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tv   Morning Blend  NBC  December 14, 2016 9:00am-10:00am CST

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good morning today some life hacks to help prevent falls in the wintertime. make sure my mic is on. >> plus how one mother of three got rid of her baby weight for good. and some of our favorite musicians are back for a live performance. >> can't wait we're going to put you in the holiday spirit that'e ? ? [ music ] ? ? ? ? our tree looks great. >> doesn't it? >> we're in the holiday spirit having a little christmas music
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spirit after being at the critic ace choice and being warm and 7. >> it was so great being at the beach and being at the critic's choice awards it was actually in a hangar. in santa monica. i never have been to an awards show and being up close and personal was great. one of the thi things that stict for me is some of the dresses. it's the kind of dress i could never pull off. that super structured. it because it was so unique. i don't know if you can really see it. it had this meshy structured back to it and front, you could kind of see through into a layer underneath. it was really really cool. >> she looked beautiful. who else did you get to see? >> john travolta is probably the celebrity i was closest to at one point. >> seeing him on the show he looked like a wax figure. >> he did look a little -- >> like did he have some work done recently?
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who knows. >> i wonder. >> he looks even more orange i feel like, but he is a very striking person i feel like. talk about somebody who makes an incredible come back. i mean he is like the come back kid i feel like. a lot of people think of pulp fiction when they think of his career coming back around. i didn't ask any celebrities except for one for a selfie. and it was hailey because i knew my kids would be freaking out. she was nominated for an oscar. begin again was one of my favorite movies. >> what is her recent one she was in? >> the edge of 17. >> did you sit with her? >> i sat with the director of her movie and her husband. her boyfriend in the movie and other people. she, my kids i took the picture they were freaking out because
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>> okay. >> they were freaking out. >> but yeah. >> now are you like cool mom again. >> well. that's hard to be when you're a teen. you were a cool mom before they are teens now you're cool mom again forgetting that picture. >> here's one thing that was funny really quick. i was dressed -- >> i love the way you looked on the red carpet. >> i was dressed and up and my friend tina was like look at it this way when ryan reynolds justin timberlake show up nobody is going to care what you look like. >> is it true you saw ryan reynolds my boyfriend? did he ask about me? >> he did. he was like where is tiffany. i said she wasn't available so ryan jay took me. >> a lot of guys are on the short side. >> that was the most surprising thing about going to those
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ultrathin and the dresses they have to be like size 0, but the guys are thin too. i mean, in their little tuxedo, >> they look like little skinny little dolls with a bobblehead. >> they're waists are so small they look like little toy soldiers. >> thanks for asking about it it was fun. good to see you again being back >> beautiful pictures. still ahead an important warning for parents about batteries. we're going to tell you what you need to know as you go shopping for your kid's presents. >> this couple was in a serious car accident and almost died. we'll share their story how they got off their pain meds and now living a happy healthy life. through musicians who separately have played music across the country for as long as they can remember. we think they have the most fun
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so, when we said hey we need a little christmas music for our show, they stepped up to the plate. >> that's right a little later in the show we'll chat with joy bach, kris crow and joe hite, but now here they are performing the christmas song. >> god guys look good. >> hot.
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welcome back. she tried everything to get rid of the baby weight, but nothing worked until now. there is more to it than just losing the pounds why go through the effort if you can't keep the weight off. >> genu nutrimost and 855-burn-fat. she's here with example after example of people that lost the weight and kept it off. great to see you jen. >> nice to see you guys. >> let's talk about nutrimost and 855-burn-fat. it's really a 21st century approach to losing weight. a lot of people are talking about it i feel like. people are losing a lot of weight doing it quickly and then you are helping them keep it off. >> that's what the whole program is about. we're able to use this new
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identify what is it that is tricking your body into not letting you lose the weight. what is making it, there is people that exercise like crazy or go back and are eating nothing, but green things and cannot lose the weight. we're able to unlock the code and find out what is happening with your personal body to help you get into a fat burning state and get the weight off and best of all keep it off. >> so many people are saving up their money they are going to spend it on gym m trainers, prepackaged food whatever it may be. they are like i'm just going to get through the how holidays and then i'm going to do this. what do you say to them? >> i say don't waste your money. not that exercise isn't great. if you have done that and it's not working for you, some people it works for, but if it is not working for you specifically it's time to come talk to us. we're able to give you the keys to get the weight off and then
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plan and be able to maintain and feel as good as possible. this program, is no shots, no hormones, no exercise, no prepackaged foods you're learning how to eat for your body, and then when you are able to get to the exercise portion your body is going to work so much better doing that. >> how do you respond to skeptics what do you say? >> i have to be honest i was one of the biggest skeptics when i started working with the program about two years ago. being in the medical field i just knewha to be true, but i was at my highest whea weight and i refuso buy the next pant size up. so i did the program during the holidays two years ago i was able to lose the weight, keep it off and it triggered me to want to work with the company because it was the first thing that gave me hope of getting the weight off. >> i think there is so many?? ancillary benefits when you get that weight off health wise you have talked about many times before. let's talk about a couple people
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with carrie. this is someone who had been struggling with her weight for years and nothing seemed to work. >> carrie was consider doing weight loss surgery. she had a husband who was very supportive of it and her getting healthier and she gave nutrimost a chance and 855-burn-fat a chance, and she was able to lose 46 pounds in just over a month. >> wow. that's fantastic. >> she's one of our biggest supporters she comes in all the time. >> look how great she looks. >> exactly. >> there she ish y she's on one of our facebook support pages on there answering questions, supporting people. once you have this change and experience it, it becomes something you want to share with other people. there pay it forward yeah. >> let's talk about cindy and jeff. as a couple they lost a lot of weight. >> they lost almost 60 pounds. they had a serious car accident, but it was nearly fatal to them. and they had medications, they had inability to do physical activity, and they gained weight and just weren't feeling well so
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ten pounds she ended up losing over 20. >> you see it in her arms and belly. >> you see it everywhere yeah. >> and he had 30 pounds to lose. he was a gym rat in the past that's his term i'm using so he was in there going to his wife please don't sign up. please don't sign up. they went and talked about it and they have been guests on here to share their fore now he is one of our biggest supporters. they come in all the time to say hi they have been able to keep the weight off and they feel 20 years younger. >> now they can be back in the gym and do the things he loves. >> keely as well. >> keely had a number of issues going on too. she was a mother of three, or is a mother of three, she was at about a size 14 and could not drop nymph anymore, of the baby weight. she ended up doing nutrimost and
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month. >> so many people make new year's resolutions. this is the time of year people are starting to think about it, but can't stick with it. >> you go into it with expectationses you're going to be able to change your life. we still live busy lives. we're parents, cooks chauffeurs. we have so many things that are needed from us from all different. and this is something maintainable. manageable. once you figure out i can eat this food and ion issue, but if i eat this food it messes with my symptom i gain weight. have you that power of having that knowledge to make a decision for yourself instead of that guess work that never pays off. >> yeah. it is so true. you have this great special right now for the first 25 callers who call you at 855-burn-fat you can have a free consultation. the phone number to do so is (414)269-5683. can you go online at
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office in tosa where you can meet with jen or any of the great staff you have there. >> great to see you jen. happy holidays. a problem that has only been getting worse the last decade. what you need to know about the
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welcome back to the morning blend. accidents are the leading cause of death and injury in kids 18 and younger. research shows that education and awareness helps. today a program that provides free safety resources to kids and families with an emphasis on preventing accidents. we're here with bridget clementi from children's hospital of wisconsin to talk about the partnership they have with the kohl's cares grow safe and healthy program. great to see you. >> good morning. >> we have great examples here on the table. with community health. there is a lot you are doing related to this and a lot that is free to our community as well. >> most people know children's hospital for the amazing clinical care we provide and we will still continue to do that and have dedication to that. but a lot of people don't realize we spend a lot of effort and energy and have a lot of programs and services to keep kids out of the hospital to make sure they are well, safe and healthy. kohl's cares grow safe and
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reminders. the kids need to be engaged. we provide some free safety resources that make a lot of sense. >> fantastic. one example of the initialtives that you have going on related to wellness is the kohl's cares grow safe and healthy program. you also have a website that goes with this right? >> absolutely. it's geared for kids 6 to 14. a lot of people think of safety for the really young kids the dd while we have information on that don't forget about safety for older kids. >> that's what they are out and about and sometimes by themselves. >> a lot of peer pressure. >> so there is resources information about teens and kids how to keep them safe in the house, on the go while they are on the road all different types of things. >> it's wonderful it's just a click away too. what about the kohl's cares grow safe and healthy the program as it relates to other things like
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everybody loves spriggy. >> awesome little character. self-this little blue guy sitting on the table with us he gets into a bunch of trouble. the kids can really interact with the game. we really tried and it's not to make safety that boring lecture we all tend to give to our kids, but really engage them in that learning in a way they can be advocates for their own safety as well as help us remember those important things. >> i love this spriggy goes to school. the new arm of your program. you also have a mobile tour where you make stops in different >> not so much on these cold winter days i got to tell you you're not going to find us out there. in the summer and in the fall and spring, we're out stop by and engage with the mobile tour. the mobile event and we always have a great time. >> talk about some of the things that you brought because they demonstrate important things not just in terms of ideas about gifts that help keep kids safe and well, but also dangers of things out there. >> during the holidays we're always going to individuals
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usually be having young kids in the home. so to keep in mind the importance of who is coming to visit, how do you create a safe environment for that family to have a safe experience and you mentioned batteries. batteries can be found all over the home. video game remotes, if the kids are playing with the younger kids and they want to put that remote in their mouth which is not very common, beware those batteries can come out. duct tape or any tape on top of those is a simple idea. cards lihe sitting on the desk great fun, a lot of music and animation in the cards, but there is batteries in there and when that paper gets wet those batteries can easily come out and be swallowed by a young child. >> i didn't even think about that. a lot of people see these cards. >> i mean they are fun. ? ? [ music ] ? ? >> not quite as good as the music we were hearing, but this poses a danger it has to do with the battery coming out.
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around the house that light up and have batteries those are all at risk especially for young children putting that in their mouth and will ingest that battery. >> that's a great reminder i didn't think about it either. what about some of the things on the table. i don't know if people think of helmets as a gift, but there are some great helmets out there. >> whether you are thinking about giving any kind of a gift that requires any kind of protective gear, so a snow board, skis, roller blades all of those great fun things make sure you're giving the protection equipment as well. helmets, pads, wrist guards those types of things. even for the older kids we talked about older kids i know they are resistant. my kids as well, but, those helmets and pads are super critical to keeping them safe and healthy. >> uh-huh. you brought examples of some of my favorite books paddington bear, the madeline book and the dolls. this helps support your program
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price, $5. >> and there is nothing that couldn't be safer than a book. a book is a great opportunity and the plush that kohl's sells and the books really do help to fund our program and other programs across the community. great gifts and great support for us. >> people can find them at kohl's. there are other great examples too. beware of batteries we talked about kids can put them in their mouth. >> only covered a few so make sure to download the app visit the website there is a lot o keep safe over the holidays. >> that's wonderful. i like your suggestion to keep in mind who is visiting you and make it a safe place for the people that you love who are going to be with you for the holidays. so kohl's safe and, is the website to visit for all of these wonderful free resources as well as lists of things can you find to buy and things to be careful of too. great to see you happy holidays. >> have a happy and safe holiday. thank you you too. still ahead another song
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up next some simple life hacks to help prevent you from
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welcome back. well winter arrived this week. our arctic blast combined with all of the snow is the perfect storm for fall. >> here to help us try to
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nyemeck back from herzing university along with physical therapist dr. kim dechant. >> it was only once i got older that i had to start thinking about falling. i used to think about why are old people so afraid of falling. it's like because you don't recover as quickly and often those injuries can be really, affect your quality of life. >> so let's talk about how people can prevent the kind of falls that o >> it's interesting you bring up fear. fear of falling is a really big indicater for possible falls. so if you are talking to someone about especially someone who is elderly and they are like i'm afraid of falling it is predictive of falls even if they don't have any weakens. weakens. >> is it because it makes us tense? >> yes the anxious and stiffening posture. it's really important to talk to loved ones and say how are you
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is some things they can do to prevent falls. one life hack is now they make little ends for the canes so somebody made little ice picks they can put on the end of the canse. >> they make a great weapon. [laughter] >> you don't want to do that. >> the lines can be real long at wal-mart this time of the year. [laughter] >> so that's great. of course,in everything, and, make sure you have a support system and then, i have to stick up for physical therapy, making sure that you continue to strengthen your legs and stay active because we tend to stay inside and not move around as much in the winter. >> as a physical therapist what types of injuries do you tend to see in the winter months? >> we'll see just bumps and bruises, but ankle sprains, we'll see unfortunately, the people fall they could break a
9:30 am
things and so we want to make sure we prevent those. and really it's coming together and the support system and making sure that the driveway is shoveled that walkways are clear, that you have somebody going with you to places if you need that extra support. >> uh-huh. >> i like that. >> what are the students learning in physical therapy program right now? >> so at our program, the physical therapist assistant program they are just getting down with their technical courses going on clinicals and we're learning about treating amputees, we're treating the dizziness and falls and so, they are kind of coming to the end of their program and graduating in april. so it's exciting. >> absolutely. >> when does the program start for somebody interested in physical therapy, when does the program start for herzing? >> we have a lot starts coming up. depending on transfer credit they could start in january, february, march, any of the upcoming months we just want to evaluate first. >> how long is the program for
9:31 am
someone has no transfer credits it is 20 months. >> quick. >> yeah. >> i i'm thinking in baby terms. people who have a child know what that means. a little less than two years. a [laughter] >> exactly. >> 13 months. [laughter] >> 13 and a halfth >> and there is still room in the program then? >> absolutely. >> and in terms of credits transferring, how does that process work? i think for a lot of students ystudentsfeel like you are aheae game if you can get some of note credits to transfer. >> you would just want to have your transcript sent or bring along some unofficials and see what is going to transfer. we want to get you the most transfer credits possible for what you have already done so it will save you time and money.
9:32 am
the program? >> in physical therapy i love working with people. helping them and with pediatrics all the way to geriatrics. it's really rewarding i love working with the students. >> i think physical therapy is a very empowering program because it is kind of helping yourself heal. right now people can have their enrollment fee waived if you call for a campus visit. there are two numbers for the brookfield campus. (800)596-0724. thanks ladies. >> thank you. still ahead we're going to show you how to make this decadent lobster mac and cheese. after the break we'll chat with our buddies, we have joe, chris, joy. how they met and where you can
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john, we're giving you a raise. that's fantastic! but i'm gonna pass.
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? ? [ music ] ? ? who are those good looking people? welcome back. when the milwaukee music community recognizes a talented musician they tented to get a ta
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musicians can you find doing gigs all over town all the time. all three are in demand, but not too busy to be here with us. [laughter] >> we have joe hite, kris crow and joy bach. >> she can't speak, but she can sing. >> incredible. >> every year it gets close to this time it's like i wonder if they will come and visit us. >> i love seeing you guys perform. how did you meet and decide to play together? >> how did we meet? >>i met joy i was playing in a group and she had subbed in for the day and i didn't know who she was. being joy walks on with a floor length cape at the last minute and sings like an angel and everyone in the group just kind of went that's really good. i'm going to hire her for everything i do now. >> you guys are all right. >> she does tend to wear a cape. >> i do. i do. >> she wears it well. >> that's my signature. >> yup.
9:37 am
me to go see him i had walked in he wasn't playing music he was standing up yelling at someone at the top of his lungs. >> i was also wearing a cape. [laughter] >> i went on to play. >> i feel like every single person in milwaukee has a story of meeting joe hite. don't you think. if you have ever been anywhere you have met joe hite. >> joe how did we meet? >> we met when you worked for arthur anderson and the boogie man played at your christmaspa >> that is so funny. >> didn't you work for them? >> you didn't work for them? >> no. ethan is my husband. he is at baker tilly now. >> she came up and sang with the band that was that. >> she sang her way into everyone's heart. >> 20 years ago or so. >> i find it fun to know about you joe you didn't start really singing until later in life. i had done all of these discoveries wasn't it like a
9:38 am
something new every day. one day you decided to do singing. >> i did musical theatre in high school and jingles along the way, but i didn't do it as often as i do now. more publicly until that summer that i met you. >> yup. >> i don't know how many years ago that was maybe five. >> what is the best way for people, i always wonder this to find out when are you performing or where people can see you? a lost your events are private. >> i try to make events on i would say to go to the website, but the one thing -- >> one consistent thing you could take from this particular thing, is that kris and i every thursday this is the most fun we have all week because we just make dirty jokes all night. the new burger bar they just opened up.
9:39 am
bar in pewaukee. it's spectacular and awesome. we play there every thursday. >> if you just friend me you will always know where i'm playing. >> you play tomorrow somewhere. you guys play all the time publicly. >> yeah. >> we have the information. >> we'll give it to you. you can >> welcome to the conversation. >> you can get set up. we gathered this information for you. >> go suck on your cough drop. [laughter] >> you can see joe and kris opening for wait, i know this ava cherry then february 10 you can see joy bach she's performing -- sherry david bowie's exgirl friend right? >> it is a tribute to him. >> lovely. >> february 10 joy is with
9:40 am
show. you don't get to see them a lot in public. >> super fun. here we go it is time for us to get cooking with the machine shed. they are sharing a popular dish with us. >> that's right chef kevin dahlen is back with our famous lobster mac and cheese. >> it's so decadent isn't it? >> one thing i want to say. this is going to be available the day after christmas through new year's eve. so the 26th of people can get this dish and taste it at the machine shed right? >> all week. it's our feature of the week. >> what makes it so famous? >> everyone just talks about it everyone loves it. it's machine shed style surf and turf. >> it's so good. it's like grown up mac and cheese. >> mac and cheese and lobster. >> how do you make it? >> we use fresh grated cheeses that we do in house so that
9:41 am
>>i poach the lobster tail. i pull all of the lobster meat out of the tail, i poach it in butter. >> oh, my gosh. >> melt in your mouth. >> he poaches the lobster in butter. >> butter. >> the sauce is made fresh with cheeses ground in house and then i have some cappatapi pasta. >> my favorite. >> ingredients to this that you haven't mentioned? >> a little saffron in that. >> wait wait molly got more than me. come on. thank you. >> thank you. [laughter] >> oh. i have it fight for my food just when i was growing up with two older brothers i have to fight for my food. >> hold on the best part. >> you haven't added the lopster
9:42 am
lobster and mac and cheese. >> what kind of cheese is it? >> romano and cheddar. >> is it hard to find lobster this time of the year? >> it's pretty abundant this time of the year everybody wants it for holidays, but as we get closer to new year prices go up. >> what kind of desserts did you bring for us? >> special desserts we're doing only on new year's eve. sweet potato tart and >> wait i have to do this. >> lava cake. >> cameraman dave knows the answer to this question, who am i? [laughter] >> ifgy right to the center of it and dig a hole in it and taste it right out of the center? >> the best tastes are in the middle. i mean do you want me to say it's the outside and not give you an accurate reading of how good the food is? no you want to know if it is good enough to go and buy right? >> those deserts are awesome.
9:43 am
>> yes tons of pies. i brought a four berry pie. >> look at these pies you have this delicious apple, so the fruit pies you have cream pies you have chocolate pies, snicker pies, pumpkin pies. people can order -- >> no cow pies. >> people can order them for the holidays. [laughter] >> our baker is there making them up every day so call and place your pie orders and -- >> how far ahead do have you to order them did you say that? >> meringue stuff that has to be made that day we would like 24 hours. >> lemon meringue has to be made the day of? >> yeah. >> got to have it fresh right? >> people can still make reservations to come in and bring a group around the holidays. are you closed christmas day? >> christmas day we are closed. we're open christmas eve for lunch and breakfast. >> new year's eve? >> all day breakfast, lunch, dinner. >> here the information so you
9:44 am
machine shed or to order your pies. you can do that by going to their pewaukee location or you can go to their appleton location. where you can find all of the delicious food and the mac and cheese the lobster mac and cheese is available the week after christmas the 26th through the 31st. thanks kevin. now for your listening pleasure we have joy, chris and joe they are going to perform tennessee whiskey. all right take it away guys.
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sing along with furry friends
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street beat sesame street live elmo makes music elmo makes music playing the milwaukee theatre january 14th & 15th tickets on sale now
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welcome back one of the biggest engineering mysteries of
9:51 am
all of those toys on his sleigh right? you figure it out. here to pla slay the perfect hoy gifts is life tile expert amy goodman. >> good morning. >> how do we slay the season when it comes to holiday gifting? >> yes, well for those of us on the land, this is how we do it. those who are raising the bar begins with bed, bath and beyond when it comes to gift everybody on your gift list. we're going to start with ellen she has the ellen degenres collection. they can out these socks and throw pillows, all under $25 such a nice affordable place to start. you might also know home cooks or home chefs who might like some entertaining pieces for
9:52 am
and sets for spices and peppers you want to display upon the table. i think this also makes a lovely hostess gift. how about "star wars" any "star wars" fans on your list? >> everybody is a "star wars" fan aren't they? >> right i agree. we have a great limited edition collectors edition. it's the "star wars" battle quads. literally can pick up engage if a multiplayer simulated aerial battle. they are $240 each. because they are limited edition they are a coveted item. watch out these might sell out. you want to go out and grab one if you are indeed interested in gifting that. and don't forget, think while that is great for kids of a certain age, don't forget the other kids on the list. this is a 12 in one wooden game piece set.
9:53 am
you name it it's in here. a fun way to engage and play right after they tear off the paper and all of these ideas are from bed, bath and beyond. you can start your inspired gift giving right online at bed, bath and as well. >> i love it what about for the fashionista on our list? >> you know, i think the fashionistas are among the harder people to gift because they know exactly what they love, but right on trend this winter is denim and this is a big category in fashion for spring as well. so from lee jeans and this is state-of-the-art design where it looks like a skinny jean on the outside, but literally inside it feels like a yoga pant. this is due to exclusive patent pending technology where it has a t-shirt like lining, a flexible waist band and stretch fabric. so it feels just enveloped you with this softness. there are three styles to choose from. 15 different washes, and you can wear a variety of different
9:54 am
you can cuff them with boots and wear them casually orwary them m up with heels. it's great for women from all different sizes petite to plus and everything in between. just check the box for the fashion forward women or the women that wish to be more on trend. this is literally for them. will you probably even find yourself getting a pair for yourself too. >>i love it i want to try to just feel that inside. pretty cool. >> how about stocking stuffer ideas have any of those? >> last thing to get checked off the list is a stocking stuffer. no more conundrums. they are the leader when it comes to impact protection for mobile devices. with their new cases with three layer impact absorption system it has drop protection up to 13 feet and these are all great for the iphone 7 and 7 plus. this is their wallet with a
9:55 am
removed if you so wish. they are all extremely lightweight, but very very durable incredible designs that are sleek, the gem very stylish and colorful. the evo elite has a metallic finish. different designs for the different personalities in understand wish list and you can go to apple and best buy, verizon to check them out in person. >> thanks amy. have a happy holidays t
9:56 am
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welcome back let's take a look at our art's cameras plus picture of the day. >> i love that. so cute. jessica shared this pic of her two daughters mackenzie and
9:59 am
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this morning on "today's take" actor mark wahlberg joins our funky bunch talking about his new movie, plus megan mullally on her star-studded film "why it's a super co-host, dean cain. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey now, welcome to "today," wednesday morning, december 14th. my sister, alisa's birthday. you've got a super birthday. >> look what we got you. >> would you like some bacon?


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