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tv   Today  NBC  December 14, 2016 2:37am-3:00am CST

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the wind chills will be 18 to 20 below >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey, everybody! we're so glad you're with us today for booze day tuesday. >> our favorite day. >> it's december 13th. >> that's "i don't want to live forever." why not? if i were taylor swift, i would want to. it's her birthday today. she's 27. can you imagine having accomplished so much? >> i'm surprised she's close to 30. i always picture her in her 20s. >> think how long she's been
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>> uh-huh. >> and look who's in our kitchen. john and tony alberti. we are so happy they are back with us. >> our cookin' twins. >> yes. back in a minute with you. and also, she grew up behind the glare of hollywood cameras, the daughter of carrie fisher. now billie lourd is in "scream queen" stealing the scenes. she'll sit down with us. >> those earmuffs. >> i'm noticing the similarities. like mama, lik >> plus two-time grammy winner pentatonix, a one-of-a-kind performance. we should point out they won grammys, sang with dolly parton. you remember where they started? >> right here with us! >> and what's better than gorgeous chefs cooking with you? two of them? the alberti twins will be with us in a minute. one of them sugar, one of them spice.
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for us today? >> christmas desserts. >> desserts, very festive. >> just keep talking. >> i have no idea what you said. why can't i understand your brother, i can understand your brother and not you? >> i don't know. >> all right. you may want to add that to your home decor as we reveal pinterest's top finds. >> and pentatonix and pinterest on the same show today! th have that coming up, too. the riddle. we want to say great congratulations to one of our dear producers, beautiful ally. >> an amazing human being and even better mother. she has a beautiful baby girl this morning. congrats to deb. >> a bambina. uh-huh. >> some boxing fans may know him
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and she's got a little 2-year-old big brother named joaquin. precious. wait. is that what you're thinking right now? we should let you know there is a lot of new moms and dads know, there's a skin-to-skin thing that happens right after a baby's born to promote bonding. and that is a result of that. >> holding his new little daughter. >> yes. >> congrats, ally. we love you. >> enjoy your time together. all right. there's another couple in town, too. when he is who is hitting the road together, lionel richie and mariah carey. would have never put those two together. >> i imagine your head exploding right now. >> they're going to do a 35-city tour called lionel richie all the hits with very special guest mariah carey. >> ah! so it's lionel richie big -- with mariah carey? >> yeah. >> you wonder if they're co-headliners.
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>> which will be fun. >> can't wait. >> and beyonce came to see mariah in new york the other day, posted on instagram. there with her daughter and some friends, i guess. >> first of all, if you were at this concert, can you imagine looking over, the two divas together. with all their children? mariah's twins, blue ivy with the fan and some other child just -- there they are. >> some lucky kid. >> a friend of blue ivy's. >> we love neil patrick harris, he has a 6-year-old, has twins, his son gideon just wrote his christmas gift to santa. neil shared it on instagram. sea take a look at this. >> he said his son wants two things. here it is. a bounce house and a life-sized rocket ship. those are the two things. we don't know what harper wants, but it's so cute. there's something about seeing it written out, you know, just that way. but if you guys have kids and they've written letters to santa and you take a picture of it before you send it off to the north pole. >> before you mail it. >> before you mail it, we'd love to see it.
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because i know kids love a bunch of different things. that would be cute to see. >> and also on facebook, pet fans wish us a happy holiday. we want to thank facebook fan jackie hertig and henry for sending in this picture. thank you. [ laughter ] she wrote, we just wanted to wish you happy hanukkah and merry christmas from our house to yours. love barney, bella and baby bailey who hanukkah princess. >> look at bailey in the middle. omg! >> yes. >> we want to see those letters, though. if you can, snap a quick pick before it goes off to the north pole and send it to us. so i did a story with some young kids who were writing letters to santa and other of santa elves helping fulfill those dreams. there's something to be said. when i read some of these letters some of these kids had written? >> on the radio? >> no. we're going to air the piece on friday but we did it already and i was looking at these letters
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so much need out there and there's something there there penmanship, the handwriting. >> everyone is so computer. intimate and personal about it. >> what was the big gift when you were little? >> i was very entrepreneurial. i wanted -- it was called the corner store. >> what? >> that's all i wanted. isn't that funny? it was cardboard shape of a corner. you're supposed to probably use it inside your house. i put it up on our corner and really opened a store. [ laughter ] >> did you? how old were you, about? >> well, we moved to maryland when i was 5. so -- 6. so probably 7. >> oh, my gosh. >> yeah. and then i wanted every barbra streisand and beatle cd. >> you did? >> they weren't cds, they were records. >> did you want instruments when you were a kid? >> i wanted a guitar and loved learning the guitar. i was playing the guitar until my mother backed out of the driveway over my guitar. >> and smashed it flat?
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>> what did you want? >> i weirdly wanted a trumpet. i remember asking -- and i was not musical as you and everyone else knows. i love songs but i'm not musical. and i still remember my parents got me this plastic trumpet, and i loved it! it was like i couldn't believe it was under the tree. >> the kind you play or you press something and it plays? >> no, no, no, you play it. you blow into it. it was so exit suing. i remember thinking i was a real musician. whatever. so sad. s >> you just moved in with joel, so maybe you're not experiencing this, but in the month of december -- are you guys married or do you have boyfriends, girlfriends? >> girlfriends, yes. >> girlfriends. be careful how much time you spend together, because according to a new survey, the average couple has four fights a day. >> a day. r >> in december. >> in december. >> they're not a couple. we know. we know. >> do the math. 124 over the course of the month. >> here's why. because couples are spending
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holidays, they end up getting more stressed, there are financial issues during the holiday. >> one person loves to spend, spend too much. >> yes. >> yep. >> and sometimes it's about family conflict, because usually families who may have issues all cram together during the holidays and then it explodes! >> yes. and, of course, the increased consumption of alcohol. so it all -- you know what that leads to? >> what. >> january being the most common month to file for divorce. >> oh, my gosh! all right. would you like to know the top movies, christmas movies and christmas songs of the year? are you ready? >> yes. >> favorite christmas movie ever? >> i know mine is, "it's a wonderful life." >> here it is according to st. leo polling institute, the three top movies are -- "a charlie brown christmas" is number three. that never gets old. number two is -- "it's a wonderful life," and number three is "miracle on 34th street." >> yeah. what about the christmas songs? >> okay. here are the songs. number three is -- "jingle bells." >> oh.
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open sleigh ? >> number two, "white christmas." ? i'm dreaming of a white christmas" >> bing crosby. i had a version of it that would have been nice if you had chosen it but anyway -- >> and this -- ? silent night, holy night ? >> kelly clarkson. >> where are y'all working in the new year? >> funny. i'm the one who's not going to be here! you guys. this is really big news for households across the world because it's a very successful product. >> if you have a cuisinart, look at the date that you bought this thing. the u.s. consumer products safety commission is recalling 8 million cuisinart food processors. listen, they were bought from '96 to 2015. chances are the one you have in your cabinet may be one of them. here's what they say -- >> you guys probably have one,
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riveted blade that can crack over time and small little metal pieces and fragments have broken off in the process and end up in the food. and it's caused lacerations in mouths, things like that. >> and livers. >> 69 cases ofnjuries of mouth anteeth. so they say contact cuisinart and they will replace the blade. >> oh. you have to put it in yourself? >> well, it's just the kind that you lift up and -- >> oh, okay. >> it's like the kind you rinse and >> call toll-free at 877-339-2534. >> or go to and you can -- >> i'm thinking, thanksgiving. i used it for like two days straight. >> you know what, i bet you most people have one of these in their thing. >> we don't have time. >> yes, we do. >> okay. this baby seems to have no issues with self-esteem. look at this. his name is dean. a 1-year-old from ohio.
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at his grandma's house. he saw his reflection and he was like, oh. look at me. and he couldn't stop kissing himself. is that me? >> oh! his mom said she couldn't drag him away from the mirror for almost 30 minutes! [ laughter ] wait a minute. >> okay. precious. hoda, did you ever practice kissing on mirrors when you were growing up? >> i practiced on my hand. did you ever -- >> practiced on my hand? >> you practiced on mirr >> on mirrors, and the people that bought our house, remember in maryland. >> yeah. >> lovely, lovely people, said that the doors of my sister's and my room were covered with kiss marks on the -- >> you kissed on the mirrors? >> cleaned up. the door never did. never got painted. >> you kissed on the doors? >> that's how you practice. >> y'all were really something. >> yes, we were steamy. >> all right. coming up, she's a force in hollywood. >> put on a little chanel number 3, with "scream queens" star
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...crest pro-health mouthwash. checkup? nailed it. > ?piitayco th's not the reason we're almost wearinghese fab pi earmuff >> we t wanturo sshair up. arg th in honoof this woman right here, billie lourd.
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on the series, fox series, "scream queens," also happens to be hollywood royalty because billie is the daughter of carrie fisher. >> who was, of course, the princess leia in "star wars." also she's got a bunch -- a wonderful grandmother and grandfather. >> always gets ups people call me carrie fisher's daughter, she wants me -- i'm debbie reynolds' granddaughter! >> and back to her mother, hollywood in section season of "sm ," and she and her fuzzy fashion accessory are inseparable. and take a look. >> a few weeks ago -- going to hospital. they said a mild concussion and i was released that afternoon. >> when you're talking, are you aware of the way you talk sort of shifting? >> i speak the way i speak. i don't know what you're getting at. >> can i just say, i think it's fascinating that she's doing all of these accents but hasn't done one that anyone can deem
2:53 am
why is anyone bringing up my accent? i am from the midwt. >> okay. never mind. >> insane one. that was a fun episode. >> you've come by this naturally. you do. >> scary. >> because your mom is one of our favorite guests. >> we love her. >> we are on -- we wait with -- terrified, right? that five second or seven second thing isn't going to work. >> she does speak her mind. >> she does. >> do youeed a delay too? >> maybe a three-second delay. >> for you, too? i don't have gary. >> and gary -- >> i know. devastating. >> do you love gary? >> i live for gary. >> you do? >> iive for gary. he was mine first and she actually stole him frome, because she fell in loveith him. ah. >> i didn't know that. >> with a side tongue and the ole thing. , i kn >> she said it's not his fault. it's just too big for his mouth. >> his throat is too small or something? i'm not really sure what's wrong with him, but she lets him lick
2:54 am
that tongue has been probably everywhere. >> with everyone. >> that tongue gets around. >> so -- [ laughter ] >> when you have a role, like you do, do you ever think to yourse, well, i wonder if i'm being compared to those who came before me, like my mom or grandmother? >> i try to do my own thing, but when i'm wearing something like this, it's kind of hard to escape the comparison. s hat'! it's her hairstyle. >> it is her hairstyle. i made never that connection, because it's pink. you didn't start out wearing it? >> in the first episode i only wear them in a few scenes. it was kind of like an aesthetic choice. i was drawn to it becae of genetics. >> and no one else w wear it? >> no one. tried to give them to abby, and, they tried to give them to emma and they were like, i do not want to put those hes head, i i them and i was lik i need these. these are my destiny! >> you are in the
2:55 am
first time making films together? >> yes. that was actually the first set i'd ever been on. my parents realldid nowant me tdo this.el us who your father is. th?d mht nnow. an agent, a sohern gentleman >> an agt? "t" agent. he is "the" agent. sai yoen d y >>ot at all. i went anyway. wars" and someho littougholofes reme insteadf an aing resu. all my internships. hi. i've neverone this beforbut i wkeally har and wou toid my ditionnd eed up?>e getng thislieutenant's role and i had ?0one of the best times i my life. >>ew and nt you were princess leia's da, ughter until -- thapped whe nature jt -- yeah. just all came in so i was basicallyn e ba i weneverywhe with the extras.
2:56 am
didn't tk to my mom on-set. woul't i'd cal th?en h?j a cold a s i a bad mood, and i said, mom, it's gointo be okay. all the exas, okme, ed at at's your mom? what? i'm caught. m caught. itve reat. >> yea lly wanted too it your and not be the carrie fisher's daught. >> she is a whacjob. s >> a bif e has a beautiful soul. >> look what we made for you before you go. wait, i know. it's your dest >>s beautiful! >> out of an old pair of slippe. >> do they?]! smell? >> no. beautiful. >> these arevpo pret >> come on. will youver wear them on the show once? >> i will. if it comes back next season.
2:57 am
you're the bt. to your whack-job mom. weove her. watch "scream queens" tonight and every tuesday night on fox. >> is sleep wear t n yw find o what pinterest, wt ev weryone, this. and the ail birthi brothers. and the ail birthi brothers. what sho bfindter way tth thve o?? ? if only harry used some boce, to dry.? ? yeah. ?
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tuesday." hoda can so excited. >> i love this part. >> putour minds to work wi a riddle provided by our friends >> okay, here's goes, the namef what month can be dedefrom t following image -- here it is. i would say -- ok, there's a hint. . d.a line what? the me of what month can be ?
3:01 am
i he luteo the answer'soming up, t a merry mey ntatonix. new trends for the new year hoda is not paying attention. >> no, i'm trying to figure it oug out thgs for 2017. after this. 4a ecking your credit score? 4a i want to see if it changed. really? i'll take it! sir, your credit.. is great, right? when was the last time you checked? yeah, i better check myredit score.?k here, try credit karma. it's free. alright, nre sprescrarma. arma. give these birds once affected by oil
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theime on0m let love be the son ? ? fill the air with joyful noise ? ? ring the bells and son ? rae your voice ? ?re b the peace on ear ?
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??> it'srain teaser tuesday, .p anbe the b wve isidt@!e. be decoded from this image we showed you otv. >> and an?aou use a line and look at it is -- >>ll: lyec you put aght ri through the middle. ough>> right theidju up andown.u e ds you've cothe me to riple. >> the top 100 biggest tnds to owoueek,st l??arkin n. how are you? >> doing great. s. starting off with this cozy yummlookinbed.?q t it's ais osest, f ocoziness and
3:05 am
fe. siclassi clest iendand family.nket wine.b ri s.t's de>> andnamon k. it has a sndinaviaok
3:06 am
>> exactly. the idea of the nightstand, yo so it'peaceful as you go to ean. eeny so y shouldn't p your phon plug your phone on and put it there? >> no, hoda. you shouldn't. >> oh, look at the -- the arorgosh. >> look at thoseittle slip rs? >> everything isery nubby andxtr >> vured. >> exactly textured f as oistrend t b?]e?e byhe we're looking at you, mi trendsetter. >> talk style? >> yes. >> come on! >> okay. what are you wring, by the way? >> so whatha fir hr]ttie haves th i ghfor r ywr. t'so thaings le this, pajama top. >> >> uh-huh. >> wait a minute. at about the purse? >> i ally, wn i lk thdog, and i don't mean to be flip about it, i sometimes just take my pajamas and stuff them in a pofeans. ?f >> you don't sometimes, you al do. >> lazy! people are goisideng outnd wearing it? >> right. they rlly are. >> where would she wear this?
3:07 am
wear it on the weekend, and what she's done is pairwith which is increasing diversity in denim. it's not just about thatkinny . it's finding whatever works for you, and we're seeing that inrs avitatingj$ towards lighter washes, higher rises and details like a raw edge hem, distressing and even patches. >> what about this handsome gentleman? >> before him, i have to tell you about my sleeves. >> okay. o ent sleeve as the cold shoulder. so shoulders have such a time. off the shoder?d or shoulders cut out. n ees, the t we'll ep seeing in 2 a belle or sleev ruffle like this. that's your trend. >> u hahid? athl??eisure. and know athleisure has tan the storld by stm. lumberckare gett in on it, too. ? e >> i lis.
3:08 am
dark jean and a boot instead of er that u ki o athleisure tays.hese d >>y the wa lovthatgreat trend. they're all . pinterest is a fun place to find great ends, like you did. a whole t that are digging in to see what ople are shari and savi and ends up being a great place to spot emerging trends. >> nk you very much. >> thank ylarkin. getting rey for thr g christmas specl. nt caplaenti giving us areview. >> when itt$o comes tosert wanc >> alberti twins are whipping it >> didomeone say whipping? >> y, we did.
3:09 am
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oh, it?'sere. thseas f antreats. why our "tod" food team n to make not one but two twtasticesrtsith sweets to h. >> the alberti twi. for more go to albertwincom. who who? >> i'm kathie. >> i'mod >> we can't un?]?aderstand him. >> he speaks -- he speaks scottish >> we n'knowhat he says! >> anyway, their blog features food, faioanmily recipe we love it when you guys come here. you are big fan favorites. >> thank you. >> what armakie you today? >> not that they'll understand. >> but go on. >> first up, naughty ccolate hazelnut cake. it's nghty b wre makingt obvisly. >> i undersod that.
3:13 am
sugar, baking powd, rv?v? marscarpone, hazelnutsnd first off -- mix eggs and sugar together. until pail in color. >> hoda loves that stuff. dry ingredients into a bowl. >> messy. a sloppy cook. >> a what are the dry inedients? >> bakg >> and mix it up. >> y'all are both messy! >> rht -- ?, >>h,y gosh?a'r i do. oh, my gosh. e meier the bett >> put t iinabho minust abt >>id he just say0?
3:14 am
>> aci, ga ?@ot of n nua.that i it's good. >> look at that.?g >> marscarpone gives it a richer, creamier denser flavor. >> and mix togher. >> powdered sugar? >> yes. mix them together, and -- 't>> i dnow if thereally cook >> and they pose with food. >> and this is -- >> they want t-- when cake let cool down and t >> more nutella. oork endorsed them. re that all over. >> look. >> it's everywhere! >> that's how he likes it. >> can we try it? it'osed to beessy >> you're fun. and h top>>t on?ly >> ts looks ooially -- >> oy sh! pr?essoartinip?2 >> mm-mm.
3:15 am
salute. that's the best. >> h - a s the t going back there for -- salute. >> taste. >> try that espresso. that's good. a good wake-up drink. >> iis. >> now back to the -- >> dreamy orange -- >> it'good sff. >> it is gstuf >> oka agn, the dam orange polenta cake, we have ingredients, eggs, sugar, polenta and brown almond dy weake . ?# a >>@a mix this together. >> t d ireents you iinand es. right around 0. -- juice into thepan, d ir ann. cey half.
3:16 am
>> and let the cake cool down. >> okay. >> a then -- >>ith vanilla ice cream, and a biscuit on top. >> ooh! >> for you, hoda. this is all about you, hoda. this is yours. all about yo >>ndhece cqq>ood, sweetheart. >> this one for me? >> thank you. >> okay. >> and try it? >> y. berti cocktail.?v so eight it's an be fantp[?1 a guy . ts is n' >> tatousa >> delicious. merry christmas, you guys. wee yo ertmasis n>>f u n't geenough of
3:17 am
? santa claus is coming to town ? >>tuck your finger in it. ?z?i?b everything amazing. it could be the smallest ice crystal, t biggest sto cloud. >> what does "it's a outmang there" mn ? ??it mnsooki up d being ined. ev if it's just straight up blue skies. i an how bif is that. ?4 >> that little burst of red atst chg lightng streaking b/sshe s rom one side to anr.'s stit's jusof the >> that's what "it's amazing out there" is and what it means to you alnd takeway fr tt weather. >> and how that absolutely affects our lives, our day-to-day. what's in our stores, what are we going to wear, what are we gog to eat, what is everything
3:18 am
jqr the atrealnfluces r has on. that's why "it's amazing out there." >> what it mnsore is it world? happening at the weather channel. >> i thit mankhathe weher channel's coverage uniques that we ar wenow what is going on with e wer d thes aatak akus through iha>>alks up to yod we have e toa ivrovide lpnities, n to peoe toel he their filies stay safe. itatters so much. >> when you start linking the people sidup tweatr and thscience of the data, it makes a reonnection and starts to drive home the importance of what we do. >> i love weather. >> i d >> i love the weather.
3:19 am
hashg tuffy nose." hashg "no eep."'.?2?? it. hashtag "mouthbreather." yep. we've got a mthbreather. well, ju o pow!th ri it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. so you can breathe ... and sleep. sh your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. "s le see things...e to underw, a bit differen "kso mps easyps.s...e to underw, u seintrodwucg e tpamperps fto pty tra... our first and only train. with an all-around stretchy wnd.
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>> theon o "today"ut pro by presentedy citi.?9 >>th'ven togon?yly t mossulaesupheire >> as if ts enough, a spial riw ni d eman laou guys. >> wme to you l! h>>esstrdhe f you, we went, oh -- >> drop jaw, and now doing a
3:22 am
ho a hour pt8 tevisi that's out us and ourimas music. >>ou have est stars ont, o,ht yes. on>>h. kelly clarkson ll come on. >> we're goingsing "up on theoutop." gat here they are, pentatonix! ? up on a hse top, yeah, up o house p, yeah, yeah ? up on a house top,h-oh? ? up on a house top cck, ? u the house t reindeer fly ? ? out comes gd old santa claus ? ? down through the chimney with toys all for the little ones christmas joys ? ? oh, o who wldt go?40??
3:23 am
li e- ancer, vixen, comet, cupid, donn and blitzen ? dasher, daer, prancer, ven, comet, cupid, donner and blitzen ? ? oh, oh, who wouldn't go, who wouldn't go oh up a house top click, click, click ? ? dn througth?)]b good s nick ? ? oon a up se top, up on a ?p on a house top ??? ?eah,on c ckclic? >> perfection. that is rfecti. butif you guys you' awesome. ?"l uelvae. >> awesome. >> thanks, you guys. "a ptatonix christmas special" airs tomorrow night at 8:00, 7:00 central right here on nbc. so proud of you guys. merry ris.
3:24 am
e. ?$ s are so good! ? ho, ho, ho, who wouldn't go?? . oa, whoai got this. just almost there. check. ?0 i can't reach it. you avoid picking up the check. what? t is. than@l, deis if you want to savepe fi car insuran thawwlph.eis it's whado. oh thais gd crispy duck. i'm lucky to get through a shifwi soo ti pode it trat,so i getmbert
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esn't ke mucinex dm. whoucoh tus.e pill lasts 12. looks like i'm good all night!s only last 4 hours. but just one mucinex lasts 12 hrs. let's end this. do youhink i'm gonna crack under pressure
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last week. ju 1 it's been the number 1 doctor recommended for brand
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>> can't thank you enough for hing dytime of. nk smuch >> thank so much. >> y have until december 23rd toonate on thelazaat ? for m go d daom. and tomorrow, 16-year-old singing sensation jackie evancho is he. >> and the italian pop trio ing to be here. >> and stocking stufrsor fesy, eddlers tteen
3:29 am
>> hoda's happiest day of the we yes, it is. >> bye, everybody! a toou by bulbhead.?q waik sby stiing tor pan ckn't g, b o?b?2>>hi cathy mitchell here with my new red coer ckwar the xper-st c annou cathy will show us how yet super-strong, how they won'p ?# food. cheesteak.nion r sticking. orhi e bowl. truly mered copper is ovenafe te deliesancious n pa


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