? then you'll say to john, thanks for the weather, dude. let's get to the weather. the snow continues to fall around here and moderate pockets northern part of milwaukee county. here's your timeline. one to three inches by ?? [ applause ] ?? welcome to the lead. i'm jake tapper.


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