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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 600  NBC  December 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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port washington, 5 below zero. burlington, whitewater and also up in fond du lac. how far out in advance can we look at the wind chills to see how dangerous they will get? 10 below zero in the morning hours. during the day, approaching advisory levels, and then they will hit advisory levels wednesday night and right on into the early part of thursday. so we'll be watching that carefully, and then after the cold, we'll be talking another snow event. i'll tell you when all that arrives coming u minutes. >> too soon for it to be this cold. >> shannon: with the cold, temperatures in our area, warming centers are in full effect. >> live in downtown milwaukee with more on how the city is preparing. brandon? >> reporter: steve and shannon, the city and county is asking for help, needing more warming centers for those in need. >> the need for warming centers and shelters is particularly acute this time of year.
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dropping in which -- and milwaue county has a need for more warming centers. >> people should be aware, these cold temperatures aren't just frustrating, they're something to take very seriously. >> with temperatures like this, you can't have too much. if there's people who have facilities in the nonprofit that understands kind of what a warming center is and are lilg to help us out, please get in contact because we can help you help people stay warm in the winter. >> reporter: the plan is to have more centers open before the week is over. >> we're focusing on just individuals out in the streets, we're talking a couple hundred folks, but in total there's about 1400 that are either sheltered or unsheltered. >> reporter: and they want to get the message out that anyone who is willing to help, can. >> the county is working right now very hard to try and add additional capacity. >> reporter: if you would like to help or if you would like more information about a warming
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live from the milwaukee rescue mission, brandon rook. >> steve: besides warming centers, the city of milwaukee health department has some tips, if you need to be out in the cold. some of this is obvious but reminders help me. dress in layers, be aware of frostbite and hypothermia. check on family and neighbors. and if you need help, always dial 211 for assistance. >> shannon: milwaukee dpw crews have wrapped up their snow removal oti the four-inch rule applies when more or at least four inches of snow has fallen. dpw wants to remind you to check all posted street signs before you park tonight. starting today, you can get a license to plow city-owned allies, just for $10. it's usually 50 bucks. but the city hopes that decreasing the fee will encourage private plow operators to pitch in and help.
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to hire private contractors. the latest with the forecast on or you can use our mobile app. >> steve: sheriff's office in sheboygan county needs your help to find a missing lakeland university student. 18-year-old o'neal was last seen by his roommate sunday morning wearing a black jacket. if you have any information, call the sheriff's office. the number right there on your screen, (920)459-3112. just one hou president-elect donald trump is supposed to start his thank you event at stair fair park. people stood out in the cold for as long as 12 hours to watch that speech. >> shannon: live as they waited. >> reporter: you can see behind me, the sheriff is speaking to the crowd now and he's speaking a crowd mostly full of donald trump fans but i got the chance to speak to one young woman who does not support him but is open
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>> i love him. >> i'm looking forward to an exciting time. >> it's the sentiment you expect to hear in this line. >> he's going to be making some nice changes for this country that are desperately needed. >> but among the supporters stands an outlier. >> i don't respect a lot of his views. >> sporting hillary clinton for president, but here she is, bracing the cold, waiting to here president-elect donald trump. >> i think sides is really important. >> while many supporters feel trump has said all they need to hear -- >> i think he's pretty much answered everything. >> riley hopes to hear more from the president-elect. >> he didn't really explain yeah into depth how he was going to promote change, so i'd really like to see that. >> reporter: riley will have her chance shortly. donald trump is expected to start speaking at 7:00 tonight. we'll be back out here live at
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>> shannon: sheboygan police arrested a man who they say threatened to shoot up a school, now charged with terrorist threats according to a criminal complaint. someone tipped off police to a threatening facebook post, and during a search of his home, police say they found nearly 300 rounds of ammo and an ar-15 rifle. during questioning, police say the 21-year-old stated he regularly watched school shooting videos because it relieves his stress. post to get a reaction out of people. >> steve: family members gathered today to remember a 15-year-old girl shot last night inside her home. >> shannon: live near 35th and silver spring drive, where a vigil is happening right now. and growing. >> reporter: good evening. since we last saw you at 5:00, you can see family members and friends have added to the vigil here. several more balloons, candles
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remember johnson. johnson was inside the kitchen when someone from outside opened fire on her house last night. her little sister was also inside and said she heard four gunshots and watched as melanie collapsed in the hallway. her entire family is still in shock and trying to make sense of what happened. >> whoever did this, you don't know what you took from us. you have no idea what you did to her mother and father. you have no idea what you did to us as a you took something so precious with no remorse, no regret. >> reporter: melanie's family wants the vigil to serve not as a reminder of how she died but to celebrate the life she lived. police have not said whether or not this was a targeted attack or just a random act of violence. of course, as soon as we learn new information, we'll be sure to pass it along to you both on air and online at
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today's tmj4. >> steve: more local news, the man shot and killed yesterday near fifth and vine has been identified as 27-year-old cody harris, an ex marine, father of two. he was found yesterday morning, shot multiple times. police continue their search for suspects. the milwaukee common council has approved a lead pipe replacement plan for some homes but that will not happen overnight. the program starts next year and would work to replace lateral service lines. me $1600 or one-third of the total cost. the city would pay to replace the portion of pipes that it's responsible for. homeowners would pay their portion, spread out over the next 10 years. mayor tomorrow barrett released a statement on that vote saying milwaukee continues to move forward in the fight against lead. i'm thankful for the council's support and hard work being put forward into this effort by city departments. >> shannon: port washington's
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they've been manufacturing men's footwear for more than a century it bought the company for $255 million. >> steve: governor walker called today a christmas gift to wisconsin homeowners. >> shannon: lower property tax bills, the state is saying the average homeowner should see a ducks of around 116. why those bills continue to fall and the f break. >> reporter: governor walker, the typical homeowner will see the savings on their year to year bill. >> i would like to redo this. >> reporter: the things he wants to do to renovate his home. the projects can add up. governor walker hopes property tax relief will free up cash for families across wisconsin, giving folks money to fix up their homes. >> it's important for working families, it's important for
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>> reporter: homeowners are paying 18.29 for every thousand dollars their home is worth. that's down just $0.08 from 2010 but walker says the rate is way lower than what homeowners were projected to pay when he took office. >> $1700 more is what someone would have to pay if property taxes had continued at the pace they were in the decade before we took office. >> reporter: walker says state aid for education is one of the main reasons property taxes have lowered ovhe lemke sees that reduction on his bill but homes to see more relief as time goes on. >> we'll talking a relatively small amount of money. >> reporter: the governor's office hopes to keep the savings trend going, allowing families to safe even more over the next two years. in milwaukee, today's tmj4. >> shannon: we checked in with the local city treasurer who pointed out the assessed value of your home could change if your taxes went up or down.
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hosted its very first holiday dinner giveaway at the heritage health center. >> steve: laura -- lauren is live in our newsroom with more. >> reporter: helping the community beyond healthcare. the group usually hosts a thanksgiving dinner giveaway, each year serving thousands of people, because that event is so well received, i'm told milwaukee health services felt the need to do more. >> this holiday season. dozens of residents braved through eagerly for the doors to open and a chance to receive a hearty holiday meal. >> i'm grateful for the extra to go on the dinner table. >> reporter: kathleen smith lives on milwaukee's north side. she was invited to attend the holiday dinner, not only for a meal, but also for a mammogram. >> actually, i'm dealing with cancer now, as we speak.
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those type of things are offered. >> reporter: smith is referring to the health screenings offered in addition to the dinner. milwaukee health services provided for its patrons. >> when i got here, i didn't know it was all of this. and so i got a free bag of food, which is really nice. i know there's ham in there, canned goods, potatoes. so it's a whole meal in a bag. >> reporter: this meal is part of a bigger mission. >> it' n healthcare for us; we're here to provide whatever our community needs. >> reporter: a need michele grant says is often overlooked, especially when it comes to healthcare, but that's something she's working to change. >> we're in a health shortage area. that means there aren't any primary care providers in this area. these resources that we provide are severely needed. >> reporter: in the milwaukee
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meals today and 100 patients were seen for health screenings. the group plans to host the event in years to come. >> steve: still ahead on live at 6:00, alarming new numbers about the obesity rate in wisconsin and how we stack up against the national average. >> shannon: and why the international airport received a huge check, and what it's being
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>> announcer: you're watching today's tmj4 with sha charles benson, storm team 4 chief meteorologist john malan, and lance allan, sports. >> steve: welcome back. wisconsin's weight problem appears to be bigger than previously thought, according to new data out. the earlier estimates showed the ebeast rate among adults was 31%, but new numbers from the survey found that wisconsin is 40% obese. the state's obesity rate is now about 4.5% higher than the national average.
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recognized for its energy efficient upgrades. officials received a check for $104,000 from focus on energy. the airport recently replaced nearly 4,000 lamps in the parking garage with energy-efficient fixtures. >> steve: still ahead, john malan is in with a very frigid storm team forecast. >> shannon: he's talking about dangerous wind chills and if we
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>>ells c us we evedl wto b
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we throw out a lot of terms in the winter season, polar air from the north pole, arctic air and areas around alaska, siberian air in russia, so what has the coldest temperatures in the not earn hemisphere? the answer is sigh beer i can't -- sigh beer i can't has the record. 90 degrees below zero. ours is 26 below zero. in north america, 81 below zero and that's in the yukon territory. temperatures stain look at ladies and gentlemen geneva down to zero already. seven in fond du lac. two in watertown. wind chills below zero everywhere. we're at 6 below zero in milwaukee. racine, burlington, 5 below zero. kenosha, fond du lac, 9 below zero. our computer model is saying by morning hours, we'll be around 10 below zero in milwaukee during the day tomorrow up to
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criteria, we'll hit that tomorrow night, as much as 31, 30 below zero. and in the morning hours until it gets later in the day. we could see advisories, that would be tomorrow night and into thursday. here's the storm four friday sat, low pressure starting to move in on northern california and areas of nevada, and we're also looking at temperatures, if you're going out tonight, very, very chilly. the chilly air stays on top of us for the clear skies at night. sunny skies during the day. and then we're watching by late in the day on thursday, that storm system coming out of the plains starting to generate some snow across iowa, it will hit us friday night. so for tonight, it's clear, it's cold, 3 below zero inland. three at the lakeshore. wind chills about 15 or 18 below. tomorrow, 11 degrees, sunny skies, strong west winds. wind chills at 18 below zero. tomorrow night, the coldest
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advisories 4 below zero in the city. 8 below inland with wind chills to 25 or even 30 below zero, and right on into thursday, sunny but even colder with 6 degrees for a high on strong westerly winds. your seven-day forecast, friday, no starts late in the afternoon into friday night. could be a very snowy friday night. 21 degrees, though, so we warm up a tad. and then on saturday, 26, with snow, and this should be another ov warming up to 24 by next tuesday. nothing but good news in the weather department. >> i like it when the shovellable stuff comes on the weekends, though. >> john: third in a row. >> shannon: today's tmj4 sports auction is this friday. 25 sports-related items up for bid, all proceeds go to the macc fund, which supports research for childhood cancer and related blood disorders.
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milwaukee bucks legend ball, it bears signatures of some of the best to play in milwaukee, including oscar robertson, he signed his full name. i can't turn around and show it because i'm reading at the same time. rather than the big o, which makes this extra special. it's also autographed by ryan winters junior. so, hey, take a look at it. it's this friday. you can have this ball, too. join us for the sports auction >> you can tell people shannon sims held it, by the way. the brewers make a trade today.
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the real inventor of the reuben sandwich may be debatable, but its great taste is not. at subway, this authentic classic is stacked with lean corned beef, bavarian-style sauerkraut, swiss cheese and thousand island dressing on new freshly-baked rye bread.
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>> the brewers traded away a catcher and a minor league pitcher to the l.a.
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eight home runs along with 21 before the crew. bandy, who spent time behind the plate in l.a. played in 70 games, last season eating eight home runs. he's 26 years old. four years younger than maldonado. talking about taking on two guys at once during the game. >> my favorite corey lindsay play from the game against seattle, and you can see it down here on the monitor, and it's a situation where you're going through your typical assignment and heading left, and you take control of the defensive tackle, and then right here, you're controlling the defensive tackle with one arm, and you're taking the linebacker with the other arm. that's pretty cool stuff. isn't it? [ applause ] >> thanks. >> the ball carrier is going for nine in the meantime.
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two defenders off a good defense at once? >> that's funny. i was actually thinking right after the game, i don't think i got any pancakes from larry -- >> we got some. >> i'm glad. >> lance: you can watch packers live tonight at 6:30 following this newscast.
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atrium inside the legends club it's packers live. guest, corey linsley. ladies and gentlemen, the rock himself, larry mccarren. >> thank you very much. thank you. thank you. thank you. hello, everyone, and welcome to packers live.


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