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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1000  NBC  December 13, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm CST

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? my heart is on the floor ? ? over you ? ? i know i was wrong ? >> reporter: from frigid to piercing cold. siberian air enveloping eastern wisconsin. 5 degrees in milwaukee. make for a bitter cold night along the lakefront. >> reporter: this is even cold
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>> reporter: this little spell is over we'll see more snow rolling in. you are right. this is cold for this time of year. the average 33 and a low of 21 degree. we hit 15 degrees today. 5 is you are low and that's the current temperature. temperatures right now 5 in milwaukee, 4 in racine. watertown down to 1 degree below zero. it's zero in beaver dam. we are 7 below zero in milwaukee. 15 below in sheboygan. but there is a second part to the forecast. this storm pushingoss northern california will bring
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weekend. wind chills make it below zero. bundle up the kids for school. >> reporter: there is a saying that tv producers don't believe it's cold unless they see. >> reporter freezing in it. carole: katie is live in the studio. >> repor not safe to be outdoors tonight. i was out there earlier check on how the cold is impacting people, pets and businesses. this biting cold is a welcomes boost for winter-focused businesses. but for a lot of us, it takes some getting used to and is always made easier by friends. the freezing temps kept a lot of
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for sleds on ice. we found a couple of brave teenagers with the rink to themselves. >> the cold doesn't bother me. >> reporter: mad october animal patrol officer smith patrols for pets in danger. he responded to an increased number of calls about the cold. >> i'll come back in 30 minute to see if the dog is still out there. art * and owners keeping their animals outside. milwaukee's rescue mission and other shelters are trying to reach everyone. mpd's homeless outreap team is out in full force. >> we pro ride them with
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are outside and they will bring people the to us as well. >> reporter: milwaukee county executive chris ablyes they are trying to add more he shelters. if you have a church' that could become a warning center, you are urged to get in up with the county. carole: do not walk on pond and lakes, it's still not safe. cold to train today. they suited up to practice techniques and ice rescues. idle or not to idle. the idea of leaving your car running to warm up the engine before driving dates back to the early days of combustion engines. a brief idling time of 30 seconds is all that is truly needed.
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the wind chill, but that could change as the temperatures bottom out. you can get alerts sent to your phone. it's free to download. george: a sheboygan man is charged with attempting to shoot up a school. carole: one message i sent said he thought it would be funny if a school shooting happened in >> reporter: this all unfolded very quickly according to police. they were tipped off about the threat and got a search warrant to raid his home. >> it's scary. yes. >> reporter: according to court record, the threats came on bagemahl's facebook panel.
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ar-15 with a laser red gothr dot on it. the next day he posted someone needs to do a school shooting around here. it would be funny. he put up these pictures saying he had a semi auto rifle. police searched his home and they said they found the weapon and ammo along with handwritten a plan for a hostile takeover. >> he had this weapon in his possession. any type of threat that is even close to that will be investigated. >> he told police he liked to watch isis videos of beheading and he watches videos of the columbine shooting and he
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stress. his mother says he is bipolar which leaves people wondering how he got a rifle. police say he will face a mental health evaluation. carole report entertainment world is mourning the death of alan thick. he was portedly playing hockey with his teeged son when he suffered a h he was 69 years old. he was widely known for his role on sitcom "growing pains." george: caelyn o'neil was last seen sunday. if you have seen him or know where he is, call the sheriff's department. done there are stopped in wisconsin as part of his thank you tour.
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state took the stage as well. trump praised them for helping him win wisconsin, but the reaction was mixed from the audience. >> no, i have come to appreciate him. he's like a fine wine. he day goes by, i get to appreciate his genius more and more. if he ever goes against me, i won't say that. governor scott walker. where's scott? oh, man. he was tough. he was great. he's a great governor. george: at the ends of the speech ryan presented trump with a packers' jersey sporting the number 45 for the 45th president. how did he do? >> reporter: people we talked
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expected. they left with a sense of pride for wisconsin and this country. they waited in the cold for hours to get a good spot inside the state fair expo center but say the was worth it to hear president-elect trump say this. >> i want to thank the people of wisconsin. you are incredible people. >> reporter: many in attendance say they came to witness history. >> he's great. he's one of us. he's an american. >> i thought he was awesome. so energetic. and really, saying i'm going to do this, and he's going to do it. >> reporter: after listening to trump talk directly to them, several wisconsin voters say they are hopeful. >> i did lose a job to mexico. so if he can bring work back, anything, it's important. jobs, jobs, jobs. >> i thought it was great to
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>> those we spoke to in this crowd of thousands say they are proud of their state. >> i will never forget you and i will never ever stop fighting for you. okay? never. >> reporter: trump credits walker, ryan and pence for carole:eral packers items. will be available auction for macc. the items include a packers re any today helmet signed by stars of super bowl xxxi. george: please join us for the sports auction friday live on
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affordable care act the deadline is thursday.
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the real inventor of the reuben sandwich may be debatable, but its great taste is not. at subway, this authentic classic is stacked with lean corned beef, bavarian-style sauerkraut, swiss cheese and thousand island dressing on new freshly-baked rye bread. only at subway. george: a dog is dead after
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sunday. this happened on circle drive just 7 blocks from another deadly dog attack back in october. police believe the same coyotes may be involves. they are working with dnr to determine what if any steps should be taken. a warning to do your homework before signing you have on the aforwardable network. >> reporter: there are a number of plans that sound like the right products. she retired and needed last-needed tins for 2015.
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she talked to several representatives and said all of them offered different plansn. in the end she agreed to the one with the lowest price. >> come to find out the insurance they threw at me was catastrophic insurance. >> that plan came with a high deductible and premium. she was paying more than $300 a month. for this year's coverage she met t help her maneuver the market place. she is now paying $62 a month and her out of pocket costs are less. this wisconsin call center helps people like aadela. they handle scheduling an appointment for consumers to meet in person with a certified healthcare navigator. >> the benefit of the information we keep, we are
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accurate. >> reporter: much of that information coming from two organizations. >> we are able to help from point a to points b and someone getting coverage, and appropriate coverage for their family. >> care line gomez is a manager for many programs. >> the plans that aren't considered what you need for the affordable care act. >> the marketplace and might not meet the minimum standard of the affordable care act. >> you may be insured with limited or partial coverage. but because it's not seen as full coverage, you may still have to pay the penalty when tax time the comes. report * made less complicated by someone who can help
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carole: they suggested she get help with marketplace coverage. december 15 which is this thursday of is the last day for enroll for coverage that starts january 1. another date is january 31, the last day for special enrollment or to make changes to your plan. if you need to find a qualified healthcare navigor go to carole: there is know problem if you have fur like these guys. we found these guys playing today. we have more on the old man winter's strong statement that he's making. >> is that a siberian husky?
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dangerous wind chills are next. after that, snow returns late friday and into saturday. siberia is where this air is coming from and the jet streams are aligned so it's bringing count western part of the united states, and right on into the midwest. and that's where our areas are originating in some of the coldest air in the northern hemisphere comes from that 9 ryan lander. 5 -- 9, rhinelander. 1 in sheboygan and wind chills well below zero. look at sheboygan at 15 below?m zero. 10 below is the wind chill in racine.
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our computer model showing by the morning hours, it will be 17 below zero. late in the day, by 6:00, the withs approaching 20 below zero. later that evening they reach criteria, wind chills 25 below zero. nothing to talk about on the satellite. it's clear out there. another low pressure system out of the pacific northwest, northern california generating rain and snow there. it will bring us snow friday into saturday. the high pressure system continued through tomorrow. clear skies, clear tomorrow night. then thursday, cold air but here comes the clouds and the snow will be pushing into southwest wisconsin thursday night. tonight 3 degrees.
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clear skies. tomorrow mostly sunny, withs down to 18 below zero. very strong winds tomorrow. tomorrow night the coldest night. the clouds can help stop that cold temperature from dropping so the far. 4 below zero in milwaukee. a cold day thursday with cloud off and on, and sunny skies, degrees your high temperature. friday snow starts to 21 degrees. we'll see self inches once again from the snow which continues into saturday. 2 sunday. it's cold. only 10 degrees but we'll get back to 24 by tuesday of next week. in the morning hours, check it out. jonathan warren. great smile. he smiled even though it's 3
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don and i met because i'm a volunteer for meals on wheels. we had an instant connection. what was that? i said, "delivering to you is always a special treat." oh. company, companionship, food... we all need those things. when we get in that spot in life,
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deliver over one point four million meals to those in need. get a new subaru, and we'll donate two hundred and fifty dollars more. ?put a little love in your heart.? >> reporter: the packers having a great season before he got knocked out with an injury. >> reporter: we caught up with eddie lacy talking about what it's like since he got hurt. his future in green bay and being part of the campbell's chunky soup campaign. >> i used to watch when i was growing up thinking me and my mom could be in one.
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>> my fast it is the creamy chicken noodle. that's my fast it one. i always eat it before games, even going back to college. rod: but everyone with eddie want to know how he's doing. >> it's not where i want to be, but i'm work on getting myself back healthy ande able to play and staying in shape and things >> reporter: and his road to recovery. >> egg i do is upper body. i come in the morning and work out with the team, and sit through meetings. but once they go out to practice, that's pretty much my day is over. so it's not cool. >> reporter: all still uncertain.
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>> reporter: today mall dough d today maldonadowas traded. he played in 70 games last season with 8 home runs. he's 26 years old. four years younger than baldonado. terrance ross has a breakaway. and he blows a wind mill dump. he gives them a blooper. when you blow a blooper like that, that's not a good look. the bucks on a three-game losing streak.
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john: we started at 3, wind chills 15 below. we get up to 10 or 11 degrees throughout the day.
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