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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at Daybreak Extra Early Edition  NBC  December 14, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CST

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good morning. i'm susan kim. i'm vince vitrano.let's start off with a check on the weather... with meteorologist
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if you live in the northeast or midwest, you know the drill. four to five months of heavy clothes, seeing your breath and generally freezing outside.pete zervakis is live in greenfield with how to best get ready for the deep freeze
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both milwaukee county and city are asking for help: officials are trying to secure more warming centers for people who need a place to stay during this cold stretch. they'd like to get a few more centers open before the week is over. "with temperatures like this, you can't have too much.""if there are people who have facilities in a nonprofit that understands and are willing to help us out please get in contact with because we can help you help people stay warm in the winter."if you would like to help or would like information about a warming center, you can call 2-1-1. the milwaukee health department has advice for staying safe in below zero weather.and while some of them may seem obvious... they could keep you from getting frostbite or worse.minimize the time you spend outside.
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going and when you expect to sure to cover exposed skin... including your fingers, nose and ears. frostbite can occur within minutes.when traveling, make sure your vehicle has blankets, extra clothes and high-energy sure to keep your gas tank at least half full. for the latest weather alerts and updates, head to tmj4 dot com... where you can check out an interactive radar and any school or business closings happening today - robbed a bank in waukesha. they say this woman in the blue hoodie.. walked into waukesha state bank yesterday and demanded money from a teller with a note. no weapons were used. the woman made off with an undisclosed amount of money. anyone with information should contact waukesha police. new this morning - several people have been arrested in waukesha linked to prostitution and human trafficking.the investigation began with an anonymous tip to crime stoppers... saying
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businesses in the area. here's a list of the affected locations. police say the investigation is ongoing.. and charges will be filed at a later date. a sheboygan man is accused of threatening to shoot-up a school.according to the criminal complaint... posts on facebook led to the arrest of joshua one message he said he thought it would be "funny" if a school shooting happened in sheboygan. act immedately on those types of threats."he had this weapon in his possession and any type of threat that is even investigated." police report bagemehl will face a mental health evaluation. he is due in court next wednesday on terror threat charges. 18 months ago...i told my first crowd in wisconsin that we're going to come back here someday and we are going to say merry christmas
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president-elect donald trump stopped in southeast wisconsin last night as part of his thank you tour. and for the first time.. he was joined onstage by house speaker paul ryan, who praised the trump- pence ticket for their victories in the midwest. i want to thank donald trump. i want to thank mike pence for helping wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania, the midwest finally see the light of the white house.the trump thank you tour has more rallies this week... he's in pennsylvania tomorrow, and florida friday evening. the president-elect's arrival wasn't all filled with cheer. members of the milwaukee colition against trump joined in protest outside the expo center in west allis. the group says they're organizing a mass march and rally in the downtown on inaguration day.. which will then kick off 100
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up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4-- the sudden death of a 90's tv star. how alan thicke passed and what he is being remembered for this morning. plus, close call: how an eight year old saved his mother and family dog in
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yesterday was sunny, windy and cold with highs in the teens
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with a clear sky, and snow on the ground, temps dropped quickly last evening with lows near zero and wind chills to - 15. today is sunny, but very windy and very cold with highs near 10, a 30 mph wind, and wind chills around -10 during drop to -3 along the lake, to -9 inland by thursday morning with wind chills to -25. a wind chill advisory is in effect for all of se wisconsin tonight until thursday. beyond wisconsin this morning - the actions of an 8-year-old illinois boy saved two lives. check out this dramatic rescue: a mother fell into a frozen pond while she was trying to save the family dog.
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called 9-1-1.the boy yelled out instructions from the dispatcher as his mother and bailey tried to come ashore. everyone is alright. in connecticut - the governor has ordered all flags to remain at half-staff to honor the victims of the sandy hook shooting. the shooting took place 4 years ago today.. claiming the lives of 20 children and six adults. it's marked as the third deadlist shooting in u-s history. nationwide, flags are also flying at half staff passed away last week. clean up efforts continue today to recover nearly 200- thousand gallons of crude oil that leaked from a pipeline.. into a creek in north dakota. the spill was discovered last monday.. and so far more than 36-thousand gallons has been recovered. the company that owns the pipeline believes the sensors which detect leaks, may not be working properly. growing pains star alan thicke has died.reports say thicke
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thicke is most famous for his role as jason seaver but recently appeared on the netflix reboot..."fuller house."he was 69-years old. up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4--animal attack: another local dog injured by a coyote. where it happened this time, and the warning for pet owners this morning.and brewers rebuild: the latest new face coming to the team, this time to replace veteran
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storm team 4 now-- and time to dig out all your winter gear. we're talking... bitterly cold temperatures starting this morning and going into the weekend. taking a live look at port washington, mitchell
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yesterday was sunny, windy an and wind chills near zero. with a clear sky, and snow on the ground, temps dropped quickly last evening with lows near zero and wind chills to -
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windy and very cold with highs near 10, a 30 mph wind, and wind chills around -10 during the day. actual temps will drop to -3 along the lake, to -9 inland by with wind chills to -25. a wind chill advisory is in effect for all of se wisconsin from 9pm tonight until 10am
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thursday is only 9 degrees with gusty winds and wind chills staying around -10 all day. friday morning starts off near zero once again, and then we warm up to 23 with increasing clouds. those clouds will bring snow showers by afternoon and evening with lows staying near 20. the snow continues on saturday with highs in the mid to upper 20s, and then another cold front brings sunny, breezy and cold high near 5. we are getting a break from the snow, but it's a much different story in indiana. heavy snowfall made conditions right for accidents.. at least 10 yesterday in indianapolis. closing down an interstate for several hours. fortunately, there were no reports of injuries. it's important to make sure your cars are also prepared for treacherous conditions and extremely cold temperatures. here are some things to keep in mind: make sure your tires have enough tread.keep bagged
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traction and to melt ice.keep a cold-weather kit in your trunk. it should include a blanket, gloves, bottled water, folding shovel, first aid kit, flashlight and cell phone charger. an alert for pet owners. coyotes just killed a dog in whitefish bay.the dog's owner says he was shoveling snow sunday... the dog was loose in the yard...he later found his pet injured and saw two coyotes running away.this happened on circle drive.. just seven blocks from another deadly dog attack in back in octobe same coyotes may be involved. they say they're working with the d-n-r to determine what if any steps should be taken. the milwaukee common council has approved a lead pipe replacement plan for some homes.. but it won't happen overnight.the program would start next year and would work to replace lateral service lines. homeowners would pay no more than 16-hundred dollars.. or one-third of the total cost. the city would pay to replace the portion of pipes it's responsible for.
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portion over the next decade. good morning everyonei'm rod burks for the oneminute drill on this wednesdaymorningthe green bay packers looking to run the table with three games left in their season and get some help if they want to make playoffs..the week head coach mike mccarthy getting his team ready for the bears this sunday, and control what he can controll, with his football team.((mike says)) we are all about play style and production we can controll what's going around us in the leagueand in the division so we have to play to our style and streneths and improve and we've done that the last couple of weeksas long as we do that everthing else willtake care of themselves it's important to simply things in your life when your the leader of the football team and makeit simple if you get ten wins then lets talkabout the playoffs until then it's all whitenoise so we know know where we are we are 7 and 6 until we get to ten winslets not even talk about it so with thatwere going to focus on our play styleand i'm prove and
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are playing very well.and the brewers trade catcher "mar-teen" maldinado along with a minor league pitcher, to thela angles for catherjett bandy yesterday.the packers are back on the practice field today as they getready for the chicagoon minute have a great the milwaukee bucks are waiving ticket fees for wisconsin residents for a limited time. this would apply to thursdays game against the rival chicago bulls. this is part of an effort to gain home court advantage. justd the link on your screen to sign up. up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4-- ice skating downtown: when it's open, and the brave people who didn't want to miss a chance to get out on the rink. plus: voice finale: did your favorite take the whole thing? what's ahead for the winning voice, when we come back. let's take a look at tonight's prime time 6:30 we have the "mike mccarthy show".. followed by "a pentatonix christmas special".. and you're reading that correct.. s-n-l is on
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christmas special. and then more new at live at 10. a reminder you can still buy a today's tmj4 macc star to help fight childhood cancer. this year's macc star was designed by bailey dove. the star costs 10 dollars and all proceeds benefit the macc fund. they're available at sendik's food
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taking a live look inside the
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the slice of ice at red arrow park is scheduled to open again at 11 this morning. the frigid temps kept many people away from opening night yesterday. however, we did find a couple teenagers who braved the cold to be out on the rink. 17:16:25 if you keep going you kind of build up a sweat. 17:17:04 when it's cold, there's less people so it's easier to skate faster and stuff. season 11 of nbc's "the voice" is in the books.the winner was crowned last night barger gives us a wrap up. nats "the winner of the voice is...."it came down to a country crooner.....and a comeback kid....nats "sundance
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plus: we have you covered on this frigid cold that's blanketing the area with storm team 4 team coverage.pete zervakis is greenfield with how you can get your home winter ready. and brian gotter is tracking the siberian air in the weather center. just how cold it's getting.. straight ahead. live at daybreak on today's tmj4. i'm vince vitrano.and i'm susan kim. let's get a check of your weather and traffic together... yestery cold with highs in the teens and wind chills near zero. with a clear sky, and snow on the ground, temps dropped quickly last evening with lows near zero and wind chills to - 15. today is sunny, but very windy and very cold with highs near 10, a 30 mph wind, and wind chills around -10 during
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drop to -3 along the lake, to -9 inland by thursday morning with wind chills to -25. a wind chill advisory is in effect for all of se wisconsin from 9pm tonight until 10am thursday. now-- let's take a look at your roads.. potentially slick slippery spotsincident freetraffic is light drive times are currently ontimecoming up i've got cold weather driving tips from dot & aaa skipping the extra layers today-- could mean everything-- to your safety and your health pete zervakis
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department this morning-- with reminders about things you ?might overlook when frigid


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