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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 600  NBC  December 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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and southwest, wind chill it is between 10 and just below 0 in much of the area. we're watching a cold front generating light snow. while we're clear now and getting cold fast with the clear skies, clouds roll in late tonight and that will take our temperatures down. not amounting to too much. down to 13 degrees at i'm talk about the wind chills. they're going to get worse. coming up in a few minutes. >> new at 6, region faced a significant winter storm and despite the condition, we needed a lot of salt. big shipment of dee eyeing brought en. bran be done was there. he joins us now. >> courtney and shannon, the
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to know surprise to anyone, this past weekend lengthy storm made driving conditions slick. and road de-icings with a major priority for the milwaukee region. a timely 20,000 ton shipment of de-icing salt came into the port of milwaukee this morning. >> always good to have enough salt. >> wayne johnson says the shipment comes from canada. he says 500 trucks a to be filled with assault to help keep the roads clear. >> we shipped salt out to municipalities in a 0 mile radius. they have to restock supplies. >> a portion will be bagged and sold for families and businesses to use. >> now the port of milwaukee
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they expect 3 to 4 more shipments before the end of the year. >> okay. thank you. greenfield fire and rescue responds to a scary crash involving a plow and a woman driving the wrong way on the interstate. they're. >> alix: 43. officials on scene say both drivers are extremely lucky no one was seriously hurt t driver the car is charged with d.u.i. and reckless endangering safety. 55-year-old man snow on the north side. people are thinking twice about how they handle the yearly chore. spoke with people trying to stay aware of what their body is telling them while they shovel. >> bundle up, number one. as you get older, take it easier. take a break. >> push it rather than lift it. what i prefer to do. >> the national safety council
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smoking or drinking alcohol. take it slow and take frequent breaks. push the snow rather than lift it and be sure to drink plenty of water. >> people around milwaukee were digging cars out of the snow today. and on the east side, some got tickets for parking under no parking when snowfalls four inches or more signs. regulation was in effect. helped plows get through to clean the streets. >> is it tough finding parking in the winter with all restrictions? >> yes. i'm glad ettle there too. >> tough to movie theater your vehicle in that short of time when volcano else is scrambling for a parking spot. >> one of those cited, but the ticket beats not having a spot to park in at all, especially when the weather that is bad. here's a reminder of the winter parking rules. you must follow the odd even rule. on odd even days, you park on
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days, even side. park on the even side tonight to avoid being ticketed. a lot to remember but saves you money. >> better to have a spot and pay the bills. sometimes. yes. with winter weather officially here. several cities encourage residents to help neighbors. >> lauren spoke with one dad whose son did just that. >> yeah the two boys acted as good samaritans, helping a man in a sunday night and the father of the boys says he couldn't be more proud. >> i never thought they'd want to get out and shovel a big corner lot. >> this act we want a long way. they said dad, pull over. therm like look, he's trying to shovel, let's go help him. >> he and his sons daniel and dominic were on the way home from the mall when the boys noticed a man having a tough time shoveling his snow. >> he was telling us how he had
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so that's why he was in a wheelchair. the. >> the young boys age 10 and 6 may not be shoveling experts but he's happy they were interested. >> honestly, my eyes got really watery because it made me very happy. >> he posted a picture on facebook and with over 1,000 likes and 500 shares, clear this good deed didn't go be unnoticed. really felt gat i let the kids read them all this among. they were so excited. >> if you were physically unable to cleaver the sidewalk of snow in front of your home, you may want to apply for assistance. otherwise, you could be find. lauren win free, today's tmj4. >> preparations underway for the opening of slice of ice. the rink will open tomorrow at 3. holiday hoopla sell graduation
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wednesday, from 4-7:00 p.m. the wisconsin elections commission says the recount of the presidential election is complete and certificate night. former green party nominee dr. glisten requested the recount which resulted in almost no shift in the numbers. donald trump's margin of victory remains roughly 22,000 votes. jill stein released a statement on the recount. she says in part this recurrent was negative about changing the outcome. it was about and restoring confidence in the voting system to americans across the country would have doubts. and a federal judge blocked recounty efforts in pennsylvania. president-elect donald trump won the state's 20 electoral votes on election day. tomorrow president-elect donald trump and haven't mike pence will bring the thank you tour to west dallas. house speaker paul ryan will join the pair. trump and pens will speak at the
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doors open at 4. former candidate bernie sanders in kenosha for a tapping of all in with chris hayes. will air on msnbc. sanders talked about everything from trade to police to the old chrysler plant closing in kenosha and the election of donald trump. as our next president. 27-year-old man is dead after being shot multiple times near 5th and v before 11 this morning. no arrests made. two girls accused of stabbing friend to please sender man will have separate trials. judge made that ruling today. they're charged as adults with attempted first degree intentional homicide. milwaukee police asking for help. three different robberies on the northwest side. happened last wednesday within 30 minutes of each other.
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suspects. if you have information, you're asked do call police. >> milwaukee police solve an armed recycle using a mobile app. a man robbed a woman and police were able to track down the suspect using the find my droid app and arrest him. charges expected in the coming days. >> green and gold have won three straight games but aaron injured calf has people talking. rod? >> right, guys. packers did get the win over the seahawks but aaron rodgers is hurting after he trained his right calf in the win. happened on the third play of the game. he threw a strike for the first touchdown of the game. rogers was limping throughout the game with a sore ham spring. he was able to play through until he was taken out of the game in the fourth quarter.
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>> we've been through it before f there's a positive in him getting hurt. but the challenge is and i tend to err on the side of conservative when it comes to him and he obviously really appreciates that as you can tell because he wants to, he wants to push it. you've got to find that can common ground there. >> packers will head to soldier field to take on the chicago bears. >> all right. thank you. linebacker julius peppers nominated for the 2016 art rooney sportmanship award. each team nominates one of its players around this is second straight nomination. award created in 2014 in honor of the late founding owner of the pittsburgh steelers and pro football hall of famer art rooney senator. >> the german liquor company registration.
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theirs. both feature a deer inside a circle and are roughly the same size. toronto ready to take on the raptors. team will try to avoid third straight loss. team is 11 and 11 on the year. tip-off at 6:30. still ahead, law enforcement set to begin annual drive sober or get pulled over campaign. what they want you to know to keep you safe and a new cafe'
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>> you're watching today's tmj4. >> you'll soon start seeing more law enforcement on the road. drive sober or get pulled over starts on thursday. sheriff office says on average,
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alcohol related crash every three hours. drivers are urged designated driver take a cab bus or call an uber. city of milwaukee mailed out property tax bills. most people will receive bills no later than this went. if you don't receive a bill by then, you be should contact the office. if you pay it all at once. bills are due by the end of the year or you can set u office. >> more local news now. new cafe will open this week in sherman park. it is a pay what you can nonprofit community cafe. grand opening this wednesday with live music, raffle and even activities for the children. cafe is located near 45th and north. >> coming up we're going to show off another item to be auctioned off. also ahead, with colder temperatures on the way, we'll tell you how it will impact
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>> a blanket of snow in several part of thary. this is when we come back asia. looks like a winter people are still digging out after the beg snowstorm over the weekend. why that snow will be melting any time soon. john? >> kind of good news. right? now we know we have a white christmas to look forward to. if you remember last year, we had nothing, no snow on the ground for the christmas holiday. all right. we're talking about oak creek,le .5. waukesha picked up 8 as you showed.
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racine. 8 inches. officially at the airport. 7.8. elkhart less with 4.5 inches of snow. hearings our snow season so far. this month, 9.7. we didn't get any snow in october and november. that's our season so far. average should be around 6.3. we're above average by just over three inches. high temperatures today. 21. look at the 14 that's our see beerian air coming in. 18 in milwaukee. lake geneva down to 8. fond did he lack and waukesha, feels like 8 below 0 already. 5 below 0 milwaukee as we go through the morning hours. you can see we're around 15 below 0. watertown, tomorrow. wind chill in the teens
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temperatures right around by thursday at morning. 32 below 0. we'llle definitely see wind chill everywheres. skies have cleared out. cooling out quickly. we do have a cold front with the polar air, siberian air coming in. touching off very, very light snow. we'll see light snow or flurries later on. much of it dissipates. cold air settles in. that's all we'll see. temperatures right through thursday before our next chance of snow starts to arrive late on friday. 12 your overnight low if you're right at the lake shore. 5 inland and we will see very light snow, maybe a dusting in some spots. that comes in later tonight. 13 your high temperature tomorrow. wind chill could get as low as 10 below 0. clouds decrease after that lots of sunshine into wednesday with
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chill could hit advisory levels on wednesday. thursday 7 is your high. breezy again. wind chill everywheres on thursday and then some snow rolls in late in the day on friday. back up to 20. 28 about snow on saturday. and that snow could be shovelable snow. once again. stay tuned. we'll watch that all week and guess what, it gets cold again sunday and monday. back into the teens. the good news. what is the good milwaukee think, there will be snow on the ground for this christmas. >> it's not going to melt. it will be cold. >> bundle up. i'm reading between the lines. western mutual says the cold weather doesn't have much impact on construction downtown because most of the work is now being done indoors. today's tmj4 is happy to partner with the hunger task force and
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holidays. virtual food drive allows you to donate a meal to someone in need. runs through december 30. look for the home for the holidays button to donate. today's tmj sports for mack is this friday. 25 sports up for dibs. one of jersey. number 3 and wayne signed the back. now plays for the chicago bulls. four tickets to a 2017 big east game. this could be yours if you bid during the sports auction for mack. friday from 3 to 5. live on tmj4. join us in the fight against childhood cancers. that will be a hot item. it will probably go fast.
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ron rodgers and gordy nelson over the seahawks. after the break. here's what's on tv tonight.
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? ? >> quarterback aaron rodgers and gordy nelson combine and packers win over the seahawks puts them in the record books. >> when you consider that the packers have played football for 95 plus years, this is heady stuff. aaron rodgers and gordy nelson combining on 57 touchdown passes. means we've been successful and we put in a lot of time. one of those things we'll be able to look back on. see what we were able to
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a reminder honestly the time and the work that we both put in individually and together. on the practice field. side lien and just reaping the benefits. >> you probably noticed after the whistle a little whooping from tj lang. he likes his role as the enforcer. a bit of a chippy group. kind of hitting you late, shouldering you late. nothing you know, super aggressive. they like to be physical and intimidating. we knew that we will have to outplay them at their own game. for me, it's just something that i think i said it last year, i think i watch too much hockey probably. >> the packers still need hope to get in the post season but no doubt they are probably now the most dangerous team in the nfv. oozing with confidence after this victory. >> thank you, lance. >> jeff fisher out as head
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the rams got home 41-14. rams off to a 4-9 start. john fossil will serve as interim coach. bucks in action taking on the raptors. looking to snap a two game
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>> if you're going out this evening, budge up. wind chill below 0 in some spots. and it's going to get worse. we'll be talking about that on the now. we'll be telling you where this cold airbnb is coming from. >> do it again. >> no. so good. so good. look at him getting shy. thanks, everybody for joining
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good evening, the now milwaukee. i'm george mallet, steve has the night off. the first day of winter isn't for another week and a half, but if you ask us, we'd say it feels like the season's


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